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Dan Henning not worried about job security

Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning was asked today during his weekly gathering with the media if he's concerned about his job security.

Henning, 68, has been retired twice before and will likely be heading that direction after this season. So the question of job security doesn't phase him much.

"Job security? You understand I've been retired twice. So job security is not something I worry about," he responded. "I worry about trying to take what we have and doing the best we can with it. Now, to give you a comparison, when we first came here in 2008, we have only four players left from the team we first picked up here.

"We have one lineman, we have three backs and we don't have any of the same quarterbacks, we don't have any of the same receivers, we don't have any of the same offensive linemen except for the one and we don't have any of the same tight ends."

(In interrupt to say that I don't think Henning's facts are correct. Anthony Fasano is a tight end and he was here in 2008. Davone Bess is a wide receiver and he was here in 2008. But I digress.)

"But that first year we were able to put it together and we were efficient, effective and consistent on offense," Henning continued. "We got a tremendous boost by having a quarterback drop out of the sky who was a tremendous leader for us. So that's what you're trying to do, get the best out of what you have. Now, we're not hitting on all cylinders right now. That's as obvious as you can get.

"We can say, 'We had this injury, we had this injury.' [The Bears] got after us pretty good. We went into the game and had 12 sacks and then they had six in that game. And they didn't blitz us. There were four-man rushes and twists in there. And then you have Tyler [Thigpen] in there trying to make the right decisions but he's a little bit later with the thought process than [Chad] Henne or [Chad] Pennington was at this point in time. So some of that blossoms on itself."

Henning wasn't done answering, although he already answered in his first two sentences. So he continued ...

"And then the running game, I hear you guys, and I hear fans and I hear coach [Tony] Sparano on occasion say, 'Why don't we run the ball more?" We'll we didn't abandon the run, the run abandoned us. In the first four series we ended up with a second-and-18 or second-and-20 and that's not the type of thing that makes for good run situations. Before the score was 16-0 we had 16 opportunities first-and-10 or second-and-6 minus and we attempted to run the ball on ninth of those. There was a 10th call that was a run that we killed to a pass.

"I'm not worried about that part of it. I'm worried about being effective. Efficient. And we're not doing that right now. And we're commited to getting back on track,whatever it takes, because you have no chance to do things when you put yourself in second-and-20 or second-and-18. First four drives we had three penalties, we had a fumble and we had two sacks. You can't operate that way."

I'm not sure what all that last part means. I guess it means Henning isn't worried about his job. But does blame others for Miami's offensive issues.


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That's ridiculous. You're making excuses for Hennings ineptness by saying the defense should cover for him.

Even if the Defense did win the game for him, it doesn't excuse the obvious incompetence.

In the past three weeks we got three "gifts" in the redzone. Henning play called for field goals EVERYTIME! How many examples do you need?

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odin - you see, i am only saying i think the blame on the OC has been way over done, yes way over done. many other things are going wrong. I agree with about half of the criticism he gets, sometimes his play calling is mind boggling, but he has had more success in this league than another person on the coaching staff. Remember that first jets game last year, 4 and 2 from the goal down by 5 and he calls Wildcat...gutsy, and it worked, now if it had failed you would have called him retarded like you are now. I'm simply saying, the players have to take some of this blame, i can not accept its all Henning.

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I can respect your opinion. I also think you're pretty accurate on some points.

Henning does occassionally call some good series.

I just think the bad far outweigh the good. Also, he seems to be in serious decline. He might have been good or even great at one time, but so was Lombardi!

One of my main concerns is that Henning is pure poison when it comes to developing young QB's and that's a big need for us right now.

Is his long and storied career he never developed a young QB. Not one!

I apologize if I was overstating the case and I appreciate that you didn't resort to name calling. I enjoy serious debate.

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ODIN, ready to eat tomorrow ?

Posted by: ALoco | November 24, 2010 at 06:16 PM

Well, actually I was thinking about eating today.

But, so far the Budweisers are working just fine!

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not to get off topic, but it seems that the anti Henne rhetoric has died down dramtically in the past 6 days....just saying and reiteraring what i said 8 days ago....be careful what u wish for...


I was joking. Good looking out though!

Dark Rum It Is!

Got some of the best news ever today. I'm in a festive mood. Lots to be thankful for!!!!

The news is so good I have to be careful not to go overboard!

Henning needs to go...now. He is a cancer to our team. I think the issue with his playcalling is this..His liverspots on his skin keep falling into the playbook and mixing with his black ink...so no wonder he calls a terrible game..

whats the good news odin?


piss and moan and piss and moan
if he gives a detailed answer, he's long winded. if he's too brief, he's avoiding the question. ya'll want to run him outta town and maybe he should be. but why on earth is it so hard to believe that it's the players that are making the mistakes? a coach’s job is to PUT PLAYERS IN POSITION TO MAKE PLAYS... the Player’s job is to MAKE THOSE PLAYS!

for the last 6 weeks, i've seem a team that's ALWAYS in position to make a play... then NARF!... we do something stupid. i've unofficially counted about 10 dropped potential interceptions in the last 5 games or so. that's 2 PER GAME! a couple of those would have been a sure pic-6 - and another couple we hilariously tipped into the hands of the receiver - one of which went for 6! they look like the keystone cops out there. the coaches had them right where they needed to be - and NARF! IT’S ALWAYS SOMETHING!!! some say penalties, dropped passes - BUT IT’S WORSE THAN THAT!... we're SNAKE bit i tell ya' - bit in the *ss - we got the YIPS - we're stuck in the mud - we can't make a play! we've got a team wide, season long choke happening and ONLY the players can stop it.

Is that the coach's fault?! Well, they picked those players... but at the same time, i'm pretty sure that they're not COACHING them to do those things! ;~)

at some point, our players have to MAKE PLAYS and I believe they know that! our players are squarely behind their coach cuz' they like him and he's a straight shooter. it's only a matter of time before he puts his team in position to compete for the big one. i just hope that's he's here when he does it - before the knee-jerkers run him out of town.

(BTW - how'd Belechik do in Cleveland?)

odin - no apology necessary, nothing was overdone. An engaging debate fuels the mind. You as well are not like some of these other short-fused, self proclaimed experts here that go postal on anyone that merely disagrees with them.

oscar , which ipod do you have ? the shuffle ?

I don't know that the 'anti-Henning' rhetoric has really died down but after all how many times can people repeat the same thing ad nauseum?

He's definitely going...although it's clearly going to be via retirement than any kind of dramatics.

I agree he's brought little to the table this year and needs to go, but I have to admit I actually kinda LIKE his disdainful attitude towards the fans and their "expertise." I know most people are offended by it, but I find it more funny than anything (and somewhat accurate, to be honest)

cinq-are you talking about chris ?

OK Guys the Cuban has arrived, Odin what's the good news(Early release from some probation I'am sure)(J.K.)I also see our Empress has been posting too., Hey Empress, How about a little dinner tonite, or should we starve till tommarrow?????, The Cuban has spoken!!!!!

anti henne...not anti henning that rhetoric is full bore...henne is the least of 3 evils....Michigan Blockhead, Noodle Arm or Bubby Brister....i take Blockhead...

dr r - thats how i see it, imagine a doctor taking medical advice from a 5 year old. Well they shove a mic in his face and he is obligated to say something, so yeah, no way he is going to pansy up to some fan with 1/billionth of his experience, senile or not.

What gets me is that these bloggers are convinced the staff is retarded. They actually believe they are spouting things Henning hasn't considered yet. A guy who lives and breathes it 24/7 for 30 years suddenly has no valuable insight. I'm willing to bet if he really broke it down for us we'd understand his reasoning a lot better, at least in most cases.

Unfortunately for Henning, his failures started with a perfectly healthy offense. There were no injuries in the first few weeks of the season and he still stunk.


When I came off the road and checked into rehab my therapist was banging.

I had my two youngest boys with her. We played house until the oldest was 8, we split up right after the youngest was born.

Anyway, we worked out a deal(a financial settlement)and I'm getting sole custody at the start of the second semester of this school year.

Both of the boys have been wanting to do this for awhile and we've finally pulled it off. She lives in a suburb of Detroit(the ghetto)and now their moving to the country with me.

Talk about a change in Culture.

Yes, ALoca, I shuffle(my Ipod). There is a song about F. Sinatra that I also hear on my thing. Funny!

My bad, djrob. And agreed---the Henning stuff is just beyond stale at this point. I think the last time anyone said something new, informative or interesting on the subject was about two months ago.

Also agreed on Blockhead. I don't think we're even close to having a definitive answer on him.

How DARE someone talk to the Empress this way, You can starve as far as I'am concerned Mr.Cuban(You can stand to lose a few meals by the way).

cing--I pretty much agree with you there.

Let's put it this way, if ANY of us actually got up in front of a room full of coaches or players and tried to describe a gameplan we'd be laughed out of the room and exposed as frauds within 5-minutes.

Fans generally hate to admit it, but in truth they really don't know all that much. And in my experience the dumbest ones are usually crowing the loudest about how much they DO know.

With Henning, I think it's just a case where he isn't bringing much vitality or energy to the offense and is probably desirous of retirement, anyway.

But, yes, he's forgotten more about football than any of us will ever know.

tru dat, though he is the only one with any potential upside on the roster....let him play and grow....rather watch that than anything else...he needs the goods at split ends and tight end that he doesnt have, and a running game that is non existent...sanchito the buritto dishwasher has weaps both on the outside, the inside and at RB....and he has Rex having no prob with him taking shots...other than that.....

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