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Good news! Center expected back for Oakland

After starter Joe Berger missed Thursday night's game and backup Cory Procter left the game with a knee injury, the Dolphins might on the surface seem to be dealing with something of a crisis at the center position today.

Relax. They are not.

Berger, who started Miami's first nine games of the season after beating out Jake Grove for the spot, is expected to return to the lineup against Oakland when the Dolphins visit the Black Hole Nov. 28. It's not so much that Berger is expected to recover in time from the knee injury the team listed for him in declaring him out last week, although that apparently should be the case.

It's that, according to a club source, the "personal issue" that Berger is attending to should be sufficiently resolved by the week of the Oakland game. 

The source declined to specify what issue Berger is dealing with but it seems clear that it as much as the knee is the reason the player missed Thursday's game. And again, the club expects the issue to be handled when Berger, who has been away from the team for a time, returns to work.

So the Dolphins don't necessarily need to go shopping for a starting center. They don't have to worry about continuing to play left guard Richie Incognito at the center position as he did much of Thursday night.

The team should be fine once Berger handles his business.

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Lee OC Chad Penne QB coach

Db, what is with this Kris character? Does he not see Henning/Sparano/Ireland are the problem? Fire them at seasons end. Rebuild the coaching staff with young, fresh minds. Enough of the 80's mentality. I outlined a list of 10 moves I'd make as Gm to get this ship righted. That's a pretty good start. I don't know why he keeps asking other people to tell him what they'd do next. After watching this team this year, how do you NOT know?

Bill Cowher took his team to a Super Bowl in his 4th year as head coach, and his teams were always known as disciplined and tough.

On a side note, you're a great coach in my book if you get to a championship with Neil O'Donnell as your QB.

I'm with Martin, Jim harbaugh should be our head Coach.

Eric DeCosta for GM - good Portuguese boy from Mass!!!

Coaching gaffe of the year:

Marshall getting injured.

Last week he costs us a delay of game penalty.

This week he costs us 25 yards in penalties. Wait, not just penalties, stupid sophmoric penalties. This is a 50 million dollar pro? Add in ALL the drops and, well it just ain't adding up.

I never put up with this garbage and I was coaching kids! Pop Warner and Freshman!

I like SpOrano, but I can't keep giving the guy free passes, he has to stand up and, well stand for SOMETHNG.

Hindsight is more like shyt in one hand and want in the other! So I'm blaming SpOrano for Marshalls injury. He should have been on the bench.

Thigpen is a 3rd string QB for a reason, that is what he is. He was like a chicken with his head cuff ou there last night. He was lost.

Henne is our QB, we are now paying the price, notice the injury bug has hit us after genuis coahces bench our QB, it's payback for stupid decisions

Marshall is frustrated for sure, cause the play calling is terrible

CF, Marshall can be frustrated all he wants. It's still no excuse to get penalties. He's a pro, time to act like it. Do other players draw penalties when he drops 2 passes? No.

Not debating that at all, stupid move with Cutler for sure, just saying he is frustrated because he knows he should be featured, and our OC is not doing it

We need a Offensive minded HC, along with Nolan and we would be in much better shape. Our HC is offensive line specialist and his line is, well, offensive....

cf, im afraid the regime was all smoke and mirrors;they told us what we wanted to hear and we drank the kool-aid. it really doesnt matter who the QB is;we have no team. tyler had to dig the snaps out of the dirt and the oline is toasted on everydown. as soon as the ball was hiked tyler had to start running. we didnt draft or acquire any "tough" guys with no quit. just cam wake,karlos,ryan baker,jake thats it. vernon carey will be gone with his millions as will many others. teams become a joke.

Guys I'm not ready to thrown in the towel on anyone other than Henning. I realize we're all frustrated but I want to see what these guys do with their backs to the wall. I think we realize we have shortcomings (and many of them)on the roster but let's see what these guys can do the rest of the way. If the team goes into the tank then Sparano is gone to and maybe Ireland with him but I'm not ready to give up yet. There's been some good sign from the roster so far and I think we have good building blocks in place.

If we do make a coaching change, I'm on record as saying I want John Fox to be our next head coach. His teams are always hard-working and diciplined. What you're seeing this year in Carolina is not John Fox's fault but rather an owner who has done nothing to support him in free agency and a GM who has done a poor jo drafting. This guy is still a top head coach.

Mark in Toronto, I don't want another guy straight out of College, like Harbaugh. I want someone with NFL hed coaching experience, who knows a little bit about what it takes to win in the NFL.

Again, do any of you watch the games? Brandon Marshall is the second coming of Keyshon Johnson, talks a good game but can't catch, and when he does manages to screw it up.Every one wants to make excuses for him, oh the pass was to high, watch Hakeem Nicks that dude catches all the garbage passes, so why can't Marshall!

Everyone wants to talk QB's, well we haven't been able to run the ball all year! That's even when the O-line was healthy. This team needs to run the ball so we can have a play action passing game. If we could run the ball all 3 QB's would be successful, period.

Our "D" always looks good on the 1st series then disappears. The new corner from Green Bay looks old and slow, ya think that's why they let him go. I tell ya, I would love to see a fine for one of our players hitting some body, there is just no passion.

Last night almost everybody sucked except Wake, and #40 Amaya on special teams, those are the only studs we have. I like Dansby but he is the "D" captain and has to take some of the blame for the unit being the "flying pansies"!

As David Bowie once said "ch ch ch ch ch changes"!

Early 1st quarter.

Dolphins get the ball, the Bears stuff 8 and 9(yes 9, dvr it)guys in the box.

Henning calls two run plays for 3 yards.

3rd and seven, obvious passing situation and thank god Henning realizes it.

Now that the defense knows we have to pass, this is the perfect time for two TE's, two RB's and the ole send one guy out play!

Marshall was tripled covered and Thiggy took his first sack of what turned out to be many!

NOTE TO DAN HENNING: If or WHEN you realize you have to pass, ah, the defense usually realizes it too.

Henning got so intimidated by the early 8 and 9 guys in the box that he gave up on the run game altogether.

Freaking PRICELESS!!!!

If you don't promote from within explain why the Cowboys turned it up the day their HC got fired?

Not really sold on Nolan's hyped DEFENSE either...Of course, he didn't trade/draft our scrubs either


I'd just like to point out that Georgia State, in their first year as a football program, succeeded last night against the legendary Crimson Tide of Alabama, where the Miami Dolphins and Dan Henning failed against the Chicago Bears.

They dented the scoring column with a TD.
Who would have thought that a professional team in the middle of their 44th season, could be more over-matched than a first year startup program?

Or that Bill Curry who hadn't coached a game at any level in 14 years would have a better record today at 6-5 than Tony Sparano this season?

We are 2.5 seasons into a full on ground up re-build. We are not re-tooling...re-loading. We're re-building. Can't just can the coach and QB every couple of years and expect anything good to happen. Take a look at the Saint re-build when they brough Sean Payton in...it's very similar to the situation Miami is in.

2006 10-6 (yr 1)
2007 7-9 (yr 2)
2008 8-8 (yr 3)
2009 13-3 (yr 4 & SB)
2010 we'll see

Now take a look at Sporano and Miami:

2008 11-5 (yr 1)
2009 7-9 (yr 2)
2010 I'm still predicting 8-8...maybe 7-9
2011 Unknown..we need to let this play out through 2011 otherwise, we just start over on another 4-5 year process.

Odin...I hear ya

The fact Henning even has a job is AMAZING in itself

When you're trailing 16 points in the 4th (Which is the second time this season)


This is common sense Joe Schmoe stuff (No offense Joe)

By the time the defense really started to look bad on third downs, the Bears had a 20 minute time of possesion advantage on us.

I'm not saying the D couldn't have played a lot better, but I'm certainly not pointing ANY fingers at them.

I did reserve one finger for Henning and SpOrano and it ain't the index finger.

Wolfman1313 you are right, only 2.5 years as head coach....enough said


You make a good point. People seem to forget that before Parcells and co came along, we were 1-15. 1 AND 15 PEOPLE!!!

We are obviously in a much better position now then we were then. We now need to make the next step up. That is why I am not ready to turn on Sparano. Not yet.

The main problem I have now is Moronosaurus Henning. The dude has to go. He's awful. And I predicted he'd cost us games and last night was another example.

I want to see Ireland and Sparano have an offseason/Draft by themselves without Parcells lurking in the shadows. Let's see what they can do.

After the season, we bring in Linehan as OC or someone else ala Mike Nolan.

Its sad when we cant get even get a Fist Pump on primetime at home

Ireland needs to go. His OL has caused our offense to suck. We cant run.

Here's a thought...

Its a good idea to not ask players to do things in a game that is above their talent-level..."

When you do -- BAD THINGS HAPPEN

Its safe to say that most of the Offense last night was
comprised by backups -- and others who were playing out of position.

Walter Payton and Barry Sanders would have had a tought time running behind the Dolphins Offensive Line last night.

The Game MAY have past Dan Henning by...but to be honest...he really didn't have much to work with.


The 2010 Miami Dolphins are a work in progress

They HAVE to sign a Big, fast DEEP THREAT to play on the other side of Marshall

They NEED a good quaterback
Chad Henne will either prove that he can evolve into one (during his next 10 starts) or he will sink to the roll of a reliable backup.

...and Channing Crowder is NOT an NFL Stater.
They need a Big nasty SOB to play next to Dansby

By the way has ANYONE ELSE noticed that Bardon Marshall doesn't really like chad Henne?
He was standing Next to Chad Pennington for almost the entire second half last night.

there is no good news. the good news will be when they get rid of the entire team, coaches, front office, and have a real winning season with a trip to the playoffs and a super bowl ring to show. miracles do happen, when is the question.

Teams needs

Ol x 3
WR fast not tall and slow
Rb 4.3 speed
Cb x 2
Fist pump crew

By the way...

My Spelling Performance in that last post was awful...


needs that WILL NOT be addressed!

most of this mess has to belong to the trifecta. they have "plausible deniability";that means there's 3 of them and its anybodys guess who is directly responsible for what. like was pat white and pat turner ireland or parcells pick. you cant blame anyone because we never knew and no one talks in that"circle jerk"! i blame all 3 of those idiots before i blame henning. henning has a bunch of idiots that parcells/ireland gave him. nolan likewise. mike nolan is a real classy guy who could be head coach.

I believe Henning will retire at seasons end. I seriously doubt a firing mid-season would happen. It's pretty rare, and even more so when we're talking about coordinators.

Yazzi - Did I really expect a running game? Not necessarily. I agree that there wasn't much to work with on offense but....your starting RBs are healthy...you have your 3rd string QB starting....weighing that, I think a more run heavy approach would have been at least the logical game plan. Six carries between R & R is just stupid.

Moving forward, I think Marshall has to be a key component.

As this season goes from bad to worse what's next from the juvenile wannabe Diva?

It's SpOrano's job to reel this kid in and "nip" the bullshyt in the "bud".

I'm not giving up on SpOrano yet, but I'm STILL waiting for him to step up and do the things a Head Coach is supposed to do.

Perhaps the greatest measures of a good coach is minimizing and hiding your teams' weaknesses and maximizing and utilizing your strengths and doing the converse (exploiting and negating) to your opponent.

Best examples of this ever - Shula (went to the big dace with different kinds of teams in differnt decades - one with David Woodley at QB!)and, in the modern era, (ugghhh) Belichik.

Look I am not using them as the benchmark or saying Sparano has to live up to that legacy, but those are the things, that to some degree, you have to do to win in this league consistently.

Sparano and Henning appear to be on another planet when it comes to these concepts, their game plan and non existant strategy .

Craig M, Jim harbaugh would be different than the only college coach this franchise hired in Nick Saban. Saban was already a crusty old vet who got off on power of scaring young men.

Jim harbaugh is clearly using college as a stepping stone. he runs his program in a preofessional manner - he's offensive minded, modern, young and ambitious. Whoever lands this guy is getting the next gem. Did I also mention that his father and brother are coaches too? It's in teh blood. Man, he has all the earmarks.

rusty, Marshall has been nothing but a bum since he got here. And you are right, everyone points out that the throws are bad, the timing is off, etc. Well, they aren't that off for Fasano, Hartline, and Bess who are all opertaing at career high levels. If every throw has to be perfect for this guy to catch it, why did we pay $50 mill for him? COuld have got any college free agent receiver to just catch the well thrown passes - he is supposed to be a difference maker and all he's been so far is a pile of s**t

My observation has been this: whenever a team is going for a big name coach, the owner or GM usually fires the incumbent prior to the end of the season and puts an interim guy (OC/DC or position coach) in charge.

There are a couple of advantages to this:

- There is no direct friction between the incoming guy and the incumbent (it is a small fraternity of mostly retreads in the NFL).
The sacrificial interim coach is usually far less competent/qualified/desirable than the incoming candidate so there is really no need to justify it to fans or players. Imagine bringing in a Gruden, Cowher, Fisher to replace Sparanso vs replacing say a David Lee.

- If the offer has been made off the record (sorry Rooney rule- but I am pretty sure that is how it works in the real world), the incoming candidates can objectively evaluate how the personnel play out the stretch without a vested interest.

I dont think you promote Nolan because then you are out of a DC unless you move Todd Bowles into that position. Bowles has been well regarded around the league as a future coach and he may want to stretch his legs elsewhere.

I am not that impressed with Lee based on the qb play of Henne, White, Thigpen. The game seems to have move to fast for all three of these guys. If your greatetst contribution as qb coach is bringing in a system (the wildcat)
that is meant to hide a lack of talent on offense - especially qb, then I would equate that to going to your mechanic with a broken car and him telling you to try a bicycle.

our oline is making 150 million and cant move a D lineman back 6 inches. what gives? vernon carey stinks;he cant move! who resigned him???? jeff or bill? who knows. benny sapp,al harris,sean smith; TERRIBLE! i'll take jason allen and camarillo anyday. by changing the roster we have zero chemistry.


You're probably right...they should have tried to run a bit more.

Then again...
I can't help but wonder if they were
trying to PROTECT the two of them from getting hit!

Quite a beating last nite.......

the bears have the best run defense in the league; adrian petersen ran behind a good oline and was lucky to get 50 yds last week. bears have way better lines than we do thats where the games are decided. we got pushed around all nite for the country to watch. its won in the trenches!

For those regulars who haven't figured it out...

Derek4Dolphin changed his name.

Miamis game plan was just shredded on ESPN. LMAO

fix ur link to twitter eron message every time for weeks on iphone app

home, what did u think of sean smith's effort last nite?

My Concern is how can a team play 3 National telivised primetime games at home and not show up for any????? It's just sad....

Is there any plan to deal w/ our glaring hole at the RB position?

the owner predicted a super bowl and said henne would be better than marino. he drank the kool aid too?

Wolfman just said it.

I don't care what ANYONES expectations are. 6 freaking run attempts when you know you ONLY have a third string quarterback to rely on. Wolfman said it best, unacceptable.

Even if you don't by that, here's the flip side: Even after having abandoning the run game, Henning still tried to playcall like Pennington was quartebacking.

He used two TE's or Two RB's ALMOST exclusively to get the ole passing game going. By the 3rd and even into the 4th quarter, after only calling 4 run plays, he was STILL trying to use play action!

He gave up on the run game, it's a THREE SCORE GAME, the clock is becoming the enemy and he still wouldn't go to any type of spread or verticle passing game!?!?

What kind of stragey is that? It seems to me Henning gave up on the run game, never really pressed the passing game, decided to blame it ALL on execution and started looking forward happy hour at the Prune Juice Bar!

Why can't Marshall catch? He's a wide receiver, right?

Sporano will get to play out his contract through next season (if we have a season). There is no sense in starting from scratch on what would amount to being another 3-5 year process with a new coach...new system...etc.

Henne will also get the opportunity next season to show that he is developing and making strides. The equivalent of 1.5 seasons isn't enough to determine whether Henne is a NFL starting QB. I seriously doubt he will ever be elite, but I do think he will ultimately be a solid NFL starter.

Henning will retire...which on the surface appears to be a good thing....but with a change in OC, will come some system change...which also would appear to be a good thing on the surface...but does it set the team back a season learning a new offensive system?

can someone tell me wat kind of a season were gonna hav next year if dan henning is still oc n sparano is coach next year?

wolfmann, with all due respect;its impossible to set this offense back any further than it already is.

2012 is near. this team may never have another chance at winning this meaningless metal object.

I get the feeling that most of what we are looking at and frustrated with is the triage band aids that Parcelss put in to get this team off of life support a few years back. Don't think he doesn't know that too.

Parcells true legacy here is not this mess-he expects these bandages to be ripped off. That legacy wont be known until we find out if he was right with Ireland. Phase two begins with Ireland putting his stamp on the team. THEN you know what you have in the Miami Dolphins.

The even bigger picture is ownership. Ross was what 70+ years old when he bought the team? Where does this team go? I hope its not lost or mired in a Ross family trust but rather sold to someone young, grounded here and committed to winning and hands off.

Frankly you can talk about Harbaugh all you want, but the Ravens are good more than anything else because of 1) a young owner who is passionate, holds people accountable and the franchise will have stability for a generation and 2) Ozzie Newsome is probably the best GM in the last 2 decades.

DO YOU KNOW THAT CROWDER SELLIng all kind of stuff incl food and deliver to your home .

20 million man a delivery man ,no shame .i am sure he puts more effort on that than playing football .

My question if your paying these backups anything over $8.00 a hour you paid too much!!The fans sure are getting their money's worth for miami's home games.I was under the impression Sparano was a line coach? Well?That's right he's coaching the rejects from 2-7 Cowboys.No wonder they were no longer wanted.I for one am sick of pro athletes doing their jungle dances and flexing their bi-cepts for making a sack or slam dunking a ball.Can you imagine the guy at McDonalds doing the boggie uggie after pushing the chicken button to ring up an order.AS FOR BRANDON GROW UP.POS!!!

My boyfriend shredded me last night

do they sell crab cakes at the stadium ?


Last year we brought in a new DC and went almost all defense in the draft.

This year it will the O's turn, including a new OC.

You're probably right, Henning will retire. However, after having watched his entire "STINT", no, make that "STINK" here in Miami, retirement would be too good for him.

I know it won't happen, but the guy DESERVES to be FIRED ON THE SPOT!




Win one week, then lose the following week. Back and forth see-sawing this whole season. If we continue this trend we'll beat the Raiders, but lose to the Browns, then win against Jets (yay!), but lose to the Bills (WTF).


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