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Dolphins pass on Randy Moss, make no changes

It was interesting while it lasted but 4 p.m. came and went and the Dolphins decided against putting in a claim for wide receiver Randy Moss.

Interestingly, the club did put in a claim for outside linebacker Shawne Merriman.

The bottom line?

The Dolphins got neither.

The Dolphins could have had Moss if they wanted. He was available when their turn came up at No. 18 because no other team ahead of them had claimed the enigmatic wide receiver. But Miami passed also and he lands with the Tennessee Titans, who had the No. 22 slot on the waiver claim priority list.

The Dolphins had a claim in for Merriman, but didn't get him because the Buffalo Bills scooped him up with their No. 1 slot on the waiver claim priority list. It wasn't even close for Miami to get him.

What is interesting is that the Dolphins obviously decided Merriman could help them but Moss really would not. Interesting because the Miami offense seems to require more work than the defensive right now and so it could use more help.

The Dolphins will see Randy Moss for the second time this season on Nov. 14. This, by the way, marks the second time in club history the Dolphins had a good, easy opportunity to pick up Randy Moss and decided against it -- the first time being when he was drafted out of Marshall.


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All non idiots please leave the blog. We're spraying the place.

No, the Patriots did not win a Super Bowl with Moss. They did win three without him however. He behaved himself for a couple years in NE under a strong leader in an established system where he needed them more than they needed him. I think that's pretty obvious now. While we might be trying to go in that direction we're not there yet.

So it with me

Fist pump time

Ripp is your last name Henning?

jeff please come off the ledge. You talk of Moss as if he is 23 years old. He made it clear he has a lovefest for the Pats, hardly think he will play hard against them. Just like he didnt play hard last week. If its not perfect in his eye, he will take down a whole team, much like TO does. Everyone just relax. The childish rants should be replaced with healthy debates.

I agree with some of the previous posters regarding the nexuus of our offensive woes being Dan Henning's unimaginative and sometimes baffling play calling. That being said, would I have pulled the trigger on Moss, absolutely... We are talking about 150+ career TD's folks... The man can still blow by DB's...
At the very least, his presence would have opened-up some spaces in the middle of the field for Bess, Fasano, Brown, etc.

Besides, basically you would be renting him for the remainder of the season. Plus, you know he would have been on his best behavior, as he wants some more "Straight Cash Homey"...

You know before today, I thought Jeff Ireland was doing a great job, and that the problem was the coaching. Sparano and Henning with this old style run first crap, control the clock crap. They proved how great a concept that is last year when we controlled the clock for 45 minutes and still LOST to the Colts. I would rather see them both fired and replaced by Jon Gruden. Get "Chucky" in here and add some fire to the offense. But to see Ireland pass up on Moss, now I think the whole front office needs to go. I've been enduring disappointing season after disappointing season for 35 years now, and there's no doubt in my mind I'll be enduring the same disappointments for the next 35.

I love when the mentally challenged get to cursing over the internet....

you are over matched...and under witted.

If someone like YOU wants Moss then I know we made the right decision...you can't even get a written thought down with out trying to curse

your hillarious

What next Blackcerote...insult my momma......lol......

My you have big internet muscles...i had better not disagree with you.....you might beat me up....ahhhh

Thank God We Passed On The Virus!!!!

screw moss. how the pats been doing without him? How the Vikes do with him? I saw us last week go 96yrds in 6 plays. We have the right people. Just need to figure out if it is the OC or Henne.

there is a reason Brady likes him. That is true huh, no championship with Moss. Almost undefeated season though right? I think I just saw him beating the Dolphins so many times.

He is a game changer. He absolutely creates space on the field for other players.

Even Hartline knows it. By the way Hartline is not very good.

This team really could have used Moss.

it could have become a salary issue after Ireland went after Merriman. If the Dolphins picked up Marriman and Moss then the ownership could have been on the hook for more money than Ross was comfortable with.
My problem with that reasoning is Moss is 50 times more of a pick up than Merriman.

Ireland blew it.

Good for Tennessee. Now Vontae can have another easy day of it in two weeks.

merriman and moss both suck.

Hartline is fast for a white dude

exactly chris now we should beat tenn

As much as I think it was a mistake to pass on moss..... Ultimately, it won't make a difference. I think we all can agree we aren't a super bowl team as long as henning is the coordinator. Moss would have helped henning in that single coverage on him or BM would have ALLOWED henne to throw to the single coverage of one of those 2.... As it stands now the only way to get him singled is formationally which henning won't/can't do. I want to say so much more but this is a blog.... And nobody cares what I think anyway lol..... Moss woulda been an upgrade talentwise

I got a question for all the Moss lover's...and i'm being serious.


When you come to that answer you might realize why we passed....Yes he is a super talent who still has some TDs to catch...but 31 other teams believed the risk far outweighed the reward.

There is a reason for that.

Somebody once said that the greatest predictor of future actions is past performance

I agree, and so did a lot of other teams

Bet the Vikes are happy that now they don't have to pay him the 3.5 mill

Oregon, I totally concur that Merriman would have been more of a risk than Moss, in terms of a pick-up... At least everyone in the NFL (especially DB's and Safeties) can agree that Moss still has game-changing ability and impact, whereas that cannot be said about merriman...

The reason the Dolphins put in a claim for Merriman is we lack depth at outside LB. If Misi gets hurt like Odrick did we will be hurting.

Please G-d, don't make kris eat his words. He's been the main proponent of us NOT getting Randy Moss. While he may be right (about him not being a good fit here), we now have to face him AGAIN. I'd hate for Moss to have a huge showing against us and be the reason we lose to kris. If that is the case I'd have to come on here the day after a tear kris a new a**h**le. And I like the guy, don't wanna do that. So please, let Vontae take care of Moss like he did last game. Pretty please. Amen.

3 teams in one year so far. That's all that needs to be said.

This idea of stretching the field is a bunch of bull, if you have a good running game, receivers who can catch the ball, then you can win no matter how many players that are in the box, Ginn could stretch the field, how good was that for us. We don't need Randy. Bill

sorry, I meant, "be the reason we lose to Tenn."


i thought tenn would beat us next week, but that was huge when they picked up moss. now we beat them easily, one side of the field is worthless for them now. moss is the most pathetic player in the nfl. complete garbage

Alaska, HENNE, and Hartline are unproven

The other 5 guys you mention don't even come close to comparing to the BLUNDERS we've signed (Merling, Murphy, Wilford, Pat Turner/White to scratch the surface)

They lost my faith long ago

Alaska Phinatic and Martin,

Vontae shut down Moss because he had safety help in double coverage the whole game.

Watch the film buddy. Wes Welker burned us the whole game because we were so worried about containing Moss. Didn't we get stomped by the Patriots?

Sure Moss has issues.. Didnt Brandon Marshall in Denver????

The added tallent and the ability to stretch the feild, catching ability, and the way he draws coverage makes him worth the gamble.

Who do we have now that can stretch the field and catch the ball?

Come on Man yourself.


Bill, the problem with Ginn was that he could NOT catch the ball... Did you see Randy's one-handed catch vs. Revis Island? Moss can catch the ball, and he would force Safeties from crowding the box, so to speak...

bill, ur kidding, right? You gotta be, you'd never predict a Miami win!


I owe you an apology. My last comments to you were harsh and unprovoked.

I got caught up in a disagreement with another FIN fan who insulted me.

I should not have been so sarcastic with my response. Hope you read this

but marc what about dansby,marshall, carpenter, long, henne, bess, jerry, etc. mention the good if your gonna mention the bad

This is why this organization is where it is making bad decisons, when your number qne receiver say hed like to have Moss and you pass on him just bad, wait till we meet the Titans in 2 wks with Moss and Johnson they will beat us easily.

jeff marshall is young and hasnt even had his best season yet. moss quit a long time ago, dumb argument. and we got hammered by the pats cause our special teams rode the short bus to the stadium.

I responded to the good...

I stated that those handful of good players are FAR outweighed by the dozens of terrible players: Eric Green, Ayodele, Torbor, whoever that crappy safety was last year, D Thomas...

I can go on, and on, and on

Those are the same 5 or 6 players that the last guy mentioned...

well dc ive predicted all but the vikings game right so far. so i had them 3-4 at this point. but yes we should beat tenn now with worthless moss playing, just hope he starts.

Derrick, Isn't it the coaching staff's job to manage their players? If Sparano and company can't handle the diva ways of a Randy Moss, then they should look for work elsewhere...

what u think moss would have said about the cuban food being served

See ya in 2 weeks suckers....

There's a reason why 21 teams elected not to take Moss. We don't need that drama. If we can drive 70 yards down the field, stretching the field is not a problem. It's just red zone execution, and we can fix that. If he wasn't happy with Brett Favre, and he left Tom Brady, I doubt Chad Henne could satisfy Moss. Think about it people...

yes marc but u are bringing up guys who basically cost us nothing there. if u want to mention bad ones that are on par with the good ones i mentioned then read here: grove, wilson, wilford, guys like that.

Then I don't blame the team for the record bill, I blame YOU (for not picking 'em right).

And don't worry, have you SEEN Tenn's staring WR (I think Nate Washington is their #1 now that what's his name is hurt). Moss is starting.


You really believe that? There is no reasoning with you Bill.

Sure special teams blew. Watch the game buddy and get educated.

Blob you hit the nail on the head.

and marc im not defending them. im one of the few in here who want a new staff next year. but u have to mention both good and bad in any argument.

These are the same numb-skulls that thought Mike Vick wasn't worth a go for nothing but Pat White was worth a second round pick.

This is Drew Brees and Anquan Boldin all over again! Only the Dolphins would pass on the opportunity to get one of the best players in the league not once but twice and that ingenious strategy has netted a total of 2 playoff appearances in the last 10 years(losing in the first round both times).

Way to go. This is what happens when your GM gets his degree from the University of Phoenix

Having Randy Moss would be like having a corvette on your team but it has a restrict or on it that wont go over 55mph, The Restrictor being Dan(Dead since 1964)Henning. How many times has Henne thrown longer then 20 yds down field?????

you know who should be pissed off right now?
Brandon Marshall.
having Moss on the field would have not allowed teams to bracket him off.

And Is ronnie brown hurt or something? whats wrong with that guy?

guess your right jeff, we lead 7-6 at half then they return a kick and block a kick for tds. welker was huge on those 2 plays, just killed us cause we had 5 players blocking moss on the punt try.

Umm, Ayodele and Torbor were BOTH expensive, as was Wilford...

It doesn't really matter, my point is that overall the staffing has been POOR at best.

Long was a gimme, VD was a good move, Polite, Bess, OK, that's my list

Signing Marshall and Dansby was a huge shock and a step in the right direction, but, they had tons of opportunities to do that since they arrived:

D. HALL...

Titans threw it out early that thay were puting a claim in for Moss. I wonder if this was ploy to get him so the dolphins didn't fear him going to the Patritos thus not putting in a claim?

Forget about moss we should be worried about rice, boldin, heap, mason, etc etc.... The ravens are loaded. This is gonna be a tough game for our defense and our offense needs to step it up.
Henne please no interceptions. It seems like when we need henne to win games he goes into a INT throwing frenzy.

Does Moss like banjo music?

If the team can execute plays for 70 or 80 yards, but suddenly can't execute inside the 20 yard line, is not so much a reflection on the players, as it is the OC Henning...

I just don't see how bringing in a proven red-zone stud in Moss (150+ TD's) would make "executing" plays inside the 20 any worse than it already is...

Throw S Holmes in the mix with Boldin good job...

Don't worry, they will claim the next WR that Dallas waives. They've been patiently waiting for another Dallas cast off to grace this team ever since they cut Bobby Carpenter.


I guess I should have been careful what I wished for.

But to be serious....I believe he was 100% wrong for this team...I thought the best fit for hm was in a Redskins Uniform because Donavan throws a nice deep ball....Henne does not at this point of his career. Neith does Vince Young... Look for Kerry Collins to do anything to get back in to the staring line up soon...thats my prediction

Smart move, (or lack thereof) by Sporano and Ireland. Why? A. No matter how talented Moss might be you never know if or when he'll "feel like" playing. B. It may not be everything but chemistry in certainly something. And his attitude is not one that promotes team unity, i.e. chemistry. And C. We already have - arguably - the best receiver in the NFL but we never throw the ball down field to him. So let's try tossing the little brown thingy to Marshal fist and see how that goes!

this story is dead. we didnt get him so cry me river. on to the Ravens. and how we gonna beat them.

I am a 30 year dolphin fan. I have seen signs of life out of this franchise for the first time in eight years. We should be 5-2 right now if it were not for steratore and the pittsburgh three, instead we are fighting for our playoff lives and allowed arguably the most talented wide receiver in the history of the game to a team we are playing in two weeks and fighting with for a playoff spot everytime I think we are moving in the right direction we prove that we are still the miami dolphins. Can the front office for once in my life show the dolfan that we are as serious about winning as a steeler fan, patriot fan or even a f'in jet fan for that matter. this move put us a lil closer to bowl contention now the titans are a bit closer......thanks again ireland. f_ _ _'_ p _ _ _ k

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