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Dan Henning not worried about job security

Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning was asked today during his weekly gathering with the media if he's concerned about his job security.

Henning, 68, has been retired twice before and will likely be heading that direction after this season. So the question of job security doesn't phase him much.

"Job security? You understand I've been retired twice. So job security is not something I worry about," he responded. "I worry about trying to take what we have and doing the best we can with it. Now, to give you a comparison, when we first came here in 2008, we have only four players left from the team we first picked up here.

"We have one lineman, we have three backs and we don't have any of the same quarterbacks, we don't have any of the same receivers, we don't have any of the same offensive linemen except for the one and we don't have any of the same tight ends."

(In interrupt to say that I don't think Henning's facts are correct. Anthony Fasano is a tight end and he was here in 2008. Davone Bess is a wide receiver and he was here in 2008. But I digress.)

"But that first year we were able to put it together and we were efficient, effective and consistent on offense," Henning continued. "We got a tremendous boost by having a quarterback drop out of the sky who was a tremendous leader for us. So that's what you're trying to do, get the best out of what you have. Now, we're not hitting on all cylinders right now. That's as obvious as you can get.

"We can say, 'We had this injury, we had this injury.' [The Bears] got after us pretty good. We went into the game and had 12 sacks and then they had six in that game. And they didn't blitz us. There were four-man rushes and twists in there. And then you have Tyler [Thigpen] in there trying to make the right decisions but he's a little bit later with the thought process than [Chad] Henne or [Chad] Pennington was at this point in time. So some of that blossoms on itself."

Henning wasn't done answering, although he already answered in his first two sentences. So he continued ...

"And then the running game, I hear you guys, and I hear fans and I hear coach [Tony] Sparano on occasion say, 'Why don't we run the ball more?" We'll we didn't abandon the run, the run abandoned us. In the first four series we ended up with a second-and-18 or second-and-20 and that's not the type of thing that makes for good run situations. Before the score was 16-0 we had 16 opportunities first-and-10 or second-and-6 minus and we attempted to run the ball on ninth of those. There was a 10th call that was a run that we killed to a pass.

"I'm not worried about that part of it. I'm worried about being effective. Efficient. And we're not doing that right now. And we're commited to getting back on track,whatever it takes, because you have no chance to do things when you put yourself in second-and-20 or second-and-18. First four drives we had three penalties, we had a fumble and we had two sacks. You can't operate that way."

I'm not sure what all that last part means. I guess it means Henning isn't worried about his job. But does blame others for Miami's offensive issues.


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Anyone got a mint? I have condom breath.

Yellow, I think most rational fans know that Ireland & Sparano are a big issue as well. Personally, I think they all need to go.

But, lets face it, we can't live on the accomplishments of 2008. We played the weakest schedule & still only managed to score 21 pts a game. That is not earth shattering by any means. Offense has been a problem since these guys got here. If not for David Lee's Wildcat, where would we have been? Same place we are now & were last year. Mediocre.

Too many personnel flops and there must be accountability. All of tuna's "hand picked" friends need to go. They are ALL the problem.

Also the issue of Carey and his weight is part of a larger issue of offseason accountability that imo seems to plague this team. Way too many guys were in trouble with the law this year. Then you have the conditioning issues etc. I don't like the culture change these guys have brought to Miami. Crowder is a total jerk off and is exactly the kind of guy they should rid themselves of. It was a huge mistkae to give him that extended contract. Why keep guys like that around but let good people like Camarillo go?

City has nothing better to do than impersonate me. Get a life, you give Dolphin fans a bad name.

I can't believe there are dolts here actually defending Henning.

I'm not the psychic Homes is, but when it comes to Henning you don't have to be. I've posted from the very BEGINING that Henning would prove to be our biggest PROBLEM! What do you know, I finally got one thing right!

Read the above, or any other Henning presser for that matter, the guy can barely qualify as coherent.

EX: Henning: We'll we didn't abandon the run, the run abandoned us. In the first four series we ended up with a second-and-18 or second-and-20 and that's not the type of thing that makes for good run situations.

Ah Dan, you can blow smoke up the dolts a s s e s all day, but, remember the Minnesota game? Convenient memory lapse or just standard senility? Because that's EXACTLY what you've done REPEATEDLY! Game close we're driving at our own 35. You ran on 2nd and twenty and then 3rd and 18 on consecutive plays.

This wasn't just the Minnesota game people, it's pretty much standard operating procedure for Dan Henning.

You dolts trying to defend this guy would've had better luck getting Charles Manson a suspended sentence!!!!

fake Joe Schmoe 3:43

Henning sounds like Jimmy Carter, Old, washed up, and irrelevant. Dump this bum.

Odin, how about running play action late in games when the run threat doesn't even exist and hasn't all game long? Those are my fondest Henning memories.

Ok odinseye,

I guarantee you this team sucks again next year regardless of who the OC is .. but we will agree to disagree on that. They have way bigger problems than their OC right now. Like um ... lousy players.

I wonder how many more draft picks from the past two years will be gone come next year?

It looks like a problem of accountability...Nobody is responsible ...

If nothing is changed we will have the same results... is that what we want ? Something has to change

We have the right to ask for changes because we pay season tickets...

somebody has to be responsible for this mess ..

Henning really just needs more flexibility. If they dump Sporanus and promote Henning to HC, I think he would be far more effective.

Henning needs to go his play calls suck. And now that Parcells is gone, maybe Sparano and Ireland can look at all types of players in the draft and draft QB or WR in the first round not the same prototypical player that parcells looked for. He passed up on a lot of better players than what he selected these past years.

I can already see Ireland and Sparano using Henning as the scape goat and buying themselves another year. It will be yet another wasted year in Miami.

Has anyone else wondered why the Dolphins couldn't find anyone more appropriate to handle this job than a guy who has twice retired? I mean usually when someone retires they have lost the fire to do what they once loved to do. Why bring someone like that back? Again it is just another item in a long list of poor decision by this regime.

Losers hide behind other peoples names, right City? Get out of your parents basement & do something with your life. You schlep.

Yellow - Parcells retired 3 times before coming here.

he says he's doing that best with what he has..than that's a shot to the front office..that means they've given him crap on the field..no mr.henning you're a bore who have been fired alot of times!

When Parcells signed on here, he was about to sign with Atlanta that very same day. Atlanta was also in the cellar that year. Their HC quit and Vick was in jail or on his way. Now I wonder, where would we be now if Parcells and all his ex cowboy went there? The year before, we passed on Mike Tomlin to take Cameron. Leadership starts at the very top.

what a shock he blames rhe players , won't take blame for his mistakes, besides all that we have no onr thats strikes fear to opposing defenses , BM, he's covered , jake long he's our best o-linemen and he's banged up smh

You are right YellowGinn !! why waste another year with these incompetents.... they either don't know how to prepare an offense or they don't know how to pick the right players... or both !!!!

Get us some new brains and let them get new muscles!

The financial crisis was Hennings fault too.

the dolphins went out and got henning john jerry and brandon marshall and took away his entire starting interior line and the only speed receiver they had. they spent the entire draft basically on defense which in my opinion was the correct move. this coming offseason we need to spend the entire draft and free agency to go after offense. speed WR (AJ Green?), seam splitting TE, one if not two offensive linemen who can run block as well as pass block and possibly a RB with game breaking speed.

Henning has done as well as any other offensive coordinator would have done with a 2nd year QB who cant throw against cover 2 yet and an offensive line who cant run block.

When you give him weapons he produces. He took the Panthers to two championship games and one Super Bowl in five years.

The most important mission we have this offseason is fixing our offensive line. If we add two studs then I would keep Henning. The only time Henning's offenses bog down is when he has a poor offensive line and thats because you need an elite QB to compensate for a poor OL.

So it turns out that Parcells was one last "gift" from Mr. Huizenga to the Dolphins. I think he wanted to win bad, but boy he sure made a lot of bad decisions as owner. Nice little re building process the Patriots are going through right now isn't it?

Atlanta was a couple of years removed from an NFC championship game. They had talent on both sides of the ball. They were really just missing a few pieces from being competitive again. They got Ryan & Turner in FA. Next year they got Gonzales via trade.

Parcells signed here because Miami was a mess. It was a BIG undertaking. His ego made him want the tougher job.

Henning 2008 was good ... Henning 2010 is terrible...follow the trend ... We either react to the current situation or we are headed to repeat it in 2011...

adam the only problem I have with your strategy is that this regime has been trying to fix the Oline since they got here. They have failed miserably. Go ahead and fix it just don't let Ireland have anything to do with it. Are we really better w/o Smiley and Grove? Come on.

Yellow, I'm not one to make excuses for Ireland or Sparano but, for Grove to not be on ANY team right now, isn't that pretty telling?

Guys, I think you can blame the offensive system for allot of the problems and also a few unexplainable play calls at inopportune moments. We are not taking advantage of Chad Henne's gunslinger arm and figuring out ways to get the ball down the field. We are even attempting it. That is a philosophical issue.
Regarding play calls. There have been some inexplicable third down red zone run plays and wildcats that should not have been called. Running on 3rd and six in the red zone is playing for a field goal!.

Hennings play calling has been bad at times but it is not all his fault if you can't block anybody it doesn't matter what play you call and when they do block they seem to drop passes or get a penalty for a block in the back away from the play thanks Brandon or someone throws the ball out of bounds or at another player thanks Brandon that kind of stuff kills drives and another thing that reverse the other night maybe he should not have called that but you still have to execute the handoff no excuse for that. It is just a combination of a lot of things that have gone wrong this year , coaching overall has not been good except for the D I do like Nolan, Jeff Ireland should be worried he is the one that put this team together and decided to get rid of 3 offensive starting linemen from last year he definitely looks like deer in the headlights oh well go fins win 6 in a row

Bubble, correct. When they double Marshall, they give up on trying to throw deep. Against Balt, they gave up running cause they stacked the box. Against chicago, we stopped running cause we were in a couple of bad down n distance situations. This philosophy is one of taking what you get from the other team. They do not dictate to defenses, we let them dictate to us.

Hennings play calling has been bad at times but it is not all his fault if you can't block anybody it doesn't matter what play you call and when they do block they seem to drop passes or get a penalty for a block in the back away from the play thanks Brandon or someone throws the ball out of bounds or at another player thanks Brandon that kind of stuff kills drives and another thing that reverse the other night maybe he should not have called that but you still have to execute the handoff no excuse for that. It is just a combination of a lot of things that have gone wrong this year , coaching overall has not been good except for the D I do like Nolan, Jeff Ireland should be worried he is the one that put this team together and decided to get rid of 3 offensive starting linemen from last year he definitely looks like deer in the headlights oh well go fins win 6 in a row

the whole organization is dismal. this celebrity thing is a joke. the problem with sporano is that he has no authority, and no real leadership experience. henning is more powerful than he is, so cannot be overruled.
sporano was parcells' yes man. parcells kept him from going to new orleans with sean payton, and he pouted and capitulated, under the promise of a future head coaching position. his hiring in miami was a quid pro quo. we need a coach who has actually earned their position through accomplishments. there is no ingenuity in the miami offense. the league has passed henning and parcells by. i mean, these guys are 70 years old! by the way, it is inexcusable that the coaches and gm did not know about odrick's prior injury to his leg at penn state. drafting 101, before investing millions of dollars in an athlete, check his medical records. this disgusts me!

Austin, you shouldn't be surprised. They knew about Grove & Smiley's injury history too and they still shelled out millions!

Has Henning admitted, even once, to making a bad move or a bad decision? I tell ya, this guy is class and humility all the way!!

Aloco, I agree on some of your fronts that you have brought up. You did ignore my biggest point. Our O coordinator has come up with 3 count them, 3 new offensive formats since the season started. We have been using the same stale O all year. With a QB going down and the o-line shuffeling and injuries there needs to be some creative philosophy. the only thing he did, shich worked twice was a 2 step slant pass, one to Marshall, deopped of course, the other to Hartline and a nice gain. The fact is, he does not come up with creative game plans. Watch Denvers 1st drive every game, or San Diego's, Look at Atlanta, and Green Bay. the first drive there will be a minimum of 2 plays you have never seen before or a look that is different. We never have those. that is a O coords job. Not all his fault this year, but he is not doing his job as well as he has before.

He made sure he got credit for the TE screen against GB!

That was the 2nd different look he came up with. Can anyone name the third?

ireland is the architect of this team;he is the GM like tannenbaum of the jets. when the jets needed players he secured proven veterans like edwards,s.holmes,lt,jason taylor,bart scott,jim leonard,antonio cromartie etc. the jets are 3 deep at every position. the oline is tops and the d is solid. bellichek has done the same. ireland'd been sleeping alongside sparano. i'm sure they will make henning their "fall guy";its just convenient! all should leave with parcells.

Two years ago we all would have KILLED for a .500 team. Put in in perspective folks, we have been absolutely decimated by injuries this year and we're still .500. Our team is WAY better than it was in 2007.

Henning definitely needs to go, but otherwise we're in pretty good shape. We have the talent, just need a younger, more aggressive O.C. I'm not ready to give up on Henne and Marshall yet... sign/draft a decent pulling guard, a quality young RB, a pass-catching TE and a speedy WR and let's see what we have.

I'm happy with the defense as-is, assuming Nolan stays and everyone recovers from injury.

I do wish Parcells would stick around and earn his paycheck though- it's pretty cowardly of him to keep cashing checks after ducking out when things got tough.

Lets see? Over the last the twenty years the NFL has changed and implemented a multitude of new rules that heavily favor the passing teams.

Mr. Henning any comments on the changes over the last 20 years?

Henning: Well of course, I'd like to run the ball on every down!

Nuff Said!!!!

My fondest Dan Henning "EUREKA" moment:

1st and goal on the Buffalo 4 yard line. Instead of a Ricky Williams power run, lets let him throw a pass. Of course he can't throw and he runs like a Mack Truck, BUT NOBODY will be expecting this!!!!


Yeah it's Tony's fault or Brandons fault or Irelands fault or maybe it's just those gosh dang shitteragains fault!

ANYBODY but good ole Dan Hennings fault!!!!

That's the problem with Henning he doesn't have anything to worry about because if/when he gets canned he will be retired once again. Now you take someone younger who has a lot more to lose and put him in that same situation and I bet he makes changes to make sure he does have job security. Every week the Phins run the same plays at the same times no matter the score or the situation of the game. Why don't the Dolphins take shots long down field? Why is it that they run majority of their play actions in the 4th quarter when the game is out of reach? I'm sorry but Henning has to be one of the worst if not the worst OC in the entire NFL. BUT it's not ALL his fault. The blame also is on Sparano for not taking action earlier in the season and doing something about this problem that the players and fans realized but he failed to. The Phins fired their special teams coord. after that horrific Pats game so why hasn't Henning been fired for his terrible play calling? Sparano might lose his job after this season and don't get me wrong I have been a Sparano supporter since day one but this is his 3rd season and while the team looks better on paper the W-L column is about the same. There is no excuses with the talent that Miami has on their team that they are .500 and on the decline. It falls solely on the coaching staff and if this team doesn't show something here real soon it might be time to start looking for a new head coach.

Odin, I read this blog last year and the year before. Really don't remember any complaints about Henning. This year, because everyones dreams are getting crushed, Henning is suddenly the fall guy. Not the oline. Not the D that routinely gives up 3rd and 82, not the receiver or corners that couldn'tcatch a beach ball, and not Henne. Why?

Miami fans: Notice the Jets don't seem to mind having Patrick Turner!

bottom dwellers like the raiders and bills are very dangerous. they have half the talent and payroll of th fins but their coaches have them overachieving;a novel concept. did u notice vernon carey cant move or block?????? he makes how many million???? donald thomas was picked up by detroit.

If we caught half the dropped passes and half the dropped ints, we'd be 7 and 3, and nobody would be talking about Henning.

I only have two complaints on SpOrano, but they're biggies and legitimate.

1. Obviously he hasn't, won't or feels to inexperienced to "stand up" to Dan Hennings atrocities. Whatever the reason(s), they don't fly because he is the Head Coach.

2. The state of our O-line. This is supposed to be Tony's area of expertise. I'm not going to blame ANYONE ELSE because I'm sure he has a voice in Free Agency and Draft Day!

Las Vegas odds= Oakland -3.0. Hmm..

If Henning had better hands, our D would have more interceptions.

If Henning could block an NT, we'd have a better running game.

If Henning was smarter our speccial teams wouldn't be the worst in the league.

If Henning wasn't blind, Henne would find Marshall, or any receiver, in the red zone.

If Henning understood economics, the financial crises could have been averted.

How does one guy cause so much trouble?

Yo Phin Knuckle Heads!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm out for a couple of days...Peace!

Pissed Fump!


I'm having a little trouble believing that you've been here that long and haven't read how atrocious Henning is.

I've been posting here virtually from the begining of Dolphins in Depth.

From the MOMENT it was announced that Henning was here, I started posting how bad this would be. I actually took alot of "heat"....... at FIRST.

For example, when Penny went down I posted for a solid month on how as the team improves, Hennings incompetence would become more and more prevalent.

I get a lot of things wrong and I'm your below average unordinary IDIOT, but NEVER in my life have I ever been so RIGHT!!!!

Henning was "retired" my a s s! Lets call it what it really was. He was "FIRED" and ran out of town on a rail, and with good reason!


BONELESS TURKEY IS THE BEST . you buy the whole fresh turkey and bone it out and have the whole boneless meat in one piece .

odin - most of those dropped interceptions could have been game changers. had we caught lets say half of those gifts, and then lets just say the receivers dropped 50% less passes, I'd say we are sitting at 7 - 3 right now and nobody is complaining. None of those issues are Hennings fault.

2- you place all bones w/onion,carr and garlic in the oven for 400 for 2 hours then turn the oven to 275 over night .

the following day you turn the oven OFF and mix the bones and veg w/four and place every thing in a pot full of cold water and let boil for 8 hours until sauce is thick .strain it and add salt and pepper.

and another thing... Belichek was FIRED too. That in itself means nothing.

the NE game was the biggest special teams meltdown in HISTORY. My point is, many things that have NOTHING to do with Henning have caused us to lose games.

3- the whole boneless turkey place it on the counter meat side up and add salt,pepper and fresh herbs then role the meat and tie it up w/cooking string .salt it again w/pepper and fresh herbs .place it in the cooking pot or what you r using to cook it .sprinle olive oil on top and add onion and garlic and BURNS .

See, if you are going to predict games you have to take everything into account. Las Vegas has the most inside information for sure. Is that enough? Not sure at this moment.


Your argument at 5:11 is almost as atrocious as Hennings play calls.

Out of our 5 losses the defense kept us in every game. Save the Pats game which can be attributed to special teams.

Could the defense have played better? Absolutely, everybodies could. Did they play well enough to give us a chance to win games? Absolutely, pretty much week in and week out. You can't blame the defense for any of this!

You probably missed our two minute offense, because Henning only deploys it once or twice a season. Nonetheless, have you noticed how Henning uses the fullback during these extremely rare occurences?




My husband Daniel and I recently adopted a cat and named him "Mr. Sparkles." We are also both members of the Communist Party and believe that iguanas are holy.


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