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Dan Henning not worried about job security

Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning was asked today during his weekly gathering with the media if he's concerned about his job security.

Henning, 68, has been retired twice before and will likely be heading that direction after this season. So the question of job security doesn't phase him much.

"Job security? You understand I've been retired twice. So job security is not something I worry about," he responded. "I worry about trying to take what we have and doing the best we can with it. Now, to give you a comparison, when we first came here in 2008, we have only four players left from the team we first picked up here.

"We have one lineman, we have three backs and we don't have any of the same quarterbacks, we don't have any of the same receivers, we don't have any of the same offensive linemen except for the one and we don't have any of the same tight ends."

(In interrupt to say that I don't think Henning's facts are correct. Anthony Fasano is a tight end and he was here in 2008. Davone Bess is a wide receiver and he was here in 2008. But I digress.)

"But that first year we were able to put it together and we were efficient, effective and consistent on offense," Henning continued. "We got a tremendous boost by having a quarterback drop out of the sky who was a tremendous leader for us. So that's what you're trying to do, get the best out of what you have. Now, we're not hitting on all cylinders right now. That's as obvious as you can get.

"We can say, 'We had this injury, we had this injury.' [The Bears] got after us pretty good. We went into the game and had 12 sacks and then they had six in that game. And they didn't blitz us. There were four-man rushes and twists in there. And then you have Tyler [Thigpen] in there trying to make the right decisions but he's a little bit later with the thought process than [Chad] Henne or [Chad] Pennington was at this point in time. So some of that blossoms on itself."

Henning wasn't done answering, although he already answered in his first two sentences. So he continued ...

"And then the running game, I hear you guys, and I hear fans and I hear coach [Tony] Sparano on occasion say, 'Why don't we run the ball more?" We'll we didn't abandon the run, the run abandoned us. In the first four series we ended up with a second-and-18 or second-and-20 and that's not the type of thing that makes for good run situations. Before the score was 16-0 we had 16 opportunities first-and-10 or second-and-6 minus and we attempted to run the ball on ninth of those. There was a 10th call that was a run that we killed to a pass.

"I'm not worried about that part of it. I'm worried about being effective. Efficient. And we're not doing that right now. And we're commited to getting back on track,whatever it takes, because you have no chance to do things when you put yourself in second-and-20 or second-and-18. First four drives we had three penalties, we had a fumble and we had two sacks. You can't operate that way."

I'm not sure what all that last part means. I guess it means Henning isn't worried about his job. But does blame others for Miami's offensive issues.


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Does anyone that reads this rag know how to spell? It's not all typos, the same idiots misspell the same words over and over. It's COST not COAST ALoco. You show your ignorance everytime you say anything, yet you think you could run an NFL team. You can't run your mouth properly let alone a football team. Try ALdopo, it fits better.

Excuses....just excuses...the Pats lose O-line players and they keep going and winning. Bad teams make excuses....lousy coaches make excuses. Henning tried the run...really? Did I miss that part? You try to run 2-3 times and give up? Can anyone think what Shula would do if he had to depend on Griese throwing 60% of the play's? Would he give up the run after 2 or 3 times in a game? In 1966 the new Dolphins had just a couple decent O-line players...they lost one game without scoring..a team put together by every other teams unwanted players...and yet they still played. This is year 3 of the teams rebuild...do they play like it? If not for the defense playing as hard as they do...how many games would the Dolphins have won so far this year? The Dolphins have run the football good enough prior to this year...they have two very good running backs and a decent FB...Yet they get a new toy in Marshall...and they forget what brought them to the dance...the running game.
The offense is built up by slow players...the Dolphins some how think that speed isn't important...well...how many other teams that are playing far better have the same type of players? Marshall will never be the player he can be until the Dolphins get speed across from that the defense fears...now do they fear Hartline? Do they fear Hennings offense...not if you listen to them...they seem to know what play's are coming before the Dolphins run them.
This fact alone should tell us all that something's wrong...that something is Henning...you can't re-use the same offense over and over...and not have other teams catch on...it's time for a change.

Alex, you are very young and inexperience. You know not from whence you came. Look, listen, read, learn,

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/11/dan-henning-not-worried-about-job-security/comments/page/4/#comments#ixzz16HQz60VA

Thank you prophet for your wisdom, and although my rant may have sounded (and after reading I agree) immature, I can assure you I am not young and inexperience(d) as you state.
An ill worded rant out of frustration I think is allowed here and there.
But I digress and will go back to reading, and learning as you have so wisely told me to do, I guess my dementia set in along with Mr. Hennings when I thought I knew something about the game.........

I gaze at buildings and think of Martian sunsets.

The robot crosses the Delaware River at dawn and the elastic supermarket turns purple.

Barbara Bush is drunk and peeing on your front lawn.

I was married to a nice guy for years but I gotta tell ya---being a lesbian is WAY more fun.

Henning is right! The offense sucks, and he is in charge of the offense that sucks, so he sucks and needs to retire.



Henning doesn't play, he's the coach or OC. The players are not executing the plays properly and thats the problem(injuries with standing). I will say Hennings play calling is sometimes suspect, but regardles the players have to execute. Period. The next head coach might want to re-think the Dolphins talent level.

Well we all want a playoff team but it could be worse, I don't think Ireland and Sporano are that bad that they should be canned, Unless we could get somebody like Jeff Fisher then maybe, I like sporano I think he could be a real good coach we just have to give him a little more time and BETTER PLAYERS AND THAT IS IRELAND'S JOB HE IS THE ONE THAT WAS SHUFFLING PLAYERS IN AND OUT EARLIER IN THE YEAR HE HAS HAS THE WHOLE YEAR TO PUT GOOD PLAYERS ON THE FIELD BUT YET WHEN THE SEASON STARTED IT WAS SHUFFLE CITY AND IT COST US A FEW GAMES AND WHAT ABOUT THE O LINEMEN THAT HE GOT RID OF, HE HAS MADE QUITE A FEW BAD DECISIONS HOPEFULLY HE LEARNS FROM IT

I want to believe that Dan Henning knows what he is doing, but I now believe that Chad Pennington was the key to the whole success that we had in 2008. It was the right decision! Too bad that Chad Pennington's body can't do it any more. Maybe when Henning retires, Chad pennington will be offensive coordinator.

I will be thankful when Henning is fired. We have one of THE most bland offensive strategies in the entire NFL thanks to this guy. He is washed up and doesn't deserve to be given any more chances. Fire Dan Henning as soon as possible and get someone who realizes what decade it is and can make a game plan for it.

How about you all STFU!!! and support this team and stop crybabying. How about that? You people do not deserve this team. 1- you give your seats to opponents and are fairweather fans.2- There is a fine line with winning and losing in the nfl. we are injured azzholes. that is why we are losing. the injuries are from fighting hard to win for you ungrateful garbage in south florida. this team should move to jersey.henne is still developing and will be good, marshall was and is a wimp. why else do you think parcells left? he did not want him., and truthfully, we don't need him with bess, hartline and wallace. the defense is keeping us in games and the offense is not quite ready. now, i agree on one and one thing only you whiners- henning must go- the game has passed him by. Sparano hasn't fired him b/c he knows henning is gone at season's end and there is too much to fix right now. so, he feels this gives him the best chance to finish strong or at .500. So, all you fairweather fans in south florida- give thanks today that you have these dolphins because anyday now Ross could replant them in L.A. California where they would be embraced unlike here in south florida. so, happy thanksgiving you bunch of ungrateful so called fans.

i think its hilarious that we gve chad pennington the credit for the success that year, 2008. we had success because oir schedule, and because of the wildcat. thays it. with cp, our rbs were our top receivers, we were the worst team in nfl history in third down and 6 plus (ohh but chad got his five yard completion didnt he?), and it was all proven in the playoff game.

bess, hartline, and wallace? seriously jet hater, thats your wr core? we dont need marshall? pretty sure the leader of your group, bess, had three (yes three) tds in TWO YEARS before marshall came and got the safeties attention. idiot.

It's pretty bad when Grampa Simpson can't remember who was playing for him 2 years ago!

Ask the Steelers is they would get rid of their 74 year old DC.
No, ya think?
Folks, it's not Henning's age, it's the arrogance that comes with being Bill Parcells running buddy. As mando pointed out, the guy answered the question in 2 sentences, and CONTINUED to beat his gums for anyone who would listen.
Still, the fact our ST's stink, our D's inability to make stops on 3rd and long, mismanagement of timeouts, and lack of team speed are proof positive this regime and it's players have not produced as we all had hoped.
YET...and it's a big yet...stranger things have happened than our team deciding to go out swinging, win all 6 games left,m and finish 11-5.
And NOT make the playoffs! Could happen if the ravens and Steelers win out. We lost to both.

of course he doesnt understand his job is on the line.He doesnt understand you run the ball when you have some of the best running backs in the league and a 3rd string qb playing his first game.

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