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Dolphins lead Raiders 23-14 to start fourth quarter

OAKLAND -- The Dolphins are getting some nice work out of their depleted wide receiver corps.

Davone Bess is playing well.

Roberto Wallace just caught a nice first down pass.

And Marlon Moore had a 57 yard TD reception in the third quarter. Moore now equals the number of TD passes Brandon Marshall has caught.

So the youngsters are stepping up.

Let's see if it lasts in the fourth quarter as the live blog rolls on.


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It will last, the raiders are in worst shape right now!!!

I said this 5 weeks ago. SL;ANTS, SLANTS, SLANNNNNTTTSSSSS!!! The Jets and Pats do it all day long! Henne has a rocket arm,,,,,,,,SLANTS!!!!

Ronnie-run with authority-you have been asking for this all year

thats fine, henne didnt force it, Ill take that!!!almost another special ed disaster!!!

I disagree James,
BM does not have pull away speed.
His play is the jump ball and high catch where he can outmuscle the CB for the big play its not YAC

Can't put anyone away! Flashes of greatness amount a sea of medicroty...

At least we still have the lead. Good game (kind of)

And Henne takes a sack-a punt almost blocked

did they throw slants in the 60's

Dolphins continue to flirt with disaster on special teams.Bye-bye coach Rizzi.

WOW was ford open on that INT.
Dam its good to get some breaks!!!

Good one Phil

new special teams coah and o.c. plus our offense line sucks

These announcers get REAL excited when it looks like Miami is going to suffer some catastrophe ... like on the "almost" blocked punt.

Thats was a WEIRD ST play, it looked like even Fields thought it was blocked and was looking for it.

We need the best ST coach in football next year.


yeahh the problem is receiver gaining separation is needed and defense playing press
we dont have receivers who can get separation
and defenses dont have to play press since
we are harmless on defense

How can an O-Line this expensive suck so bad?

the game is not over. why do the dolphins start trying to run the clock out halfway through the 3rd quarter?

jacoby Ford just stole an interception from Chris Clemons.

How is it the free safety has man coverage on that WR?

clemmons blows donkeys...

Lets play the game...does anyone do anything so stupid as to put their QB in bad situations over and over? The Wildcat gained us nothing there...nothing...give it a rest...QB sits out, then has to come in and is expected to make 3-4 after sitting for two plays
Armando, any stat on how often Miami passes on first down? How many yards they average when passing on first down, as opposed to running on first down...
Let Henne play the game...Henning is killing the team

Announcers are totally for Oakland ... or is it my imagination?

Henning needs to get the memo that there is 4 quarters in a football game. Conservative playcalling has been awful the last few series.

Brian Hartline is back on the sideline. He was being treated for cramps.

Zap, that cause the laws of probability have shown that the Phins usually do implode, so they are just prepared...

Dang Clemmons. 2nd INT off of effort. I suppose that's better than lack of effort


darnit...that was a Henne audible

did they throw slants in the 60's

I disagree James,
BM does not have pull away speed.
His play is the jump ball and high catch where he can outmuscle the CB for the big play its not YAC

Oakland just isn't good enough, unless we hand them another TD.

Wow.. tripping now?? there goes the game....

Another failed attempt at a big int turns out to be huge for the offense, bad luck comes in bunches!!!Lets stay conservative not positive!!!


Or maybe Clemons wasn't better, idiot

dang fords suck

Dang Clemmons. 2nd INT off of effort. I suppose that's better than lack of effort

Great block Jerry

these CBs should do nothing but catch balls all week in practice.

Armando! Why is it that when the Pats defense plays a crappy qb, and gets turnovers ,you point out how well they're playing. But when it's the fins you always point out that the qb sucks? why, why , whyyyyyy?

clemons is not the most assertive guy out there...
darn.. if sparano and ireland want big chunk of yard gainers why the heck they dont draft
guys like ford, mc cluster, best ... dammit..
instead they resign fasano.. just cause it rhymes with his godfather sparano..

Mandy, my buddy SEAN SMITH let him go. Straight zone, just like the last play off the INT

Clemons can't hate on you....got to put it away

Why the f**k is Dobbins on the field? WWWHYHYYYY?

Danger will robinson danger

Okay ... it was a good catch, but the announcers orgasm is just too much.

That is hwy you throw on first down right there...Com'n Henning, pay attention...

perfect coverage and NO hands and DIDNT Bat it away. Thats why hes on Defense

why can't we blitz and get to their QB

When you try to start running out the clock in the 3rd quarter you make a game out of it.

I feel good about Miami's chances as long as Gradkowski is Oakland's QB. He sucks.

Raiders' QBs are really really bad.

Sapp talking trash..please

atleast we making brad try and beat us

I love watching a real offensive coordinator call a game

Gradikowski=Tyler Thigpens protege

Love the prevent offense.

Congrats Henning, you played the Raiders back into it.

Henne was carving them up too.

I hate Henning and Sparano

Brian Hartline is back on the sideline. He was being treated for cramps.

Posted by: Armando Salguero

That's a shame. Now they'll sit down Moore or Wallace, both of whom are better receivers.

one more crappy posession anbd were giving them the ball game with a touchdown..

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