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Dolphins pass on Randy Moss, make no changes

It was interesting while it lasted but 4 p.m. came and went and the Dolphins decided against putting in a claim for wide receiver Randy Moss.

Interestingly, the club did put in a claim for outside linebacker Shawne Merriman.

The bottom line?

The Dolphins got neither.

The Dolphins could have had Moss if they wanted. He was available when their turn came up at No. 18 because no other team ahead of them had claimed the enigmatic wide receiver. But Miami passed also and he lands with the Tennessee Titans, who had the No. 22 slot on the waiver claim priority list.

The Dolphins had a claim in for Merriman, but didn't get him because the Buffalo Bills scooped him up with their No. 1 slot on the waiver claim priority list. It wasn't even close for Miami to get him.

What is interesting is that the Dolphins obviously decided Merriman could help them but Moss really would not. Interesting because the Miami offense seems to require more work than the defensive right now and so it could use more help.

The Dolphins will see Randy Moss for the second time this season on Nov. 14. This, by the way, marks the second time in club history the Dolphins had a good, easy opportunity to pick up Randy Moss and decided against it -- the first time being when he was drafted out of Marshall.


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No biggie, now we can concentrate on the Ravens. They are going to be tough enough without all the distractions Moss would have brought along with him this week

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! but no changes, dammit that means dan henning is still running an offense here..........NOOOOO!!!!

so they put in a claim for a bad middle linebacker...

morono and idiotland love bad middle LBs, dobbins, barbie, crowder, merriman

but not a real WR

holy god

he is going to scorch us in 2 weeks.

Fist pump time
Why not sign Ireland gems:Turner and Ernestttttt to strecth the field


This is why Tenny has been a superior franchise since Fisher & co moved to Nashville, and why our crotchety old coots run the most boring offense in football.

watch Randy burn us in 2 weeks

im on the record for passsing on Moss anyways.

the devil will tempt u like this...

you want him and when u think of Moss and Marshall on the field MMMMMMMM!

that's until Moss feels like he doesnt want to play and he's on your team already and its your cancer to cure!

Where is Ernesttttttt

could have learned the pats playbook...

this season is over

have fun homers.

uh test, like he scorched us in week 4.....ZERO CATCHES IN THAT GAME!!! lets not go dramatically overboard there!!!

Fist pump muzzle available in stores in 2 wks


Good call on the Dolphins having interest in Moss. As usual, you're insiders are right on.

thank goodness. let's play football.

This front office is terrible. I bet Henning was influential in making this ridiculous decision. Why pick up Randy Moss for the final 9 games when you can run the Wildcat?

Randy Moss could've caught ZERO passes over the final 9 games and still helped this horrific offence just by running downfield on every down.

this is by far the smartest decision the front office has made thus far in the season....At least someone up there said thank you moss, but i dont need you wigging out us when we run 6 wildplaykillers in a row and then holding a press conference to announce your retirement from playing GOOD football in games!!!!PASS

The Titans don't have anyone on the other side of Moss. Britt is out. It matters. If Pennington, who knows Moss well, and is trusted by the coaches and GM, couldn't push this through, then we are probably better off.

Oregon Dolphin fan,

"Stupid, stupid, stupid..." I didn't even have to finish your quote. You described yourself perfectly.

Fist pump time

Wildcat time

I think passing on Randy Moss was the GREATEST decision this team has made all year.

could have been nice.....but oh well....still think if we beat the ravens we will have a good shot at makin the playoffs this year....just need to win are division games and pretty much win out......

we should of picked him held him passed the titans and waived him lol that would have been funny

This tell me that the Dolphins believe that they have the offense and team in place that is ready to win now and complete for the postseason and beyond.

Their 4-3 record, 0-3 at home, 10 FGs in the last 2 games, not scoring more then 23 points in a game all year, ridiculous trouble scoring TDs period, etc. etc. paints a different picture. So who knows.

Words cannot begin to convey my dismay at the smugness and myopia of our front office.

We cannot score in a French Bordello, yet we pass on a HOFer.

FistPump thinks he's entitled to another year..........I say/hope/pray that the clock is ticking on this unimaginative bunch of FG-settling losers.

We really don't have problem moving the ball down the field. Our problem is getting it into the end zone once we are inside the 20. I feel that problem is a direct result of a poor running game, bad play calling and poor execution. The run blocking in particular has been horrible. While Moss may have been able to help open up the offense a little more he would not have been a big improvement in terms of getting us TDs in the red zone.

We don't need moss. We need execution and for henne to become a leader.

What part of Moss last few years in Minnesota, The Raider Debacle, The Patriot loafing at the end, The Minnesota Act 2 don't you get?

Go My Little Pony, Beast, Wallace, and Flatline!

Go Phins!

Ripp, that is "part" of moving the ball downfield, the red zone is part of the field...moss would draw notice down there amd open it up for BM...for those who dont see that...well, get ready for more field goals gents

What we need is a new head coach and new offensive coordinator plain and simple passing on a WR like Randy Moss for free is ridiculous. We cant score... WE are like 30th in the league in that department... 10 FG's in the last 2 games... another bad decision just like the play calling every week. Mike Nolan is the only thing worth keeping.

Forget About moss....our Offense Has The Chance To Be 10 Times Better At Any Given Point. With Out Putting In A Wavier Claim. All They Need To Do Is Get Rid Of Henning!

disaapointing big time...he wpuld have helped us score bottom line, he would have been cheap, who cares man really if he is lazy...because even a lazy moss draws defenses to cover him and open it up for our other guys...stupid, unreliable front office...im done

moss for a rental...helps open up the offense on the field

moss with respect to business...get alot of short term attention back on the dolphins and away from the HEAT

roman...explain 10 field goals in two straight games then...blame henning all you want, yes ge needs to be fired BUT moss would have helped us out for next to nothjng money wise!!! stupid ireland...i knew he didnt have the SACK!

very glad they didnt claim moss. guy is complete garbage, titans season is now over. moss is a bum

Blackcerote.....i love the krissy coments...there so imaginitive.

are you at all competent....or are you some anomoly that can write but not read or comprehend your own writing....i am no gonna explain to you what you said in your own post.

and i thought your last post was idiotic.....congrats on topping it

You know Cam Cameron is gonna have his bag o tricks full this weekend...

Fist pumpers 12
Ravens 14

ought to put the thumb out and finger up in front of your forehead cuz you are a loser.
If you had a clue about your reality you'd be dismayed too.

Republictards have been destroying this country since Reagon

Don`t understand this move...He was there for NUTHIN...

On a football note, Henning no doubt nixed this move. He hates passing the ball down the field. Go kick some more FG's Sparano.


Rarely do I agree...but..i agree...he's not garbage, but he is a bum

Mando - Isn't it true that since the Dolphins did not get Merriman that they will receive an Compensatory draft pick? Don't you think they new he wouldn't make it to them and that is why they put in the claim. Can you please do some research and inform us on the Compensatory pick the Dolphins will receive because the didn't get Merriman.

***Please note, I could be completely wrong about my post******

Good call on Moss. He does not enbody the winning philosophy the organization is trying to build. Could he have helped the team this year? Maybe. But when you sell your soul to the devil eventually it is time to pay up. That's how it is every time with Moss.

All politicians suck...Dem or Republican, and anyone who associates themselves with a GROUP

Mason, Frat Boys, Ganstas...


To all you Moss lovers...

I thought we were just one unthinkable, it could never happen, BRANDON MARSHALL from going to the Superbowl? Wasn't this the Mantra last year?

Be patient and enjoy the next few years. I'm glad to see us fielding a PHYSICAL team. We will get better this year and add some speed. Then you better look out.

Love my Phins!

did the cheatriouts not win a championship with Moss?

titans just ruined there season. he comes to miami next week and will take the place of a wr that actually would of tried against us

for those who say we dont need a moss out there on offense you must be either A) a former kicker, B) Brian Hartline, or C) a fist pumper when a 20 yd fg sails through the uprights. I must be watching a different team than the one who has kicked 10 fg's in two weeks straight. One fact people: thats the first time a kicker has done that since like 1950. hopefully we can claim Ray finkle when hes released from the Tampa mental hospital. our kicking game can always use a boost.

surprisingly, and probably for the first time in two years, I agree with the front office. not a good fit at all.

Wow.....there are some not so happy people around today! I'm not really one of them. When we've played the Patriots lately I've been more worried about Welker than Moss. I wouldn't have minded in theory but there was something they saw they didn't like and it was probably how lackadaisical he was with both the Patriots and Vikings. In his last Vikings game it was a joke and nothing a HOF should ever do! I hope someday stuff like that comes back to haunt him when he's in contention for a place in the hall. A player who plays when they want to does not belong. That is a place for the best of the best. Those guys NEVER take a play off....let alone a game.

The 'Sheeple' spoke Tuesday.

I thought Ireland would take this chance to show he was the one in control now and pick somone Parcells would not agree with.

Guess its more Sporano Fish pumps this week!

dolfan u would want miami to sign joe montana right now also. its not 1998, moss is done. hes a bum who doesnt even finish running his routes.

Are you people completely stupid? Moss would have elevated this passing game.

A peice of the puzzle that could have secured the Doolphins in the play-offs.

You know Brandon Marshall? Yea the guy who is being double teamed every game because Hartline can't catch a cold.

Now in two weeks when we stack the line to contain Johnson, Moss will beat Jason Allen for a 60 yard TD!!

We passed on Moss in the draft to get John Avery... How did that turn out?

Not to mention he has burned us for years with the Patriots.

Blame the Dolphins management for making a stupid mistake!!


Did not care one way or the other. Good and bad points, have never been a fan of the guys and watching him take plays off when he played on my team would not have been something I cared to see. Plus you forget the young WR Wallace would probably been let go to make room for Moss and I am glad that we didn't have to lose a young fast wr for a guy who admits to taking plays/games off.

Oregon fin fan


Do you watch football?

Not getting Moss is a mistake!
Never should have traded TED GINN

his ability to stretch the field is exactly what we are missing.


C'mon Man!

Go Phins!

Exactly Mando. Neither one of these guys would have made much of an impact this late in the season. BUT why did they go after a LB? Good Lord, they drafted every LB they could get their hands on, got FA Dansby and they want another LB?

The whole bunch needs drug testing

A lot of you in here really don't know what you are talking about. Moss would be a big distraction and a cancer on the chemistry of this team. Could Moss have added something to this team? Yes, but there was more risk than reward with Moss and chances are he would have imploded. We have the weapons we need on offense they just need to execute better. All it will take is for the light to turn on and they we will be on a roll. It can happen anytime. We have seen sprinkles of a dynamic offense through out the season so we know it can be done. Let it play out.

Have faith in the front office staff because they know what they are doing. Their track record proves it. They drafted Jake Long, Vontae Davis, Chad Henne, and Brian Hartline, picked up Devone Bess, Dan Carpenter and Cam Wake from the scraps, made big signings with Karlos Dansby and Brandon Marshall. We are young and on the verge of being great. Be patient.

As for playing against Moss in two weeks, why would you say he is going to light us up. Do you not recall Vontae Davis has his number and shut him out a few weeks ago. Moss is the one that has complimented Davis and told him to keep up the good work and he will be a solid corner in this league. Vontae might even shut him out again. No worries, GO DOLPHINS!!!

Moss made welker look like jerry rice

ted ginn?? hilarious he has 5 catches all year and has even been inactive for some. guy is awful

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