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Dolphins indeed are interested in Randy Moss

Are the Dolphins interested in Randy Moss?


The degree of Miami's interest in Moss, however, depends on whom I'm speaking with. According to several NFL sources, the Dolphins spent part of Monday studying the possibility that they might 1.) put in a waiver claim for the Minnesota Vikings wide receiver if he ultimately ends up on waivers as has been reported by various national outlets and a couple of local Minnesota outlets. 2.) The club also is considering whether to move on Moss if he clears waivers and becomes a free agent.

The consideration is serious enough, according to one Moss family source, that general manager Jeff Ireland called agent Joel Segal to inquire about any interest Moss may have in playing for the Dolphins. Segal did not return calls Monday evening.

[UPDATE: A Dolphins source texted me this morning and said Ireland has not called Segal. The source did confirm, however, that Miami is interested in Moss.]

None of this means the Dolphins are definitely going to get Randy Moss. So stop hyper-ventilating. Remember Miami is 18th in the waiver claim order now so teams such as St. Louis and Oakland and Wshington , Seattle and Kansas City are ahead of Miami and can land Moss ahead of the Dolphins.

But the interest at least shows a degree of desire to improve what, frankly, is an incomplete offense.

Moss does have an offseason home in South Florida. He's a Miami Heat fan (maybe the Dolphins should have LeBron James call him). And the Dolphins are in the playoff hunt.

But aside from that, there is no connection between Moss and the Dolphins, so one cannot say Miami is a favorite to land Moss. I would say if Moss is indeed cut, the New England Patriots are a team most likely to get him. (That is just my opinion, not a fact.)

Fact: Moss loves playing in New England.

Fact: Moss loves playing for Bill Belichick.

Fact: Moss loves Tom Brady.

Fact: Moss in New England hurts the Dolphins.

Fact glowing in neon and screaming look at me!: Randy Moss is elite. Adding him is an opportunity for the Dolphins to boost their lagging offense with a super-charged talent and do it relatively risk free because it is basically a rental for the last two months of the season. If it works out, great. If it doesn't, he goes down the road to free agency and the Dolphins go their way toward the offseason none the worse for wear.

So it makes sense that Miami would consider not only improving their pass offense, but also blocking a dangerous reunion of Moss in New England.

But there is a down side. Isn't there always?

Moss hasn't exactly been stellar in spots where the QB isn't stellar. He proved that in Oakland and even during his recent stint in Minnesota. Moss also is known as a player that mopes and perhaps even loafs when he's not happy or engaged or a major part of the game plan. Adding Moss would have an enormous impact on team chemistry and whether that impact would be positive or negative, no one can predict with a 100 percent degree of certainty.

Luckily, that's not our problem. Jeff Ireland makes tons of money to figure this stuff out. You guys know how I feel about him -- he's a rising star. It is good he is doing his due diligence. I would be terribly disappointed if I found out a major, major talent (warts and all) is about to come available and the Dolphins are dismissing it out of hand. So it is good Miami is initially interested.

But whatever Ireland does, I believe, will ultimately be the right call. It's time for him to pull the trigger if he feels the need to do so or run away from the situation if he feels it ultimately isn't a fit.

Once upon a time the Dolphins might have had an opportunity to draft Randy Moss and Jimmy Johnson ran away from the situation. He did so unapologetically and knowing he could have drafted Moss if he wanted. Wouldn't it be ironic if, after all these years, Moss ends up in Miami ... at least for a couple of months?

Makes me smile.

[Note: I will be discussing the Moss possibility and giving you more facts (as they come in) during my morning radio show, Armando and the Amigo, on 640 Sports. If you're not in So. Fla., you can listen to the streaming broadcast here. Mike Florio will be on the show today as will Qadry Ismail and Tim Graham of ESPN.com]


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oh hey any of you ser PTI yesterday?
both guys say Miami is the most under rated team in the NFL. i dont know about you guys but, im proud they know it. should be 5-2. in every game with a vanillia offense. get moss lets open up the play book and win us a super bowl this year!!!!

as long as he doesn't end up with the PATS or JETS I'd rather not have him on the dolphins team, IMO.

I've thought since the beginning of his career that Randy was special, better than Rice, he transcended the position, but that window may have past. especially after his time wasted in Oakland, still don't understand why he did that.

BUT he can't go the PATS and JETS that would be more harmful than him disrupting our locker room.



After reading all of these comments I have came to one conclusion. Ed the fan = douchebag

Spot on,chap. This team has an identity crisis.

If the Steelers are the measuring stick, the team accorded itself pretty well. They matched em punch for punch in the physical dept. The Baltimore game is just what they need. Another team of the same caliber and style and on the road to boot.

They arent getting leadership from their coach their OC or DC or from Henne. Hennings play calling has been so abysmal that no onehas succeeded enough to call himself a leader. I am venturting a guess that by the end of the Baltimore game this team starts to find itself and adopts a personality. To me the only leaders I see on this team are Dansby and Davis. If the team adopts a defensive personality and follows those guys so be it - fine with me. You cold do a lot worse and I love the way those two play the game. Just find yourself already Miami - Baltimore is the 1/2 way point. Its time.

DC - enjoy the game-should be on Channel 9 up here if you are not going to the game.

Say NO to Moss. This guy does not go across the middle, he is afraid to get hit, has alagator arms, does not break any tackles, does play hard, runs bad routes and raises his hand like he's always open. On the PI call last week, he gave up on the play and he STILL could have caught the ball for an easy TD! - But he stopped playing. Look what happened in Oakland. Consider what he has doen in NE, not much. He's tales time away from younger players.

cowkilla, ALoco, yes, like I said - minimum 300 points upside from here.

Sorry guys but adding Moss still would'nt do much to this offense because of the playcalling. Dont get me wrong,i think Moss is still a very good reciever but with Henning calling plays,it wont matter.

Remember when we signed Marshall? Everyone of us thought he was gonna make this offense score time and time again yet we're still here waiting to score more than 23 points in a game. Pathetic.

Only get Moss if Sparano's prepared to get rid of Henning and bring in a far creative offensive coordinator and go from a run first team to a pass happy team.

only reason i want him is to block the Patsies and Wets. He is a malcontent with a lot of ability and won't use it unless he is put on a pedestal! otherwise, forget itttttt!

I disagree with Armando saying Moss is "elite". He used to be elite. He's not any more. He's still a good player, but he's long past his prime.

The fact that two teams let him go for cheap or nothing tells you that he's not elite.

Dan Carpenter is the Alpha Dog on this team!!

It can become discouraging watching Miami's offense. It occurred to me a few games back that during each and every game on TV I have heard how Miami is dedicated to be a running team. How they want to press the point and command their will to the matter.

The question I have concerning Miami wanting to be a "Run First" team under Dan Hennings insistence is that they have invested and built a Wide receiver corp that is well about average and in time playing together could very well work themselves into be considered elite.

Do you see the paradox... as I do...?

If Miami wants to be a "Run first team" why the hell are they trying to do it with one guy "Ricky Williams" who is well over 30 and considering leaving the game after this season.... and another guy "Ronnie Brown" who hits free agency next year and in whom you will need Johnnie Cochran to convince all but his best fans that he can be an "Elite" runner in the NFL.

If you are going to be a "Run First" team... you need the Weapons at RB to do so... yet Miami has spent $50 Million on one receiver and just gave another a very solid contract. They also have added receivers in the past 2 drafts but have not so much as brushed against a free agent in the running game...

You MUST see my point...?

I once read a comment (not 2 months ago) that Henning made... He said if if were up to him he would line up and run the ball every down...

How the hell is Miami supposed to determine who they are when their O-Co wants to be one thing.... and their Drafting and player acquisitions shows they want to be something entirely different...?

I feel these issues, there are 2 or 3 just like this on this team... are what stand between Miami being a "Marquee Team" and a team that DC FAN described so well as being ..."Stuck in a Rut".....?

Once again.... I look to Henning to adjust his game plan or to Sparano and Ireland to make Henning an "Issue no longer" at the end of this season. They will not fire him mid-season. They would likely just ask him to retire rather then fire him, Face keeping and all.

Moss is a loser and a cry baby. Some of you say just let him go long every play as a decoy. That's what the Vikings did...how did that work out. We need to work on our running game and being a little more aggressive in trying to score TD's. Our 3 losses have been to the 3 best teams in the AFC. Two of those would have been wins if we ran the ball better and were more aggressive. We were also better than the Patriots but had special teams meltdown. Moss is not an answer...sorry!

I brought this up last night and I will state it again. It is highly unlikely that Moss will fall into our laps. There are too many teams above us in the waiver wire for him to end uo here. With that said, if Moss were to become a Phin, I would hope for the best, and welcome him to our team(even though personaly I can't stand him) I think that the negatives outweigh the positives in the situation. Look at the termoil in the Minnesota locker room. Players some players are livid at what happened. If it doesn't work here, we cannot afford any sort of locker room split. We are in the hunt for a playoff spot, and the last thing we need is a possible team divided. 2 Do we want to put anymore unwanted pressure on Henne and this offense to worry about getting Randy the ball. Does this create forced passes, or bad choices at the Qb. position? Henne has not yet shown that he is the clear cut leader of this offense. Bringing in another big personality could end up being a disaster. 3, him do we completley change the offense mid season to include Moss? At some point, we are going to have to get the run game more established. We have become a pass first team. And my thought is that as the season goes on, and the weather turns bad, we will have to be able to grind out some yards on the ground to win games, and that this pass first philosophy that we have adopted will come back to bite us.

Marshall just blasted the "coaches" on his show and endorsed Moss STRONGLY!

Marshall blasted the Miami coaching staff?

Darryl... I agree, Miami being involved in Moss is very unlikely. However, as you said.... should he some how end up here... you must welcome him and wish him the best.

I don't believe this team is very susceptible to locker room Viruses.... I believe there are enough guys to steer that crap right out the door. From all I have read this is a fairly close team as far as standing tough together and having each others backs go. I would imagine a "Whiner" may find himself in a uncomfortable situation around guys like Long and Dansby... May even get his ass whupped without seeing it coming...:^)

Still say Miami MUST chose who they want to be and start focusing on that... They MUST decide who that is going down the stretch because they cant keep searching... the season will be gone and they look around and say "What happened"?

WR Brandon Marshall, on WQAM:
“Let’s go. Let’s get him, let’s get him, let’s go get him. … I haven’t reached out to him, I don’t know what’s going on there. I don’t know what we’ll do, but I welcome him with open arms and I think that will be good to open things up for us receivers, Brian Hartline, DB and myself. He brings something special to the team, and he’s one of the best.”

“We have such a young group that he can teach us how to be pros and how to be better, so I would love to have him. He’s definitely one of the greats, he’s one of my top five receivers ever. But I wouldn’t compare my style of play to his, and that’s why I’m excited just to think about the opportunity to have him in the same segment room as me, because (deep routes are) a part of my game where I want to get better, and some of the things that he does great is where I need to do better.”

LB Karlos Dansby on WQAM:
“I’d love to have him. The more the merrier. I think he still has that kind of potential. If we got an opportunity to get him, why not? The more the merrier.”

Now the “no” camp.

WR Brian Hartline, on WQAM:
“Obviously he’s the same position I’m playing, but overall, as a football fan I would say no. Maybe a lot of Miami fans would not like that, but … I don’t think he’s the part we’re missing.”

“I don’t think that an addition of a Randy Moss necessarily changes our team a whole lot. If we are missing a piece, that’s not the piece we’re missing.”

CB Will Allen, on WQAM:
“Obviously he’s a great talent, but I don’t know how well he would fit in down here. We have a No. 1 receiver that we seem to try to get the ball to as much as we can. I just don’t know if bringing in another guy like that, will it take away from the chemistry they’re trying to build?”

“This part of the season, I don’t think you could bring a guy in and expect him to mesh with everybody and gel.”

Hartline did, though, give us an idea of what the Dolphins would look like with Moss:

“If he comes in, all you’re looking at all game is cover 2. You’ve got Brandon on one side, Randy on the other, and you’re going to have two high safeties the entire game, and Ricky and Ronnie should eat everyone alive.”

And Davone Bess takes the easy way out on 790 The Ticket:
“That’s for them (the front office). I’m a ballplayer and if we pick him up, we pick him up.”



What seems to be missing in Miami's offense is SPEED ! At running back , kick and punt return and also wide receiver . But hey, we're " big and physical "


ALoco, market got weary of the 11.2 mark. Not coincidence

Thanks for the transcripts. That was very informative.

Hey Flatline!

The proper answer is-

"I'm just a young player trying to learn how to get open, not fumble and help my team, I let the coaches worry about that."

Hey Beast!

The proper answer is-

"I need to catch some Fn touchdown passes, they paid me millions of dollars to do so." "I don't think they said think I needed a scheme and another player for me to do so"

C'mon Man!

Go Phins!

Coach Henning wants Moss so he can line him up at Tight End and Guard. He is so creative that way!

Go Phins!

Probably not a good idea for Hartline to take a negative position. What would happen if we actually get Moss ( which we won't). That's the locker room crisis Moss is known for-- from the jump. I'm not sure Hartline necessarily needs to be on the team either, for that matter. A true speedster who is not a psycho prima donna or a Tedd Ginn feline would be nice.

hahaha what a waste of an article.. thanks.
oh by the way mr expert reporter, the dolphins have a higher waiver spot than the kansas city cheifs.

please just do one bit of research before listing off teams that used to all be at the top of the waiver wire.....

MARK, good thing i shorted nano before the close ,their results were released and it's in the dumb .

this is a moot point , randy moss will be picked up by seattle,oakland or st louis anyways so this is just pure gossip and speculation untill tommorrow.At least its something better to talk about then canning dan henning for the momment!!!

As for his own troubles in the red zone, where Marshall has produced just one TD all season, the Beast said something interesting there as well.
“Honestly, you never should point the finger,” he said, “but I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong.”
He went on to say that was “a question for the coaches.”
Notice he said “coaches,” plural, by the way, after earlier referring fondly to Tony Sparano as “our leader.”

If you read between the lines "I don't think I'm doing anything wrong, and then "a question for the coaches"

Mark Toronto, please interject on this Moss situation. I agree with superPHIN, doubt he falls that far for us to get him, but in the event he does, would you want him or not?

That guy, you live in the DC/Baltimore area? I wish I were going to the game, but I'll be watching from home (me and Baltimore don't mix, I always get in fights when I go up there). CBS 9 is where I'll be 1:00pm Sunday!

If I'm the coaching staff, and I pass-up on Moss, it should only mean one thing: getting Marshall as many plays as possible. Because you guys hear in his interviews, he's getting antsy. He wants the ball, he wants to make plays, he wants to score TDs.

How do you attempt a TD pass to a damned ROOKIE, but you can't try one with your #1 receiver? Who does that?

a 1935 born of nothing but strings attached to their body OC named DAN HENNING,,Thats who!!!!

Tremendous talent but Jeff Ireland better do his homework,this guy was Arguing about the buffett @ the training facility after practice on Friday,yelling at the caterer,one player wanted the hurt him. USA Today is reporting this.

he was arguing about the pasta w/meatballs and the frozen indian food .

superPHIN, yes and no. He called the play, but usually (of course, this is the Dolphins, Kings of the 1 WR set) the QB has multiple targets to choose from. On that play Wallace was covered, and there was another defender in the area. So, Henne will throw to Wallace in a crowd, but he won't try for Marshall? Makes no sense.

Another thing, did anyone else notice that Henne had happy feet and was rushing his reads? I mean, beginning of the game, ok, understandable. But by the 2nd quarter, when you haven't seen a defender less than a mile from you, why not relax and take your time? He didn't need to rush. There was one play, I saw him go through 3 reads in like 3 seconds. Dang, Henne, CHILL!

But this is good. These are secondary details that obviously mean Henne is doing the initial things good. I'm not worried about his arm. Not worried (too much) about his decision-making (all good QBs make mistakes every now and then). I'm looking for Henne to work on these detail things to get his game right. Footwork, staring off defenders, things like that.

BRIAN HARTLINE just said that randy moss is NOT THE piece we need..Than gino ask him what's the missing piece? Than he said i don't want say...i know who ..dan henning ..He stinks!DOLPHINS4LIFE!


Bring in MOSS and fire that old fool henning!

SNEAKS, moss still not released .

DC, my 2 cents. I make the claim no matter what. If you are awarded the player - you then have to see if he's on board. If he's on board then you play him. If he's not, you don't even allow him near the facility and you mail him his cheques every week. YOu can't let the teams ahead of you in the conference get him at any cost.

It does no harm to at least try to get Moss for the rest of the season. It most certainly will give the offense a boost it sorely needs to perk things up. And if everything works out and Moss likes it here and wants to stay and play for the Dolphins then it's a win-win for everyone.

mark. what are you having for dinner ?

My heart says grab him but my eyes say stay away. Somethings to consider...I don't necessarily believe he hurts the dolphins by being with NE. Vontae pretty much shuts him down every time they play... now if it was Moss against Jason Allen then I would agree. Ross quits on his team his attitude can wreck a locker room. Finally, NE usually cuts players past there prime. MOss is one of them.





Here is some info from PFT -

Moss can refuse to report. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells us that, if Moss doesn't show, the team would have the ability to send a "five-day letter" explaining that, if he doesn't report within five days, he could be placed on the Reserve/Left Squad list. If placed on the Reserve/Left Squad list, Moss would not be able to play for anyone over the balance of the 2010 season.


If he doesn't report to the team that "wins" him, they can place him on the Reserve/Left Squad list.

He would not be able to play for any other team.

That is how I read it.



Some teams may simply do it to keep him from going to a competitor.

Not much of a headache, really.

Guy never shows up and all you do is fill out some paperwork.

Besides, there may be the possibility they would still have his rights next year and could trade him to someone, pick up a draft pick.

Who knows?


DC....u said Moss was a winner. what has he won? National Championship? i don't think so.....

maybe some SB titles i don't know about.

Mark, good answer.

ALoco/Ut, doesn't matter anymore. Redskins are working out JaMarcus Russell, lol. Things are getting real screwy in the nation's capital (and not just in Congress).

My prediction is Moss lands in DC, with JaMarcus and McNabb goes to Minnesota, where Favre's streak comes to an end.

Then, under Henning's direction, Miami goes to West Coast offense, puts up 2008 Indy numbers, Henne goes to the Pro Bowl ahead of Peyton, Marshall gets his 100/1000 in the remaining 9 games, we win out rest of games, win division, go to Playoffs, make the SuperBowl and beat the NY Giants!!!

Save this, it'll be worth something one day!

what u guys should be hoping for is Shaun Merriman...he can hrlp the D, and keep playets in-line

Ok, not drunk, just tired from coming back from the gym. Temporary insanity. Back to reality.

Going home. See you folks in the next realm!

posting from iphone APP...sorry

DC.....dot duck me

Moss wasn't cut by the Cowboys so I doubt the Fins will make a claim for him.

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