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Dolphins pass on Randy Moss, make no changes

It was interesting while it lasted but 4 p.m. came and went and the Dolphins decided against putting in a claim for wide receiver Randy Moss.

Interestingly, the club did put in a claim for outside linebacker Shawne Merriman.

The bottom line?

The Dolphins got neither.

The Dolphins could have had Moss if they wanted. He was available when their turn came up at No. 18 because no other team ahead of them had claimed the enigmatic wide receiver. But Miami passed also and he lands with the Tennessee Titans, who had the No. 22 slot on the waiver claim priority list.

The Dolphins had a claim in for Merriman, but didn't get him because the Buffalo Bills scooped him up with their No. 1 slot on the waiver claim priority list. It wasn't even close for Miami to get him.

What is interesting is that the Dolphins obviously decided Merriman could help them but Moss really would not. Interesting because the Miami offense seems to require more work than the defensive right now and so it could use more help.

The Dolphins will see Randy Moss for the second time this season on Nov. 14. This, by the way, marks the second time in club history the Dolphins had a good, easy opportunity to pick up Randy Moss and decided against it -- the first time being when he was drafted out of Marshall.


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Dan Henne is saving his best offensive play for last. Thats one where he leaves Miami and ALL Dolphin fans cheer his greatest offensive move in 3 seasons!

Posted by: DyingBreed | November 03, 2010 at 06:41 PM



Unfortunately the cancer that is Dan Henning still remains at the helm, talking down to the media and 'joe' fan. We should have landed Moss but Henning would still waste him. Like another poster noted I was partially hoping for Moss to speed the departure of Henning.
Kris you are right about Dez. Ordick could be very good for the Dolphin D line but Dez is a game changer.
The fact remains, BM is diminished by not having any threat whatsoever on the other side. Hartline is a bust. Teams will continue to pack the box and triple BM the rest of the way. Henne will be blamed by fans. Fist pump will blame the players and the Dolphins will be unable to consistently beat good teams. FG's equal losing to upper echelon teams. Always has and always will.
Out here in Oregon we have a coach with some vision and balls named Chip Kelly. Oregon plays fast and strikes fear in opposing teams. Defensive coordinators take the week off facing the Dolphins.

PFT announced that waived defensive back Nate Ness (Seahawks) has just been picked up by Dolphins. Anyone know who he is?

LAPhinPhan, he's just another no body like sapp .

PFT announced that waived defensive back Nate Ness (Seahawks) has just been picked up by Dolphins. Anyone know who he is?

Posted by: LAPhinsPhan | November 03, 2010 at 06:46 PM

He must have played for the Cowboys during the last 4 years..

LOL Dying... Henne's play calling is archaic at best... We need an innovator, a Bill Walsh type of thinker...

At least someone who can create plays to get the ball to Brandon Marshall... He is so under utilized in this offense...

ALoco: That's what figured - practice squad material.

Noah, The one thing that Henning has with Bill Walsh is there currently dead.......

Boy you guys really know your team well. F***ing kidding me? You don't know who Nate Ness is? WOW? So this really is just a chat blog. I'm out.

Cuban...that was wrong...funny, but still wrong

Lastly,,,,before I go,,,,, IT'S DAN HENNING, IT'S CHAD HENNE! One is our QB and one is the moron who calls the offensive plays. I'll leave up to you intelligent Phins fans to figure out which is which. Sheesh.

palmface loser,

You must be a republitard. Do yourself a favor, break open some Noam Chomsky and get a clue about your world. Delusional low information voters like you are what is wrong with this country.

So there you had to just pick it up again huh!

On a football note, fortunately I have Carpenter on my fantasy team. Perhaps the Dolphin O-line will be able to control the line of scrimmage and the Dolphins will pull out a one point 4th quarter win. Dolphins win 15-14. Go Dolphins!

Bill walsh can STILL call a better game today the Dan(DOA)Henning could...

Maybe we should try Ness out at WR, let's bring him back again, couldn't hurt...

It sounds like a move that Ireland might make...

Dolphins.com reports that Nate Ness was in the Dolphins practice squad in 2009. He was also with the Seahawks, Jets, and Browns.

He actually played pretty well in some of the preseason games, for a while there I thought he might stick with the team...

I think Carpenter is worth 3 FIST PUMPS on Sunday and to kill the Moss talk Henning blows the dust off of his better playbooks, Henne throws for 3 TDs and we win in a blow out...30-10

WHY NOT US!!!!!!

hey y'all hear, im going back to NE baby,.........wait a minute isnt tennessee in NE???WTF, ah SH#% man, i miss them guys so much, i miss me some tom brady man hugs and some bill belecheck, man im dedicated my first TD to the organization of NE...Y'all feelin me there, For sure*************Im outs people

Anyway, if Carpenter is our most potent offensive weapon, we should be worried...

Moss would have helped...

Kris, You gotta be from California, I hear Marijuana is legal there is That true??...LOL

Moss; "Tom could you do my cornrows in that lightning bolt pattern'?

Tom; "Sure Randy but you have to promise to shave, you look like a Wino"

Moss; "Do you think The Hoodie likes me"?

Tom; Sure he does, especially when you put your hand up like a mailbox when you get open"

Moss; "Thanks Tom, you are dreamy"

Welker; " I'm a slot receiver"!

All three; (Loud Belly Laugh) Slot! ha ha Receiver! ha ha ha ha!

The End!

Go Phins!

Only way henne gets three TDS is if DAN Henning chokes on his cookies before drinking his milk at halftime*

Moss; "Hey Tom, I brought you a gift"

Tom; "You did"?..."Can I have it'?

Moss; 'Yes, but you have to promise to use it"

Tom; Ok! "Awseome, my very own Shake Weight'!

Moss; "Yeah Tom, could you go over there in the light and demonstrate it for me"? Yeah that's nice...yeah...nice

Go Phins!

Mark in Toronto,

I've read a few places that Minnesota is considered the BEST pick in the Survivor pool this weekend. Have you already used them? Others ranked well are Atlanta, Baltimore and Oakland. Just wanted to share that with you. You might also be safe taking the Jets too but I didn't see them listed and the one guy I read says to NEVER take a road team. There you go.....good luck!!

"I'm dizzy here cause all the Gayness"

Will Farrell

Go Phins!

So, let me get this right, we pass on Moss... Yet, we can't seem to get the ball in the end zone... And, recently our most potent offensive weapon is our FG Kicker...

So we pass on a future HOF'er, who has over 150+ TD's, and is a huge target in the end zone... What does that say about our orginazation? Other than Henning is afraid of being exposed for the fraud that he is, and that our coaching staff doesn't have the cajones to handle a Diva reciever, and that they must be happy with mediocrity...

Sure makes me want to purchase tickets...

I think I will go see a Heat game instead, where I know the organization is not satisfied with being anything less than a CHAMPION...

"Shake and bake"............


I agree with you, I would have taken a chance on Moss. But before you crucify the organization and everyone in involved with it, understand there were 22 other teams that passed on Moss and some of them needed him just as much as us (see the Chargers, Rams and Seahawks). There must be something to this guy and all the problems he causes. Let's see how happy the Titans are when it's all said and done.

Seriously, Mr. Ross can open-up 50 night clubs in the stadium, invite J LO, Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan, and Ghandi for all I care...

If your not committed to winning, eventually everyone will see right through the glitz and glamour, and lose interest...

Give me Joe Robbie, Don Shula, Dan Marino...

Gee, I might even settle for Jimmy Johnson right about now... At least he wasn't afraid to take a few risks...

Go Heat !!!

I mean the man went on "Survivor"....

Point taken Craig, in terms of Moss and his combustibility in the locker room, as well as with food servers as of late...

I just think you have to have confidence in your coaches to handle a Diva like Moss... That is what they get paid to do.. The best coaches in this league don't back away from challenges like this, they embrace them...

Because they know the potential risk, is worth the reward...

And that, people, is why this will remain a mediocre team.

Bring in:

Eric Green

— very little impact and gone - for MILLIONS.

Pass on Moss for very little money ($2 mill) and potentially a huge impact and no loss if he isn’t. Good Lord! We fans had best grab the vaseline and our ankles.

As long as the Fins hire a good caterer, I think Moss would have been happy here...

Damm some of you so called fans actually reading what your writing.. That was the stupiest thing i have ever seen passing on moss. So moss taking double teams marshall going deep and hartline and bess over the middle for the rest of the yr.. Are you all serious saying that was a good move..Really. Now picture that and ricky and ronnie in the back field.. WOW holly crap.. Well sorry mando happy bday anyway.. TAke the rest of the day off and enjoy your bday, Beacuse i think the dolphins coaching staff have made enough dumb ass mistakes for one day..

Right now Jeff Fisher is giddy with excitement, thinking of how other teams will have to deal with a vertical threat like Moss, thinking of how Moss can open-up the middle of the field for his TE, Slot Reciever, etc., thinking of how Chris Johnson is going to exploit the middle of the field...

Imagine the damage BMarsh, Bess, Ricky, and Ronnie could have done...

There is a reason 22 teams passed on him. If you dont see that them you are as stupid as Childress

we got nate ness back

"I love every Helmet in that Locker Room"

Randy Moss

Interviewing himself after the last Viking's loss to the Patriots


Go Phins!

ted ginn got hurt thats y he was inactive dumbass

Moss actually thinks he's punishing the NFL, the media and all the fans by not answering anymore questions.

I'm all for it. I'm hoping they will ban him from press conferences altogether. I'm tired of looking at his alcohol syndrome baby eyes and listening to his sub-literate, prima-dona-wanna-be, egotistical rants. He's a disgrace to the African American Race!

The Titans must be pretty desperate.

I hope Clemon's or Davis get fined for a helmet to helmet, concussion causing, hit on a defenseless and classless Randy Moss!

What an egotistical piece of shyt. If I were a caterer I would whip his 180 pound slim whitman looking A S S!

He threw the patsies under the bus, the vikes AND their caterers under the bus and he's just put his bulls eye on NASHVILLE.

Three teams in one season, duh! As rich as he is, this dumbfuk couldn't buy a CLUE!!!!

PS: Have fun Jeff Fisher! You wouldn't even step up to Rex Ryans 80 year old daddy after he betch slapped you on national television. Now suddenly, you're going to "handle" Randy Moss?

Sure thing buddy.......................

Lets see, we will go with the receiver who can't catch the ball, instead of a future HOF'er with over 150 TD's, who only a few weeks ago burnt the best DB in football...

Way to go Ireland, did you make this decision yourself? Or, did you make a phone call to "consult" with Unlcle Bill on this one?

I know, let's make a splash by signing Nate Ness... Maybe our stupid fans won't notice we passed on one of the best recievers the game has ever seen...

Oh, wait, we can put a waiver claim in for an oft-injured, washed-up OLB who hasn't been the same since he quit juicing-up...

Yeah, that will get us to the Super Bowl...

Yep, I am a genius...

Uncle Bill will be proud of me...

Whats gonna happen when they double team Dan?? huh? then what..LOL...
Do you think Marshall wasnt double or trippled last season?? or before? but they still allowed him to make the play...maybe better QBs?

ginn hurt, no way what a shocker. guy is worthless.

LOL Sen..., yeah, that's how defensive coordinators are going to game plan for us, they will triple team Carpeneter... He is our most potent offensive weapon...

With the exception of Hennings play-calling, now that is pretty offensive...

PS: Have fun Jeff Fisher! You wouldn't even step up to Rex Ryans 80 year old daddy after he betch slapped you on national television. Now suddenly, you're going to "handle" Randy Moss?

Sure thing buddy.......................

Best statement on this subject by FAR Odin.....Somebody keeps talking bout a stron willed coach and our staff is to weak to handle his personality. How stong do you think Jeff Fisher is when Rex's pappi slapped his a s s on Monday night football.

jeff thats the reason the titans have been one of the best franchises in the nfl


You may think i'm smoking, but I assure you I am Sober...

FINS 30....Ravens 10


Give me Randy Moss, a bag of chips, and a coach/OC worth his salt... Anything, is better than watching Marshall consistently double-teamed, because Defensive Coordinators aren't concerned with our other receiving threats...

If you are happy with status quo, so be it, I want to see the Fins in the Superbowl...

Moss would have opened-up the field for Marshall and Bess, well at least after they got rid of Henning anyway...

Kris, my poor boy, you are delusional. Ravens will school Miami, unfortunately. Sadly, the Fins coaches won't learn from their "schooling."

Glad we got Ness back, though.

Oregon Dolphin fan,

The mere mention of Noam Chomsky screams extreme warning flags. You sir need some serious help. And I want to help you. please contact one of the following.

Oregon State Hospital - Salem
2600 Center St. NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

Or if you live closer you can contact...

Oregon State Hospital - Portland
1121 NE 2nd Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97232

Here's a link if you have questions.


For the sake of those you may come in contact with or God forbid for those you are actually responsible for, Please seek help. Please do not respond to me, I do not want to contribute to your condition, get that help!

Speaking of delusional, if anyone thinks the Fins front office made a wise decision today then you are exactly that... Delusional...

We just passed on a significant piece of the puzzle, so to speak, that might have helped us get to the promised land... It is a sad day to be a Dolphins fan... But, I have faith that eventually we will win the Super Bowl... I just am not sure that it will be under this regime...

kris just stop man, without being bias whats your prediction on the game. i took balt 23-13

Moss is supposedly one of the best Receivers and a future HOFer...Yet..

Minnesota cut him lose to go to Oakland even after being invited to 5 pro-bowls...Hmmmmm

Oakland keeps him for 2 years and then cannot WAIT for New England to get him out of THEIR hair...

He goes to New England where he has a few good days and a bunch of bad ones... Culminating in Moss having a meltdown after game 1 of this year in the press conference.... Gone!!!... Belechick... arguably one of the best coaches coaching at the moment is okay with sending him packing (This so called "Best receiver in the world") for a 3rd round pick!

Childress takes him in... and 4 weeks later...EVEN AFTER GIVING UP A 3rd ROUND PICK... he is cut...period... Out and Out FIRED! Losing the pick... and setting Minnesota back even farther even though they are already in trouble... They wanted him gone THAT DAMN BAD to make what is already BAD... Even worse!

Then it takes 22 teams (Over 2/3ds of the league) before someone is willing to take him...

And some of you JOKERS think Miami was WRONG for passing on him....

Just goes to show... Damned if ya do... damned if ya don't. This team just brought in a top 5 tier Receiver for us... I guess that is not enough for some anymore... All those who are CONVINCED this guy is what Miami needed.

I must say... That is indeed perplexing!~

derek u dont need to explain this. moss is garbage, lazy cancer. glad tenn just ruined their season

The decision to skip on Moss can't be a real surprise. It goes hand in hand with this team's philosophy. It reflects everything this team is about. Hence the offensive play calling that is mind blowing to everyone BUT Henning. The lack of a killer instinct when they could put games away. A conservative approach is what this team is all about. Moss doesn't fall in line with that Philosophy.


No delusion.....3 Fist Pumps and 3 TDs equal 30...B'more is ripe for the picking....their fans are as fickle as the ones on this blog and if we get a 2 score lead they will turn on the team and boo Flacco.

They are the same team as the jets....I am sure they didn't work hard during the bye, the have a game Thursday and have probably looked past us.....

Miami 30-b'more 10....write it down

Jimmy Jam.....talk to me on Sunday....

There's absolutely no logic to this. I was steamed when the Fins didn't pick Moss out of the draft.

The Titans have a Hall of Fame coach and a great front office, despite not having a rabid fan-base as there is in Miami.

Moss is one of the top 5 receivers playing in the NFL right now -- I'd even choose him over Reggie Wayne. Hines Ward and Larry Fitzgerald -- probably better at this point, but Moss has explosive talent.

Maybe the Fins would prefer to just lose the rest of their games and get in position to draft one of the QB talents in Draft for 2011 - Newton, Prior, Mallet?

Otherwise, how can you explain such a "non-move" and opportunity, especially, with this lethargic offense, and the wildcat gimmick, which is no longer a surprise.

Watch the great Moss torch the Fins in 2 weeks, and watch the hordes call for blood in the waters ---

Belichek and Brady are laughing their tails off that the Fins decide to play safe (dull) and rely on Carpenter to boot their way to victory.

I hope the Fin Suits get the boot real soon, and follow sneaky Parcells out the back door!


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