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Derrick Mason doesn't think Channing "Chowder" is funny

Channing Crowder's irreverent demeanor is kind of engaging. Now that he's playing again, and at a fairly high level, he is talking to the media again and giving his opinion about things such as politics and the opposition.

On Thursday, while discussing the Ravens, Crowders was actually being complimentary when he said, "They have amazing receivers on the outside. We know [Anquan] Boldin, [T.J.] Houshmandzadeh and the old, what the hell's the other guy's name?"

One of the huddle of the reporters standing nearby mentioned 36-year-old Derrick Mason.

"There you go, Mason, the old guy," Crowder said. "He's still good as hell, though."

He's not to happy in the manner Crowder brought him up, though. Mason was approached by Baltimore reporters today and told of the exchange between Crowder and the Miami media the day before. (The media loves this kind of tattle-tale stuff, you know.)

And Mason latched on to that line the Baltimore reporters were dangling. Hook. Line. Sinker.

"Listen, as long as their coaches know, that's all that matters. I'm not worried about Chowder," Mason told reporters from the Baltimore Sun and the Carroll County Times. "What’s his name? Crowder? Excuse me. I’ve watched him on film, so I know his name. He’s either not watching film or not paying attention in meetings. But it is what it is. You don’t play through the newspapers, you play on the field. He’s a pretty good player. He’s just got to deal with the guys up front and our fullback.”

It gets better ...

"A lot of people around this league wish, at 36, that they could play at the level that I'm playing at," Mason said. "There's only one other guy that's playing at this level when he's 36 and that's Terrell Owens. There's a lot of other guys wishing they could play at this level, i.e. Crowder, at the age of 36. He's what -- 20-something?

"He was still peeing on himself when I was playing football."



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I have D. Mason on 2 of my FFL's. I was benching him on at least one but after reading this article, He is a starter now. He will probably score twice and go 10 for 150+.

When Ca-Ca- comes with all his trick plays I believe M. Nolan will shove them up his..

it's funny how stick it in his can cameron absolutely sucked as the dolphins head coach, yet he stuck it to the dolphins in the wild card game! miami needs a revenge game in a big way.

does anybody else worry because baltimore has our number? because they do.

What's up losers?


Chad Henne....SHOW ME you can look of a FS or Ed Reed will pick you off all day

Brandon Marshall....SHOW ME you cna beat 2-3 tackles and get that YAC that has made you the great reciever you are.

Tony Sporano,,,SHOW ME that you are the head coach and instead of being upset with a bad play call....you OVER RULE IT BEFORE IT HAPPENS!

Dan Henning...SHOW ME you have KILLER INSTINCT and can put the dagger in Ray Lewis's heart after we get up. (we wil be up)

Miami Dolphins..SHOW ME you are ready to become a consitent team....a playoff team

These next two weeks are all about SHOW ME......so SHOW ME!

back from travel for work, went to the monday night game texans/colts, that was fun, i was decked out in dolphins gear... lol. Got some funny looks, and some fun jads. So Crowder needs to keep his mouth shut at times, we do not need to give Mason any more incentive... BIG game, go Phins!

Did Channing Chowder Open His Mouth Again? Soon We'll Start Losing Games , 3 Tackels Per Game and A big Mouth Sure We'll Bring Us A Ton Of Victories , Time To Stop Running Your Mouth Chowder And Start Making Plays ,I've Never Seen This Big Mouth Creating A Turnover Or A Pass Deflected Something to Justified His Trash Talking, You Need another Asswhuupp Like The One Matt Light Gave You A Couple Of Years Ago In Your Backyard , Big Mouth

For the record mr. greystone...Cam Cameron might as well be Dan Henning because the people in Baltimore despise him as much if not more than we despise Henning. He is blamed for every loss and when they win its in spite of him, not because of him

I wouldn't mind seeing Wallace get more throws. I saw him make a play in pre-season and he looked pretty athletic.

What is your breast size oh mighty Empress?

mr. Greystone,

I am beginning to UNDERSTAND you don't know what your talking about. I live Baltimore and get to hear what the players think of him.

In this area you are clueless...Why do you come on here to write your meaningless thoughts....

Explain to me what the deal is in Dallas Greystone...u got all the anwers...and don't give me the normal football jargon, i've heard it all before...give me your "oginal"take on BIG D

Coaching and schemes have EVERYTHING to do with success....EVERYTHING....

If you came off your comical "high horse" writing you might realize that.

In one sentence you say that my only acccess to Baltimor players thoughts are all INTERNET QUOTES....there for not relevant

and in the NEXT SENTENCE you ask me to provide you INTERNET QUOTES ro prove myself.

greystone you are dumber than I thought

Greystone, has valid points, welcome you w/open arms .

what point cocobee? please elaborate

I'm the idiot for talking to trolls who's name I have never seen before....There has to be better things for me to do on a Saturday after noon then talk to LOCO.....

Enjoy, Se the regs on Sunday.

I believe that we are tough physical team that can hang with anybody.
I sure hope this is the mindset that Coach TS is instilling in our players - especially our pups.
Of coarse a good game plan and execution on the field are essential but we have to erase completely any doubt from our minds.
We just gotta believe that as a team, we can win.
Go Dolphins!!

Actually greystone...thats exactly what you said...go back and read it....I love when you goofs come on here....lets play some more..i got about 30- min to kill before me anf the wife go out to eat....lets play

The weather forecast for Baltimore:
A bit windy but good football weather.

Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 54. Northwest wind between 6 and 13 mph.

Sunday Night: Mostly clear, with a low around 38. West wind around 6 mph becoming calm.

greystone..are we done playing....cause i'm just getting started....

UFC 120.

Kris the Krippler vs. Greystone the Grappler.

Let's get in on!


Its the troll we all love and he wants to play with me....Its been a while since i smashed him intellectually......i still got sometime before i get on with my life for the day....wonder is the fact that I am about to go out and eat with my wife was to much

falsehood,that's Kris alright .he claims falsehood .

I wanna watch the Dolphins contain the TE and make Todd Heap cry.

OWINGS MILLS -- Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron shot down a rumor that veteran wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh complained to him about his play-calling late in the game of an overtime loss to the New England Patriots.


One down grey and LOCO....but I got more...read for yourself

I wanna watch the Dolphins cook Ray Rice for dinner.

This is childs play

Its time to go to school children...LOCO and GREY

When asked if he thinks the offense is aggressive enough, Houshmandzadeh replied: "It doesn’t matter what I think. It’s what Cam wants to do. Regardless if I think if it’s right or it’s wrong, it doesn’t matter. It’s whatever Cam and the coaches on offense want to do. If they call a play, we got to execute it. If it’s not executed, it’s our fault.

Same link...jus giving you the highlights

I wanna watch the Dolphins layeth the Smacko on Flacco.


In response to your "Show me" post.....

I agree, I agree Miami winning this game will go a long way towards legitimizing their play-off aspiration.
AND.... by Beating Tennessee it would embolden those possibilities...

However... (don't ya hate "However"?)....

Henne could look off Reed and have an awesome game. Yet still have many bad games to come.

I don't think Brandon Marshall has ANYTHING to prove that he has not in the past 4 years. Miami did not give him $50 millions for what they THOUGHT he could do... They gave him that money because of what he has already done over a hundred times a year for the past 4 years. ..........Throw Marshall the ball....... where he can catch it........ and he'll do his job just fine.

Tony Sparano IS THE HEAD COACH!.... and until someone "SHOWS ME" what their plan to replace him is. A plan that does not include the names Cowher or Gruden in the conversation... I can only see those sort of remarks the same as I see our LAST 6 Head coaching changes... a disaster for the team and fans... all except this last change... which seems to be moving just fine to all but those who consistently place expectations on the Dolphins which are above this teams current ability and player maturity.

All Dan Henning is going to do is continue to disappoint. He insists on being a running team when this team has not addressed anything to do with the running games in 5 years except the O-line and its MUCH better at pass blocking then run blocking. It has been some time since Miami brought a RB into Miami that has been interesting (Ricky Williams 2001-2002) Brown has been... Serviceable. Miami needs a young, motivated and dynamic OC who understands what we have and plays Miamis offense to its strengths instead of his desires.

And finally, even if Miami win these next two games... There are going to be 20 people on this blog who say they still suck until they go to New England and New York and win... Its a fact... NOTHING will ever be enough... Even if we win a Superbowl in the next few years... there will be fans who start pissing and moaning that they will NOT be able to repeat... Its the nature of many Miami fans, and it will drive you NUTS if you chase after it!

Dear Mr. Salguero

After reading the posts from page 3 of this article I had to use an industrial antiseptic to wash away the filth I felt after reading.

I understand more hits drive the blog but.....wow

Dear Mr. Kris

Some battles are just best to walk away from.

Dear Empress Pinapple

I hope you enjoyed our songs

Soiled :)

I liked seeing the passion and fire from Flacco as he berated Cam Cameron during last nights game. I think that Flacco put his heart into preparing for the game and I think he played ok. The only three real mistakes while we were still in the game that I can think of were when he passed to Rice on that PI no-call when Washington was wide open, when he passed to Rice at the line of scrimmage and risked a fumble, and when he almost threw that pick on our first drive. He has a lot of flaws, but I am now pretty sure that a lack of competitive fire and leadership is not one of them. Cam Cameron did a poor job of masking the ineptness of our WR corps(not that that is an easy thing to do), and probably deserved to be berated.



I wanna watch the Dolphins layeth the Smacko on Joe Flacco.


"Hopefully, the meeting with Cameron has put both back on the same page," Preston writes. "If this team can focus, and put aside personal goals on both offense and defense, the Ravens have a shot at winning a championship. Right now, though, everyone is not on board. That has to change going into the second half of the season."


Kris the man who figured every thing out and we just have to agree and follow him .

Agreed Alocobee

It's cocobee mr boiled .

My bad Alocobeelyin

Kris is applying for a job with fix news .

who's calling my name ?

Very good Mr.greystone.

Alocobee....and grey (probably one and the same)

You asked and I provided....what happened to grey anyway?

Anyway kids...i gotta go.....lessons over. next time I have a few min. to kill look me up.




I'm with ya on that R & R... Miami getting some heat on Flacco the way they did with Palmer would go a long way to keeping our Safety's out of the heat.

Flacco is a cool character... you can't give up on that dude cause he NEVER gives up on play's... A couple interceptions from out Defense would be a welcome break in the big picture also. Reed is usually good for 1 from Henne... No reason to freak if and when it happens. Just hope the D is playing the way they are capable.


Careful guys... This is NOT a political forum... wanna make it one and I'll start playing and I have all day while I watch this damn Video and Audio Sync and Render.....

NEVER take it for granted that what YOU believe is true about politics is what another on a SPORTS blog believe... and we all know that FOX and CNN are at polar opposites politically and informational... some don't believe one thing the other says and that is their right... but this is not the place to exercise political free speech... This is a "No political Free speech zone". Politics has NO PLACE here!

I'll ask nicely...NO POLITICS HERE... PLEASE!

"Reed is usually good for 1 from Henne" ?
How many times have they played each other? Once?
That's like saying "He can count on 4 from Pennington because that's what he got last time (in the playoff game remember).

Dear Empress...

I cut and pasted this "For your benefit and praise" This is my "Song of praise" to you (Just picture Tom Morello playing guitar in the background...)

A person would "Megalomaniac"...IF they display some (Not all) of the following...
1. A psycho-pathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence.
2. a pathological egotist

Their thoughts and actions would be described as - Egocentric
1. having or regarding the self or the individual as the center of all things.
2. having little or no regard for interests, beliefs, or attitudes other than one's own.

They are - Egotistical
1. characteristic of those having an inflated idea of their own importance.
2. having an exaggerated sense of self-importance; "a conceited fool"; "an attitude of self-conceited arrogance"; "an egotistical disregard of others";

I hope these words free me from the eternal doom you hold in the Bottle of Jack Daniels before you?

Dear Empress of Pinapples, Daughter of the Pinapple express

Direct eye contact is unavoidable with some the children for they suffer from the Wondering eye or Lazy eye after burning of the sacred Pinapple express.

Have mercy O great ruler of the Bong

Soiled :)

Empress of Pineapples has a big a s s h o l e.

Whatever "Greystone"... In my year I have leaned that those who place others beneath themselves or attempt to make themselves appear somehow "Superior". by judging what they read, watch or believe are only supplementing some personal ineptitude.

I have also found that "Elitist" who believe them self to have an intellectual dominance are also intolerable to nearly everyone but their own mothers.... You have an OPINION... Good for you.... so go on back to listening to those Limey, Fish & Chip eatin' bastards... Perhaps you'll find what your someone who will agree with you when you get there. No one HERE will miss you when you are gone.

If you want to joust with me... fine. If you want to tell me that the BBC is the worlds answer to News and information.... take another hit of acid and come back when you peak!


the BBC a credible news source? that's a killer! i'm still laughing...if the BBC were one of Her Majesty's ships, it would capsize, since it leans so far left. i'd rather talk about the Empress and her firm large pineapples

If you disagree with greystone about our media then you obviously aren't paying attention or just don't get it.

He was stating facts, not opinions. And if we were all sitting down together by a tv I could prove those facts to be true simply by turning on MSNBC or Fox news and pointing out the very facts he is stating.

Our media is agenda driven, whether their agenda is to prop up the left (msnbc) or the right (fox news) it is all the same. They have an agenda to make their side look like the side that is correct.

This has nothing to do with "whos side you're on". These are facts, plain and simple.

dear mr. greystones (improperly spelled on purpose) it is patently obvious the BBC HAS INCULCATED your puny mind with their cult like rubbish. a discussion with you would be as pointless as the failed british health care system. which is why so many of my friends from england have moved here....by the way, in their opinion the last time the BBC was any good, was during WWII. now let's discuss something pleasant like the empress' pineapples! or football.

And I'm sorry but the person claiming the BBC is a left leaning news organization is very ignorant. You obviously have either never watched or listened to bbc news or you really just don't understand what is going on in the world.

The BBC reports facts. No opinions. They say, "this is what happened today in Belfast" and then they say what happened. When they are done with that statement they move on to the next. What they don't do is bring in 5 morons who claim to be experts that start talking about what happened and why they think it is good or bad and which political side it helps. How can you not see that? People really need to educate themselves and stop being told what to think by the media WHO SHOULD BE REPORTING FACTS ONLY! Not uneducated opinions.

Example,,,, who in here watches Glenn Beck? And how many people listen to what this guy says as if he knows more than you so he must be right? Well did you know he was a morning zoo radio show host a short ten years ago who used to do advertisements for pizza places and whatever else the station told him to do. He used to PLAY RECORDS for a living, he was an entertainer.

Guess what, HE STILL IS, and he's a genius! The guy is a millionaire because people buy into his agenda of "making the country a better place to live". He doesn't give a s**t about anyone but himself.

Keith Olberman,,,,,,f***ing sportscaster! And now he's an expert on what is right for our country? Now he's politically savy?

Most people think so because they are ignorant. They think, 'these guys are on tv so they must know what their talking about. I argue that they do not know anything more than you or I and as a matter of fact I guarantee you there are smarter people than those two idiots who post in this blog every day.

ladies and gentlemen, after serving more that 34 years in law enforcement

greystone you are 100% correct. People don't like to think for themselves anymore. They want to be told what to think by someone on tv. Just report the facts and let me do my own thinking and form my own opinions thank you.

But trying to point out that the sky is blue to people who only see in black and white will make you go crazy. There are a lot of independents out here who like to think for themselves, you're not alone. Hopefully someday people will see the truth.

I'll never understand why in our great country we have hundreds of choices in our every day lives from what to eat to what to watch on tv. Need toilet paper? Well you have 50 different choices. Need a pencil to write with? choices!

But when it comes to the most important choice we will ever have to make, the choice of who will run our country and make us prosperous, we are given two choices. This guy or that guy. And if you don't like either and don't believe in either agenda, well then, too bad.

i'll try to post again....ladies and gentlemen, after serving more that 34 years in law enforcement

Good job redsky, you still didn't answer his question so basically you just flushed your own credibility down the toilet.

You have a lot of English friends huh? Where in the hell do you live because I live in NYC and don't know one English person. As a matter of fact I do programming for a large building in Manhattan and have not run across one person who moved here from England. I've met British people who are here on business but can't wait to fly home but no one who said they hate England and have moved here because of it! HAHAHAHAHAHAH You're full of crap. And they're moving HERE because of our health care system?!! Bwwwwaaaahahahahahahahaha man just shut up you've got to be kidding with that nonsense.

my post is getting cut off, maybe by our biased media. all media, bbc included, never let the facts get in the way of a good story. i'm not going to waste this AMERICAN FOOTBALL blog with political or media discussions.

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