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Derrick Mason doesn't think Channing "Chowder" is funny

Channing Crowder's irreverent demeanor is kind of engaging. Now that he's playing again, and at a fairly high level, he is talking to the media again and giving his opinion about things such as politics and the opposition.

On Thursday, while discussing the Ravens, Crowders was actually being complimentary when he said, "They have amazing receivers on the outside. We know [Anquan] Boldin, [T.J.] Houshmandzadeh and the old, what the hell's the other guy's name?"

One of the huddle of the reporters standing nearby mentioned 36-year-old Derrick Mason.

"There you go, Mason, the old guy," Crowder said. "He's still good as hell, though."

He's not to happy in the manner Crowder brought him up, though. Mason was approached by Baltimore reporters today and told of the exchange between Crowder and the Miami media the day before. (The media loves this kind of tattle-tale stuff, you know.)

And Mason latched on to that line the Baltimore reporters were dangling. Hook. Line. Sinker.

"Listen, as long as their coaches know, that's all that matters. I'm not worried about Chowder," Mason told reporters from the Baltimore Sun and the Carroll County Times. "What’s his name? Crowder? Excuse me. I’ve watched him on film, so I know his name. He’s either not watching film or not paying attention in meetings. But it is what it is. You don’t play through the newspapers, you play on the field. He’s a pretty good player. He’s just got to deal with the guys up front and our fullback.”

It gets better ...

"A lot of people around this league wish, at 36, that they could play at the level that I'm playing at," Mason said. "There's only one other guy that's playing at this level when he's 36 and that's Terrell Owens. There's a lot of other guys wishing they could play at this level, i.e. Crowder, at the age of 36. He's what -- 20-something?

"He was still peeing on himself when I was playing football."



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WTH is going on here? Talk football please(or women, any kind).

McDaniels as our next OC? Umm...didn't Marshalls and Nolan left Denver because of McDaniels? Sorry, I'd rather keep Marshalls and Nolan. There's got to be better OCs in the offseason.

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Or how thousands of Kemp Ridley turtle eggs are poached and the government does nothing about it. BTW, Kemp Ridleys are almost extinct.

You know, after all the football talk(and women talk) we sit down and read the Post and commentaries to analyze the characteristics of Internet, right? Very interesting every day that goes by.

I don't want to talk about Women.

My favorite Hottie stayed the night last night. A family member called her about 5 this morning and said her Dad isn't going to make it through the day. It wasn't a total shock, he's been fading fast. Anyway, she was out of here in a flash.

By noon I was contemplating an Ice Coldie and some one handed typing.

Instead I opted to call my second favorite Hottie and she said she'd be over soon.

I'm not one handed typing.....yet, but as you can see, I'm typing.

Need I say, I'm alone.

God I hate loving women.....sometimes!!!!

After the Pittsburgh game, I believe we can match up with anybody in the League.

Happens to the best of us, odinseye. I wonder what it is?


You're environmentally conscientious? Good for you!

I've seen quite a few specials on the Fin Harvesting lately.

Bad business all the way around. It makes me want to sink some fishing boats sometimes!


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It's that "Devils Triangle". It gets me everytime-LOL!

I think we've proven that we can play with anybody over the past two seasons. Here's to taking the "next step" in Baltimore!

Bottoms Up!!!!

Metoometoo, that's it,odin! Forward!!


I wasn't dissin Costa Rico, but I am pretty lonely.

I prefer they have teeth, but hey, if she'll share her tobbacco, I'm down!

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I'll second Aloco's comment. Excellent point.

Who the heck even suggested we bring in Josh "frsh face" McDaniels anyways?

dolphins shoulda hired tomlin years ago when we had the chance sparano is a typical old style paranoid douchebag which will never be a head coach again after this debacle is over

Odin, I've been a waterman all my life. Surfing, boating, fishing and diving. But I have to say to dive the reefs and not be alarmed at some of the $hit going on would be....I don't know. Let's say you would be a worthless POS if you didn't care. So, yeah I guess I am a environmentalist.

And carlitto, why don't you come on up to Cocoa Beach? I'm at the Beach Shack #1 Minuteman Causeway most afternoon. I'm sure I could make you see my point.

As much as I want to love Sporano(geez, that sounds gay), if he doesn't start overruling Henning at some point BEFORE this season is in the tank, I'll jump on that bandwagon in a heartbeat.

new head coach, maybe you should stick to ginning head cause you pretty stopid when it come to football. Headcoach has a winning record, he would be hired by any number of teams if let go. How does Salguero attract so many stopid motherfu@kers on one blog?

Did I miss anything?

Odin, here's the really fukked up part of it. Sharkfin soup is tasteless. They have to put some kind of flavoring in it to give it some taste.

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I'm not into labels, but I agree with you. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

People can say all the negative things they want to say about the American Indian, but the thing I'm most proud of is the fact that they lived in Harmony with their enviorment instead of destroying it.

Yea Cocoa, That's how I want to spend my day, hanging out at a shack on the beach with a bunch of unemployed, undereducated douchebags smokin pot watching the waves come in and out. Think I will pass

odin, TS said he only suggests plays to the OC. But he looked none too happy after those wild cats in the red zone. Next drive, they scored. Hmmm..

new head coach, like I said, spend your time giving some guy head on Sunday's instead of watching football. You know very little about football but I bet you are great at giving head

Fake Carlito!

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What's funny is that Mason didn't see the whole comment. Crowder called him old and poked fun but in no way downplayed his play (indeed has been watching film and knows he is playing well, so Mason's newspaper line was inaccurate).

Crowder got under Mason's skin. the quesiton is will that actually make a difference.

Yeah, we all drink while we are surfing. But you have know how to hold your liqueur. For me it's Scotch+soda(Rum kills me. I wonder..).

The Press is treacherous. Right, Armando?

The only moron on this blog is someone who thinks a head coach with a winning record and trained by Parcell's won't get another NFL job if let go. Don't you have fries to supersize or drinks to fill? You can't have a job much better then that

When I'm begining to talk some BS, then it's time for me to go to sleep. Goodnight.

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I made alot of money once. Well actually twice, but the second time they plea bargained it down to a misdemeaner.

I miss the good old days.

That reminds me, do any of you southern Florida people know if there's a club in Ft. Lauderdale called RoseBuds?

Someone who gets on a blog and brags about how much money they supposedly make, then state an opinion that a winning head coach would not get another NFL job, is the dumbest/motherfu@ker in the world. No one who makes such a stupid comment can possibly think anyone would believe your smart. Have a fabulous evening and keep dreaming your intelligent and rich. When you awake your still stupid and broke. Enough of this nonsense from you. I have much better things to do then talk to a rock.

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When you awake your still stupid and broke. Enough of this nonsense from you. I have much better things to do then talk to a rock.

Posted by: Voice of Sanity | November 05, 2010 at 10:34 PM

I don't like talking to rocks either. They had pet rocks when I was a kid. DuMMest F_cking thing I've ever heard off.

Speaking of waking up:

I never went too bed with an ugly chick. I woke up with a few though.

Oh yeah, yeah, I'm drunk and you're ugly. Tommorrow I will be sober, but you'll still be ugly Bwhaa ha ha!!!!

Oh God, somebody talk football, PLEASE!

What are Baltimores weaknesses?

How should our Offense attack their defense?

Dolphins in Depth


Bad JoJo.com

To be or not to be as Aloco would say????

OMG! Getting "stood up" SUCKS!!!!

I think our D can hold it's own against Baltimore.

I'm just trying to figure out how to attack their D. Any suggestions?

As much as I cut on Dan Henning, I wouldn't want to be in his shoes Sunday. OK, I'm lying, you got me. I wish I was in his shoes!

Valhalla Mother F_ckers!!!!!

After the Pittsburgh game, I believe we can match up with anybody in the League.

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 05, 2010 at 09:09 PM

I second that, Oscar. But our triumph or demise now rests in the red zone.


miami 24, bmore 21...bleed dat

phins 26 ravens 24 Too much Carpenter!

who cares about channing chowder make a play already!


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How to attack the Ravens defense? The only thing that occurs to me is with perfect execution, no mistakes. What you people think?

As long as we stay ahead of the chains and not get in too many third and long situations the phins will be fine. That means tough running for R and R also Henning calling a good mixture of run and pass on first down.

Hmmm on your last sentence, kingsmith. Let us pray..

lol! I re-read that last sentance and you're right, prayer would def be in order.


Well, let's say that we lose on the defensive side of the game. They still have Cam Cam who we know is no Bill Walsh. Right?

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