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Derrick Mason doesn't think Channing "Chowder" is funny

Channing Crowder's irreverent demeanor is kind of engaging. Now that he's playing again, and at a fairly high level, he is talking to the media again and giving his opinion about things such as politics and the opposition.

On Thursday, while discussing the Ravens, Crowders was actually being complimentary when he said, "They have amazing receivers on the outside. We know [Anquan] Boldin, [T.J.] Houshmandzadeh and the old, what the hell's the other guy's name?"

One of the huddle of the reporters standing nearby mentioned 36-year-old Derrick Mason.

"There you go, Mason, the old guy," Crowder said. "He's still good as hell, though."

He's not to happy in the manner Crowder brought him up, though. Mason was approached by Baltimore reporters today and told of the exchange between Crowder and the Miami media the day before. (The media loves this kind of tattle-tale stuff, you know.)

And Mason latched on to that line the Baltimore reporters were dangling. Hook. Line. Sinker.

"Listen, as long as their coaches know, that's all that matters. I'm not worried about Chowder," Mason told reporters from the Baltimore Sun and the Carroll County Times. "What’s his name? Crowder? Excuse me. I’ve watched him on film, so I know his name. He’s either not watching film or not paying attention in meetings. But it is what it is. You don’t play through the newspapers, you play on the field. He’s a pretty good player. He’s just got to deal with the guys up front and our fullback.”

It gets better ...

"A lot of people around this league wish, at 36, that they could play at the level that I'm playing at," Mason said. "There's only one other guy that's playing at this level when he's 36 and that's Terrell Owens. There's a lot of other guys wishing they could play at this level, i.e. Crowder, at the age of 36. He's what -- 20-something?

"He was still peeing on himself when I was playing football."



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Go Dolphins

denny, you have just emasculated yourself. no british retiree is going to move to NYC. taxes, they move to Florida for the weather and NO state income taxes. it's simple, like you!

You redsky? You're in law enforcement? Thank you very much for your contribution, not everyone can do that job and I appreciate you for it.

My uncle is a New York State Trooper as well as my cousin. I know what you guys go through and it's not pretty.

But stop taking sides redsky! All american media is biased. I don't care what any other countries media does, our media sucks. Don't listen to em', don't become one of the sheep.

nope, not that old greystone, but they remember what their grandparents and parents went through and love the USA more than some of you.

denny, very cool, when i lived in NY the Troop or NYPD wasn't hiring, so i moved to So. Fla. and joined the force here. i agree about the media. i tried a previous post that did not go through. i worked media relations and stated, "the media never lets the facts get in the way of a good story!" think about it, my best regards to the members of your family on the job!

Oh, and because I have to run anyway---I'll also leave you with a thanks for your service in law enforcement. I respect that regardless of any other differences.

And Go Dolphins!!

I was seriously asking where you're from because obviously I haven't seen too many British people up here. Oh God you're not one of those "my state is better than your state" people are you?
Went to school in Florida, you can keep your weather. And as far as the no state income taxes , hows that working out for the school systems down there? But I can see why older people would want to live in the heat, thin bloods a killer in NY. That's why all of our elderly citizens (blue birds) go to Florida every winter! See ya people, redsky, just say no to fox/msnbc news! :)

Okay, good to hear redsky. Greystone take it easy on red, he seems like a good guy and there was just a mild disagreement in beliefs, no biggie. Play nice people!

Cam Cam's IQ~92.

Most intelligent Dolphin's player I've ever seen? Bob Griese. ChadP also shines. From other temas? PManning without a question.

Coaches? Bill Walsh, Belichick.

Remind me of some others Bright Bulbs, People.


I don't get it.

Are these guys seriously arguing CNN, MSNBC, BBC, etc,etc?

Jesus Christ, I thought Marcia, test and tortured were bad!!!!

good post oscar re the QBs, E Manning not far behind....and bears mention. as of last week he was leading his brother in QB standings.

sorry odin, and others, i went off on a certain comment that can be laid to rest...my apologies to this distigushed group of dolphin fans.


No need for apologies.

You took him to task, good job.

I was just questioning the subject matter.

They're all just pimps selling the views of their "coporate sponsorship". They could care less about anyones well being, except their own.

Take their opinions with a grain of salt and form your own.

Odin- Quite a game a the Big House this afternoon! Anybody got a prediction for tommorow? I say 23-20 Phins. I think if we can play with managable third down situations, we shouldn't have any trouble moving the ball on these clowns. Last week it seemed like we went first down run, second down pass on almost every possesion in the second half. Mixing it up a little might help our red zone efficiency. I would like to see us at least throw it to Marshall one time in the end zone. Sparano was waxing poetic about how Hartline has shown the ability to draw PI's. Marshall with his size should have the advantage against any corner in this league. The fact that he hasn't drawn any Pi's this season is a little head scratching. The way the rules are set up it almost becomes a play by design to try and draw that call


You Guys do Know who "Empress of Pineapples" is dont you????

cuban, NO, Hot Ashley?

I believe so, She's got her own laptop now, And I saw her drinking Jagermeister, so it could be....

cuban, that makes perfect sense! her writing style ties it all in, that's my cop sense, but i should have figured out sooner! that's GREAT! how are her pineapples, can you send us a photo?

ok guys, i'm at Churhill Downs in KY, kentucky not the jelly, waiting for Zenyatta to run. be on the blog later....

i'm only available to the Empress!

Her Pineapples are quite firm actually.....And her "Pineapple" Patch is firmly trimmed, Kinda looks like a landing strip.... LOL...

well, healthy pineapples come from a perfectly manicured patch....im envious cuban! well, Zenyatta came in second, but i had her to place, so my bet was covered.

How dare you make such crude remarks about your Empress!! By Royal Decree, I hereby sentence you to 49 consecutive hours of watching 'Dancing With the Stars.'

Do NOT mess with royalty.

Go Dolphins

All HAIL the EMPRESS! Her Pineapples AND her Patch!

LOL At the Empress..... I Bow to you....

Empress, I will be your most loyal and rewarding subject, forget that cuban guy! I'll make sure your pineapples are properly fertilized and maintain the patch neatly manicured......

Empress, Do you have a birth mark on your left buttocks that resembles a crescent moon???

stop teasing us cuban! unfair!

I was also watching Zenyatta; much more consistent than my ex-wife.

Wow Cuban, your woman makes you watch dancing with the stars?

Don't tell her I said this, BUT, you may want to rethink what you're getting yourself into!

I mean sure the hot temper is dynamite in the bed room, BUT, you never know when she might put cyanide in the soup!

Then again, if my woman made me watch dancing with the stars I think I'd prefer the cyanide!

Never mind Cuban, sorry, carry on.............



Ex-wives wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to marry them first.

It's always got to be something...............

Did you see the sideline footage of saban as LSU out-muscled Alabama?

It was like ThanksGiving come early. A good day to be a football fan!!!!

PS: Aloco, the worse thing my woman does, is make me drink Orange Blend Four Loco.

Do you drink Orange Blend Four Loco Aloco?




WHY EX WIEVES become more sexy once they r out of the house ?

odin, i can deal with women AND their IN-trick-asies......as long as i can please them multiple times...we are both happy! no problem and no cyanide! simple.....

redsky, are you in real love or you just love her for her money ?

nick satan dies a slow death! may he suffer another defeat!



HEY! Is Tate Forcier French?

On paper, it looks as if it's going to be a low scoring affair, two good defenses. Can we get to Flaco and make Cam-Cam jump?

ananlogy,,,,,i thought you understand my english odin .

i have proof read but i say to myself they will understand what i mean .

oscar canosa, why every time i see your name ,i picture you at 4 feet tall .

aloca, ive been married 3 times, there are few real loves. sometimes they happen when you're married to someone else. sometimes you're lucky and it happens the first time. unfortunately ive had to research that topic thoughroughly before "coming" to this conclusion!

it's anology!

that's 'cause he is 4' tall, he's a jockey!

redsky, when you marry for the first time you feel love and every thing ,so why you end up in divorce ? is it lack of money or lack of showers ?

Probably you wanna eat me, Loca.

lol@oscar.....if you notice the name oscar reserved only for people working in the circus and 4 feet long walking with a limp .

sorry, the online dictionar says it's "analgel".

Fist pump time

Wasn't there there an ALoco here not too long ago? Ahh, change of sex.

there, there...




To be?


Not to be?

Be careful what you wish for................

Seriously, I don't know if it is only here in Miami, but many men are preferring to live by themselves. If your lady tells you, - Papi, I'll clean your house, - Don't worry , baby, the cleaning woman will do it; I'll see you soon.

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