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Dan Henning not worried about job security

Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning was asked today during his weekly gathering with the media if he's concerned about his job security.

Henning, 68, has been retired twice before and will likely be heading that direction after this season. So the question of job security doesn't phase him much.

"Job security? You understand I've been retired twice. So job security is not something I worry about," he responded. "I worry about trying to take what we have and doing the best we can with it. Now, to give you a comparison, when we first came here in 2008, we have only four players left from the team we first picked up here.

"We have one lineman, we have three backs and we don't have any of the same quarterbacks, we don't have any of the same receivers, we don't have any of the same offensive linemen except for the one and we don't have any of the same tight ends."

(In interrupt to say that I don't think Henning's facts are correct. Anthony Fasano is a tight end and he was here in 2008. Davone Bess is a wide receiver and he was here in 2008. But I digress.)

"But that first year we were able to put it together and we were efficient, effective and consistent on offense," Henning continued. "We got a tremendous boost by having a quarterback drop out of the sky who was a tremendous leader for us. So that's what you're trying to do, get the best out of what you have. Now, we're not hitting on all cylinders right now. That's as obvious as you can get.

"We can say, 'We had this injury, we had this injury.' [The Bears] got after us pretty good. We went into the game and had 12 sacks and then they had six in that game. And they didn't blitz us. There were four-man rushes and twists in there. And then you have Tyler [Thigpen] in there trying to make the right decisions but he's a little bit later with the thought process than [Chad] Henne or [Chad] Pennington was at this point in time. So some of that blossoms on itself."

Henning wasn't done answering, although he already answered in his first two sentences. So he continued ...

"And then the running game, I hear you guys, and I hear fans and I hear coach [Tony] Sparano on occasion say, 'Why don't we run the ball more?" We'll we didn't abandon the run, the run abandoned us. In the first four series we ended up with a second-and-18 or second-and-20 and that's not the type of thing that makes for good run situations. Before the score was 16-0 we had 16 opportunities first-and-10 or second-and-6 minus and we attempted to run the ball on ninth of those. There was a 10th call that was a run that we killed to a pass.

"I'm not worried about that part of it. I'm worried about being effective. Efficient. And we're not doing that right now. And we're commited to getting back on track,whatever it takes, because you have no chance to do things when you put yourself in second-and-20 or second-and-18. First four drives we had three penalties, we had a fumble and we had two sacks. You can't operate that way."

I'm not sure what all that last part means. I guess it means Henning isn't worried about his job. But does blame others for Miami's offensive issues.


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Let's say, dr. roberts, that in this day and age we Fans have turned into investigative reporters. Good, Bad? Who knows?

Who is this jabbering chimpanzee that DARES mock the name of the TRUE Empress??

May visions of a nude Sally Struthers covered in cottage cheese bedevil your dreams! May the breath of Ernest Borgnie surround you until you beg for mercy!!

Odin...indeed that is good new my friend. enjoy that time to the fullest..it goes by quickly. You are a good man my friend.

please people, i have a big head pain from reading about DAN HENNING .



Hey Empress, this is america...we dont bow down to so called royalty. The closest we get to that is bowing to a Royale with Cheese. Now rip that skirt off so we can see your royal ham curtain

That's true, Oscar. It's the 24-hour accessability of news, too. along with formats like this for fans to bounce things around.

What I find is a combination of concern with genuine issues along with a pretty regular obsession with minuatae that really means very little.

Empress, Will you be stuffing the Turkey tommarrow with "Poi"?????Guy's never let a Hawaiian cook thanksgiving dinner, they(Hawaiians) aren't really one of us.....

Frank Sinatra?.. haha, he's dead. S-ck my ----, lick my as-.(that's how the song goes, People).

OSCAR, who you don't like see coming to your house tomorrow ?

My little kitten "Tinkles" is a sweetie-pie but I am worried because whenever North Korean leader Kim Jung-il comes on TV, he stands erect before the screen and stares intently. I hate to think that Tinkles is a communist or possibly a secret agent but I just can't stop wondering.

cuban, who you don't like to see coming to your house tomorrow ?

All cats are communists.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, You are so dead.

There is no turning back now, isn't there dr. roberts? We just have to see how it turns out(not remaining passive about it either).

Aloco, I have a bad feeling that I dont want to see Hot Ashley in about 45 minutes.......Is there someone out there that can be a food taster tomorrow??????

I like everybody, ALoco, except somebody that wants to attack me with a Bone.


(now I will stand on my hind legs and twirl around in a ballerina drress)



FUNNY oscar

cuban, does hot ashley knows how to cook ?

Yeah with Poi and pinapples..........Have you ever had stuffing with Pineapples????????

Dan Henning, I hope you choke on a turkey bone 2 morrow. Amen

The Cuban will be making Thanksgiving dinner tommarrow...........

what are you cooking menace ?

Dan Henning, I hope you choke on a turkey bone 2 morrow. Amen

Posted by: bobbyd12 | November 24, 2010

Bobby, wont hurt him, he's been dead since 1964...........

I can sympathize with those of you complaining about all the incessant anti Henning rhetoric(ad museum).

With that in mind, just let me take this opportunity to say:





Oh and PS:


Dr. No, Turkey of course......


I'm trying to be creative with my brine.

Rum or Bourban?

Dark Rum Odin is the way to go IMHO.....

i. think we should take a flyer on vince young

Our next coach may be coming available:

TENNESSEE - The wild card on the coaching carousel, Jeff Fisher's time in Music City could end if owner Bud Adams sides with Vince Young rather than the man who has coached his franchise since 1994, the longest current tenure in the NFL. Fisher doesn't need the ongoing soap opera surrounding Young, and if Adams continues to back the quarterback he insisted the Titans draft in 2004, Fisher might walk.

he would be a great back up for chad

Wow, those last two posts seem diametrically opposed somehow!

What are the odds?

I'am still scratching my head over those last two posts too.........

I like Sparano's personality and want him around (with the obvious caveat of needing some other coaching changes and personnell upgrades) BUT if Fisher somehow became available I would make an exception and move Heaven and Earth to get him.

Then again, I can't believe Adama would be dumb enough to let him go and there would certainly be heavy competition for his services. Jerry Jones already tried to pry him away once, and the Houston job (if it opens) would be pretty damn attractive from a "win quickly" perspective.

There's really nobody else in the 'big name' category I'm excited about. Cowher and (especially) Gruden do nothing for me although I know many disagree.

What are the chances:

A team would have two quarterbacks named Chad? Chad??? There can't be more than 5 Chads in the whole world!

And their last names would rhyme??? Henne Penne?

And, the OC's last name would be a combination of them both? Henning = Henne divided by Pennington

Conspiracy maybe Gofigure???, If it was, Home would have already dug it up... Unless your Home????

season's over, Armando. Let's get real!

What are the chances?

I can't believe I'm not face down in this little Hotties lap yet!

I just got a great idea.

Have a good night fellas, I'm gonna!

Be Thankful for Thanksgiving!!!!

Cinq ,

Excellent points and well spoken.

Odin....We have been on the same page on many a topic on this site, but I can't get on board with this one. I think Henning catches a bad rap and has been made out to be a scape goat....

coaches coach and players play.

Re-read his statements and then read betweeen the lines so-to-speak. Some will interprit as if he is throwing his players under the bus.

I see it as he is given us the fans just a glimpse of the frustration he see's at practice daily.

alright guys The Cuban too is Outta here, Gonna see if I can insert a large turkey neck into a tight pineapple opening, You guys have a "FINTASTIC" nite..........

Mike Oliver,

I would much rather see Carson Palmer....he might be able to be had for a 3rd draft pick....I think he needs a change of scenery....his style is more suited to Henne's....could teach him a thing or 2

let's just see what kind of effort the dolphins put forth on sunday. if they get their ass kicked by oakland someone or everyone involved must get the hell out!

to many gaps on this team. the only hope is that per the new cba, all league players go back in to a free agent pool and the teams are re drafted fantasy style. and the fish hire me. otherwise. this team will stay in hades.

to or not to be,

where's my turkey ?

good call kris

Flat Foot Floogie With The Floy Floy

(Henning wrote that, doncha know)

enough of attacking henning already.we should give a rest for thanks giving .

This guys name should be Dan "Excuses" Henning.

Kris, wonder if a guy like David Garrard might benefit from a change of scenery as well. I think he is under-rated. Another idea, which really may be a long shot, but who knows what the the Cowboys really think of Romo at this point. Not sure he's the answer, but with all the Cowboy connections, never know.

NJ Phin Fan not worried about his manhood. Gay pictures of ridiculous 5 foot nothing NJ posts of himself on steroids.Moron and standing there flexing as if his fake cyber freinds care about his drugged up body.This guy has lost it.

Posted by: say it isn`t so | November 24, 2010 at 02:23 PM

Damn you right bro. I just saw the pic of NJ posted as his avatar. Thta is if it is really him. What a loser...FRAUD

pollito is a slurper.

For the love of ZEUSS, never mind not worrying about job security to spew this kind of trash talk, he blatantly IMHO has just said he cares nothing about this team. If his play calling does not get him canned, those statements should, I am beyond done with this supposed man of football. And although I do like Tony S, my respect is rapidly decreasing, for not having the NUTS to fire him for his supposed play calling, and for not having the NUTS to fire him for talking like nothing but his ego matters.

Bloggers, check this out, interview with Ross:

Alex, you are very young and inexperience. You know not from whence you came. Look, listen, read, learn,

Of course he's not worried about his job security, he wasn't hired by Sparano he was hired by Parcells.


Any of you boneheads want to ost in a real blog site. Come over to the Sun Sentinel. No garbage there or baby whiners like krissy, jrlrl2, dying breed, or 170972. Where real football is discussed!!!!

ost = post

The only exciting play calls this year were in the Tennessee game when QBs got hurt and they were in panic mode.

this is exactly why Henning needs to step down.. the old man doesn't care. He could care less. We need someone else to step in.
Where's Parcell when you need him?

once again, if wasn't because of the wildcat, Miami's offense would ranked at the bottom of the barrel.. boring offenses.

No sense of urgency with this guy.
It's just something to do to keep from getting bored.
It's a way to get out of the house and away from the wife for awhile.

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