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Dolphins pass on Randy Moss, make no changes

It was interesting while it lasted but 4 p.m. came and went and the Dolphins decided against putting in a claim for wide receiver Randy Moss.

Interestingly, the club did put in a claim for outside linebacker Shawne Merriman.

The bottom line?

The Dolphins got neither.

The Dolphins could have had Moss if they wanted. He was available when their turn came up at No. 18 because no other team ahead of them had claimed the enigmatic wide receiver. But Miami passed also and he lands with the Tennessee Titans, who had the No. 22 slot on the waiver claim priority list.

The Dolphins had a claim in for Merriman, but didn't get him because the Buffalo Bills scooped him up with their No. 1 slot on the waiver claim priority list. It wasn't even close for Miami to get him.

What is interesting is that the Dolphins obviously decided Merriman could help them but Moss really would not. Interesting because the Miami offense seems to require more work than the defensive right now and so it could use more help.

The Dolphins will see Randy Moss for the second time this season on Nov. 14. This, by the way, marks the second time in club history the Dolphins had a good, easy opportunity to pick up Randy Moss and decided against it -- the first time being when he was drafted out of Marshall.


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Many nfl championship teams have taken chances on great players with a little rough edge to them. More often than not with championship results.

Hell, an integral part of Michael Jordan's last 3 championship rings was Dennis Rodman. Rodman was rebounding champ, defensive player of the year, at least one of two all 3 championship seasons.

Its very difficult to attain great rewards without taking great risks. Half our fans that cry about the last 13 seasons are mostly the same ones who cosign the less risky decisions.

As far as Henning, he is a complete fraud. I completely agree that his play-calling is at the heart of our offensive woes. Adding Moss, could have helped free up Marshall, Bess, and Fasano in the middle of the field. That is a fact, even Henning could have eventually figured out how to use Moss as a decoy. Look at what chilly did in minnesota, Harvin flourished in the slot. Bess would have greatly benefitted with Moss here...

Well, in the end, they are the ones who are supposed to know their needs and wants.We'll see.

this sucks. another oppuortunity lost. sxrew you ireland

Agreed Dying, no risk = no reward


Moss or no Moss? In spite of Henning Safeties would have to back off in respect of Moss' legacy alone. That wouildnt make a difference?

Until Hartline proves he can make a deep play both safeties will began creeping up further suffocating the little passing game we do have and that also slowly squeezes our running game even more.

Watch and see. Every week it will become even more critical Hartline makes a deep play, score or not. Even the little passing game we have now will slowly dwindle. Field goals will no longer be our problem. Scoring period will.

Jimmy Jam,

Please say no to "Chucky." He'll jam the west coast offense down our throats and go thru 3-4 different qb's in the process. That's exactly what he did in Tampa before they eventually read the memo.

I say throw the kitchen sink at Cowher not Gruden.

Posted by: DyingBreed

I see your point - and no way Henne can run that offense anyway (can he run any offense? WE won't know until they re-bury Henning - I don't think Henne can, though). Not so sure about Cowher - one SB in how many years? Lots of fun years to watch with him in charge though and he reminds me a lot of Shula: straightforward and tough. I know B. Schott turned us down (the audacity!) before we settled for Coach Pumping Fist but maybe he slides over next year? Hmmm... offensive genius paired with defensive genius (Nolan), find a front office genius and BAM!

So... who is there out there who can be a great front office guy? I have no idea.

All talk of changing regime assumes that Ross can take his head out of the stars for a minute and examine whether he wants a team that draws fans or just has-been celebrities that really only draw flies.


At least Moss could become a legitimate $3.5 million dollar decoy. Right now Hartline isnt even that. He draws neither fear nor respect from nfl DC's and it dwindles each game he doesnt make a deep play.

These "funny" decisions continue to pile up. I think that they have admitted missing David Martin as a deep threat as a TE. Who the hell is making these decisions? Not Parcells anymore. WE, are watching you.

Balls on palmface,

Whatever you say teabagger. Your obscene posts only reflect poorly on you. I'm rubber and your glue.

I dont even read anything relevant from you about the Dolphins. You must come in here just to spread your filth. Probably a jetz fan trolling anyway.


Your exactly right 3 yards and a cloud of dust is the mindset of this regime. The smashmouth approach only works with superior talent. Unfortunatly the Dolphins are not there yet.

The coaches coach scared and have Henne so tight that he is afraid to even look down field. Truly the Dolphins are hard to watch at times but I love this team and will always root for their success.
Go Dolphins!

Moss is a Hall of Fame Receiver, he has over 150 TD's, he is a huge target in the end zone, and as Dying said, he forces sfaeties to be honest in their coverage...

How could this not help the Dolphins, on the field? Forget Henning's ineptitude, Henne could always just audible a deep route for 84, and we wouldn't be so reliant on the leg of Carpenter to score points...


I'm the one that mentioned Moss's diminishing skills, so I'm assuming your post was directed at me.
Moss's skills have diminished, but if you read what I posted, I said Moss, in my opinion is EXACTLY what this offense needs.

My whole take on this, as sad as it is to say, it doesn't really matter if we signed Jesus Christ himself, with Henning in charge, it's not really going to make a difference.

I truly enjoy reading the pros and cons of Moss on this blog. Thanks everyone for your insight.

I too wish we had gotten Moss. But the more I think about it, I think it would be a challenge for him here - not because of his prickly personality, but because of Dan Henning. Hennning's run-first, don't-trust-Henne approach means Moss won't be able to prosper. No matter how talented a receiver you are (i.e. Marshall), if Henning doesn't make the call, you're not getting the ball.

After a series of sprints down the field, Moss will feel that he's just a decoy for the running game or for Marshall/Bess. Not willing to be a chump, he'll slack off and erupt into his temper tantrum.

Sad to imagine that Moss can't prosper here as long as Henning is around. Perhaps Ireland realizes this and can't do anything till Henning is gone.

3×6=18/ 2tds & 2fgs=20...4 red zone opportunities vs 6 red opportunities. DOLPHINS MOVED THE BALL and still Lose. Familiar headline.

Possibly right, LAPhins.

Jimmy Jam,

Boy do I miss Bobby Beathard. Seems even more difficult to find great gm's than it is coaches.

I say no to "Chucky" because thats a longer ranged approach with no definite guarantees of success. Remember, after winning with an already SB ready team Gruden's way was a failure.

Cowher would seem to be a much steadier approach and all he would need to do is hire a better OC. With Cowher I dont think we gut the entire offense as we are more likely to do under Gruden.

Odin, Well then I guess we are in agreement at least in terms of the value of Moss in this offense... As well as, Henning's general ineptitude as an OC.

Maybe, we disagree about the diminishment of Randy's skills a little. I think he would be motivated to get another contract, and would not take so many plays off...

It would have been a short-term fix to our offensive woes, two years at best...

Anyway, I just hope that the Dolphins will be more willing to take a risk on a player like a Randy moss in the future...

I don't many understand many of the commentaries here about changing Head Coach. What's your reasoning for change?

Noah: anything is possible. We were all happily shocked when we got both Dansby and Marshall. But risk-taking is not in the Trifecta's blood. Any serious changes would have to come from the top: Boss Ross. Ireland reports directly to him. As long as Ross is satisfied with the status quo, nothing will change. If he leans on Ireland, things will get rolling.

OregonDolphins fan,

Our supposed 3yds and a cloud of dust offense of the early 70's wasnt really that at all in the actual sense of the matter.

Back then we had the absolute best o-line in football. The most powerful fullback in Czonka. The absolute fastest scatback in the entire league in Mercury Morris. The best 3rd down back in the game in Jim Kiick.

Then we had arguably the best deep threat in the league. In those days the primary argument of best deep threat in the league was Bob Hayes(Cowboys) or Paul Warfield(Us).

So you see we werent your typical 3yds and a cloud of dust offense. Warfields deep speed and Morris' homerun hitting ability kept safeties honest to make the leagues top o-line and powerback far more effective.

Aha!, I got it. Most of you guys are used to losing with the Dolphins(fortunately I was alive and well during the SB years so I don't have that mentality). Still, I don't blame you, not at all.


Moss would back off the safties.

Then Henning would call a slow developing, guard pulling run play that allows the safties to make up for their depth.

I've never been so fruastrated with an OC in my life.

LA, that is what I am wondering, who is the one too afraid to take the risks? Is it Ross, or is it Ireland? If it is Ross, we are in for many more years of disheartening seasons. If it is Ireland, then maybe we do have the opportunity to be champions again...

I sure hope that it is Ireland who is the problem, and that eventually Ross will see that he needs to make a change. Maybe, if the rumors about bringing in the Chief's former GM peterson are true, it might happen sooner rather than later...


This regime seems to have no problem at all with risk taking when it comes to sifting through other team's garbage. These "alley cats seem to especially prefer the delicacy of sifting through dumpsters in Dallas Texas.

That or taking high risks on low reward players like Ernest Wilford, Gebril Wilson, or Pat White(2nd rd). Need anymore examples?

Also, noDying Breed, Griese was a great signal caller who called his own plays, a la Peyton Manning.

Good point, DyingBreed. But Wilford, Wilson, White, et al. were not high risks in terms of salary. They were expendable "acorns".

Oscar, some of us question Sparano's killer instinct, and that is why possibly want to see a coaching change. When you see him overly excited about a field goal, when we are within yards of scoring a TD, but don't have the execution and play-calling to finsh the drive... It makes you yearn for a coach like Shula. He wouldn't have jumped for joy in that situation, he would be in the OC's face...

Real football talk.

No flame ups.

This blog rocks...........sometimes!!!!

The guards we have now cannot pull, more adept at pass blocking. Which ain't half bad.

This regime has only made 2 high risk high reward decisions since theyve been here. Dansby and Marshall.

The rest have been high risk low or no reward. Low risk no or low reward. We also have a couple low risk medium reward players like Bess and Kendall Langford.

This regime thinks theyre going to pull players from the nfl trash heaps and turn them into pro bowlers.

I think we need to give the Fins some credit here. Ireland played this very well like a poker game. He was bluffing all the way, and hoped that someone other than the Jets and Patriots would put a claim on Moss. I'm not so sure about him helping us. If he couldn't help the Patriots with Brady there what makes you think that he would help us here? and Brett Favre might be 40+ but he's still Bret Favre; and I don't think he was much the issue there. Moss is te diva and I don't think he would have been a good fit for the type of team Ireland is running right now.. I'm glad the show is over.

Agreed Dying, and Dansby wasn't even that much of a risk... At least not like Marshall, and all of the "baggage" that he was supposed to have...

cuban menace is up to his games I see in last nights posts. Good job for the social parasite loser that is the cuban menace. Been to the SS lately??? bwahahhahahaha

oscar canosa,

Lots of good having a better pass blocking line when there's rarely a worthy target to throw it too. Defensive are now making it a mission to try and completely take Marshall away from us and Hartline isnt getting separation deep.

Bess' effectiveness begins to severely diminish after 20-25yds. Even Bess' short game prowess will slowly get squeezed when DC's began having both safeties steadily creep up.

Dfins - I think there is a real misconception about Moss not helping the Pats, he still was valuable to them. I just think Belichik wanted to obtain a solid draft pick, and prevent a future contract distraction with Moss...

As far as Moss, I think he could have helped here...

For sure, Noah. But everybody has their own style and more importantly, the game has changed(ask Shula). Still, we have beaten two very good teams in GB and Pittsburgh(yes, Pittsburgh) and have been in the game with other good teams.


I only say high risk in regards to Danby and Marshall because of the amount of money and mainly the huge signing bonuses. Had either sustained a season ending injury in preseason they still keep those huge signing bonuses. Thats huge risk buddy.

Oscar, LOL at the Pittsburgh comment... We wuz robbed...

Dansby isn't exactly living up to his own hype I will admit, and since we made him the highest paid ILB in the league I expected a few more game-changing plays...

He's had one sack? Zero INT's, Zero FF's, and a handful of PD's?

That hardly sounds like the "Best LB in the NFL" that he claims he is

He's got a ton of tackles already, but, not many BIG plays

In fact, on the single sack Dansby had Week 1, he was unblocked...I could have gotten that sack...

Just sayin'

Pats only got rid of Moss because:

1. Doesnt make sense to give huge amounts of money to a player already into his 12th season.

2. They drafted Brandon Tate to be his heir apparent last season. By the way, Tate had a 65yd scoring td Sunday.

3. Minnesota was desperate enough to give up a 3rd rd pick for a player Belichek had decided to discard at season's end anyway. Brandon Tate proved Sunday he's ready(65yd scoring td).

Think Tate's already had a kickoff td too.

Oscar - That to me, is what is so frustrating as a Fins fan. We have the makings of a really good team. I do give Parcells some credit for drafting players with potential (Smith, Henne), as well as a few studs (Long, V. Davis).. Not to mention, bringing in C. Wake.

I wish we had the staff that could develop and utilize this talent correctly...

Dying - I see your point about the monetary risk involved with bringing those guys in, I was just focused on the on-field impact...

The only thing we should be executing is Dan Henning.

I agree Dying, regarding the reasons for belicheat letting Moss go...

Yeah, it is funny because I have both Tate and Moss on one of my fantasy teams... LOL

Noah, this is a passing the football Era. Agree that we need somebody to stretch the field(Aghh, it hurts). Still, in straight ahead blocking, this offensive line is killing people(I think they got another DL end last week).

LOL@ Ron

Seems that the thing that saved Henning (Wildcat) will ultimately be the thing that destroys him

our front office f'ing blows. i'm sick of rooting for these retards who think mediocrity is acceptable.

Hartline and Marshall can stretch the field. But the play calling and the leash on Henne are stopping us. Very few routes even get depth. Most teams don't even keep a deep safety just on ever the top of marshalls underneath routes. Pathetic.

Oscar, that is exactly why Moss would have been so valuable. Even if Henne just threw the ball within a few feet of him, chances are a DB would be penalized for pass interference...

I just hope Mr. Ross will take a page out of Mickey Arison's playbook, and take a leap of faith next time a fleeting opportunity like this presents itself... You have to go for it sometimes...

I don't agree, Marc. Dansby, from what I've seen of him, is all over the field, both in tackling and pass coverage. The opportunities for a big play will come if he keeps on playing that way(he might not be a great pass rusher).

Saw post that says the game has changed.

Too a degree you are correct. You couldnt take the exact same Miami Dolphin players from the early 70's and win today. Those players are to small and in most cases not as strong or fast as the players are today.

But the way the game hasnt changed is:

1. If you had the best o-line in football today, running and blocking. Its the same equivalent to the early Dolphins.

2. If you had the best powerback and the fastest scatback in all of football today you would have the early 70's dolphins equvalency.

3. If you had the best 3rd down back today you still have the same equivalency. We had Kiick.

4. If you had 1 of the top 2 deep threat in the entire league today its the same as the equivalency of a Warfield.

Now with having all of these things in the same equivalency of the early 70's dolphins. You still have a championship offense.

The old cliche the more things change the more they remain the same really works here. The same exact formula that won a SB for us 38yrs ago still works today. Just gotta find today's copy of "all" of the exact same kind of player, leaving none out.

I wasn't referring to the players, pleasedon't dieBreed, but to the $.

The biggest problem with this regime is thus far theyve been so focused on building a power team theyve forgotten about the speed.

Gys, in case noone knows, during rookie combines Marshall was only running 4.6 and 4.7 fourties. Brandon's a beast bust he's not a primary deep threat. He's more of a threat to break several tackles and take it to the house than blowing by db's for the long td.

Oscar. If you read I said he has a ton of tackles (not really a ton 34 solo and 50 total)

In that regard we agree

My point, and you really didn't dispute it, is that he has very few IMPACT/Game-changing plays.

YOu know, the kind you would expect the highest paid ILB in the NFL to make.

The kind you would expect the man who called himself "The best LB in the NFL" to make

The kind you would expect that Jesus helps out on a regular basis to make.

You know, like an INT, a FF, a FR for a TD...

The kind of plays that JT made, that Zach made

Not saying he's not a good LB, just not AS GOOD AS ADVERTISED

i guess 31 other teams dropped the ball on this too in aquiring moss as nfl network just stated the TITANS were the ONLY team interested in claiming moss....Now that should tell alot ppl right there what kind of personality virus this man has become, good luck jeff fisher, hope collins doesnt get on moss's bad side or else...........

As we progress deeper into the season and Hartline makes no deep grabs. The more well done our offensive goose will began to get cooked. You can stick a fork in that for sure!

Definitely not the best linebacker in football as advertised, Marc, but from what I have seen, very good. Great are few(RL).

If moss is a virus, then inject me, cuz I want some of that... I'll take diva-attitude, headaches, rants, etc. if he can bring some game-changing TD's with him to inject into our stagnant offense...

the only fork i want to see is stuck in dan hennings head when he gets the axe at the end of the year, Good luck finding a job as an OC position anywhere else danny boy, ur days are numbered with this organization****

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