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Dolphins pass on Randy Moss, make no changes

It was interesting while it lasted but 4 p.m. came and went and the Dolphins decided against putting in a claim for wide receiver Randy Moss.

Interestingly, the club did put in a claim for outside linebacker Shawne Merriman.

The bottom line?

The Dolphins got neither.

The Dolphins could have had Moss if they wanted. He was available when their turn came up at No. 18 because no other team ahead of them had claimed the enigmatic wide receiver. But Miami passed also and he lands with the Tennessee Titans, who had the No. 22 slot on the waiver claim priority list.

The Dolphins had a claim in for Merriman, but didn't get him because the Buffalo Bills scooped him up with their No. 1 slot on the waiver claim priority list. It wasn't even close for Miami to get him.

What is interesting is that the Dolphins obviously decided Merriman could help them but Moss really would not. Interesting because the Miami offense seems to require more work than the defensive right now and so it could use more help.

The Dolphins will see Randy Moss for the second time this season on Nov. 14. This, by the way, marks the second time in club history the Dolphins had a good, easy opportunity to pick up Randy Moss and decided against it -- the first time being when he was drafted out of Marshall.


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yes kris even better. the titans wont even make the playoffs now.

Posted by: bill_cnnrs@yahoo.com

That's pretty funny Bill. You must be a comedian.

Watch the film! Double coverage Welker wide open.

I am not arguing the fact that our special teams blew.. I am sure that's why they fired the coach.

Go watch the game again.

You people should think before commenting. Miami is very close to being an elite team. If it wasn't for a special teams implosion and a controversial call they wouldn't be 4-3. All they need to do is execute in the red zone and that's really it. Special teams is no longer a problem, offense can move the ball, and defense has been great thus far. They don't need Moss. 3 teams in one year?

Cam Cameron is gonna school Mike Nolan

i cant jeff, ill throw up again

what about smiley, berger and the greatest 6 round pick ever donald thomas.

We have missed more than we hit on free agents.
Marshall and Dansby were proven talents.

the one i can give them credit for is Wake who they did jump on.

cam cameron, hilarious. that guy is a clown.

OMG...If I hear one more person say we're CLOSE to being ELITE I'm going to puke...

Do you guy OBJECTIVELY watch the games?


I'm done...Till next time

Dont get it. Put in a claim for a basket with only one great season. Then not put in a claim for a basket case with hof credentials.

I wasnt for keeping Moss, just as a half season rental until the offseason. Obviously Hartline has neither great enough skill nor speed to consistently be a deep threat.

Also having Moss and still not scoring td's would more than seal Henning's fate. Is this Jeff Ireland's last ditch attempt to save Henning's job?

blob our special teams are still a problem. we cant get a kick return ever passed the 30

Sonny Burnett

We did throw the ball deep to him last game in tripple coverage and it was picked off.

Anyone want to argue that one?


Right on Cuban. Whether we have Moss,Owens, Vincent Jackson or Andre Johnson,this offense still wont do anything because of the playcalling. Does anyone really think that if we were to bring in Moss,our offensive philosophy would change from a 'play not to lose' approach to a 'play to win' approach?

Absolutely not...

Happy Birthday Mando... be on the lookout, im sending you some new sources!!!

Sorry Fellas!

I was at my neighbors house. She wanted to use my Shake Weight. "as seen on TV".

Jeff and the rest of you...

This team is rebuilding! Marshall is young that is why they pulled the trigger. Add Dansby to that as well. We are not at the final piece of the puzzle stage yet. That is what Moss is, along with being a great but volatile personality. Not a good fit.

Go Phins!

Once again, dolphins falls asleep at the wheel and the Titans claim Randy Moss..... another great player that slips by..... WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS GM?????.... Randy Moss, might be a diva.... but he is a great player no doubt.....!!!!! so Dolphins prefer to stay with their "MODEL TYPE PLAYERS" specially at WR and keep watching 7-10 balls dropped every single game then blame it on Henne the QB..... DOLPHINS = MEDIOCRE TEAM, MEDIOCRE PLAYERS, MEDIOCRE RESULTS..... SINCE 1985 this team has been MEDIOCRE....... !!!

Once again, dolphins falls asleep at the wheel and the Titans claim Randy Moss..... another great player that slips by..... WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS GM?????.... Randy Moss, might be a diva.... but he is a great player no doubt.....!!!!! so Dolphins prefer to stay with their "MODEL TYPE PLAYERS" specially at WR and keep watching 7-10 balls dropped every single game then blame it on Henne the QB..... DOLPHINS = MEDIOCRE TEAM, MEDIOCRE PLAYERS, MEDIOCRE RESULTS..... SINCE 1985 this team has been MEDIOCRE....... !!!

no jeff, no way your right welker and his 70 yards killed us. your right man, i surrender

LLOL!! im just happy we got a 5th for ginn!!! marlon moore will be stretching the field for us this week and stretching that ravens D up so ronny and ricky can go off and beast can eat up his single coverage!!

Shake Weight? lol

Hope she was hot!

We still should have gone after Moss.

Marshall would have been a beast.

Blob, exactly my point... You are a talented team on the verge of making a run toward the playoffs, who needs a little extra help conerting plays near the end zone, and you pass on HOF reciever who is a huge target around the goal line... Another myopic decision by a group of cowardly coaches... You have to take calcualated risks in this league to succeed... Bellechick did, and Moss produced for 3 years... We could have had that kind of production for our Playoff run...

hey bill,
why are you complaining about kick returns
awful ted ginn beat the jets twice last year.

i bet you cheered him when he returned 2 to the house in newyork. he also had like 4 called back that season on stupid penalties

Marlon Moore has been inactive the last 2 weeks...

it will be funny to see moss and young torch the dolphins d next week. then they will be saying damn we should have claimed him. another blunder by the dolphins front office.


Hey first downs move the chains.

Dude just watch the game. Seriously.

By the way.... Randy Moss, worst year in the league is probably better than any stats our receivers have put up in the last 10 years........ dolphins GM you blew it again!!!... how many great players are we going to let slip by??????

Not to split hairs but the pass into triple coverage that was picked was intended for Hartline unless Henne overthrew it by 10 yards.

one more question for the Moss Lover's


I mean he must have one a SB or 2 since we FIN FANS JUST HAVE TO HAVE HIM....Apperantly he is a good luck charm that must win SBs everwhere he goes.


Reality check people.....Live in the now...not fantasy land


im gonna go with Titans ill hold you to that. lmao

this story is dead. we didnt get him so cry me river. on to the Ravens. and how we gonna beat them.

Posted by: phil76 | November 03, 2010 at 05:37 PM

Phil, Another 5 FGs and maybe a short TD run is my guess...

Those guys can be had, even with Mr. Cameron's "hat full of tricks".


How many Super Bowls did Dan Marino win???

Oh he must have been worthless too.


Go smoke one.

lp ginn had a great return game vs jets. the other 30 or so games for us he was horrible. that guy wont even be in the league in a couple years

Marshall faced several "triple teams" against Cincy in redzone Sunday. Even the game announcers said as much. Teams are beginning to have absolute zero fear Hartline will beat them.

Plus, I believe the possibility exists they have instructed Henne not to throw the ball if the wr's dont have at least a full step and half or more of separation. If true, they are taking a rocket armed qb and virtually turning him into Chad P.

he doesn't have to take the dolphins to the superbowl. a fu@#ing playoff appearance would be nice. i guess all these dolphins fans don't mind that the dolphins are sitting at home year after year watching the playoffs at home!

u mean intended for marshall ? cuz he was underneath hartline

yes jeff, we should be 6-1 also then cause thats exactly what bess always does.

I say bad move.............Obviously randy thrived and liked a Parcells/belicheck type of system. Obviously we have nobody to stretch a defense. This could have been interesting. ireland fails again.


This guy knows what he is talking about!!!

Tropple coverage on Marshall is why Henne was picked.

And you all don't think Marshall would have taken some of that coverage away?


joey moss had a year with 42 catches 550 yards 3 tds. marshall has done that in a couple weeks with denver

Hey guys!

Lets call a truce for a minute?

We all need to do pull out or "SHAKE WEIGHT" and do some reps in preparation for this weekends FIST PUMPS!

Go Phins!

Hartline or Moss...? hmmm... Lets see... I'll take the one that is not going to be in the Hall of Fame...

This guy knows what he is talking about!!!

Tripple coverage on Marshall is why Henne was picked.

And you all don't think Moss would have taken some of that coverage away?


well i saw some positives with the playcalling . they took more shots to the endzone and with marshall throwing shorter passes like the bubble screen .. would like to see more slants tho

your right jeff!! everyone we should sign marino also!!!!!!


Read my many post on Marino...with every year and every broken record he is diminished.

Dan Marino will soon turn into the person whose records he broke....


It was Dan Fouts.....Google him


I meant before this year...BEFORE...lol

watch it kris, those fighting words. marino IS the man.

if hartline can make the man miss on 1 on 1 coverage it would loosen up on marshall

Looked it up last night. Hartline ran solid 4.5' and under 4.5 fourties at the rookie combine. Thoes are legit #2wr fourty times folks.

What this suggests to me is it isnt so much Hartline cant get deep. It's suggests to me Henne may be ordered not to throw the ball unless he sees at least a step and a half of separation.

Dan Marino would never have had his record breaking 1984 season under Henne and this regime. Hartline's actually faster than Marshall. Marshall ran consistent 4.6 fourties at his rookie combine.

Any way like many have said....Moss is old news....

THE RAVENS think we are soft....the radio guys up here believe they will beat us by "double digits"

Please Miami...make my ride to work enjoyable Monday!

Hartline or Moss...? Hmmm. lets see I'll take the one with 12 career TD's instaed of the one with over 150 career TD's...

Jeff Ireland you are a genius...


Really so only the good players in the league are the ones who have won the Super Bowl?

Really dude?

Man, are there any free agents on the wire that have played on a super bowl team??? Let's get them before we lose out.

Done with you.

hartline doesnt even start. whats he have to do with this. bess starts now

Here are 3 reasons the Fins can beat the Ravens Sunday...

1) The Buffalo Bills took the Ravens to OT after scoring 30 points on them 2 weeks ago. The Ravens secondary is'nt that good (apart from Reed)

2) The Ravens are coming off a bye week so they could come out very rusty. Do we all remember how the Jets played against the Packers after having a bye week? They were dreadful and this after experts said the Jets were the best team in the NFL

3) The Dolphins are unbeaten away from home

well ive predicted all but one game right so far with miami. and sadly i see baltimore beating us 23-13

Randy Moss >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Brian Hartline. Enough said.

Alaska please dont get me started on the front office. Dan Carpenter and Brian Hartline are claims to fame? Give me a break... if this is the glory of our front office then they need there walkin papers. We are middle of the road every year. You dont take chances you dont have great rewards. Moss is a gamble but with a tremendous upside and what a tandom that could have possible been. Whats the downside? Cut him? THERE IS NO RISK WE LOSE NOTHING... this is a bonehead move... our front office is stuck in the 80's. They draft the entire senior bowl and think they hit the jackpot. Ross is going to fire this crew in a year just wait and see.

Mr. Hartline has to learn that a ball within 3 feet of him, he has to catch.

Yeah, we go to Bmore this week for another FG delight game...good call cuban, you are correct my friend.
Tony and Jeff must be completely happy with the WR's group we have already. Sure BM and Bess are good, but since other teams dont even bother to really cover Flatline then BM and Bess get the double, tripple zone coverage...that leads to FG's. Ive heard our coaches say they were hapoy with our current group of WR's last year, obviously Ireland amd Tony "Lack the Sack" to go get something cheap for half a season to compete with the rest of the afc. Headaches, Lazyness, bad attitide, whatever he brought with him would have ballanced out with TD's for BM and Bess period. All you haters get ready for another FG fest sunday in Bmore! All the comments made about how moss sucks, what are the Patty's doing without him...well the freakin Patty's have Brady..nuff said. Minn sucks through and through..nuff said. He would have helped but its too late now. Marshall even wanted him...so bill and the other moss bashers out there, stay happy with our field goals...I want miami to win NOW, not later, now...and moss wpuld have given us that even while we still have terrible henning and company...stupid move

Brian Hartline is right... this was the GREATEST decision the Dolphins couldve made at this time...

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