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Dolphins pass on Randy Moss, make no changes

It was interesting while it lasted but 4 p.m. came and went and the Dolphins decided against putting in a claim for wide receiver Randy Moss.

Interestingly, the club did put in a claim for outside linebacker Shawne Merriman.

The bottom line?

The Dolphins got neither.

The Dolphins could have had Moss if they wanted. He was available when their turn came up at No. 18 because no other team ahead of them had claimed the enigmatic wide receiver. But Miami passed also and he lands with the Tennessee Titans, who had the No. 22 slot on the waiver claim priority list.

The Dolphins had a claim in for Merriman, but didn't get him because the Buffalo Bills scooped him up with their No. 1 slot on the waiver claim priority list. It wasn't even close for Miami to get him.

What is interesting is that the Dolphins obviously decided Merriman could help them but Moss really would not. Interesting because the Miami offense seems to require more work than the defensive right now and so it could use more help.

The Dolphins will see Randy Moss for the second time this season on Nov. 14. This, by the way, marks the second time in club history the Dolphins had a good, easy opportunity to pick up Randy Moss and decided against it -- the first time being when he was drafted out of Marshall.


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big mistake 4 the dolphins,as u will see against the better offensive teams out there,will outscore them everytime,dan carpenter will b trying 2 kick field goals all ur long just 2 win,field goals dont win playoff games or superbowls,unless pittsburgh or ravens,who have great defence,gut atleast dan carpenter will make the probowl,n we still have the miami heat

Bill - Bess would be the Slot reciever if Moss had have been picked-up on Waivers, his natural position... Moss could have opened up the field for him ala Percy Harvin, and taken away some of the double coverage Marshall was dealing with... Bess is starting because Hartline sucks...

Henne needs to step it up. Manning and brady are always changing plays exploiting matchups no matter who is on the field.

I never thought i would use this term but Henne lacks a considerable amount of SWAGGER at this point in his career

Happy Birthday Mando!

Moss would have been a great addition, anyone who doesnt think so is a moron or playnig it off!

Hey Mark...your point number 1 there...buff took them to OT because they can score TD's in the red zone man, we cant


Not even Las Vegas would buy that "double digit".

I know Bill...I know.

Thats the problem on here and with Dolphins Nation in general.

We have been living off of Marino's records to long...We got fat and happy of of dem records.

We forgot in this league you are judged by SBs not passing yardage.

Kris are you in middle school?

The way we beat Baltimore is through the air. They aren't getting a lot of pressure on the QB this year and our line pass blocks well. They have been vulnerable to mid range passes and against Buffalo got burned deep. Doubt we'll be able to run it effectively early on. Defensively we need to hold them to field goals. This game should actually play right into Henning's philosophy of keeping it close with a chance to win in the 4th quarter. If it comes down to a game of field goals I like our chances.

Which is better:

1. Having a $3.5 million dollar decoy that can still place the fear of God into DC's.


2. A $47 million dollar decoy whose now facing up to occasional "tripleteams".

Moss definitely would have forced coveraged on Marshall to loosen up. Teams would have been forced into 2 deep safety coverage. Meaning the ss is forced out of the box too helping open up the run game a little more.

I am out of here. Write all you want on me Tards.

Dolphins shouldn't have passed on Moss.

We will see what happens after the Titans game and I will be back on the blog to see what you have to say.

miami needed some1 like moss n we know that,all the others are just hoping we can score a touchdown with the lack of spead we have at wr,4-3 is enough games 2 show what we are made of,n we cant score in the redzone period

wasnt marinos fault. dude never had an even decent rb. and defense was awful most of the time


how many hail marys and our fathers did hartline go through today???

Guys, Be glad that the mighty-air breathers did'nt get Moss, In 3 weeks we'd be still B!chin about Dan(Zombie)Henning...(Then again, I'am sure we'll still be B!ching about the dead man for the rest of the season)....

moss averaged 2.5 catches this year, his longest pass was 10 yards. guy is worthless cancer.


You can be dismissive and "done with me" your humble servant...lol

Who cares about great players.....Its about great teams, no coach, owner, GM starts the season without ONE GOAL IN MIND....THE SB...NOT RECORDS.

You really show your ignorance of the game...but at least you show your love for Marino

Let me guess....your 50-60 years old....wtached Marino in your 30's and you and still pul out the VCR highlight tapes on Sunday's during the off-season.

You sir are content with being MEDIOCRE....and THAT is eveythin wrong with the dolphins now.

Now, I will be gone.....MASA...lol

marlon moore will be active this week! speed burner!!!

CALM DOWN My Fellow Fin Fans!!!
Moss Is Gone! but will be in Miami in two weeks...where Carpenter would get his First Home Win!(FistPump).
Baltimore do not scare me.
The Dolphins Pull it off:
Ravens-20///// Carpenter-26////

Its never pretty but still......

Hartline or Moss...? Hmmm, I'll take the one who doesn't burn pass the leagues most elite DB and make a one-handed grab for a TD... Yep, let's stick with the one who can't catch the ball... Let's just play it safe... We don't really want to have to earn our paychecks and actually manage a player with a challenging personality do we? No, because then we would have to be Coaches... That is just way too scary... Let's let a real coach handle this instead? Is Jeff Fisher around...?

Shut up! Flatline!

I thought you were going to be the next Ed Mc Cafree!

Stick your Mohawk in the Ridell and make a play fool!

Go Phins!

So whats the over under on Dan Carpenter field goals this week?

noah neither of those guys do that

Dont worry Noah, Offensive Line Coach Sparano will be gonzo in a year.

Jason, Gonna go with 4 this week.....

So everyone was whining that Marshall wouldn't have enough time to develop chemistry with Henne before the season because he only participated in training camp but no offseason work. But Moss is going to come in during week 8 and immediately pick up the offense and chemistry with our QB?

I couldn't be happier that they didn't sign Moss. The guy was released and traded by two of the best front offices in the game yet somehow some fans believe it was a mistake for us not to pick him up. Plain and simple, the guy is a cancer and has barely contributed to his teams success in the past two seasons. F**k him and f**k anyone who says not signing him will come back to haunt us because you're obviuosly a complete moron.

Hey Jeff, don't wait until after the Titans game check it out. I'm predicting right now that Moss will be a non-factor. So when that happens please come back and apologize for being so wrong.

Wallace.....young but not fast. He is quick. Passing on Moss was stupid as we continue to field the slowest offense in the league with no threat of the big play from the rb...te or wr position. How many teams can actually say that?? We don't have a wr or rb on this team that runs under a 4.5 forty. You can be physical all you want but you must have speed on offense to create the big play...we bore and snore our way up the field and bog down in the red zone. Fins don't get a sheet about winning...we get smashed by the Ravens on Sunday.

Too bad this isnt the NBA because the best 3pt shooter in either league does live in Miami. Both fortunately and unfortunately for us he plays for the Miami Dolphins.

If Dan Carpenter played for the Heat they would definitely finish thier season 84-1. They would love to have a 3pt expert of Carpenter's caliber.

Jason, I hope so... Because I am really tiring of this mindset of settling for mediocrity, let's bring in a new GM and Coaching Staff. And, let's find an offensive coordinator whose play calling is not so predictable...

Phins 78


That was dumb by the Dolphins not getting Randy Moss. We need to get rid of Henning this offensive Coordinator SUCKS and continously his calls are to conservative.This dumb ASS doesnt use the screen pass enough when teams blitz. He should coach crickett not Football.When you have backs like Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown use the screen pass its only been around for a 100 years.Our GM Randy Muller Sucks to, how the Hell did he get this job anyway.Ive forgotten more then both these coaches combined.

I wonder if the Fins dont make any Noise come Play-off time,How POd Jeffery(Hollywood)Ross will be after acquiring Dansby and Marshall???, Or will he be thrilled that he got the Geico Caveman to show up on the Orange carpet for the Pats game??? These are things that make me worried....

Dolphins made the right choice in not claiming Moss... released by two teams in a month's time tells me he's bad for team chemistry. Money will be better spent elsewhere.

Randy Muller???

THIS JUST IN::::-Moss agent Calls and gives him the news about going to Tennessee.
Moss, who was eating at a Local Resturant throws Food everywhere while yelling "I Love Brady and the Patriots"!!!! again Screaming," Im Out"!!!....lol

Noah, I completely agree. Mike Nolan was the only thing this org has done right. everything else sucks right now. Bring in an offensive genius and keep Nolan as the defensive coordinator. We can only hope that Ross makes changes.


Somebody who watches more football than just the ESPN highlights fed to us!



LOL At Breeds 6:20post.....

ESPN reported that Randy Moss has averaged 46 yards or less for the last 16 games. Also added there is no stat yet for STRETCHING the field?

F that fool!

Go Phins!

If Dolphin Nation wants something to be P I S S E D about be P I S S E D about passing on Dez Bryant...He is as advertised and to young to blow a team up....we could have gotten 3-4 years of production out of him before he went of the deep end...


Until Moss learns your offense you just tell him to run deep and even the dumbest DC in the league has to respect that. Either they play 2 deep safety or pull the safety they now have over top of Marshall on Moss.

You absolutely have to throw deep to Marshall then because his chances of coming down with ball deep on one on one coverage is much better than the corner's. 2 deep safety coverage forces the ss out of the box in the run game. Opening up the R&R Express a little more.

Miami currently has no #2 wr demanding that kind of respect. In fact teams are beginning to respect our #2 wr position so little, in the Cincy game they even began triple covering Marshall on some occasions and we still couldnt score td's.

Armando is dreaming of Dan Henning?


Go Phins!


Great nonmove by Fins pass on egomaniac jerk Moss, cancer in lockeroom. They are fine at WR just got to get more and more in synch and open things up a little. They will beat titans and Davis will shut down Moss, write it down!! Nice pick up to grap Ness, he will be solid backup for poss. next several yrs.


Moss; "Tom I love the way you do my cornrows, so tight and evenly spaced"

Tom; "Shhh don't talk, don't say a word I wan't to remember you just like this"
Moss; "Brett will never be you all GQ and chisled"

Tom; Shhh...

Go Phins!

Oregon Dolphin fan,

Anyone that uses or makes up a term like "Republictards" is either too young or too mentally challenged to understand Politics so I wont even bother. This is a football blog and the only reason I even called you out in the first place was because your opinion about anything other then football doesn't belong here. Now run along young one.

If you want to make a run at the Superbowl this year, you acquire Moss from waivers... 150+ TD's, Huge Red-Zone Target, Future HOF'er, Can still burn the leagues best DB's...

He can actually catch the ball (unlike Hartline), and needs to be on his best behavior or he won't be seeing any more of that "Straight Cash, Homey"...

Well, anyway it just reaffirms my lack of confidence in the Fins front office. I'll be watching in a few weeks when Moss is celebrating in our endzone, after burning our secondary...

Way to go Ireland...

If you do not have confidence in your coaches to handle a personality like Moss, why are they here? Why are you paying them? That is their JOB, to manage players... This is the NFL, it is a business... That is why Chilly will be gone in Minnesota... Players do not respect coaches who cannot handle big personalities, and those type of coaches do not last very long in this league...

Wake-up Mr. Ross... It is time for some house cleaning...

LoL @ martin...
(all GQ and chisled)lol

Aloco, The food in Nashville is quite good, It's gotta be better then in Minnesota where there state fish is so disgusting I would'nt even feed it to a starving Cat, It's called "Lutta Fisk", Google it if you want(Just dont order it)...

cuban, is that what moss said at the resturant?

Dan Henne is saving his best offensive play for last. Thats one where he leaves Miami and ALL Dolphin fans cheer his greatest offensive move in 3 seasons!


just think....in a couple years the only time we will have to hear about this idiot is when he either beats up his girlfriend,overdoses or commits some other violent crime that you know he is gonna do!

LOL at Martin... (Though your description is a little to much for a straight man to make)(Though there's nothing wrong with that) We'll pertain this blog is like the Military, Don't ask, dont tell........

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