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Good news! Center expected back for Oakland

After starter Joe Berger missed Thursday night's game and backup Cory Procter left the game with a knee injury, the Dolphins might on the surface seem to be dealing with something of a crisis at the center position today.

Relax. They are not.

Berger, who started Miami's first nine games of the season after beating out Jake Grove for the spot, is expected to return to the lineup against Oakland when the Dolphins visit the Black Hole Nov. 28. It's not so much that Berger is expected to recover in time from the knee injury the team listed for him in declaring him out last week, although that apparently should be the case.

It's that, according to a club source, the "personal issue" that Berger is attending to should be sufficiently resolved by the week of the Oakland game. 

The source declined to specify what issue Berger is dealing with but it seems clear that it as much as the knee is the reason the player missed Thursday's game. And again, the club expects the issue to be handled when Berger, who has been away from the team for a time, returns to work.

So the Dolphins don't necessarily need to go shopping for a starting center. They don't have to worry about continuing to play left guard Richie Incognito at the center position as he did much of Thursday night.

The team should be fine once Berger handles his business.

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Where are the grades for the dolphins??????????????????????????











DC...we fire Henning....then what?

After firing Henning they just have to find some talent. Something they haven't had since the 90's.

That's great arpas1. Never thought of that! True, my son has only cared for the Heat for the past 10 years. Thankyou(I'm getting old).


Back when Moon was beginning his professional career it was still very taboo to have a black nfl qb. It may have been this more than anything else that prevented him from being a NFL qb to start with. However, eventually the nfl itself couldnt just totally ignore 6 straight Grey Cup Championships and the Houston Oiler I think it was gambled on him.

The team should fine when Berger handles his business? LMAOOOOOOOO!!! You're a heck of a comedian Armando!!


You fire Ireland and Henning. What do you really think we could do any worse?

I know you're busy Armando so here's a little help.


QB/Running Backs - F
Play Calling - U (Unbelievable)
D Line - C
Offensive Line - K (it was worse than F)

Fire Henning then what?

Somebody please tell me.....Should we replace him with his senior subordinate....That works great for our SUBPAR special teams (Carpenter) not included.

You can't hire from within....the players are coached by the subordinates, and managed by the OCs

So fire Henning, then what?



"Now the shredding of the swiss cheese fish d starts.:

Posted by: TorturedDolphan | November 18, 2010 at 08:49 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/11/live-blog-of-dolphins-versus-bears-tonight/comments/page/6/#comments#ixzz15kxTuAEh


You know Armando was just being facetious. LOL!

You guys run around here spouting FIRE HENNING, FIRE HENNING.

Whats your best hypothetical, unbeliavble, fantasy land, Madden plan?

These should be good.....

That's it DC, blame Canada - again :)

Mark S..from ESPN said"he could have come up with the Dolphins game plan with crayola crayons and a pizza box"...Henning needs to go..Need speed on offense...Playmakers on defence...Stop picking out of the cowboys garbage pile...And Sparano and Ireland I have 2 hidden "acorns" for you.

Mark S. from Espn didn't wtach the game only the highlights, you can tell from his comments...i heard the same thing at 5 this morning

A couple thoughts on Henning and the game plan for last night:

1.) Henning is so old and senile that he actually thought he was game planning for Dan Marino instead of 3rd stringer, Tyler Thigpen.

2.) Henning actually reads this blog and took note of all the comments annointing Thigpen the our future after a 4 for 6 with 1 TD performance against the Titans.....and he believed them.

How in the $#%$ do you only run 6 times in a game where you are starting your 3rd string QB? Phins were only down 6 at the half....run the $#&* ball moron! We probably still would have lost given all the other injuries...and the fact that the Phins suck ass....but at least it would have been a logical approach to the game plan.

Oh well, at least my little party was good, my BBQ was stellar, and the beer was cold....and I have the day off to recover.

Dying: I agree with your assessment of Ireland. He is a chipmunk looking for acorns. He got it right with C. Wake one time and he thinks he can keep doing it.

what....NO PLANS...just scream Fire Henning.

Complain but have no solution.


Get real people.

DC - Lets see, which team has had more TALENTED players the last decade, NE or MIA? Think about that for just a moment. Designing plays, throwing teams off balance fine, but 90% of it is just beating them at what you do, being simply a better player. Do you think anybody is surprised that Wake is coming? Nobody, they know it, yet he gets there because he is better, he did so in Canada and now here, so it isn't Nolan, its Wake. Put it another way, I'm not so sure another OC would have gotten this group more wins (and I'm not a Henning fan). We can't run this year because our interior line is worse. Same OC as last year and we ran well, new interior line and now we don't run well, whats changed there? Inferior players.


I now would like to see another championship dolphin team more so for the sake of the younger d-fans that have never witnessed it than for myself. We oldtimers on numerous have seen what a real championship team looks like, how the plays are called, games are coached, and moves great GM's make(Bobby Beathard).

One thing you can believe. We old timers may not exactly know for 100% certainty what all the answers are. But you can believe with 100% certainty believe that we know what they arent. We personally witnessed a perfect championship then another SB championship directly after.

Have you?

I'm out for a while....

DC and others, you cna JOKE about Hennings age, SCREAM TO ANYBODY THAT CARES that he should be FIRED...but clearly other than FIRE HENNING, you have no WORKABLE SOLUTIONS.....


DB....I don't have to witness a perfect seaon to know what a SB team looks like....I have been watching them for every year for the past 20 plus.

My question is simplerthan a SB....

Fire Henning, (i got that)...then what?

Dear Mr. Ross,

Fire Sparano and Henning.

Lose Parcells' number.

Give Ireland a couple years to see if he can do the job without undue meddling. If he can't, give him a one-way ticket to any CFL city.

Pathetic coaching last night.

ray finkle laces were out!

Kris has no clue that before any workable solutions can be arrived at first we have to dump the obvious problems.

No new blog up....and still nobody knows what to do agter we FIRE our OC....Think about it men....Its so much more complicated than that.


DB...stop talking around it.

The question is SIMPLE and straight forward.

i'll ask it af=gain...cause you gave me no "workable solutions"


Yeah Kris,

Somebody elses SB team you dont watch thier games evry Sunday. Its not nearly as up close and personal when its your own team winning a title. Kris youre beginning to sound like a whiny loser.

The problem with Marshall is that he is as or more frustrated that we are. Not roll out to the right for Ty..no attempts to Run. at some point your are going WTF... its not that complicated.. I personally fell more frustrated this season than the 1-15 we have the talent we have the D playing pretty decent we hold them to 6 at the half with all the injuries...now is time to start doing what were were good at, Run Ricky Run, roll the QB out since we can not have a pocket with the injuries and play.... Personally I have my tks for sale and will not attend any more games until the Henning Wicht Hunt is completed...

DB...now your showing your true colors

I am not the one screaming FIRE HENNING...thats whining


FIRE HENNING...then what?


Are you brain dead? Before you can begin to work on a solution first you have to identify that there is problem. Guess with you it'll take a 0-16 season to see this.


Since you can't even answer the question without reducing yourself to childish insuts I will assume you don't have an answer.....SO you prove my point with your ignorance of football operations.

Firing an OC is a huge deal in the middle of a season....

So if you fire him then what?

oh, I know DB...call me a loser for asking you to quantify your statment...THAT WILL FIX THINGS...



First learn to ask the right questions buddy. It doesnt make a flying f'ck what my plan is Im not team owner. The question all of us in the know fans is: Mr. Stephen Ross, what is your plan? Only he hold the key to the Dolphins future.

As I stated before I witnessed 2 championship season and wanted more for younger fans who never witnessed this fro the dolphins a whole lot more than myself. As they say: "I've already been to mountain, seen the promise land, and pissed on the brand new furniture.

This current team personally makes me neither mad or sad. The early 70's dolphins gave me something that can never be taken away. My true love them has never died nor faded away.


While i give yo a thumbs up for trying to answer the question (no one else has)...It is clear that you are frustrated bu your childish and immature name calling...and you are old enough to have seen THE PERFECT SEAON....

what does that really say about you?

Guess you will hurl more insults and side step the questions....I'm out...


Posted by: kris


Promote the next man in line - David Lee.

If Sparano doesn't want this team to quit on him due to his and Henning's ineptitude, then he has to let these guys know that he sees what they see--an OC who rarely gives the team an advantage. Let the record show that I don't Sparano sees it this way -- hence, I believe Speano needs to be fired this offseason.

The problems on this team go far deeper to be spelled out here, and that's the most disappointing part of all. At the beginning of the year there was that feeling that we were just a couple of players away from being a championship team. The truth is, we are no where near close to it. Our secondary sucks, Nolan's defense has become predictable and easy to beat as happens every year around this time. Our QBs all are average at best. Our secondary can't cover. Our OC has to be the worst in the league. Our head coach is way too conservative and is to blame for how flat (admitted by YB himself) this team has played in big games this year. The problems go on and on and I don't see how this team will ever be championship caliber in the next years to come. If I were Ross I wouldn't know where to start, but I'd definitely think of firing Sparano and Henning and bringing in someone who's won an SB and knows what it takes. Cowher or Gruden comes to mind. Be even that doesn't convince me. Be ready for a few years of mediocrity. Sometimes I wish I could just stop being a Dolphins fan and just walk away. This fan base just doesn't deserve the suffering this team puts us through year after year. It's my curse that the Dolphins are in my blood. Sad to say, but the truth is the truth. Right now I can honestly say that I hate being a Dolphins fan, but sadly I really have no choice. I'm envious of all those fans out there that can rejoice with their teams. How wonderful would it be to be an Eagles fan right now, just to throw one good team of many out there.

Poor drafts and FA signings
Henning sux
Fist pumping is exceptable
Therory of building from inside out(we can't run or stop the run)

I challenge anyone to pick an area where we are set...O-line,d-line,wr,rb,qb,lb,db,special teams..Good God the future doesn't look bright....


David Lee could at least be interim GM until season's end. That way all the terminology and offense stays the same. Only difference being when and how plays are called.

Be realistic, playoffs are now a pipe dream. Are you so afraid we wont make the playoffs if Henning is fired? News flash: "We are not going to the playoffs with Henning anyway."

Cant you read between the lines what those calling for his head are loud and clearly saying? Geesh dude is it dull knife in the drawer syndrome?

No Cowher! He left due to burn out...See J. Johnson.

No Gruden! His act wears thin, doesn't draft well and has spent too long on the TV banquet cicuit. They fired him for a kid with no HC experience and no one is chomping at the bit to get him.

Jim Harbaugh!

Not even a Fist Pump!

Someone reported a while back that Cameron Wake almost went to Pittsburgh as their scouting department had him pegged as well? Damn!

Not Even a Fist Pump!

With the exception of Wake, the free agents have been, by and large, awful.

Let's see:
Smiley, that 6-6 WR from the Jaguars whose name escapes me at the moment, "Gerbil" Wilson, Grove, etc. Did I leave anybody out?

Kris, at seasons end, YES fire Dan Henning but don't stop there. Between ST & lack of scoring ALL SEASON LONG, those grounds merit being fired! If I underperformed in my duties at work like they do, I'd be canned in a NY minute!

Nolan should get another chance & I'd make him HC. If I'm a dolphin owner or GM, I try to correct the ills on this team as follows:

1. Fire Ireland & all coaches. Bring in SMART guys with fresh ideas & philosophy. Not jurrassic 80's football mentality.
2. Make Nolan Head Coach
3. Begin the 4th process of trying to piece together a legit Oline. RT, C. Replace Incognito with Garner if healthy.
4. Commit to Henne as long as you bring in a new OC with a playbook less than 20 years old & designed to his strengths
5. Find 2 younger DB's taller than 5'9 who can cover & are WILLING to tackle to replace Sapp & Smith
5. Find some good ST guys who can cover KO's & punts
7. Bring in a RB with Speed
8. Bring in a TE with speed
10. Bring in a SS or replace Bell with Jones

There's allot more to do but that's where we should start. From what I can tell, the only area of this team that's set is P, K & Dline. That's assuming Odrick & Merling are healthy. WR's we should be OK as long as we bring in speed at TE & RB. If not, add WR at #11 on the to do list.

Henne gets a shot to prove once and for all he can be the guy. In this offense, no one knows. If he fails, then it's time to look for a QB.


This is for you, this is the good and bad of our starting roster.

My Assessment Of Starting Offensive/Defensive Players:

Defense Line:

70 Kendall Langford Starter
96 Paul Solia Starter
78 Tony McDaniels Starter
94 Randy Starks Demoted 2nd team

Overall: All 4 are keepers in a rebuild.


91 Cameron Wake Starter (Pro Bowler)
58 Karlos Dansby Starter (Pro Bowler)
51 Channing Crowder 2nd-teamer
55 Koa Misi 2nd-teamer

Overall: May take another season or two for Misi to really come on strong. Thats why I have him as a backup. Crowder's a true 2nd teamer, we just dont have anyone better to replace him. Would not keep Crowder in a rebuild. Dansby/Wake are only starting LB's on roster we can even dream of being pro bowlers at present.

Defensive Backs:

21 Vontae Davis Starter
24 Sean Smith 2nd-teamer
37 Yeremiah Bell 2nd-teamer
30 Chris Clemons 2nd-teamer
20 Reshad Jones 2nd-teamer

Overall: Vontae Davis is the closest thing to a real starter on this entire unit. I do believe Reshad Jones enters true starter class next season. Time to stop saying Bell plays over his head. For at least 3 seasons mow, in critical moments his tackling has resembled being in over his head. Time to scrap the Sean Smith "starter experiment. He's a career backup at best. Davis and Jones seem to be the only keepers in a rebuild.

Offensive Line:

77 Jake Long Starter(Pro Bowler)
72 Vernon Carey 2nd-teamer
68 Ritchie Incognito Starter
74 John Jerry 2nd-teamer
67 Joe Berger 2nd-teamer

Overall: Great chance to see why o-line's inconsistent. 2 starters and 3 backups. Yes Carey is 2nd team at best. Berger may be borderline starter at best. Jerry needs at least another full season. I believe he could be a beast by his 3rd season. Incognito is a solid nfl starter and Long is Jake Long.

Wide Recievers:

19 Brandon Marshall Starter
82 Brian Hartline 2nd-teamer
15 Devone Bess Starter

Overall: Marshall's definitely a starter but I do not want him on this team in a rebuild. We all know why. Hartline has some starter-like skills but inconsistency is killing him and us. Bess, the best slot wr in the game. To reiterate, Marshall must go and in a rebuild would demote Hartline to 2nd team at best.


80 Anthony Fasano 2nd-teamer

Overall: Did we really go into the season with only one TE who is a 2nd-teamer at best? Unbelievable! Enuff said.


34 Ricky Williams 2nd-teamer
23 Ronnie Brown 2nd-teamer

Overall: Williams, no longer starting material still may have something left in the tank as a backup making only cameo appearances. Problem is Henning wants him to be a half a starter. Heck, Brown isnt even half a starter. Enuff said, my bloods beginning to boil.


7 Chadd Henne Starter

Overall: Yes guys Henne has proven to be a legit middle of the pack starter. Will he ever be a franchise qb is anyone's guess. If we had the #1 overall 2011 pick would I draft Luck? Absolutely!

There you have it guys. This is why as this team is presently built we will never be anything greater than middle of the pack at best. We have far too many 2nd-team grade players as starters and one major starter(Marshall) who we need to cut ties with completely.

Posted by: DyingBreed | November 19, 2010 at 11:49 AM


You should have DVR'd the game and taken the overtime Bro!

Not even a Fist Pump!

Over time, there will be football Fans, baseball Fans, basketball Fans.

Now , now ... lets not run around like chickens with our head cut off. No, I think it better that we create a new deity called David Lee and cast a gold bust in the likeness of his derriere to be worshipped on the altar of supreme consciousness. Meditate my brothers... peace be with you and may your voodoo be strong and your kung fu impervious.

Later this year, after end of season:

Jeff Ireland: FIRED
Sparano: FIRED
Others: FIRED


New GM (who?)
New Coach: Bill Cowher / Chucky?

Rather than creating a deity called David Lee, let's just realize there's a great distance between "next man up" and a football "god". Henning stinks and no amount of sarcasm will change that.


Brandon the "3 way player Marshal"- Soccer Goalkeeper batting balls away, out of bounds, passer and punter!

Ricky the Decoy Williams!

Ronnie the "Curly Shuffle" Brown-whoop whhop whoop! Ah wise guy!

Sean Smith!

Channing Crowder!

Anthony Fasano!

Devon Bess!

All Phins QBs!

Interior Linemen on bothe sides!




The problem is that they went after Marsahll & Dansby thinking they were close. That set some unrealistic fans up for the disappointment they currently feel. In reality, they aren't close. Wake & Dansby are already nearing 30. By the time we get other areas straightened out, those 2 HUGE areas become weaknesses again.

Even more laughable is that they signed Al Harris in a bid to win now. Letting a proven ST ace go for him. I'd rather have Jason Allen ahead of Al Harris & S. Smith any day of the week.

Until we find a solution acorss the board in the coaching Dept., RB, TE, SS, OLB, ILB, ST, C, RT we aren't going anywhere good. Welcome to reality folks, it sucks if you're not a realist.

"In the last two games we had 43 rushes for 127 yards and our runners, never mind the quarterbacks or the reverse plays, have 33 carries for 92," said Dolphins coach Tony Sparano, whose background is as an offensive line coach. "So that isn't good enough. I think from our standpoint we probably got to go back and just start to identify the staple runs."

"I think" & "Probably"? That man exudes confidence like a man on a mission. For further treatise on this fascinating man and his rise to power, consider an online search on the "Peter Priniciple" if you are not already familiar with the phrase. Discuss.

Joe Shmoe,

Like you Im neither shocked or highly upset about this season Im a realist too. Reality is we need change in at least 2 major areas that can correct a lot of wrong in other areas. That's at the predominantly responsible position of GM and the pre-historic play calling at OC.

Sparano was the annointed one. All Tuna did was help his buddies get or keep jobs & stay employed. Skills matter not if you know Tuna.

The problem is coaching. The coach has to go. Sparano had 3 years and his time is up.

Pass the chalupa

Agree with David Lee being the OC until the end of the season... then we go out and get a fresh mind... someone like a Nolan but on offense... What's Scott Linehan doing these days?

Cowher win-loss record: 149-90
winning %: .623
Super Bowl wins: 1 - 2005 season
Years as head coach: 15

Sparano winn-loss record: 23-18
Winning %: .550
Super Bowl wins: 0
Years as Head Coach: 2.5

Soooo cowher took only 13 years to put a team together to win a Super Bowl, we only need to wait 10.5 more seasons or more.....be optimistic

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