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Good news! Center expected back for Oakland

After starter Joe Berger missed Thursday night's game and backup Cory Procter left the game with a knee injury, the Dolphins might on the surface seem to be dealing with something of a crisis at the center position today.

Relax. They are not.

Berger, who started Miami's first nine games of the season after beating out Jake Grove for the spot, is expected to return to the lineup against Oakland when the Dolphins visit the Black Hole Nov. 28. It's not so much that Berger is expected to recover in time from the knee injury the team listed for him in declaring him out last week, although that apparently should be the case.

It's that, according to a club source, the "personal issue" that Berger is attending to should be sufficiently resolved by the week of the Oakland game. 

The source declined to specify what issue Berger is dealing with but it seems clear that it as much as the knee is the reason the player missed Thursday's game. And again, the club expects the issue to be handled when Berger, who has been away from the team for a time, returns to work.

So the Dolphins don't necessarily need to go shopping for a starting center. They don't have to worry about continuing to play left guard Richie Incognito at the center position as he did much of Thursday night.

The team should be fine once Berger handles his business.

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Least of our concerns

WE need a new coach and GM not a new center.

Among other things Boulder

Dear Mr. Salguero

Thats great news

Any word on Dan Hennings execution ?

Soiled :)

Armando, did you tell us all to 'relax'? the team plays the most pathetic game of the season, at home, on National televsion, in a must win game and we're supposed to RELAX. That's funny!!

Doesn't matter if Berger plays or not. He's not that good and he never should have been the starter in the beginning, causing them to waive Grove. For the 'Phins, waving Grove was all about saving money and not having it count against the cap. Never mind that last night in a 'must win' game we have Incognito playing centre and having guys run over him left and right. Typical managemnet screw up. I would say go find and re-sign Grove but I doubt he would even want to come back after the way he was treated. Berger is nothing more that a back-up and to expect more is ridiculous.

This team is now 0-3 in PRIME TIME and 1-4 at home. That folks are the signs of a not very good football team.

fine?? You mean if they re-hire the same interior lineman from last year? These inside are ok at pass-blocking but kinda suck in the run-blocking area. Oh well....and "fine" as in Sparano will figure out how to teach and call a decent screen pass?

Kudos to Richie Incognito for handling the emergency center role as well as he did and Cameron Wake for his play but, all in all, that performance was just sad.

Who cares about center. Need to fire everybody and hire Gruden to teach our QB's a few things and coach up our offense.


and he's a PANSY to boot

Fire Dan Henning

HENNING is the worst. He's been our downfall for the past 3 years. We need a younger OC. We have probably the most explosive weapons and we never use them. HENNING IS A MORON!!

Gruden nor Cowher are the answer...More of the same, grumpy coaches that had medicore records and eventually pulled one out. They're in the broadcast booth...Hard gig to give up

No one has signed Grove, that says it all on how good he is. And he would come back in a heartbeat for a paycheck.

marc - True but you can't hire a coordinator thinking he is gonna be the next great coach. Need someone with experience to take over thia team.

where they gonna find a starting center at this stage. to paraphrase parcells "there's no calling 1-800-OFFENSIVE LINEMAN." But you know what Jake Grove is available and since its only a six game season now, he should make it through just fine.

Uh, how bad is Proctor? Please bring back Grove and not some used up Dallas Cowboy.

The Fins were a better rushing team when J.Grove was playing,that is Sparano for you.Our head coach is always playing musical chair with the OL, trying to save a few dollars and so far this season none of the rbs has gotten 100 individual yards yet.
Fired Sparano, Henning, and Ireland.

We dont have to worry about Prime Time next year, thats for sure. All 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm starts. NFL cant be happy with our 3 Prime Time games this year.

Fins coaches getting ripped on espn right now for not running the ball

Well it is pretty clear the season is over unless they win out. And who really thinks that is going to happen?

This team needs another good draft and some Bench upgrades before it will be ready to win.

If we keep going the way we have those draft picks will be pretty good ones to work with.

Whatever they do they had better wait until the OL is back before putting Henne back in there.

Thigpen played an awful game but the OL was a big part of why. No sense in risking Henne in that situation.

We didn't commit to running the ball but then again with the OL the way it was nothing would have worked and nothing did work.

a Very bad day for the OL but what do you expect when half of it is out with injury?

Mr. Nolan... I got a question....how come OUR "D" can't get off the feild on 3rd and 9???? What is it that you change??? Why is Sapp allowed on the feild? and who authotized that trade trade....did you want him....

He is quickly becoming the new Chowder, if you didn't know

Speacking of Clammy....He made one outsanding play and then...nothing for the rest of the night....is Dansby suppose to make EVERY TACKLE?

Why has Vontae Davis forgotten how to tackle? Does he think he is a SHUT-DOWN corner on the level of Deon Sanders and no longer has to tackle?

And WTF is up with Veron Carey?

We couldn't really feed the stud last night,after Marshall went down and our QB was running for his life and our new center never took any snaps in practice,I thought overall our offense did real good.The Bears is 4th in defense,and we pass for over 150 yds.
Dan Henning.

i agree no rushing game but where were they gonna run to behind that band aid line???

if Ross would fire sparano and Ireland then the henning problem will resolve itself :-)

What do you think about the teams execution...I'm all for it. What do you think about the teams offensive game plan...you mean they had a plan, to play like that? I've been a fan of the Dolphins since 1968...I have seen some bad Dolphin games...but last night was the worst...and thats saying something if you saw the Dolphins play in 1968. Sparano may be a nice guy..but as a headcoach he is working over his head...what headcoach lets Marshall get away with the crap he did two weeks in a row? He should have been benched right after drawing that 15 yd penality. What headcoach takes away his strength and plays to his weakness...do you place the game in the hands of your running backs or your 3rd string QB? What Headcoach approves a game plan that a 5 year old could come up with? I don't care that the Dolphins had injuries...it's far easier to go forward than backwards...run the damm football...and why would ANY QB use play action passes...when you aren't even trying to run. Excuses are the normal for the Dolphins..I am just sick of hearing them...year after year. The Dolphins came right out of the box as a one dimensional offense...they gave that game to the Bears. What a waste a very good defense AGAIN.

Bears were also 31st in 3rd down conversation

Yeah please go crawl into a hole henning...and never come out. There was nothing good about last night

-The fat fagg0t (Tuna breath) B Parcells

Ohhh....one more thing.....Where is the depth on thisn team...The backups should be embarrassd..missing blocks left and right...I know Henning is catching crap for only running the ball 7 times, but the line coudn't make a hole to save their worthless butts.

They won't be fine because Incognito will still play at LG & Berger isn't a very good center to begin with! He's adequate. Sadly, this coaching staff thinks they can build a team of adequate players and be anything more than average. Look at the depth on this o-line? Castoffs from the cowboys! Living off past achievements if you really consider Procter, Mcquistan & Berger achievments!

Agree with BobbyD....No more Prime Time games for us....but on the flip side we will get our heat advantage back.

Mr. Ross....got any more predictions?

“The only guy who was hating me was Parcells,” Shockey says. As head coach of the Giants, Bill Parcells won two Super Bowls; last season, he was a commentator for ESPN. “I never watch TV,” Shockey says. “But my buddies were like, ‘Why does Bill Parcells hate you so much? He’s talking about, “I never seen a player get so much hype off of doing nothing.” ’ ”

Shockey’s backbone straightens. His blue eyes narrow to slits.

“Parcells is not my kinda guy. He says he quits, then he wants to come back and coach. Do something! Stay in commentary or stay in football or get the hell out of everybody’s life!”

This year, after “final” stints leading the New England Patriots and then the Jets, Parcells has unretired again. He brings the Dallas Cowboys to Giants Stadium on September 15; Shockey looks ready to take them on right here, right now: “All my buddies are like, ‘Why’s he dogging you? After you catch a pass on him this year, you oughtta throw it right at his fat head!’ ”

Shockey’s chest swells. “Let’s see how much Parcells wins this year,” he spits. “I’ll make him pay when we play them. The h0mo.”

Marshall......... got any more predictions ?

sorry kris, i have to borrow that .

The bears were not 4th in D either...they were 2nd against the run and 21st against the pass for an overall D rating of 16th coming into that game last night...henning must still be calling plays in his sleep. henning surely lulled the entire game into his state of mind last night...and that was sleeping...it was way past his bedtime last night, he was head bobbing up in the booth. The coaching staff for miami is horrible through and through, top to bottom...excluding nolan, he gets a pass this year from me for having to deal with our other idiot coaches. Clean house, get a high draft pick because the Patty's have 65 picks next year and we have squat.

Marc, BP is an icon and very well respected .

as for you , find a movie and watch it

We have to put this pathetic "O" line performance on our "O" line/Head Coach.

Last year in the Carolina game guys played with heart...injured players were begging to get back on the field to hit someone...last night guys refused to block and tackle....

Its all good Aloco.

Grove was injured. Nobody picked him up. Injured he is not as good as Berger, and Berger is a back up at best.

1. Expect another off season of hope and promise. 2. August 2011 all the bloggers will be talking SB potential.
3. November 2011 we will be right back to where we are now, MediocreVille.

I know I will be @ 8-8

The picture is all coming together on why Parcells left right before the season started..He knew he and his coaching staff failed and he is covering his butt so he can still get paid by one more desperate team before he laughs the rest of the way to the bank and retirement. His system is old, it doesnt work in todays nfl, that edge he "had" is long gone, AND...really in many recent years going back one team past dallas even...he hasnt done squat for those teams..look at us, look at dallas...ect ect..thay all suck thanks to BP and company! I hope you choke on your gobbler Bill after ripping these once proud organizations apart! You fooled the owners into thinking you still had what it takes to win in the nfl...clearly your ship sailed 14 years ago. Parcells and Co...you suck!

kris- last yr in Car was also on a short week!

We'll send Crowder and Ronnie to the Pats next year and they will both make the pro bowl. This team has been jinxed since Shula retired.

"This team is now 0-3 in PRIME TIME and 1-4 at home. That folks are the signs of a not very good football team."

Craig, you hit on the head.

Although I think a regime change will set us further back, we cant ignore the long list of blunders.

Since TC we were crying on this blog about the shuffling of the OL.

Year 3 and I see that the only OL that dont suck are the Tackles. 1 was already here, and the other was a no brainer #1 overall.

Burning money left and right on the OL.

This offense sucks because the OL can not establish the run game. WE HAVE NO SPEED on offense to pretend to be a Passing team.

Henning's plays are for play action pound football.

Maybe Next Year with Nate Garner, Another Draft of Fatties and 2 FA guards we can do something.

We have a Head Coach that specializes in OL and we cant run the ball with Ronnie and Ricky?

Thigpen gets 2 seconds before somebody is on his legs??

I dont see how we win more than 2 more games

This team has turned out to be a joke. Really what has anyone done besides Wake and Dansby? This is another nightmare season. Maybe next year they should schedule us to play all the division winners in prime time after they have had their bye week of course.
Marshall has been a joke...I guess I need to start watching basketball games :(

Good point-1701972


I read your article today where you say:

"Thigpen was and has always been erratic. It was that way in Kansas City. It was that way against the Bears."

This very well may be true going forward, but as it pertains to this game I do not agree.

Between the dropped passes, injuries to center, no running game, lack of pass protection, penalties and some strange play calling (For example: using play action when you are down 16-0 and have no running game to speak of) I would say any quarter back in this league would have been hard pressed not to look “erratic”.

How many points do you think Tom Brady would have scored if he had been QB instead of Thigpen?

Oh and a lets not forget about a defense that could not get off the field on third downs and give the offence more opportunities which it needed so badly.

5-5 and players admitting to coming out flat for a must win game on prime time @ home, not good!

how are they gonna get up for the Cle and Buff and Dets of the worlds!

I don't think Thigpen was the problem the o-line sucked. I don't think it would have mattered who was at Qb.If it wasn't for our defense it would have been alot worse.I still think Thigpen is the one who should be at Qb he only had 3 days to get ready and oh yeah did I mention that the o-line SUCKED? They the (o-line) has to keep the Qb safe and open up holes for the running backs, do your jobs and block.One more thing Henning needs to call better plays or or hang it up and leave.They have 10 days to get ready for the Raiders lets make it a productive 10 days.

Lets talk about the Defense.

All game long getting burned on 3rd down.

That is coaching, calling corner blitzes on every 3rd down. What a joke.

Benny Sapp Blitzing, Al Harris Blitzing? Are u kidding me....

Instead of rushing four and protecting the slot and TE, we blitz.

Then you have Moses dancing after he makes a play after 3 years on the roster. What gives?

Clam Chowder showed up for 1 play and then was shooting up the wrong gap as usual.

Can you imagine this team without Wake?

Al Harris, Benny Sapp. Thats your nickle package?


I see what your saying about playing the Division winners, but we have to beat who is in front of us. I looked at it as the NFL giving us an oppertunity to become relevant again. unfotunely we failed horribly in Prime Time

And this was supposed to be the 25th anniversary of that big game against the Bears back in '85. The performance last night was a complete and total embarassment to the organization. I hope the players and coaches are thoroughly asahmed this morning.


NO DAYS OFF...YOU HEAR ME...NO DAYS OF. I know how you love to give days off so your players will be your friend and love you....but these guys just knifed you in the back last night and quit!!

These players are Millionares and have 3-5 months to take off in about 6 weeks if they play like they did last night.


And the dude that celebrated after a sack when were down 16-0?

Whats up with that?!

My Assessment Of Starting Offensive/Defensive Players:

Defense Line:

70 Kendall Langford Starter
96 Paul Solia Starter
78 Tony McDaniels Starter
94 Randy Starks Demoted 2nd team

Overall: All 4 are keepers in a rebuild.


91 Cameron Wake Starter (Pro Bowler)
58 Karlos Dansby Starter (Pro Bowler)
51 Channing Crowder 2nd-teamer
55 Koa Misi 2nd-teamer

Overall: May take another season or two for Misi to really come on strong. Thats why I have him as a backup. Crowder's a true 2nd teamer, we just dont have anyone better to replace him. Would not keep Crowder in a rebuild. Dansby/Wake are only starting LB's on roster we can even dream of being pro bowlers at present.

Defensive Backs:

21 Vontae Davis Starter
24 Sean Smith 2nd-teamer
37 Yeremiah Bell 2nd-teamer
30 Chris Clemons 2nd-teamer
20 Reshad Jones 2nd-teamer

Overall: Vontae Davis is the closest thing to a real starter on this entire unit. I do believe Reshad Jones enters true starter class next season. Time to stop saying Bell plays over his head. For at least 3 seasons mow, in critical moments his tackling has resembled being in over his head. Time to scrap the Sean Smith "starter experiment. He's a career backup at best. Davis and Jones seem to be the only keepers in a rebuild.

Offensive Line:

77 Jake Long Starter(Pro Bowler)
72 Vernon Carey 2nd-teamer
68 Ritchie Incognito Starter
74 John Jerry 2nd-teamer
67 Joe Berger 2nd-teamer

Overall: Great chance to see why o-line's inconsistent. 2 starters and 3 backups. Yes Carey is 2nd team at best. Berger may be borderline starter at best. Jerry needs at least another full season. I believe he could be a beast by his 3rd season. Incognito is a solid nfl starter and Long is Jake Long.

Wide Recievers:

19 Brandon Marshall Starter
82 Brian Hartline 2nd-teamer
15 Devone Bess Starter

Overall: Marshall's definitely a starter but I do not want him on this team in a rebuild. We all know why. Hartline has some starter-like skills but inconsistency is killing him and us. Bess, the best slot wr in the game. To reiterate, Marshall must go and in a rebuild would demote Hartline to 2nd team at best.


80 Anthony Fasano 2nd-teamer

Overall: Did we really go into the season with only one TE who is a 2nd-teamer at best? Unbelievable! Enuff said.


34 Ricky Williams 2nd-teamer
23 Ronnie Brown 2nd-teamer

Overall: Williams, no longer starting material still may have something left in the tank as a backup making only cameo appearances. Problem is Henning wants him to be a half a starter. Heck, Brown isnt even half a starter. Enuff said, my bloods beginning to boil.


7 Chadd Henne Starter

Overall: Yes guys Henne has proven to be a legit middle of the pack starter. Will he ever be a franchise qb is anyone's guess. If we had the #1 overall 2011 pick would I draft Luck? Absolutely!

There you have it guys. This is why as this team is presently built we will never be anything greater than middle of the pack at best. We have far too many 2nd-team grade players as starters and one major starter(Marshall) who we need to cut ties with completely.

OC Dan Henning MUST GO!!!
OC Dan Henning MUST GO!!!
OC Dan Henning MUST GO!!!
OC Dan Henning MUST GO!!!
OC Dan Henning MUST GO!!!
OC Dan Henning MUST GO!!!
OC Dan Henning MUST GO!!!
OC Dan Henning MUST GO!!!

Oh. Great. Well that fixes everything.

This is a horrible story... and if he gets hurt?
Need to re sign grove and thomas asap


They have ignored the TE position for 3 years.

Now I long for the days of Slow Man Haynos

I was really amped about seeing Thigpen play. I wish I'd gotten the chance. He was off on a copule of throws early, but I think he could have settled down some and showed what he could do if we could have protected better. The Dolphins had this mostly unnoticed but ridiculous run of being unstoppable on their first possession. That streak ended. The Raiders will try to stack the box and force Thigpen to beat them through the air. I hope he does so. Henning--pass long and early before the defense knows you have to.

Wasn't there a Sunday night game between Miami and San Diego played about 7 or 8 years ago, which had to be moved from San Diego to Arizona because of horrendous weather in San Diego? I remember the Dolphins won so easily because San Diego didn't have their starting quarterback, and they looked completely helpless in trying to achieve even a first down.

Last night's game reminded me of that San Diego game years ago, only this time it was the Dolphins who were pathetic. It was like a high school team trying to match up against pros.

Anyways, I sent a love note from work to my wife about 30 minutes ago. We'll see what comes from that.

What else. What else. Oh! I wonder what kind of "issue" Joe Berger is trying to resolve. I suspect there is some kind of extra-marital infidelity involved. While I have no proof, I'm quite prepared to defame with unsubstantiated innuendo.

Any other notes? Oh. Do you know what I figured out? My date of birth is exactly 9 months after my parents' 10th wedding anniversary. I, thus, have a reasonable idea as to my date of conception. Alas, I'm a Tay-Sachs carrier. It's a Dodsworth thing.

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