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Dolphins indeed are interested in Randy Moss

Are the Dolphins interested in Randy Moss?


The degree of Miami's interest in Moss, however, depends on whom I'm speaking with. According to several NFL sources, the Dolphins spent part of Monday studying the possibility that they might 1.) put in a waiver claim for the Minnesota Vikings wide receiver if he ultimately ends up on waivers as has been reported by various national outlets and a couple of local Minnesota outlets. 2.) The club also is considering whether to move on Moss if he clears waivers and becomes a free agent.

The consideration is serious enough, according to one Moss family source, that general manager Jeff Ireland called agent Joel Segal to inquire about any interest Moss may have in playing for the Dolphins. Segal did not return calls Monday evening.

[UPDATE: A Dolphins source texted me this morning and said Ireland has not called Segal. The source did confirm, however, that Miami is interested in Moss.]

None of this means the Dolphins are definitely going to get Randy Moss. So stop hyper-ventilating. Remember Miami is 18th in the waiver claim order now so teams such as St. Louis and Oakland and Wshington , Seattle and Kansas City are ahead of Miami and can land Moss ahead of the Dolphins.

But the interest at least shows a degree of desire to improve what, frankly, is an incomplete offense.

Moss does have an offseason home in South Florida. He's a Miami Heat fan (maybe the Dolphins should have LeBron James call him). And the Dolphins are in the playoff hunt.

But aside from that, there is no connection between Moss and the Dolphins, so one cannot say Miami is a favorite to land Moss. I would say if Moss is indeed cut, the New England Patriots are a team most likely to get him. (That is just my opinion, not a fact.)

Fact: Moss loves playing in New England.

Fact: Moss loves playing for Bill Belichick.

Fact: Moss loves Tom Brady.

Fact: Moss in New England hurts the Dolphins.

Fact glowing in neon and screaming look at me!: Randy Moss is elite. Adding him is an opportunity for the Dolphins to boost their lagging offense with a super-charged talent and do it relatively risk free because it is basically a rental for the last two months of the season. If it works out, great. If it doesn't, he goes down the road to free agency and the Dolphins go their way toward the offseason none the worse for wear.

So it makes sense that Miami would consider not only improving their pass offense, but also blocking a dangerous reunion of Moss in New England.

But there is a down side. Isn't there always?

Moss hasn't exactly been stellar in spots where the QB isn't stellar. He proved that in Oakland and even during his recent stint in Minnesota. Moss also is known as a player that mopes and perhaps even loafs when he's not happy or engaged or a major part of the game plan. Adding Moss would have an enormous impact on team chemistry and whether that impact would be positive or negative, no one can predict with a 100 percent degree of certainty.

Luckily, that's not our problem. Jeff Ireland makes tons of money to figure this stuff out. You guys know how I feel about him -- he's a rising star. It is good he is doing his due diligence. I would be terribly disappointed if I found out a major, major talent (warts and all) is about to come available and the Dolphins are dismissing it out of hand. So it is good Miami is initially interested.

But whatever Ireland does, I believe, will ultimately be the right call. It's time for him to pull the trigger if he feels the need to do so or run away from the situation if he feels it ultimately isn't a fit.

Once upon a time the Dolphins might have had an opportunity to draft Randy Moss and Jimmy Johnson ran away from the situation. He did so unapologetically and knowing he could have drafted Moss if he wanted. Wouldn't it be ironic if, after all these years, Moss ends up in Miami ... at least for a couple of months?

Makes me smile.

[Note: I will be discussing the Moss possibility and giving you more facts (as they come in) during my morning radio show, Armando and the Amigo, on 640 Sports. If you're not in So. Fla., you can listen to the streaming broadcast here. Mike Florio will be on the show today as will Qadry Ismail and Tim Graham of ESPN.com]


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if prop 19 passes, ricky immediately asks for his release so he can be signed by the raiders


ALoco, LOL



Here is the Moss food story -

"What the [expletive]?" Moss reportedly said. "Who ordered this crap? I wouldn't feed this to my dog!"

Here's how an eyewitness explained the situation to Silver: "It was brutal. The truth is, he deserved to be cut after that. It was such an uncomfortable moment. You know that feeling where you just can tell someone feels so small? That's what it was like being there.

"This wasn't a chain - it was a mom-and-pop restaurant, and you could tell it was their best stuff. They had a special carving station set up, and there were players and other support staff lining up to eat it. And [Moss] is at his locker saying, 'You know, I used to have to eat that crap -- but now I've got money.' You just felt so sad for them. I had never seen anyone treated like that.

"And by the way, the food was actually really good."

ALoco, I still expect the Dow to hit 11.5 before we have a correction. We've been going sideways for a while here and traditonal statistical theory says that if you go sideways for a while, you eventually break out the way the market was going before you started going sideways - which is up. When does it happen exactly, I don't know. But I expect to go up before we go down.

As far as Romo goes, I agree. He's a good qb. Nothing wrong with the Dallas pass offense. That OL is a pile of crud though - well except for Gurode and Colombo. Their RBs are lacking too. That Barber contract is an albatross.

wolfman, agree to a point. Why cant we get ball to Marshall? Teams double/triple cover in red zone cause they aint worried about anyone else. Bring in Moss, loosen that coverage, more big plays to Marshal down there

I believe one thing that Armando points out is very important. Moss being the talent that he is... you cannot just simply "Ignore" that fact that he has come available.
Whether you want Moss to play in Miami or not, it would be an indictment of both ineptitude and arrogance on Jeff Ireland to not thoroughly explore the situation and see what is in Moss's head and on the mind of your coaching staff.
When Marshall was sitting available in Denver, there were people losing their minds because it seemed Miami had no interest. Now, Moss is an entirely different situation, but the formula holds true. I personally give Zack Thomas the credit for Marshall being in Miami. It was Zack who said "Marshall is a hell of a WR, Miami needs to go get him right now". Within days of that statement, he was in Miami.
The only reason... that we are being so... "Choosy"..... concerning this situation is because Marshall and Bess are on our sidelines.
I do not... believe Moss will come to Miami. And my reason is because I believe Moss wants to go back to his front runner team in NE. Its what Moss is all about.
But I wonder how many of you "No Way I Want Him Here" guys would be singing another tune if Marshall, Bess or Hartline were severely injured (God Forbid) against Baltimore or Tennessee?
And I wonder how many of those same guy would be pissed off had Jeff Ireland just let Moss go on by without even poking him with a stick to see what he would do?

Its easy to be "Picky" when you have what you think you need... Take that away and I would like to see the posts of some then....

Go Miami...Beat Baltimore Baby!!!

there has been two issues with the offense this year. 1. Henning! 2. Ronnie hasnt earned a new contract, and Ricky looks like a 34 year old back. Nobody fears the running game and nobody thinks either back is gonna break a long run. Even if either back gets the second level of the defense, neither is going to run away from the secondary. if your a team with an avgerage o line like miami, you have to have. speed back, not two power backs

mark,thanks .
Udolphin..........thanks for listing the complete story .

i am sure the food looked like sh............. as he said .

Was the Food supplied by "Applebee's"????

Why every time a great player become available ppl think its a bad idea to invest in him!! moss would be a risk free chance that we shouldnt pass up! we would be renting him on a game by game basis! we dont lose nothing by getting him! the reward would be great if he came in wanting to make a playoff run with a good team! all we need is a deep threat and that is moss!! moss only said what everybody already know and that is childress cant run a team! the phins run a top shelf organization!! we have to many leader and vets to let moss destroy anything!! playing with marshall could be the best thing to ever happen in his career! not to mention he can watch all the HEAT games too! gotta give it a shot for the team sake! cant pass this up if he's there fo
r the taking!!!!!!!!

Sign Him ASAP, no matter what the wiaver wire rules are. The Season hangs in the balance/

Derick 4

I am probably the one guy on this blog that has never envisioned Moss in a Dolphin uniform. I would rather have TO before I would want Moss. The only other reciever I despise more than Moss is Chad 85. These recievers epitomize everything wrong with the NFL.

The THROWING YOUR QB or coach under the bus

The individual Celebrations as if you hiked the ball, blocked, carried out a fake, and threw the ball to yourself.

and to make matters worse...Moss has now developed STOCKHOIMS SYNDROME where he feels he can only be happy in one place.

That is the definition of a "progress stopper"...It can only end bad. read Buffallo bILLS POST. He is dead on.


If you looked at the schedule in August, who would have thought KC/Oak would be as important a game as there is in the league this week?

Miami beats Baltimore!!!

moss aint comming to miami unless pennington is the starter because henne throws 1 of the worst"if not worst", catchable paxxes in the league,also the owners contacted moss and axed him to fix things w/ childress and he said no!

Work time shyt! have a good day


Name the "leaders and vets" that can keep Moss in check.

I am intrested to see who you name.

Dansby-hasn't been here long enough


Vontae-not enough experince

Henne-See Vontae

Moss comming here may make him the most senior people on our team....Who will keep him in check.

Pennington-please...he lost his job. You have to play and MAKE PLAYS to lead

I ask the BLOG.....



I will agree he doesn't throw the MOST catchable ball in the NFL...I think Flacco does.

But he has improved and I think the Cincy game he put a lot of touch on the ball....

Pennington as QB with Marshall and Moss, that's the solution!
Cut Henne!


Cut Henne ? You must be a f*#@%^g retard . I bet you would like dirty sanchez on the team .Stupid comments are no longer aloud on this blog

mr.ross if we dont make the playoffs please bring in bill cower..this team has enough talent but coaching(especially d.henning & special teams)has been mediocre @best...i love the idea of bringing in moss..if we had a different oc..henning isnt even using marshall the right way...kinda makes me think of ol mr.saben saying...past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior..especially in geriatric people..hes never used our best weapons the right way, what makes you think he'll use them right if we get moss?

If you looked at the schedule in August, who would have thought KC/Oak would be as important a game as there is in the league this week?

Miami beats Baltimore!!!

Posted by: Mark in Toronto

Miami beats baltimore to go 5-3. Randy Moss clears waivers. Stephen Ross writes $2.5M check to Randy Moss and sponsors his race team. Miami finishes second half of the season with a 7-1 record losing to only Tennessee. Randy Moss averages 3 catches a game for 80 yards and 1 TD. Brandon Marshall and D Bess continue on their respective paths and both get 100+ rec this year.

Thats crazy talk I know....but its possible.

You forgot Chad Pennington and Moss played together in college.

I was speaking with My Nephew concerning our Running back situation. We were talking about likelihoods and options that Miami may explore.

As Far as Ricky Goes, a question must be answered by Ricky Himself. "does he want to play another season?"... The next question is simple, How much do you pay him if he does, Because not giving Ricky at least another season if he wanted it would be stupid. Rickys legs or feet have NEVER been hurt. He may be 33 (or is it 34?) but he was out of the NFL for 4 years. And he is a health machine. Ricky still has good stuff to offer Miami.

Next issue...

Now, About Ronnie Brown... here I go, I am going to poke some folks "Sacred Cow" with a stick... Remember... Its not personal, Okay?

Ronnie will be 29. His production is... Average. His YPC are... Below Average. His speed is... Well below average. He catches the ball out of the backfield...rarely. His durability has proven... Shaky at best. Yet he does offer a solid 50-70 yard RB option in any given game. Ronnie is Big and can move guys forward after first contact.

Does Miami pony up 7 or 8 Millions to keep him here for 3 or 4 more seasons? Ask yourself this... Would Bill Belechick? (I'm not making Bill the "God of Football, but he does make some damn good decisions) So, What would Bill Belechick Do...?
A. Give a mid aged RB who is likely nearing or beginning the down side of his career a hefty multi-year contract?
B. Go into the draft next year and use him to recoup our second round pick by bartering him and a late rounder or two?
C. Trade him Outright for a draft choice?
D. Place him on a Tender and see who ponies up?

Here is a truth Miami fans NEVER want to hear... we have a tendency as fans to fall in love with our better players. We have a history of keeping them WAY past their better days and lose all value they represent for the sake of their "Loyalty and long tenure" to our team.

Here is another truth.... Teams that are very successful in the NFL AVOID doing that with all but the most "SPECIAL" of players. Like a Brady or a Marino. All Randy Moss represented to Bill Belechick was a 3rd round pick... and Moss is still looking at another 3 or 4 years of productive play!!

Myself... I look at Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Steven Jackson, and CJ Spiller... a rookie up in Buffalo and I see their productivity... then I look at Ronnie. Who has been a solid back for Miami. I say to myself.... I think Miami needs an upgrade.

Its not personal guys.... Its the NFL. And None of you are going to win an argument that Ronnie's best days are still to come.

So you either deal with him while he has value... or pay him until he gets cut finally because you have his jersey and your in love with Ronnie (you understand what I mean...I hope??)

LT is doing pretty good in NY... But I feel that is more O-line then LT... so age is NOT a virtue with RB's.

Just saying~~~~~~~~~~~~

What do YOU guys think?????

I can see it ac. Call me crazy but Miami can beat anyone in this league - anywhere. I don't think they should ahve to take a back seat to anyone and concede defeat.

My survivor pool pick this week is the New York Giants.

Seattle is so overrated and the Giants are near the top of the league in every category. The only thing that scares me is the travel. That area of the country is the twilight zone. Week 9 - pickings are starting to become scarce.

D4D, my nomination for special running back in this year's class is Demarco Murray of OU. I love this guy - decent size, electric speed, and can return kicks. Helps a lot of needs for Miami. I think they should draft him if he's there irregardless of whether they keep Ronnie or not.

Hell no to Moss! This guy has been a piss pants his whole career and gives less effort than Ted Ginn. Sure he has flashes of brilliance but even our pass defense held him down.
We haven't utilized BM to full potention in our offense, how are we going to keep them both happy? How well is it working for the Bengals????

First understand that I am not advocating Miami going after Moss. What I AM advocating is that any Team Manager (ours being Ireland) who did not at least take a long and well considered look at a talent like Moss would NOT be performing his job to the benefit of the team.
The difference between us is clear... You have a 100% aversion to this deal.... and its sound like it has personal likes and dislikes involved with that choice. You as a fan have the benefit of being a Moss fan or not... Jeff Ireland has the responsibility to place the best 53 guys on the field that Ross's money can but him.
You feel Moss is not one of those guys... and that is cool... You can do that. But if Jeff Ireland had the same "Instant aversion" to this as you and acted on it. For what ever the reason. And he did not at least "Explore the Options" I would be very wary of that manager and I feel we would be a team made up of that guys "Favorite Players" rather then the guys we need to go to Dallas or where ever.

I am not saying you are wrong, Moss has issues galore... I am saying I want our team to poke EVERY player who is out there and available with a stick to see what happens... and if its a "NO" when that process has been completed... then JOB WELL DONE to Jeff Ireland.


Armando...can you give us a report on who the LEADERS of the LOCKER ROOM are at the half way point?

Do we have any emerging Ray Lewis, keep everybody in line types?

You reported in the pre-season that Chad P was firing everyone up after a bad practice. Is this still the case or has HENNE taken over?

During the games its hard to tell, and theu never cut away tom show somebody on the sidelines slapping helmets.

DO we have a helmet slapping guy?

I slap my own helmet a lot.

it not only would be great for the offense which is struggling it would help Davis and Smith become better corners by guarding him every practice it's a no brainer whether there is interest or not but I doubt he will clear waivers always a hope though. I don't think Marshall would have a problem becuz he has stated he loves diva WR sowe are straight w chemistry and Bess can play his natural position in the slot terrorizing linebackers and underperforming nickels. Makes a whole lot a sense...


Few weeks ago I was watching game highlights on Showtime(Inside the NFL). At one point of the Dolphin highlights the cameras did show Henne walking along the Dolphins bench, trying to pump up the offense for their next drive.

Doubt that makes him the alpha dog, but he was showing a lot of fire at that point.

If they have a shot at Moss I say go for it. He'd be a half season rental. If he works out, great. If he doesn't, oh well. All I know is that no team in the league would match up to that kind of talent at WR. Single coverage for everyone! We have all seen what Marshall and Moss do to single coverage.

Derek 4,

You are 100% correct in your at 12:38 and it's true, I have zero use for Moss. I can't refute a single point you made.

Sorry, my boyfriend was poking me deep in my ass when I said release Henne. I will leave now and not come back.

Randy Moss > Hartline??? hmmm lemme think bout that for a second


It might not make him the ALPHA DOG, but its a start.


Armando, can Moss reject any team he doesn't see fit for him? Maybe he wants to come to Miami.

I suppose if I wee to say who is Miami's "Alpha Dog"... I would say at the moment it is the coaching staff. Yes, there is Bell, Dansby, Carey, Crowder & Starks... and a few other guys who have been around this team or the NFL for a bit.
However, Miami is an incredibly young team. Parcells meant it to be. His plan from the start was to come in, flush it.... restock the pantry with Young smart talent and hit the road. He did just that.
However, once that is done, it takes a year or so to sort out who shits and who cleans. Miami is still sorting that out.
However, I don't believe bringing Moss onto a Professional team requires a "Enforcer" to keep him in check. Best way to keep ANY player in check if he fails to realize the authority structure is place his ass firmly on a bench to think about it and come to Jesus. Sparano does not strike me as a guy to be toying around with... I don't see him suffering foolishness for long.
That and that alone is why before you bring a guy on this team... any guy. You do your "Do Diligence"... Incognito, Marshall, Davis (who was said to be unteachable before the draft) have all shown Miami is 100% capable of keeping their team in check... The ejection of Joey "loud Mouth" Porter from this team is further proof. There were about 2 minutes of waves... and then.... POOF! he was gone.

All the swooning about Moss is a waste of effort, Kris. He will not come to Miami. You can drop the argument and rest in peace. Your just wasting good effort on a "No Issue" matter.

People keep comparing getting moss to cincy with TO and Ocho...you have to realize that they have many many issues with their team. It isnt just their WR's, they have major O line issues, blocking issues, defence issues, ect... We are an overall more sound team than cincy, so the comparisons between us and then are moot. So the arguement of us getting moss and expecting that if it doesnt work for cincy then it wouldnt work for us is just nonsense. Our team is head and shoulders better than cincy as we stand today. For the cheap price to land moss for half a season...why not. He could open up the field for BM and Bess and he would challenge our DB's in practices as someone on here already said...So do I think we get him, probably not, but it wouldnt hurt our team morale or any of that jargon guys..there are many leaders on our team that could keep him in check for half a season unlike the struggling vikings couldnt do because they have deep team issues as well as cincy. Im not a big moss fan but he could help us in the here and now both on O and D...we want a ring dont we guys?

ALoco, dow at 11.2. This is resistance - the moment of truth. Higher than here, and we set new 52 week highs. In the last few weeks, the market hasn't been able to hold this position.

Let's see what happens.

we gotta forget stockpiling good wr's cause henning doesnt know what to do with them. all the wr in the world wouldnt help. its our system and philosophy. blocking tight-ends maybe.

Honestly i see the Patriot magic show to continue and wind up with him again...and with all of their current weapons they will be tough to deal with when we visit NE later this year. BUT I see us winning in NE anyway no matter what they do because i know we pressure and sack brady more than any other team does...brady even gave miami props for always playing them tough, he respects our D...and he doesnt say stuff lime that often. That is minus our horrible special teams showing against NE at home this year of course...

Hey Mark..
all of my indicatiors are saying the market will continue on the uptick...

I should say most of the indicators..not all of them

kris. fasano can't catch hennes paxxes. he is going to get axed for it... aloco, when moss goes to miami,you make him scrambled eggs everyday ok?..lol

y no sax last week?

mark, i just covered ccur and ckp .i am wating intil close to see what happenes .

2watt, moss is use to the good food of Boston not the crap from MIN .

Is it deja-vu all over again. I'd love to check the history, but I'd bet that EVERYONE here saying Moss is a "cancer", troublemaker, bad for the locker room, etc. said the EXACT same thing about Brandon Marshall. I remember when people were saying Marshall would get hot if he didn't get his way and would destroy the team.

Cut to present day, and none of those forecasts came true. Everything I heard is Marshall is a stand-up guy and a great teammate.

Now everyone's crying about Moss. Here's what I say to y'all: Go to Church if you're looking for Saviors, but this is FOOTBALL!!!

You know what Moss is? He's a WINNER! You fools cried about Joey Porter (only the best pass rusher on the team at the time). You cried about JT (only the best LB on the team at the time). You cried about Ricky before that last time he came back (only the best RB on the team when he got back). Oh, and one last thing, Miami hasn't been to a SuperBowl in 30 years. Notice the trend?

The idiots you guys like, the "swell" guys, aren't FOOTBALL PLAYERS! They're B & C role-players, while we need ALPHA DOGS! Brandon Marshall - ALPHA DOG. Jake Long - ALPHA DOG. Karlos Dansby - ALPHA DOG. That's what our team needs. The best players at their respective positions. We don't need feel good guys you want to have a drink with.

So, please, have one iota of sense in your heads. If you have a LEGITIMATE reason you don't want Moss, state it. But don't wuss out and just say he's a cancer or a bad-temperament guy, that's a friggin' copout.

Oh, and kris, your boy "Buffalo Bill" whose post you loved so much, is a moronic Bills fan, who just comes on this site because it's too damned depressing to stay on his own team's site since they have zero wins. So take that piece of info and let me know if you really respect what that idiot has to say (you must not of read the other ignorant posts that waste of space has put on here).

And to the idiot hating on us "armchair GMs", what do you think this is dirtbag? It's a blog about a football team, where the blogger asks followers to discuss and give their opinions about, you guessed it, their football team. This is EXACTLY the venue to provide opinions that, you're right, no one in the organization might care to hear, but the Miami Herald sure likes it, as does it's journalist Armando S., as do all these other posters who come here daily to read and offer their opinions.

So go back to doing what you do best, you teabaggin' PINHEAD!

Moss or no Moss, that's not the question. The question is: Who are the 2010 Miami Dolphins?

We'll find out over the next 2 weeks what they are. Read today's column, and Sparano sets it up nicely. He said it's getting late in the season, and all those things that need "cleaning up" need to happen now or never. So, over these 2 weeks, we'll be able to see if this is an upcoming elite team, or a team stuck in the rut.

I'm foregoing judgment until after the Tenn. game. And frankly, we probably don't even have to win both (for me to be impressed). It'd be nice, but that's not what will sway me. What will sway me is can the team fix the mistakes it's made in games 1-7. Can the offense score TDs? Can Henne have better ball placement? Can the defense defend the big plays? Can Brandon Marshall EARN his paycheck (that's more a Henning/Henne thing than on Marshall)? Can Ronnie run 5yds without tripping?

THAT'S WHAT I CARE ABOUT OVER THE NEXT 14 DAYS! Moss is just a distraction.

Just listened to Brandon Marshall on 560 WQAM say he would absolutely love for Randy Moss to come to Miami. He repeated over and over again "Go Get Him!,Go Get Him!".

Moss needs to go to the Yankees or the Celtics!

He can't work for anything, he has to go to a team that can win TODAY and has an proven QB. Belecheat ain't stupid, he is saying all the right things but there was some problem there.

Go Phins!

You guys have to go to the end of yesterdays Blog.

That Martin Guy wrote some funny S*it!

Go check it out!

I'm not too sure about the whole "Moss to Miami" thing. On 1 hand, we would not lose any draft picks on him, and he would take some dbl's and trip's off of BM and loosen up the line of scrimage. But on the other hand, he could come in to town and be the egotistical pantload he has been in the past and totally be a cancer in the lockerroom.

AWWE SHYTE, just flip a coin.

moss in MIN IN 2 WEEK======== 2 TD
MARSHALL IN 7 WEEKS ........................................1 TD

So go back to doing what you do best, you teabaggin' PINHEAD!

Posted by: DC Dolfan

hahaha....im laughing bc I see a combination of Nancy Pelosi and Bill Orielly there.


1. He is still a deep threat
2. Teams wont be able tp bracket off Marshall
3. We keep Moss off of another AFC contender (patriots)
4. Any info he can provide us on the way tom brady thinks or what he usually does would be awesome.

Dont be stupid..look at how much WELKER has struggled without Moss on the field.

People, please read Trent Dilfer's post on espn.com. He talks about the Patriots. Basically, he's saying they have no stars (other than Brady), yet are the best team (in his opinion) in the league.

How can that be? NO STARS?

I tell you why, it's the scheme! It's the philosophy! It's the character of the coach (tough, aggressive, win at all costs).

Frankly, we could get Moss and Andre Johnson and Chris Johnson and STILL not be a Playoff team. And that's because our scheme SUCKS!! Our philosophy is outdated! And our coaches character is to work harder and not SMARTER!

Give me these same players, but either an OC or a head coach worth their salt and I'll give you a Playoff-caliber team. That's the problem we have right now. Our coaching staff is not up to the talent level (football intelligence) of other coaching staffs. Fix that and most other problems fade into thin air.

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