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Derrick Mason doesn't think Channing "Chowder" is funny

Channing Crowder's irreverent demeanor is kind of engaging. Now that he's playing again, and at a fairly high level, he is talking to the media again and giving his opinion about things such as politics and the opposition.

On Thursday, while discussing the Ravens, Crowders was actually being complimentary when he said, "They have amazing receivers on the outside. We know [Anquan] Boldin, [T.J.] Houshmandzadeh and the old, what the hell's the other guy's name?"

One of the huddle of the reporters standing nearby mentioned 36-year-old Derrick Mason.

"There you go, Mason, the old guy," Crowder said. "He's still good as hell, though."

He's not to happy in the manner Crowder brought him up, though. Mason was approached by Baltimore reporters today and told of the exchange between Crowder and the Miami media the day before. (The media loves this kind of tattle-tale stuff, you know.)

And Mason latched on to that line the Baltimore reporters were dangling. Hook. Line. Sinker.

"Listen, as long as their coaches know, that's all that matters. I'm not worried about Chowder," Mason told reporters from the Baltimore Sun and the Carroll County Times. "What’s his name? Crowder? Excuse me. I’ve watched him on film, so I know his name. He’s either not watching film or not paying attention in meetings. But it is what it is. You don’t play through the newspapers, you play on the field. He’s a pretty good player. He’s just got to deal with the guys up front and our fullback.”

It gets better ...

"A lot of people around this league wish, at 36, that they could play at the level that I'm playing at," Mason said. "There's only one other guy that's playing at this level when he's 36 and that's Terrell Owens. There's a lot of other guys wishing they could play at this level, i.e. Crowder, at the age of 36. He's what -- 20-something?

"He was still peeing on himself when I was playing football."



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It's just about Showtime!

I'm going to burn a fatty and beat the strings of a guitar!

ValHalla my brothers and sisters!!!!

God, if these drunks knew what a Dolphins dork I am!!!!

How come Drunk Hillbilly Bar flies only love NASCAR????

"The quality of women IS strained(in these times).

WHAT do you like in woman oscar to make you happy ?


I fell into what I thought was love at 15.

Turns out I only stepped in shyt.

Real Love has nothing too do with Hotties and sex.

I would love to discuss Love, but I got to do a country Music set. God I'd rather be playing some Pantera!!!!

Soon as I finish this fatty, it's Showtime!

the dominican republic oscar.....home, and multiple good looking women at an affordable price. they also clean and wash.....

Right now, I'm drinking an Oporto, and I'm quiet. My kid is in his computer(of course), and he's quiet. My dog is also quiet. You were asking, ALoca?

Go Dolphins

I STUDIED in DR, red. Just so happened that my lady there was overly suntanned and when I introduced her to my mother, she put on her very dark shades.

oscar, i understand.....however, there are many options there....

Not for me...anymore. I wish..

may god bless oscar and his son .

I agree with Kris its time for the dolphins to show us something they have shown flashes that they might be good, but tomorrow would be a good time for the whole tean to show and play at a high level if this happens this could be our biggest win in quite some time go FINS

Where are you from, Armando?

You know, the first time I participated in a Blog was about 3 years ago in a Miami Herald Blog. I denounced the trade of the very talented Wes Welker to A DIVISION RIVAL. Of course, I got blasted by a lot of ignoramuses. There and then, I understood the power of Internet.

Night before the Game....
Game plan for tomorrow is.....
R n R Train FullSpeed at Firing Henning!
Maybe Call a Back "U" Fake Left "L" and a bomb on Hennings head.
How bout after reaching the RedZone, Going for the TD and Firing Henning for a Two point conversion...
Fire Henning Now!!!!!

He throws off balance, Flacco does. AHH!


we shall win tomorrow, when the Empress displays her pineapples at midfield and manicured patch! as a distraction to the other team.

Miami 24 - BMore 17... we are winning this game tomorrow guys...thats a fact

!!!!!!!!!Congratulations Fellas!!!!!!!!!!

Mando did an actual article in the Herald on the.....Wait for it...Wait for it....FIST PUMP!

Take a bow Blog!

Great Job guys! We are in PRINT!

Phins 24-17 W!

Go Phins!

As usual a player that has proven nothing on the field (Crowder) runs his pie hole off the field. Dolphins still living off of 1972 and Marinos REGULAR season (now broken) records! Lots of trash talk from a team with nothing to talk about for several decades!

Read the article, and no doubt Sparano would rather have more td's in the red zone. What coach wouldn't? However, he should try shoving that fist somewhere else to make it known how important td's really can be. Someone forgot.

I am drunk on the finest cognacs and herb-based cordials known to mankind! Provide me with Royal Amusement!! Your Empress grows tired of these tedious antics from boorish chimpanzees! ENTERTAIN ME AT ONCE, PEONS!!

You sound queer, drunk Empress. Go to sleep.

The finest herb based cordial is Green Chartruese. Nothing like it.Fernet Branca comes in a close second but doees not pack the same punch as Chartruese....
The Ravens defense has given up more plays over 25 yards then any other defense in the NFL. Now I don't know how this will play out as they are coming off their bye, and we are about as challenged as Corky from Life Goes On when it comes to getting the ball downfield. The last 5 weeks has seen a drastic change in offensive philosophy. I'm not sure if it is us taking advantage of what the defenses have been giving, or an attempt at a pass first attitude. IMO we must find a way to find some sort of run efficiency or the rest of the season is going to be a lot of fist pumping field goal celebrations instead of sweet end zone dances.

Does Sparano have an end zone dance?

Last Call! FINALLY!

I got these two bad a s s chicks but neither of them want to "go for broke".

Why do women today have so many hang ups?

I'm goi9ng to try an explain it too them one more time.

Wish me luck!!!!

duhe. mcneal. offerdahl. stephenson. go miami!!

fistpump time

trickery needed tomorrow

Good morning!

I'm not smiling. I'm not happy. I'm not comfortable.

I'm in-the-zone. I'm on point. I'm focused.

7 games. Ups, downs. Blood, sweat and tears. There are defining moments in life for everyone. These moments really solidify what's behind the mask. We're all mostly water (the human body of an adult male is approx. 60% water weight). What differentiates us is the other 40%.

Today, we find out what that other 40% is in the 53-man roster of the Miami Dolphins. They've looked great at times. They've looked downright awful at times. But today is the day to break the tie. It's an easy question, either you ARE or you ARE NOT!

Either you ARE a Playoff-caliber team, or you ARE NOT. Either you ARE a team that can beat elite teams in this league or you ARE NOT. Either you ARE a team that can control their own destiny or you ARE NOT. Either you ARE a team that can shine when things are at their most dire or you ARE NOT. Either you ARE a team that can win as a team, in all phases of the game or you ARE NOT.

So, what ARE the Miami Dolphins? We'll find out at 1pm. Do us proud Miami.


i answered this ? iin the patriots game and was saddened. henne is not the guy. but i willl keep rooting 4 miami!!!

Any phins awake?

Armando- u miss the point in the article about the fist pump. the problem with it us the IMPLICIT message it sends to the team!

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