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Dolphins indeed are interested in Randy Moss

Are the Dolphins interested in Randy Moss?


The degree of Miami's interest in Moss, however, depends on whom I'm speaking with. According to several NFL sources, the Dolphins spent part of Monday studying the possibility that they might 1.) put in a waiver claim for the Minnesota Vikings wide receiver if he ultimately ends up on waivers as has been reported by various national outlets and a couple of local Minnesota outlets. 2.) The club also is considering whether to move on Moss if he clears waivers and becomes a free agent.

The consideration is serious enough, according to one Moss family source, that general manager Jeff Ireland called agent Joel Segal to inquire about any interest Moss may have in playing for the Dolphins. Segal did not return calls Monday evening.

[UPDATE: A Dolphins source texted me this morning and said Ireland has not called Segal. The source did confirm, however, that Miami is interested in Moss.]

None of this means the Dolphins are definitely going to get Randy Moss. So stop hyper-ventilating. Remember Miami is 18th in the waiver claim order now so teams such as St. Louis and Oakland and Wshington , Seattle and Kansas City are ahead of Miami and can land Moss ahead of the Dolphins.

But the interest at least shows a degree of desire to improve what, frankly, is an incomplete offense.

Moss does have an offseason home in South Florida. He's a Miami Heat fan (maybe the Dolphins should have LeBron James call him). And the Dolphins are in the playoff hunt.

But aside from that, there is no connection between Moss and the Dolphins, so one cannot say Miami is a favorite to land Moss. I would say if Moss is indeed cut, the New England Patriots are a team most likely to get him. (That is just my opinion, not a fact.)

Fact: Moss loves playing in New England.

Fact: Moss loves playing for Bill Belichick.

Fact: Moss loves Tom Brady.

Fact: Moss in New England hurts the Dolphins.

Fact glowing in neon and screaming look at me!: Randy Moss is elite. Adding him is an opportunity for the Dolphins to boost their lagging offense with a super-charged talent and do it relatively risk free because it is basically a rental for the last two months of the season. If it works out, great. If it doesn't, he goes down the road to free agency and the Dolphins go their way toward the offseason none the worse for wear.

So it makes sense that Miami would consider not only improving their pass offense, but also blocking a dangerous reunion of Moss in New England.

But there is a down side. Isn't there always?

Moss hasn't exactly been stellar in spots where the QB isn't stellar. He proved that in Oakland and even during his recent stint in Minnesota. Moss also is known as a player that mopes and perhaps even loafs when he's not happy or engaged or a major part of the game plan. Adding Moss would have an enormous impact on team chemistry and whether that impact would be positive or negative, no one can predict with a 100 percent degree of certainty.

Luckily, that's not our problem. Jeff Ireland makes tons of money to figure this stuff out. You guys know how I feel about him -- he's a rising star. It is good he is doing his due diligence. I would be terribly disappointed if I found out a major, major talent (warts and all) is about to come available and the Dolphins are dismissing it out of hand. So it is good Miami is initially interested.

But whatever Ireland does, I believe, will ultimately be the right call. It's time for him to pull the trigger if he feels the need to do so or run away from the situation if he feels it ultimately isn't a fit.

Once upon a time the Dolphins might have had an opportunity to draft Randy Moss and Jimmy Johnson ran away from the situation. He did so unapologetically and knowing he could have drafted Moss if he wanted. Wouldn't it be ironic if, after all these years, Moss ends up in Miami ... at least for a couple of months?

Makes me smile.

[Note: I will be discussing the Moss possibility and giving you more facts (as they come in) during my morning radio show, Armando and the Amigo, on 640 Sports. If you're not in So. Fla., you can listen to the streaming broadcast here. Mike Florio will be on the show today as will Qadry Ismail and Tim Graham of ESPN.com]


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you sound jealous breed !

This Is What I Really Dont Get:

Randy played nearly three and a half seasons at Gillette Stadium and not once did they offer him free razors.

Have you seen the price of good razors lately? Thats what Moss was seeking a contract extension and more money for and Brady wouldnt share.

Just read a ticker on the NFL Network that said were 8th in total Defense giving up 309.4 YPG.

Thats Balling!

Gigiflorida says:
November 2, 2010 at 11:15 pm
Okay boys, I’m gonna get going….have a great night. NJ — sweet dreams…

November 2, 2010 at 11:24 pm
you to gigi sweetie, cant wait to hear from you again xoxoxo

Dying Breed here is more for your viewing pleasure. NJ the imbecile at the SS. LOL

Too Funny!

Randy did look like Wino at times.

Anybody think Lagarette Blount looks like an All Pro?

I've only seen the highlights from his last game, but DAMN!


We dont need any "Blounts" on this teams. Ricky's trying to quit.

It sucks that our next two opponents will be coming off their bye weeks. The Ravens secondary looked very average in their last 3 games. I don't know if this was illusion, or reality. Our pass protection over that same span has been lights out. So what will give? I think that we need to be careful not to fall in love with the pass this week. This could be Russian Roulette considering they have had that extra week to prepare for us, and they know that we have had some succsess passing. I would like to see us really make an effort to get the ground game going. Between Ronnie & Bong Pipe if we can get over 100 yards between the 2, we should be in good shape. Consider this, in the Ravens 2 losses the opposing running backs had over 100 yards. Hopefully this week we can figure out a way to cash in those red zone tickets, I don't know if field goals will cut it.

Trying to quit?

Judging from the tape, Ricky needs to try whatever he's smoking.

Blounts hurdling linebackers and trucking safeties.


You said it. If we're going to make any kind of push, we have to get the Run Game back on track.

I don't know how much difference John Jerry will make, but I'm hoping it's alot.


How did the Grizzles do?

Odin- Griz got beat by Weber. They played with a makeshift D-Line and got steamrolled. The home team jinxed us by passing out free doughnuts. All the schnapps drunk Griz boosters couldn't help themselves and feasted on the free pastries. Ogden is a bad place for an ex junkie. Lots of guys in front of taco trucks that aren't selling tacos!

yes, while we are picking up has beens and problem childs of the nfl, why not go after merriman too, he!! why not pick lawerence taylor up when and if he gets out of prison. Our team would the new bad boy's trash of the nfl!!!

Wow DD,

You do know Ogden.

Randy Moss is asking fans via a poll on his website where he should play next: http://networkedblogs.com/a1WCw

CFL...need no poll for that!!!!

He went to NE because of Brady, he went to Minnesota because of Favre...Are we getting it YET???? No way he'd play for a Clown, who can't even score with all the weapons he already has.
The JETS would take him because of his play against afc east teams, but he's not going to sign with a team that has no playoff hopes and a lousy QB.

Belecheat is something, he's got a nice little wideout named Tate. Gets a third rounder for Moss,which gives them a bazillion draft choices and snatches WTF from seattle for a lousy fourth.
He's sittin at the table with all the chips.
He's got a team in transition that's 6-1 They find a way to win every week, not an excuse to loose.

Moss or not, Hartline will not be the starting #2wr in 2011.

Honestly, I would only wanna acquire Moss as a rental for the rest of 2010. Anything more will require a contract in the neighborhod of 3yrs $30 million. Probably upto a $13 million signing bonus.

Thats an awful lots of money to invest in a guy now into his 12th nfl season. Thats wy Belichek let him go. He had no plans of dishing out that kind of money for a wr already into his 12th season Randy Moss or not.

Thats why they drafted Moss' replacement Tate last season. Dion Branch is just a cheaper and already familiar with thier system isnsurance policy. Tate had the 65yd td reception from Bardy Sunday.

Ask D C Dolfan any question, the MORON thinks he knows every thing!

lol.. that gigi is a 400# hillbilly posting from prison.. that nj putz is going to get some suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuey!!!!! deliverance..can he be that stoooooooooooooooooooupid.?... uhhuh.lol

Let this guy go and play for the jets or someone else. The problem with us is not talent but lack of offense production of getting the ball in the endzone. If your looking to make changes..... fire Henning.

3 years 30 million??? hilarious if any dumbass team gives him half that they should fold. moss is garbage. lazy pos

Forget about Moss, he is a slacker just like Regis said. We need hustle on every single play, I think we are getting that from our receivers. As far as cutting Henne and having Pennington throw Moss the ball thats a joke Pennington can't throw the ball 50 yards. Henne is doing a good job, we need help in the running game. Ricky seems to be running with a purpose hardnosed, but Ronnie wants to go down when the wind blows on him. Thats a far cry from the way he used to run something is wrong he must be dinged up. Let Hilliard take up some of the runs he might just help out.

No to Moss. We got our stud in Marshall. Fins flat out need to get Wallace to work. I think Marshall, Hartline and Bess is coo.

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