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Dolphins lead Raiders 10-7 going to second quarter

OAKLAND -- This one started poorly for the Dolphins when Jacoby Ford took the opening kickoff 102 yards for a Raiders score and 7-0 advantage.

The Dolphins have dominated ever since.

They got a field goal on their first possession and capped their second possession with a 29-yard TD pass from Chad Henne to Patrick Cobbs.

The Dolphins are driving again. Join me in the comments section as the live blog rolls on.


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I am loving the offensive calls. They look like they are in quite a rythym.


Straying off topic for just a second......

Do you have any thoughts/preferences on the next coach at UM?

Raiders stink, No ? about it!!!!

I don't think the Raiders have the defensive discipline to stop the direct snap/Wildcat stuff from Miami.

Pound them hard

any ideas where to watch the game while im in talahassee next week??

we can tell henning is not calling the plays bc the selection DOES NOT BLOW

Here's the thing. Henne was benched, brought in as a back up, injured, and questionable all week. Kid comes in and goes 6-7 with a td in one qtr. A weaker minded qb would've crumbled after all of the strife. He has the ability to shake off the bad things, he has a great arm and good size, he's tough as nails. BUT HE IS YOUNG AND LEARNING. It would be incredibly stupid to give up on him already.

game link?

Just run baby!

Its about time Ronnie runs hard.

why can't we play the Raiders and Tennessee for the rest of the year?

Wow. The Raiders defense really sucks.

Ronnie-you were doing so well-no MORE dancing

Great blitz pick up there

Next coach at UM? I'd like an up-and-comer from a smaller program ... Maybe the guy from Boise State.

I'd like an offensive coach.

I hear the Venables guy from Oklahoma is popular but I don't know him and he's inexperienced as a head coach, which I think is a mistake.

The bad part of a win is, all we are doing is getting a worse draft pick.

What a lousy choice for a pass.

Oops, he did it again!

How about THAT Denny?

Throw the F#ck$ng BALL away henne, C'mon man!!!!

oh there he is. henne giveth and henne taketh away

its the play caling dammit

Who the hell is the team in white and green on the field today?

awful throw, hes ok bounce back henne

theres our dolphins. same ole, same ole

Stupid mistake by a young qb

Nice touch pass

That one you can truly blame on henne!!!!Terrible decision!!!!Henning still sucks!!!!

Touch INT!

So bad even Jim "Michigan can do no wrong" Mandich calls it boneheaded.

Sigh, unfortunately this years college class doesn't have too many quality QBs.

u r right pa phins fan. so dont worry about the outcome, just hope these guys continue to develop. losses will actually help us in many ways . new staff, better pick. canes should hire mike leach, he will put fans back in the seats for sure

what down was that INT?

it comes down to play selection. were driving....and then at the 15?? we run wildcat. it totally kills the flow of the game. slow it up with the wildcat.

Glad we didn't trade up for Mclain...Odrick much better.

Bills show why they can never be taken seriously YET again!!!

"Bad decision" and "bad throw." We've heard in conjunction with Chad Henne's name a few times this season!

Luck, Locker, Newton, Mallet, Kellen Moore(?), who know who///////

Jimmy Jam just like I said, he has all the intangibles and now he needs experience so he can mature and not make those mistakes. It happens all of the time to young qbs.

Mark Sanchez always has Ladanian hanging around the line of scrimmage waiting for a pass... Where was Ronnie or Ricky on that INT?

I'm witcha Armando.....

I'd like an offensive guy too.....As long as it isn't any Air-Raid or spread option type guru.
If its gonna be a defensive guy though, I'd prefer Brent V before anyone else.


mcclain has an int and all of a sudden hes ray lewis??

its funny that most people forget how young henne is the expectations of him are ridiculous

u can obviously see he shows sign of being good he just needs to make some better decisions sometimes and he will with experience give the guy a break people act like hes been in the league for 10 years

Karlos Dansby is not playing onn base defense but only in sub package. He was hurting during the week.

Our secondary ius soft...sean smith WTF

KS, how can you say Odrick is better, he hasn't done anything yet.

Mclain > Crowder

My, god, were they even trying to tackle on that play, looked to me like they were a buch of swimmers on that play!!!


The POS QB strikes again in the redzone. I guess that was Hennings fault? Or was it you useless piece of Michigan trash QB?

D is really stuffing the mighty Raider's running game.

Odrick's probably watching the game from Club LIV w/ Rosenfraud, laughing that he's getting paid to do nothing...........while McClain rawks.

bad throw and decision by Henne - but was there any check down or safety valve? Looked like he got hit low as he was releasing - but still shouldn't have trusted his arm there.

Opps, that was sacrasm, my bad.

he bought time but never looked away from Bess and the middle of the field.
If the LB didnt INT it the safety would of as he too jumped the route.
That was panic under pressure

Odrick < Anyone that hasn't broken leg 3 times

Keep making excuses for your special needs QB. He will keep throwing picks. Just good enough to get you fired.

Henne is a robot and one that pees his panties in the red zone.

Dumb CH7 - just dumb!

Miami has to call a timeout AGAINST the wildcat? Haven't they ever seen that play before?

Wow an INT, somebody can catch!!!

holy cow a catch by a DB!!!!!

Go YB37!!!!!!

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