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Good news! Center expected back for Oakland

After starter Joe Berger missed Thursday night's game and backup Cory Procter left the game with a knee injury, the Dolphins might on the surface seem to be dealing with something of a crisis at the center position today.

Relax. They are not.

Berger, who started Miami's first nine games of the season after beating out Jake Grove for the spot, is expected to return to the lineup against Oakland when the Dolphins visit the Black Hole Nov. 28. It's not so much that Berger is expected to recover in time from the knee injury the team listed for him in declaring him out last week, although that apparently should be the case.

It's that, according to a club source, the "personal issue" that Berger is attending to should be sufficiently resolved by the week of the Oakland game. 

The source declined to specify what issue Berger is dealing with but it seems clear that it as much as the knee is the reason the player missed Thursday's game. And again, the club expects the issue to be handled when Berger, who has been away from the team for a time, returns to work.

So the Dolphins don't necessarily need to go shopping for a starting center. They don't have to worry about continuing to play left guard Richie Incognito at the center position as he did much of Thursday night.

The team should be fine once Berger handles his business.

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Not so much VJax is a player Chargers are dying to get rid of. Thier GM is a jerk and players are dying to get out of there. VJax is a proven premium performer. Its ludicrous to totally dismiss the proposition of adding him to your team.

If Odrick proves he isnt "injury proned" damage goods and Merling ever gets his head into playing football. Our DE position is just fine. This allows Starks and Soliai to permantly shre the NT position.

Recently, some bloggers were expressing they were tired of reliving the Marino years, its in the past, and what about now. True. But beyond that, its even more worthwhile to think about the Shula years. I remember a great quote by Bum Phillips during the day, that I still remember now.... "He can take his'n and beat your'n, and he can take your'n and beat his'n" That is classic, and gets to the bottom line, we have not had a coach since him that could shine his shoes.

the dolphins are regressing while the other teams are progressing,except for a few, this season is over, and next season if they don't smarten up they will be at the bottom of the afc east. thats where they are headed as we speak. it's a damn shame to watch the wets and patsies go out there and take care of business when they have to. just shows how much better they are than the dolphins.





Nice Bum Philips classic Shula post.

IMO, its not so much missing Shula that's our primary ill. It was primarily WAYNE HUIZENGA who's why are where we are today. He fired Shula, replaced him with JJ.

JJ flat out quit on us and Huizenga rewards the cowardice by allowing him to choose the next HC. Wannstadt hadnt a clue, passing on Breeze and drafting Ronnie Brown with the 4th-5th overall pick. He was fired before seasons end.

Then HUIZENGA the garbage man bring's in another over his head cowardly quitter in Saban. Guess Saban saw franchise potential in Jason Allen.

After Saban HUIZENGA brings the Cam-Mueller circus to town. Can you say please give us 1-15? After that horrible experiment and still not learning from past failure with the JJ experimnt gone shitzblitz. Make the exact same mistake with Charlie Tuna.

So you see, the garbage man's gone but his stench still currently remains. Joe Robbie must be turning over in his grave!!!

the dolphins are "wasting away again in margaritaville", and it's their own damn fault!

What's happening Phin fans? The Griz out of the playoffs. 18 years in a row. Sad day.

Dying Breed. I love Mark Ingram, but don't you think that we have enough running backs that are grinding, power style backs. Wouldn't you rather see an electric playmaker? Ingram has everything you want in a back, except elite speed. If we are going to go the route of running back, shouldn't that be a prerequisite? I will go on the record and say that I think running backs with homerun potential are over rated.They are a luxury item, not a neccessaty. But in our offense with the personel that we have Ingram is just more of the same?

didn't jason allen get burned today too?


No way was the league soft when Shula was winning SB's. Getting thru Oakland and Pittsburgh was atrocious. Pitt won 4 Sb's in the era and the Raiders won 1 or 2.

Shula didnt win one with Marino because it seems we were a little snake bitten at rb. Nathan was good not great. What hurt us most was probably the very untimely death of David Overstreet. Overstreet could have been a possibly great rb. Many dolfans have completely forgotten Overstreet and the impact combined with Marino he could have had for us.

Overstreet was killed in a car crash before the 84 season.

Darryl Dunphy,

What we sorely miss is rb back with great instincts and vision. Who also has very high football IQ in setting up thier blockers. To this I say we have no rb's on the entire roster like this. As far as those attributes only Ricky Williams is close to worthy of even briefly bring into the discussion.

We spent a 4th-5th overall pick on a far overhyped backup college rb(Brown). Enuff said.

right what this team needs is a coaching staff that its players will play for ... like fat rex and belicheat...those boys run thru walls for them and they have faith....we have none of that and the cancer starts from the top Ross on down...he needs to clean house and start over...there is NOTHING GOOD to hold onto on this putrid disppointment of a team...Vontae, Long, Bess, Henne (still think SB's have beeen won with much lesser throwers than him) and Dansby...time to REBUILD...there is no speed in the backfield and no speed on the ends...and no BLOCKERS ON THE LINE...other than that we are all good....


Yes Jason Allen was burned for critical catch today. However equally responsible was the over top safety caught biting towards the middle of the field.

oh and patrick turner caught a 21 yarder from sanchito the buritto sniffing dishwasher in NJ can u say talent evaluation? coaching? teaching? he must be sooo thrilled to be out of south florida





What this team lacks most is sound upper level final decision making. Not to mention Henning is a bum of a OC. Because of these two things alone we can not even make a concrete evealuation if whether or not Sparano can get us to the promise land. Even Bill Belichek wouldnt be a great coach to have with these two bums in place.


Wow......based on 1 27yd catch you guys are ready to annoint Patrick Turner to pro bowl mode. You guys should really check the nfl wr rankings before overhyping such nonsense.

Al, contrary to pop belief here, henne authored the critical third quarter drive to score the go ahead TD last week against the Tights....coming in cold off the bench, we were winning (again) with the old Michigan Blockhead and i think he was like 9 of 11 on that drive and they barely ran the ball....everyone gets crazy when thiggy ices it, but wouldnt yuou agree that it is plainly obvious that BLOCKHEAD is head and shoulders a more powerful and classic pocket qb than thiggy....talk to me in 2 years when he is a fourth year guy...i think he has mad tremendous strides....Marshall aint playing for him, Fasano drops as many as he catches, Bess is a stud but is made irrelevant when coming from behind and Hartline unfortunately, while being a fast guy, is not FOOTBALL FIELD fast..u know acceleration, etc...he is a rich man's Ginn, and that still leaves him a long way from reliable...its not the qb, its the coaching staff and the thin talent at the skill poisitons...been a fan since 72 and was in the endzone for the FAKE SPIKE and watched the hook and ladder from n moore to tony nathan on TV...two of the greatest plays in NFL history......

DB, no one is overhyping PT, all im saying is that he is another in a not too short list of discards that other coaches have found use for and have confidence i.e. JT and Welker just to name two...

yes Henning does suck...thus my urging of the replacement of the staff, including fist pump...dint feel that way until the latest national TV no show which is just completely a reflection on the HC...its one thing to play a down and dirrtty leave it all on the filed game and lose with dignity, but to have multiple National TV home no shows...I would have fired him on the spot...gooodbye


Good analysis by Dyingbreed. Only thing I disagree with is Starks - he is an end not a NT - as an end he was fine. Hopefully Odrick and Edds will prove to be starters - decent chance for Odrick, less for Edds. The other piece is whether One other piece is that Nolan is definitely a keeper. We probably do want a new OC. Sparano is on probation. Meanwhile our draft likely needs to be focused on the offense. We will need a young RB, probably a RT, definitely a tight end, and another WR. For the next round I think that the defensive backfield probably is what it is. For free agency a Crowder replacement.

This FO has made many many errors, but I think they have still stumbled forward....they MUST realise that there is a severe talent shortage in this team....THEY CANNOT RUN BLOCK at all now.....they seemingly fix one leaky area and then another one opens....Im not 100% sure that they know what theyre doing...but I will support them...

Oh and as far as the draft is concerned I say LET THE FANS make the selections...overall the fans would be miles ahead.....

Have no idea what AJ Edds could bring to table as far as run support as an ilb. I wanted to get rid of bigger mouth than play Crowder so badly. We just dont seem to have any other proven options on the team unless Edds can come thru in run support next season.

What I hate almost as much as Crowders big mouth and small play is the idiot cant even seem to win the "catfights" he starts. Matt Light pulled his hair and I wasnt too sure whether he was open hand smacking or scratching him while Crowder was running away like he was wearing a pink skirt.

Then the 2nd cat fight he was spat on by the Ravens rb like Crowder was his own personal b!tch.

I am trying to go to the Oakland game. unfortunately i have to wear black so i dont grt killed.


Just heard never sit in the black hole section and root for the opposition. That only gets you a good @ss whippin'.

Not resigning Nate Jones and placing Will Allen were just 2 of many mistakes made by the front office just this season alone. "Hey Ireland, how's that Benny Sapp thing working for you?"

Last year it was not resigning our free agent fs and replacing him with Gerbril Wilson. Far too many front office mistakes from the GM position, leaving far too many holes to plug in our yearly sieve. Even for a proven HC of championship experience let alone Tony Sparano.

---Placing Will Allen on IR----

It's disapointing to say the least. The players that we had oppertunities to get yet we always seem to pass on players that are superior atheletes for work hard tough type guys. We need some players withsome
attributes that cant be coached or taught. The Differance makers.

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