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Good news! Center expected back for Oakland

After starter Joe Berger missed Thursday night's game and backup Cory Procter left the game with a knee injury, the Dolphins might on the surface seem to be dealing with something of a crisis at the center position today.

Relax. They are not.

Berger, who started Miami's first nine games of the season after beating out Jake Grove for the spot, is expected to return to the lineup against Oakland when the Dolphins visit the Black Hole Nov. 28. It's not so much that Berger is expected to recover in time from the knee injury the team listed for him in declaring him out last week, although that apparently should be the case.

It's that, according to a club source, the "personal issue" that Berger is attending to should be sufficiently resolved by the week of the Oakland game. 

The source declined to specify what issue Berger is dealing with but it seems clear that it as much as the knee is the reason the player missed Thursday's game. And again, the club expects the issue to be handled when Berger, who has been away from the team for a time, returns to work.

So the Dolphins don't necessarily need to go shopping for a starting center. They don't have to worry about continuing to play left guard Richie Incognito at the center position as he did much of Thursday night.

The team should be fine once Berger handles his business.

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No... don't follow Aramndo... follow ME on twitter. Will some one PLEASE follow me? I am a great leader of men.

Can henne play at the raiders? Thigpen will not win a game for the phins. You can mark that down

I have been the eternal optimist this year but this loss has created a crack in my armor.
I feel compelled to questions things at the coaching and front office levels.
Maybe I have been in denial but I am starting to wonder if we have the right leadership in place.
Um, I don't think we do.
I also wonder if we can win another game this year.
Another purge of the front office and coaching staff will be very difficult to take but may be necessary.
It's like we are the Miami Perennial Re-builders instead of the Miami Dolphins.
We have no identity on offense or defense or as a team.
This season has officially become frustrating.

My Assessment Of Starting Offensive/Defensive Players:

Defense Line:

70 Kendall Langford Starter
96 Paul Solia Starter
78 Tony McDaniels Starter
94 Randy Starks Demoted 2nd team

Overall: All 4 are keepers in a rebuild.


91 Cameron Wake Starter (Pro Bowler)
58 Karlos Dansby Starter (Pro Bowler)
51 Channing Crowder 2nd-teamer
55 Koa Misi 2nd-teamer

Overall: May take another season or two for Misi to really come on strong. Thats why I have him as a backup. Crowder's a true 2nd teamer, we just dont have anyone better to replace him. Would not keep Crowder in a rebuild. Dansby/Wake are only starting LB's on roster we can even dream of being pro bowlers at present.

Defensive Backs:

21 Vontae Davis Starter
24 Sean Smith 2nd-teamer
37 Yeremiah Bell 2nd-teamer
30 Chris Clemons 2nd-teamer
20 Reshad Jones 2nd-teamer

Overall: Vontae Davis is the closest thing to a real starter on this entire unit. I do believe Reshad Jones enters true starter class next season. Time to stop saying Bell plays over his head. For at least 3 seasons mow, in critical moments his tackling has resembled being in over his head. Time to scrap the Sean Smith "starter experiment. He's a career backup at best. Davis and Jones seem to be the only keepers in a rebuild.

Offensive Line:

77 Jake Long Starter(Pro Bowler)
72 Vernon Carey 2nd-teamer
68 Ritchie Incognito Starter
74 John Jerry 2nd-teamer
67 Joe Berger 2nd-teamer

Overall: Great chance to see why o-line's inconsistent. 2 starters and 3 backups. Yes Carey is 2nd team at best. Berger may be borderline starter at best. Jerry needs at least another full season. I believe he could be a beast by his 3rd season. Incognito is a solid nfl starter and Long is Jake Long.

Wide Recievers:

19 Brandon Marshall Starter
82 Brian Hartline 2nd-teamer
15 Devone Bess Starter

Overall: Marshall's definitely a starter but I do not want him on this team in a rebuild. We all know why. Hartline has some starter-like skills but inconsistency is killing him and us. Bess, the best slot wr in the game. To reiterate, Marshall must go and in a rebuild would demote Hartline to 2nd team at best.


80 Anthony Fasano 2nd-teamer

Overall: Did we really go into the season with only one TE who is a 2nd-teamer at best? Unbelievable! Enuff said.


34 Ricky Williams 2nd-teamer
23 Ronnie Brown 2nd-teamer

Overall: Williams, no longer starting material still may have something left in the tank as a backup making only cameo appearances. Problem is Henning wants him to be a half a starter. Heck, Brown isnt even half a starter. Enuff said, my bloods beginning to boil.


7 Chadd Henne Starter

Overall: Yes guys Henne has proven to be a legit middle of the pack starter. Will he ever be a franchise qb is anyone's guess. If we had the #1 overall 2011 pick would I draft Luck? Absolutely!

There you have it guys. This is why as this team is presently built we will never be anything greater than middle of the pack at best. We have far too many 2nd-team grade players as starters and one major starter(Marshall) who we need to cut ties with completely.

And you fans that live in Miami are not exempt from this either. You call that a HOME crowd last night. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. In a must win game, on Prime Time and you would never even know that game was in Miami last night, watching it on TV. I thought Miami was a football town. Do you guys only care about the Heat now? Seriously, that crown last night should have seemed like a playoff crowd and it wasn't anything close to that. How long before teams start fearing coming into OUR building? How long before we have a TRUE 12th man? I realize the economy has been tough and everything but you guys need to take a good hard look at the fans in Buffalo for example, who have also been ravaged by the economy but still show up every week to be raucous and support an inferior product week in and week out. I'm all for pointing the finger at Parcells and Sparano and Henning and Ireland and the players but I think the fans in Miami have to take some responsibility for this too. This team comes out flat, you need to be kicking them in the *ss and showing your support, not sitting on your hands. This isn't baseball folks!

Oakland is playing excellent on offense, unlike the da bears. I see another loss as oakland is getting better while the doofins are getting worse. GO HEAT!!!

What a choke job!!! Another blown opportunity on National TV. Why can't the defense get off of the field on third down? What is it with all of the dropped interceptions? The Dolphins should have signed Anquan Boldin instead of Brandon Marshall - dude is a serious head case - they should fine or suspend his retarded ass. Davone Bess sucks as a punt returner, we need someone who is a threat back there. Thigpen sucks - Henne is miles better, we just have to sit through his growing pains. Very disgusted with my Dolphins this morning. I am the laughing stock of L.A.

If this keeps up I'm going to start bringing my TV to games and change the channel.

The comments on here blow me away, really. Did all of you really see an 11 win team here? We are right where we are supposed to be - 500 - and if this team comes out as flat in OAK as they did last night, doesn't matter who the QB, OC, C or Coach is - they gettin whoooped!
GO Phins - get healthy and lets win 9 games this year!

why did we sign chad.p last year ?
why we couldn't find a better back up QB than thiggy ?

It's the Joe Robbie Curse.. "Until you put my name on my beloved stadium..that shall lose"


GRAIG M, people have no money left.do people eat a meatball sub times 50 or go to the game ?

Hey realistic...why would u want 9 wins this year? Explain how that would help us as we move forward next year?



How in the world can you blame the Miami fans?
We didnt build this team, we dont coach this team, and we definitely dont call any plays.

Craig, this hasnt been an expansion team since 1966 and bottomline, now 44yrs into existence and a terrible economy do you really think fan will make extra sacrifices(money) just to go out and watch the lousy product placed on the field now? Have you forgotten many households now have only one spouse employed?

CraigM, some because of the terrible economy and the lousy on field product just arent going to do it. Now add in the factor this hasnt been an expansion team for 44yrs. over 60,000 fans showed up last night. For what we've seen on display during home games that was above and beyond the call of duty.

I wouldn't go to a Dolphin's home game if you paid me. Could you imagine how pi$sed of you'd be after spending several hundred dollars, waiting in long lines, buying over-priced, stale beer and nachos, and sitting in those god-awful, cramped orange chairs only to find your team getting EMBARRASSED?

Think I'll pass...

Dying,not a bad analysis but I have a prob with Incognito being a starter....he can't pull. And if I understand you right, you want to draft a QB? I agree and I would keep drafting a QB until we're sure NOT THINK but SURE we have a franchise QB.

The Benching of Chaddy Henne was a bonehead move.

Hopefully he is up to par for the Oakland Game.

2011 Starting Lineup


QB- Henne
RB- 1st Rd Pick
C- Berger
G- Garner
G- Incognito
T- Long
T- Carey
TE- Fasano
TE- 3rd Pick
WR- Brandy
WR- Bess
WR- Hartline
WR- FA Speedsteer


CB- Davis
CB- Smith
Nickle- FA
FS- Jones
SS- Bell
OLB- Wake
OLB- Misi
ILB- Dansby
ILB - 4th RD Pick
NT- Solai
DE- Starks
De- Merling

The truth about cities with good weather is if the team isn't crushing, they will find something else to do. It goes for every warm coastal city in the country. Can you blame them? A day on the ocean, or a night on the town beats what was put out on the field last night. If the Phins can produce a wiining product that the public trusts, the fans will be out again. The Heat can't even sell out, why would the Dolphins?

Rewatched broadcast

Announcer says, "sean smith has made a pathetic attempt to tackle"

LOL@ POSER BOY CB sean smith

Dolphin players should take a knee for the rest of the season

So they can continue to get drunk on South Beach
just hide their car keys lol

Cow...don't worry about REALISTIC... he is just one of thos people who WANTS to be right...MR. Hindsight is 20/20....

"The team should be fine once Berger handles his business."

That is the funniest thing I've read in a long time.

GOD... it was painful watching the Dolphins at the stadium last night. Sparano SUCKS! Boy wonder GM is AWFUL and the worst of them all is Dan "freakin" Henning! Is he still breathing ?
PLEASE HIRE BILL COWHER or even Chuckie ?? It is definately an improvement over Sparano, which all he does is cheerlead, when there's something to cheer about, which lately is NEVER! AAAAHHHHH! Put me out of my misery !

Oh snap... its not baseball? I was so looking forward to that crazy rally monkey that bounces up and down.

Shoulda kept Pat White in the spread offense 4 or 5 wide

Awful game, The team has many issues, but are not as bad as they looked last night. The main issue is the O-Line, it is terrible and can't block for the run or pass... Berger is terrible, Incognito has zero agility, Carey is too heavy to be able to move. Jerry is a rookie... and now Jake Long is hurt.

There isn't any running back that will gain yards with the blocking that the Fins have. Ronnie is NOT the problem, Ricky isn't what he was, but is okay as a backup, not a split=time starter. Cobbs should never see the field other than on special teams!

Jason Allen possibly better than Sean Smith, definately better than Al Harris and Sapp.

Henne is the best QB of the group, but still needs work.

Marshall is an idiot, who I never wanted as a Fin, I would have drafted Dez and left Marshall in Denver.

Finally, Henning can't call plays anymore, that is obvious to everyone? No?

Ugh, Home is here.
I am out!


Ive seen the light. Sean Smith will never be more than a quality backup at best. He has terrible hands and hates contact.

Wait R&R

Damn that 11 13 lol

Flush the toilet in miami please..these front office guys and coaching staff just layed another giant turd in miami...

Unleash the WildCat in Oakland.

I say use it 10 straight plays to start off. No matter if it gains 3 yds.

Unleash Bess out of the backfield on a Reverse.

Use Nolan Carroll on Offense as he is only fast guy on the team.

Joe, the part that bothers me is that this line was already built. No Justin Smiley and jake Grove didn't have long futures - but they were awesome babysitters until you found their heirs in the draft. I agree overall with this regime's youth policy but not when you are cutting productive vets to do so. No, Grove or Smiley were not going to hold up all year. But why cut or trade them? Berger and Incognito were low cost additions and would have been here anyway. Start the vets until they break down then put in the younger guys. Instead we are stuck with guys who couldn't beat the Argonauts.

Ireland did a horrific job managing the line personnel - or was it Sparano - either way - someone should pay for how they handled it. It's cost them the season in broken qbs and a lack of a running game

We tried that 12th man against the Jets and got flagged for too many men on the field.

at the most important spot on the team ,ireland didn't do his job.

thiggy ...........2 players should have not being on this team .

HOME, in my book ,he knows football like dying breed .

Ireland has proven nothing to me.

Only have found Bess, Carpenter and Wake in a long list of turds: Ernesto Wilfred, Eric Green, Gerbil, Pat White, Pat Turner, Cutting Grove, Trading Smiley, Trading Ted Ginn and no replacement for speed, Trading for Benny Sapp, Will Allen on IR, cutting Roth

I am deeply disappointed in Chad Henne.

Although 12 Angry Men was a pretty good movie.
I would settle for 11 angry men on defense , or at least 10 angry men and perhaps 1 freelancing rabid simian roving the defensive backfield shredding the opponents genitalial and biting their ears off. That would strike fear .

Dying Breed,

I don't buy your argument. You're either part of the solution or you're part of the problem. You're either committed to the team or you're not. It's that simple, man. You want the players to give 150 per cent every time out, they like to know that people are behind them 150 per cent. Anything else and the team develops a laissez faire attitude. And I don't but this argument that 'they're all professionals, getting paid good money. They should show up every week'. That goes without saying. What I'm talking about is having an EDGE over your competition, going above and beyond. The economy has hit places like Pittsburgh and Green Bay and Buffalo just as hard as it's hit Miami. I don't buy this attitude that people can't afford to go to games. If that's the case, then let's move the team. If you're a fan and I mean a TRUE fan, you're there EVERY week and you're screaming blue bloody murder for your team. The easiest things to do is sit on the sidelines and point fingers. Most of you guys don't even get involved and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. If that's the case, then you're part of the problem, all be it a small part.

It's almost funny to me, considering I've been bashing this REGIME's personnel moves and SEAN SMITH for 2 years...

Now EVERYONE is on board...

Marc go play Madden, Marc Bill Parcells is god...

WHOOPS...They all suck, my bad

With this teams luck the toilet would get stuck and you would have to call a turd wrestler.


Ive seen the light. Sean Smith will never be more than a quality backup at best. He has terrible hands and hates contact.

Posted by: DyingBreed | November 19, 2010 at 12:13 PM

This what Home has been telling NFL fans since his rookie training camp

At first Home was the only one on the planet
That reported Poser Boy seans piss poor CB play

and folks still like to say he has ball skills lol

yeah maybe when he`s playing with himself
Sean has now dropped 8 potential INTs that hit him in both hands

NFL.com started the preview matchup video with
sean smith dropping that easy pick 6 Int last week
saying, "sean is mediocre at best"

Still cuz he is tall & goofy
blind homers still say he gonna be elite(like booby12d)


Long gave up 3 sacks and a blocked pass to Julius Peppers..Burp!

I hear Ireland's only 28yrs old. BP what the f'ck were you thinking making a 25yr old guy only 2 years removed from keg parties and the animal house franternity a GM over a storied franchise? An even better question is why was your old decrepid wrinkled behind at the college keg party to meet Jeff Ireland anyway?

The Dummy Huizenga and his bad decisions still huant us even today. Ever since we allowed that garbage man owner in its been garbage out!

Will we ever be rid of the garbage stench?

Instead of giving us news about hamburger tell us if henne can play and if henning is cleaning his office yet? What about sparano? Ireland? anyone cleaing their office at davie? I mean being shut out at home during a night game and no one is getting fired? Ross you moron.

How about getting Jake Grove and Donald Thomas back? The Fins could AT LEAST run last year. The line is awful! The line is awful! This is the the true issue, Smiley should have stayed around as well... You can't have an offense if you can't block! Doesn't matter who is the RB, QB, WR, etc... No line, no offense.

The whole team farted in unison last night. At least there won't be any division in the locker room, they were all guilty of stench.

Guess since 2nd string center is back
Should buy four tickets to Oakland game, airfare & hotel + expenses, eh?

C`Mon Mando
What R U Selling us!?

Gonna give my tickets to some kids that have not been b4 next home game

hope they wont be mad with me lol

My vote for NFLman of the year goes to Stephen Ross, who changed the culture of this team when he brought in Gloria Estefan and Marc Anthony, along with Venus and Serena Willams, as minority owners of the team.

The doofins have no second round pick, but they have two unsportsman like conduct penalties and guaranteed $20 million to a Diva receiver, who's starting to show why he is what he is,T-R-O-U-B-L-E

gove can't find a team since he left b/c of his injury .

With a decimated O-Line, an injured Henne and a horrible OC, how is this offense going to score?

Mark in Toronto,

It's obvious that the release of Grove and the trade of Smiley was for no other reason to get rid of money in an uncapped year when they could. From a football standpoint, it would have been better to have kept both of those guys, even for depth purposes. With respect to Grove, you really have to scratch your hand on that one. Did they do their due dilligence on him and realize who he was and that he had injuries? If so why sign him to a big contract and then get rid of him a season later. It shows their lack of competence to sign a guy then release him a year later. It's also lousy for continuity on the line. Same with Smiley. They knew this guy had an injury history before signing him moments after free agency opened to a five year contract. All this indecision, and back-tracking has sent the wrong message to the team and confused and frustrated a lot of people. For this they have to be heavily criticized.

Ever noticed that you never see Sean Smith and Marc Anthony at the same time? Just sayin...

Not like we have ever used a 2nd round pick wisely anyway

I disagree Joe, Marino played good enough to win 5 Super Bowls
and so has payton, brady, vick, mcnabb, etc...
its a QB driven league.


Have to say
In all seriousness

No excuses
0 points at Home
3 prime time games Dolphins have laid 3 Eggs

Every game different Excuse

Time to Fire Sparano & Henning


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