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Dolphins indeed are interested in Randy Moss

Are the Dolphins interested in Randy Moss?


The degree of Miami's interest in Moss, however, depends on whom I'm speaking with. According to several NFL sources, the Dolphins spent part of Monday studying the possibility that they might 1.) put in a waiver claim for the Minnesota Vikings wide receiver if he ultimately ends up on waivers as has been reported by various national outlets and a couple of local Minnesota outlets. 2.) The club also is considering whether to move on Moss if he clears waivers and becomes a free agent.

The consideration is serious enough, according to one Moss family source, that general manager Jeff Ireland called agent Joel Segal to inquire about any interest Moss may have in playing for the Dolphins. Segal did not return calls Monday evening.

[UPDATE: A Dolphins source texted me this morning and said Ireland has not called Segal. The source did confirm, however, that Miami is interested in Moss.]

None of this means the Dolphins are definitely going to get Randy Moss. So stop hyper-ventilating. Remember Miami is 18th in the waiver claim order now so teams such as St. Louis and Oakland and Wshington , Seattle and Kansas City are ahead of Miami and can land Moss ahead of the Dolphins.

But the interest at least shows a degree of desire to improve what, frankly, is an incomplete offense.

Moss does have an offseason home in South Florida. He's a Miami Heat fan (maybe the Dolphins should have LeBron James call him). And the Dolphins are in the playoff hunt.

But aside from that, there is no connection between Moss and the Dolphins, so one cannot say Miami is a favorite to land Moss. I would say if Moss is indeed cut, the New England Patriots are a team most likely to get him. (That is just my opinion, not a fact.)

Fact: Moss loves playing in New England.

Fact: Moss loves playing for Bill Belichick.

Fact: Moss loves Tom Brady.

Fact: Moss in New England hurts the Dolphins.

Fact glowing in neon and screaming look at me!: Randy Moss is elite. Adding him is an opportunity for the Dolphins to boost their lagging offense with a super-charged talent and do it relatively risk free because it is basically a rental for the last two months of the season. If it works out, great. If it doesn't, he goes down the road to free agency and the Dolphins go their way toward the offseason none the worse for wear.

So it makes sense that Miami would consider not only improving their pass offense, but also blocking a dangerous reunion of Moss in New England.

But there is a down side. Isn't there always?

Moss hasn't exactly been stellar in spots where the QB isn't stellar. He proved that in Oakland and even during his recent stint in Minnesota. Moss also is known as a player that mopes and perhaps even loafs when he's not happy or engaged or a major part of the game plan. Adding Moss would have an enormous impact on team chemistry and whether that impact would be positive or negative, no one can predict with a 100 percent degree of certainty.

Luckily, that's not our problem. Jeff Ireland makes tons of money to figure this stuff out. You guys know how I feel about him -- he's a rising star. It is good he is doing his due diligence. I would be terribly disappointed if I found out a major, major talent (warts and all) is about to come available and the Dolphins are dismissing it out of hand. So it is good Miami is initially interested.

But whatever Ireland does, I believe, will ultimately be the right call. It's time for him to pull the trigger if he feels the need to do so or run away from the situation if he feels it ultimately isn't a fit.

Once upon a time the Dolphins might have had an opportunity to draft Randy Moss and Jimmy Johnson ran away from the situation. He did so unapologetically and knowing he could have drafted Moss if he wanted. Wouldn't it be ironic if, after all these years, Moss ends up in Miami ... at least for a couple of months?

Makes me smile.

[Note: I will be discussing the Moss possibility and giving you more facts (as they come in) during my morning radio show, Armando and the Amigo, on 640 Sports. If you're not in So. Fla., you can listen to the streaming broadcast here. Mike Florio will be on the show today as will Qadry Ismail and Tim Graham of ESPN.com]


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Is everyone kidding? with the play calling we have and not being able to throw deep, Randy will be gone not in 30 days but more like in 30 hours after the first game.

Seeing how they are last in line for waiver wire claims, NE is one of the least likely teams toi get him. Plus, if they wanted him on the team, they wouldn't have just traded him. I'm guessing they thought he was becoming a cancer.


He is a cancer....thats why belicheat got rid of him.....for some reason many of the Dolphin faithful are stuck like 2-3 years in the past...when moss was dominate.

Howany catches dud he have against us....OH YEAh ...NONE!

but lets trade for him anyway

That's less than a no-brainer. Of course, if he wants, bring in his Majesty.

is it 2007 and rady mosd has caught an NFL record 22 touchdown passes

Next interview from Moss playing with Henning's offense:

- I don't feel appreciate being used as a decoy
- Not enough balls thrown my way
- The ball was a bit off (Remember we don't have Tom Brady)
- I worked hard and I don't feel wanted (heard that before)


His days as a TEAM MEMBER are gone. And this is is not a ONE MAN Sport.

If he accepts Miami, he has to know 2 things: 1-Miami is a longshot to make SB. 2-We have a developing quarterback under an offensive philosophy that prefers to run the ball. Clear, Randy?

If the opportunity comes our way, there is only one voice that matters: Boss Ross. If he wants Moss and willing to pay, Ireland will pull the trigger. Yeah, I know there is some agreement that stipulates that Ross would stay out of football affairs. But Parcells is gone and would Ireland be foolish enough to say no to the man who's signing his paycheck?

Mr. Ross can also put the pressure on Henning (if Sparano is not willing to) as well. Ross can remind Henning how much he's paying Marshall. Get a clue, Henning.

the more i read about the nonsense of randy moss, the more it really makes me want this guy ANYWHERE but here. I have to agree with another blogger here, he has become a real cancer to the teams he plays on, you have one team thats probably better off without him and another team who knows their season is over or pretty much so, and doesnt need the headaches this guy is obviously causing. Sorry but i have rebuttled my earlier judgement to Maybe to HE!! NO....We have enough problems already with offensive production than to have another CLASS clown invited to south beach!!!

i don't think any player ever had all this puzz .

I remember Mack Lamb, fairly steady player. I also remember Dick(?) Westmoreland who every time they played against San Diego, Bambi (Lance Alworth) would burn him big time. Pray.

He's a supertalented player, ALoco. I don't see any cancer in NE, right?

Moss is indeed a way overhyped topic aloco, And his production isnt even close to what it was in 2007, Miami's interest is either desperation or they really have no idea of what they want from this offense, we barely use marshall as it is and now ppl say that randy moss, baggage and all is worth it???Im not so sure about that, and we all know leadership isnt exactly a huge advantage here either. Moss could blow up if he decides that he is being used inappropriatly and then we have an even bigger problem.

although i wouldnt mind moss b!t#h slapping dan henning around a little, that might be worth price of admission itself on gameday!!!

Could be suPHIN but he certainly should know by now what he's getting into down here.(as he or his agent should have researched GB).

lol its hilarious to hear u all say the same
stuff about moss that was said about marshall. the problem with the offense is henning, and marshall would have more if we targeted him more. moss would be the same, but a different weapon. those who dont want him, please.

inimounts, maybe but marshall only played with a chip on his shoulder in denver because of money issues, hence moss is miles apart in terms of dividing locker rooms, teams, players, coaches, just ask NE, Minnasota TWICE, And even oakland, of all places...asking to take moss is asking to take in more PERSONALITY problems than it might be worth while still trying to fight for the playoffs!!!!

i say go for it the offence will open up running and passing lanes 100% if he lines up next to marshall and if he starts hes $hit and cant make it thru the season then let it go its worth a shot guys if it works or not they dont have to give him a contract u have enough games left to see if ur willng to keep him or not i think its bad move if he falls to us and we pass on hin and let some one in front of us get stronger even dow davis can cover him pretty well

where are all the comments at¿

We'll see. But my acumen says he's going to pick somebody else.

after much thought I am not sure i would like Randy to join the Dolphins.

there have been many great players through sports history that were the best at their respective positions but could never reach the ultimate goal of a championship.

Randy Moss may be one of those players.

He has had an excellent career and really took off with Brady but how many SB did he help them win? Zero.

He could really help us stretch the field yes but is he really a good fit, honestly?

Randy will go down as one of the best at his position but a champion he may never be.

Maybe NE, again? Belichick is a HOF Coach. For sure.

SUPERphin , WHAT is your plan for breakfast tomorrow ?

Belicheat will be the only reason why Moss doesnt go back to NE.
Moss wants NE.
If he is denied, then moss will turn down all wavers untill Miami picks him up.
Then Our Offense would seriously have to change big time. Henning Must Go!!!

that being said,
Moss would know ahead of time that bilicheat doesnt want him. therfore having moss pickedup on waivers...

Somebody tell me Henning is Fired Already!!!
PLZZZ Fire this sorry excuse for a OC!!!

if miami lands moss itl pobably be the best wr tandem EVER. we NEED him

finatic,what did you have for dinner ?

Stop with the cancer this cancer that---If you have strong management, a good team, and give gim financial security he will ball out-----

NE got rid of him not b/c he was a cancer it was b/c they dont give contracts to players after 30.

Richard seymour just another example---

Is it bad that he turns it off if the team is losing sure it issssssssssss

But we are a good team without him, and a much better 1 with him---i think the motivation will be there----

Is lights out nexttttttttttttttttttttt

ya what did u have for dinner ?? crack and a side of perks? he dont get to choose with waivers ... bills can have him and he can whine about it but they can grab him... man some ppl lol

a lot of red necks won tonight .

ron paul's son is playing the piano

who knows if miami is really interested in moss. they probably will put in the claim just to block n.e. from getting him back.

now they are saying the dolphins are interested in merriman.

Where is Mando, a day and a half with no new news or stories...disappointing to say the least...

ok guys, i did my homework( my bad).
Moss cannot choose off waivers.
Therefore......(wait for it)...... Say GOODBYE To Moss. Bye Bye Moss...
it shouldnt even be a thought at 18th.
well, it wouldve been nice though.

cow, armando is resting from his hard work at the radio .

The ONLY reason I would want Moss is because of the Cancer we already have on this team, Henning.

Signing Moss would hit Henning like a radical dose of Chemo-Radiation!

Marshall, Moss and Bess lined up together?

I don't even think Henning would survive 1 game. At halftime we'd have to put him on life support and ship him out to the old folks home.

I'd sign Moss, but ONLY because we're stuck with Henning. Calling Dr. Moss!!!!

I would like to thank the Democrats for their participation
In tonights Massacre
Without you, this wouldn't have been possible
Enjoy the Tea and your retirement

tea,you dumb.the senate still in the D hands,

We don't need Randy. We just need to light a fire under Henne's a** by benching him in favor of Penny for at least week or two. Older Chad also deserves a chance to shine. Could be his last chance. I feel with his experience, he could better utilize the weapons we already have, to heck with Moss. I can't believe we have tolerated Henne's mediocrity for this long when he can't seem to get the ball into the endzone in 2010. Playing with no fire or passion whatsoever.

If your offense keeps sputtering, sooner or later you have to take a long hard look at the QB position.

But Pennington? I've already seen enough of his play against Baltimore.

No thanks, not this week!

The Dolphins have absolutely 0.0000019% chance of Moss making it to them on waivers. SMOKE OUT. ENJOY LIFE. FORGET THIS TOPIC NOW!!


i hope we can get moss,he's my hero.

moss is complete garbage. so glad we have no shot at him. wish he would go ruin the jets but im guessing kc will get him.

I just read something interesting but weird. On CBS sports fantasy. It has a topic about starting Bess this week against the ravens. It says with the possible addition of Moss. Bess should see plenty of action. Just thought that was weird that there assuming were gonna get him. Well you know what they say about assuming.



D C Dolfan has been voted Moron of the month.

D C Dolfan wins that award every month!

November 2, 2010 at 10:23 pm
LOL , i’ll go back and check. Oh baby !!! i will ask for more when i e mail you. i didn’t get the pic with you and your friend !!

Gigiflorida says:
November 2, 2010 at 10:28 pm
I thought I sent it in last e-mail but that was tube top (ooops)…somehow I think you don’t mind! I feel bad and don’t want to bug Chris T. again….feel like I am using a friend to pass notes in class to a guy I like!! When you write I will send more…meeeooowwww

November 2, 2010 at 10:34 pm
nope , don’t mind the tube top at all and ok on the other pics , i will e mail you , i promise . GROWL !!!

Look at this BOZO that is NJ. Flirting with a so called girl on the blog. Steroid freak!

Moss caused arguably the best corner in the nfl(Revis) to pull a hamstring trying to cover him. No nfl corner will ever pull a hamstring trying to keep up with Hartline.

He has more connections to the fish than just being a fan of the heat and the summer home and stuff. HIM AND CHAD PENNINGTON PLAYED AT MARSHALL TOGETHER!!! Thats just another reason Moss should want to come to Miami and play for the fins. GO DOLPHINS!!!!!

Miami Heat 129 Minnesota Timberwolves 97. Can we have the Heat play the Ravens this week? They seem to have no problem at all scoring points.

That or we can have Dan Carpenter join the Miami Heat because he has no problems at all scoring 3 pointers.

I forgot what a bad a s s John Randle was.

Total pyscho!

LOL, DyingBreed!

November 2, 2010 at 10:40 pm
Gigi , you want moss ? i don’t want him , i want to win with our players .

Gigiflorida says:
November 2, 2010 at 10:46 pm
Oh NJ, this one is too easy….I know who I want and it’s not Randy Moss…

November 2, 2010 at 10:50 pm
I’m blushing and getting horny at the same time. these guys on here don’t know what i see is there any chance you will want me?

Gigiflorida says:
November 2, 2010 at 10:55 pm
You just lobbed that one and I had to smash it!! Sorry for the tennis talk, football blog I know. You know you are the only one here who will get to see that and some more — when you write me….wink wink

NJ is sad and sick LOL

Is this NJ dude really this pathetic?

Is this what goes on at the Sentinel?

The Gigiflorida girl(if she really is a girl) is supposed to be married. Seems she is against Randy Moss for his moral aptitude. Yet makes "YUCK" on the worldwide web with a known idiot!

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