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Dolphins indeed are interested in Randy Moss

Are the Dolphins interested in Randy Moss?


The degree of Miami's interest in Moss, however, depends on whom I'm speaking with. According to several NFL sources, the Dolphins spent part of Monday studying the possibility that they might 1.) put in a waiver claim for the Minnesota Vikings wide receiver if he ultimately ends up on waivers as has been reported by various national outlets and a couple of local Minnesota outlets. 2.) The club also is considering whether to move on Moss if he clears waivers and becomes a free agent.

The consideration is serious enough, according to one Moss family source, that general manager Jeff Ireland called agent Joel Segal to inquire about any interest Moss may have in playing for the Dolphins. Segal did not return calls Monday evening.

[UPDATE: A Dolphins source texted me this morning and said Ireland has not called Segal. The source did confirm, however, that Miami is interested in Moss.]

None of this means the Dolphins are definitely going to get Randy Moss. So stop hyper-ventilating. Remember Miami is 18th in the waiver claim order now so teams such as St. Louis and Oakland and Wshington , Seattle and Kansas City are ahead of Miami and can land Moss ahead of the Dolphins.

But the interest at least shows a degree of desire to improve what, frankly, is an incomplete offense.

Moss does have an offseason home in South Florida. He's a Miami Heat fan (maybe the Dolphins should have LeBron James call him). And the Dolphins are in the playoff hunt.

But aside from that, there is no connection between Moss and the Dolphins, so one cannot say Miami is a favorite to land Moss. I would say if Moss is indeed cut, the New England Patriots are a team most likely to get him. (That is just my opinion, not a fact.)

Fact: Moss loves playing in New England.

Fact: Moss loves playing for Bill Belichick.

Fact: Moss loves Tom Brady.

Fact: Moss in New England hurts the Dolphins.

Fact glowing in neon and screaming look at me!: Randy Moss is elite. Adding him is an opportunity for the Dolphins to boost their lagging offense with a super-charged talent and do it relatively risk free because it is basically a rental for the last two months of the season. If it works out, great. If it doesn't, he goes down the road to free agency and the Dolphins go their way toward the offseason none the worse for wear.

So it makes sense that Miami would consider not only improving their pass offense, but also blocking a dangerous reunion of Moss in New England.

But there is a down side. Isn't there always?

Moss hasn't exactly been stellar in spots where the QB isn't stellar. He proved that in Oakland and even during his recent stint in Minnesota. Moss also is known as a player that mopes and perhaps even loafs when he's not happy or engaged or a major part of the game plan. Adding Moss would have an enormous impact on team chemistry and whether that impact would be positive or negative, no one can predict with a 100 percent degree of certainty.

Luckily, that's not our problem. Jeff Ireland makes tons of money to figure this stuff out. You guys know how I feel about him -- he's a rising star. It is good he is doing his due diligence. I would be terribly disappointed if I found out a major, major talent (warts and all) is about to come available and the Dolphins are dismissing it out of hand. So it is good Miami is initially interested.

But whatever Ireland does, I believe, will ultimately be the right call. It's time for him to pull the trigger if he feels the need to do so or run away from the situation if he feels it ultimately isn't a fit.

Once upon a time the Dolphins might have had an opportunity to draft Randy Moss and Jimmy Johnson ran away from the situation. He did so unapologetically and knowing he could have drafted Moss if he wanted. Wouldn't it be ironic if, after all these years, Moss ends up in Miami ... at least for a couple of months?

Makes me smile.

[Note: I will be discussing the Moss possibility and giving you more facts (as they come in) during my morning radio show, Armando and the Amigo, on 640 Sports. If you're not in So. Fla., you can listen to the streaming broadcast here. Mike Florio will be on the show today as will Qadry Ismail and Tim Graham of ESPN.com]


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Mando, You think Randy will answer any "Qs" if he ends up here??

SSM- I agree that good coaches can develop hidden talent. Not with Wes Welker, though. He was as good here as he is there. And we traded him to a DIVISION RIVAL. Double Hmmmmm

self-loathing dolfans,
you know whats more pathetic than somebody who posts on a blog? somebody posting on a blog to complain about people who post on a blog.

hahaha what a joke.

say no to moss!

I dont care if Randy is flown in and out of each game by helicopter and never says boo to anyone but Chad Henne. And at that all i want to hear from him is...."dude...im open....im running deep"

DC....I like your analysis.

Lets try for Moss. With only $$$ being the cost there is no negative to signing him. If he becomes a distraction above and beyond what the coaches deem is acceptable....cut the guy. Its not like we are Minnesota and spent 2 picks on him to get him here. He immediately loosens up opposing defenses and maybe helps Ronnie get on track so we can get some value out of the guy before he is not brought back next season.

and Henne is definitely the type of QB who can take a 5 step drop and sling the ball down field. He has the arm. He most likely has been discouraged from throwing down field by (1) the coaches(2) the D playing deep safeties and (3) our WRs inability to get separation

You write of Ireland, "You guys know how I feel about him -- he's a rising star."

I'm not convinced you can you effectively evaluate Ireland with Bill Parcells in the mix. Even with Parcells, there have been at least as many dubious (well, outright horrible) free agents brought in as there have been good ones. Kudos for bringing in Pennington and Ferguson the first year in triage and for getting Marshall and Dansby this year, but those were horrendus pickups in with Wilson, Grove,Wilford, Torbor...
the first two being Raider rejects
signed at top tier NFL $$$. Give them credit for at least doing it on the cusp of an uncapped year though.

I am glad you brought up Ireland though. For all the talk abou Sparano, Henne, Henning Marsall etc, aside from the owner, Ireland is going to have the single biggest impact (for better or worse) on the franchise's fortunes over the next decade. THAT is going to be Parcell's legacy here.

Vote No on Proposition 84. Stop embarrasing corporate spending and lazy route running.

Vote No on Randy Moss.


Mando write's
"But the interest at least shows a degree of desire to improve what, frankly, is an incomplete offense.", Dont know, it's more Incompetence then incomplete IMHO......

We will be moving up the waiver order after losing this week to Baltimore. No way we don't get beaten to death. FG's don't beat the Ravens. Boldin and Rice are going to have a field day.

At the midway point in the season here are some observations:
1. Henne is an average QB who can make some good throws, but lacks the "intangibles" that are trademarks of great QB's
2. Ronnie Brown is on the decline and is hurting our running game...Ricky hits the gap better and should be starting from here on out
3. O-line is fantastic on pass protection and pretty good on run-blocking, too bad Ronnie can't hit them
3. D-Line is performing as advertised and doing a great job at stopping the run
4. Linebacker are stopping the run and dropping back into pass coverage, but still get overmatched against talented TE's
5. Secondary is getting better, but stil get torched on deep routes, especially on 3rd and long situations.
6. Coaching - we all know the situation with Henning and want him gone...TODAY. Nolan is doing the best he can with the talent he has and gets a pass...Sparano is totally into the games and I like his energy...(stop the gator clap after every FG)and I give him a C+ or B-
Rising Stars:
Bess, Davis, Wake, Dansby
Declining players
Brown, Hartline, Clemons
Final note: if we lose the next two game due to poor red zone play... bench Henne and bring in Penny.

Boldin out with a injury...And Baltimore is not a Juggernaut of a offensive team..Look for another 4 or five FGs by carpenter, Which means Sparano's hurt shoulder will be getting a big workout again....

Of course Moss was a star in NE. Its NE folks... Danny Woodhead is a productive there for Christsakes. Good coaches maximize personnel strenghts and minimize weaknesses. You cant ignore what he did in Oakland or Minn v.2 . He is a professional and those were inexcusable things he did with both organizations.

You can't just make the argument that we bring him here just to run go patterns every play (he getting a little old for that every down anyway) to open up things for other players. It doesn't work that way - opponents have said over and over - once he shuts it down mentally they disguise coverage on him and leave a single guy on him and he doesn't even run his routes. You either have him engaged in the game or his mouth is going to be running more all week than his legs are on Sunday.

Tonight is a tea party
So invite all your friends
Because you see tonight is the end
Of our Socialist Friend

Let me be clear and get it out of the way...
Randy Moss is NOT a team player!

But with Marshall already established in the Locker room I think Randy might not be as big of a problem for the remainder of the season!

And he certainly would open things up for the deep play. you could kiss double coverage of Marshall goodbye as they would be forced to DC Moss instead!

I will leave it up to whatever Ireland decides but I am not concerned about what Moss will do the next two months. If anything maybe Moss will bring the rest of the team together if he starts acting all me first!

No matter which randy you get I think it could be a positive influence on the team.
Now I probably wouldn't give him a monster multiyear contract but for what it will cost to get him this year I see no reason why not!

To self loathing putz.. here ya go.. FIST PUMP !... Why don't you send your sorry azs back to the SS and shove some of NJ's and Tim/Knight's bung toys up your hole you MORON!!!... LMAO.

I Wonder if Self Loathing is actually NJ Flim Flam...... I Wonder...

Nice dream but if you were Moss would you want to play in a Dan Henning offense?

Coco, Agree, This guy would rather be exiled to Detroit...

Why build,to have it tore down by one person! You get him and lose to N.E.and he will be telling all that will listen how he loves the Pats and their coaching staff. Think, traded by Minny,Oakland,New England,and cut by Minny. WHY?

Posted by: Buffalo Bill | November 02, 2010 at 07:42 AM


Moss has to be double teamed = Marshall open underneath all day.

But does get a choice???, , I know the Vikes released him but doe's he get a choice on where he goes, and if Miami doe's get him, doe they have to give up there 3rd round choice that Minn. had to give up to retain him, Just a few Questions..

DC....welcome back....to your senses that is

Buffallo Bill with the post of the blog...I re-posted it above.

He said in 1 paragraph what I coudn't say in a wole books worth of writing yesterday.

If ross is willing to pony up the money, and Moss falls to 18 on the wavier wire....Miami HAS to sign him. If he is a bust, you simply make him inactive and keep him away from the team. At the least you block him from going to the division rival wets and or pats. I think its a no brainer.

Truth, nobody has a field day on us inncluding Brady and Moss in 2010. They beat our special teams, not our defense OR offense.

miked, I agree. Even if you just sit his caboose and home and mail his cheque, you have to put in a waiver claim. You can;t let an inspired Moss go to a division rival or a conference rival for that matter.

Gut says San Diego puts in the wiaver claim and makes this all a moot point anyway.

Nope Cuban, he could sit out if he chose. But the reality of it is, if Moss ain't happy, he's gonna make sure nobody else is either.

Morning Cuban, no Moss has no choice if a waiver wire team picks him. Fins would only have to pay his remaining 9 game salary 4.8 mil, no draft picks

I think it is going to be dallas or washington that try to claim him. jones has had a hard on for moss his entire career and might be dumb enough to give him an extension. washington might think they are still a playoff contender and give it a shot

on the plus side for us, I wouldnt think any team with a losing record is interested in him, why claim a pain in the ass when ur done anyway, eg: Dallas? I think we got a shot

thats what i want to know cube?

Mike098, Moss isnt putting in an effort for a team with NO chance and blows, 1-6 Dallas, even Jerry Jones aint that dum

someone post it up?

Who's the GM of the Vikings??? Must be a real Idiot...., Oh, Never mind...LOL...

nevermind thanks bobbyd12

if miami claims him then they pay the remaining money 4.6 million for the rest of the season. nothing else. if he goes unclaimed he becomes a free agent and can go anywhere ( can you say the pats). its a matter of money, if ross is willing, and if he falls to 18

even jerry jones aint that dumb.....see pacman jones....lol. i hope your right, but i think jones is willing to pay the money and can convice moss they are a good coach away from contending next year. they were 11 and 5 last year

If the Dolphins claim comes through are they willing to sign Moss to an extension at 34 years old? I know the writer said he would be a rental but I don't think he put much thought into that statement.

This is Randy Moss we're talking about. He doesn't want to be a rental nor would he play hard for any team that won't show faith in him by signing him to an extension beyond this season. He will be a cancer on a team that already seems to have a fragile ego.

Randy is never happy unless the game plan revolves around him. Are the Dolphins going to change their game plan to suit the primadonna Moss? Sure they will right, because Henning and Sparano are known for not being stubborn.

We as fans and especially the media use the Patriots as a standard to look up to on a daily basis. They're the team that supposedly does everything right. Well they got rid of Moss knowing very well that they were in position to make a superbowl run. Why would an elite team give up an elite receiver when they have superbowl dreams? Why would the Vikings just CUT, a premier receiver after giving up a 3rd round pick two weeks prior?

All of these points throw up gigantic red flags to me. Consider the fact that the Dolphins are a very young and impressionable team with a locker room that doesn't have that one true, strong leader. It's just two big a risk in my opinion considering the reward is minimal. (remember that he wasn't getting it done with Brady and didn't do squat with Favre then ask yourself why it's going to be better with HENNE!)

I love that people are saying there is NO RISK in signing Moss. Wow!

mike098, everyone keeps forgetting one little thing, more then likely there is NO football next year. How many trades didu see before the deadline that involved big contracts, NONE. Moss is a 9 month rental, no more, no less

Hhaha, I can see Jerry Jones trying to get Moss. He's ruined a few good draft classes that Parcells gave him while there pretty quickly.

A question for the armchair GMs - you are Jerry Jones - you are on the clock in the top 10 of the NFL draft. Do you go best player available or go with a franchise qb. i.e. how much of this demise do you blame on Romo.

NY Scott, same thing, Moss is a Rental,no team signs no one to a huge deal with a lockout coming. Even coaches, dont u think Wade Phillips would have been gone if there was no lockout coming? Not gonna happen.


mark , what you think of the market until tomorrow's close ? i need your take on it .

Risk, Moss is a pain in the ass. Reward, takes the double and triple team off Marshall, gives us deep threat. I take the chance peesonally

moss did like the food in MIN ,last week they had food to be delivered to the locker room , when moss saw it he said ...(( what the f.....,i won't feed my dog this crap )).........true STORY


I think Romo is a good QB...He lack leadership, but he has all the intangibles....throw a beautiful ball, extends plays, lockerroom loves him. He just need to realize that for him, its not JUST A GAME...Its work. I think this injurty will do that for him.


agree with bobby. How many paychecks do you think it will take for the players not getting due to a lock out until they sign just about anything the owners present.

I'll try to post this again, What are the odds that Bill Belecheat said to Randy, Look randy, We'ere gonna trade you to the Vikes to get a third round pick next year, but dont fret, Just act like you usually do and they'll cut you within a month, And no team would dare to pick you up, being that your such a cancer, and before Thanksgiving, you'll be back with us"... I wonder if this what Happened,Sounds like a conspiracy to me... Where's "home" when we need him???????????

Tony Sparano said, "But it's hard to turn the film on and be critical of yourself and all of us need to do that. I have to be critical of myself; my coaches have to be critical of themselves. I ask them to do that; I hold them accountable for that, so the players need to be critical of themselves too".

Really? Then they're definitely firing Henning this year? Because of all the people in the world I can think of that are the least critical of themselves it's Dan f***ing Henning. The guy makes bad calls on a weekly basis and then turns around and blames the players, fans, and media for those plays not working. Seriously, lets be real here for once.

Home entered the FPP, Football Protection Program, the second Sean Smith picked off that pass and ended the game. That WAS the last straw for old tin foil.


here is the biggest risk to signing moss: he is a huge heat fan, hooks up with dwade, lebron, and UD. they all party on southbeach, and get pulled over on the way home by FHP. this time the weed is under UD's seat, and wade and lebron get suspended....lol... its a joke, but could happen

Cuban, that thought occurred to me, especially how close these two appear to be. Probably not but you never know.

mike098, what happens if Calif makes weed legal today with Prop 19? Does any player who tests positive say, I smoked out in California, its legal? mmmm

I think your observations on Ronnie and Ricky are well taken, but wrong.
Ronnie Brown is not hitting the holes because we have a mediocre interior oline and he is a between the tackles runner. Ronnie certainly hasn't lost a step because his game has never been about speed. He is a combination of shifty with size and guys like that can last a long long time in this league. Think a bigger Curtis Martin. Ricky has done a little better against some of the teams because he can still hit the corner fast, but he is inevitbly going to slow down. RBs do make a line better, but nobody can mask the incosistency of tyhe running game caused by poor play at center (hugely underrated position that we havent been able to fill in forever)and musical chairs at guard.

Look at the stats of some of the rushing defense rankings of who we have played - Pitt #1,NY #3 NE #9 Minn #11. He is averaging 4.1 per rush on the season in an offense that has by your own admission an idiot in Henning running it. When you don't throw deep well you get the picture...

Ronnie isnt Chris Johnson, but when racehorses like that bust a knee or get a bad wheel they are usually done. Sure I think we draft a back in the next year or two, but Ronnie is still in his prime at 28 and this team has so many other holes (NT,C,FS,TE,G,LB, any CB not named Vontae) at critical positions.

if prop 19 passes, calif teams become powerhouses as all free agents of every major sport only start signing there. lol

Cuban...you sound like Home.

The conspiricy is that MOSS is being made the fall guy for all the crap that FARVE has heaped on to the orginization.

Childress started to make Farve the scapegoat after the loss LAST WEEK....BUT the analyst saw it and came down hard on him....ENTER randy Moss....We'll cut him and make it seem like he is the ROOT of all our woes....and nobody says a word in Moss's defense. Exexept Teddy Bruschi.

There Cuban, is your consipricy

If Moss ends back with the Pats, I would expect(Nay,Demand) A Independent panel to expose the New England Patriots/NFL are in cohots...

We already have an elite pro-bowl caliber WR that we can't seem to get the ball to often enough...certainly not often enough in the red-zone. So the addition of Moss would just be another elite caliber WR that we couldn't/wouldn't get the ball to enough. Personally, don't think the issue is at WR...not even QB. Our woes on offense and failures in the redzone and failures to get the rock to our stud on the outside are attributable primarily to conservative playcalling and game plan. I'm not saying we become a pass-first offense or anything...but sheesh, the timing of the run calls vs pass calls and failure to go for the jugular when you're in the redzone are killing us.

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