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Harris for Allen doesn't mean things got better

The Dolphins signed cornerback Al Harris and waived cornerback Jason Allen today. And in the coming hour you'll hear how coach Tony Sparano feels that Harris is a good player that can help the team the same way you heard him say Allen was playing really well earlier this year.

Throughout talk radio and on this blog's comment board you see people extol the virtues of this exchange -- cutting a first-round bust for a player whose playing his final NFL days -- as improvement.

I don't care about any of that. That is just people's opinion.

This is a fact: The Dolphins today have cut a player they thought was good enough to start seven games for them. They cut a player who still leads the team with three interceptions. The Dolphins, in thinking this guy was good enough to start one week and cut two weeks later, just told you how terrible their cornerback situation has really been.

If you are cutting a player that you said was pretty good and you were starting most of the season, you are admitting that player really wasn't all you said. You are admitting he wasn't good enough to keep around, particularly if the reason you're cutting him is all about his performance rather than some strange chemistry or police blotter reason.

Then there's the other side of this coin -- the adding of Harris.

Harris was cut by the Green Bay Packers this week. They cut him not because he's a problem child or because he's in a contract dispute. The man has been an outstanding NFL cornerback for 12 years. But that changed in year 13.

So the Packers cut Harris because he's going to be 36 years old next month. They cut him because he hasn't played sinced Week 11 of last season. They cut him because his knee problems hadn't allowed him to be 100 percent healthy so he could get on the field this year.

The Packers cut Al Harris because they realized he cannot help them anymore.

And so this is the player that can help the Dolphins?

What does that say about the desperation of Miami's cornerback situation?

Well, combined with the cutting of a player who was starting, this tells me the Dolphins are in some desperate times. And their response to desperate times is this desperate measure.

If that shakes your confidence in this team's defensive backfield, then you're on point. Remember that according to coaches, Allen was the best answer at one cornerback spot up until last week's game at Baltimore. But, by the same token, he was only good enough to kick out the door.

(By the way, this blog has known Jason Allen wasn't the answer to any question that had anything to do with defensive back play about two two years ago.)

So what does Allen's ability to hold off Sean Smith for a starting job in seven of the past eight weeks say about Smith? Remember, the coaches believed Allen was better than Smith up until last week. Now we're supposed to believe all is well?

And we're supposed to believe that Harris could be a viable, solid, good answer if he gets his chance?

The Dolphins are basically trying to patch leaks now. Allen wasn't the long-term answer. Harris isn't the long-term answer. It can be argued whether Smith is a long-term answer.

Point is nothing about this move suggests things are improving. I'm not hating the move, but rather giving you what the move means. It means the Dolphins are trying not to drown. They're just hoping to tread water.

And that doesn't instill a lot of confidence.



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Simple answers to a myriad of questions too numerous to repeat:

Smith stinks.............not a worthy second round pick. Every time he gets the urge to Tweet he ought to turn on the dvd or his pc and watch some game film, instead.

Secondary's a joke. Losing Ryan Clark; no play for Rolle or Ash----. Trying to cram Clemons down the fans' throats the same way they did with Allen until 10 minutes ago; not drafting earl thomas or another db; reshadd (ha ha) jones.

Fins are past "treading water." They are "taking on water" fast, plummeting to the bottom of the icy cold sea quicker than Leo & Kate in Titanic.

Heckuva Job, Tuna.

The Dolphins are in deep, shark infested waters,

Somewhere off the coast of Mediocre-ville.

Yet they don't have much to fear from the Sharks, because there's not enough meat on the bones to interest or satisfy any predator.

Can he help out on offense??

At the Cheetah III he is capable of quite the offensive output, according to our scouts.

And lets not forget Allen was our best special teams player as well (outside of DC)so not only do you have a void in that area you also get 11 years older in the defensive backfield. This move is truly perplexing and why it is hard to have any confidence in any member of the Miami Dolphins staff that does not wear a helmet.

With a rested Tennessee team showing up at NO LIFE Stadium, this will be the tipping point of the season. I'm buying some popcorn to read and hear all the Henne excuses after we get shellacked.

bill cower please!!!


The whole stinking regime Sucks!

They Must Be Crazy!
They Must Be Nuts!

For the record, Allen had 33 tackles, 3 INTs, and 8 PDs in 7 games this season.

They Must Be Crazy !

They Must Be Nuts ?

Smith to me is a clear upgrade over Allen. Allen spent way to much time either falling to the ground or being blown by for big catches.

Now why did J. Allen start for the first 7 games? I have no idea. Maybe the coaches were not happy with Smith work habits, maybe it was motivation. I don't buy that they actually thought Allen was a good enough starting CB. I don't know that Smith is yet, but I know he is better then Allen.

I also love (sarcasm) how some people will take a post about Cornerbacks and still manage to find a way to bash completely unrelated players/positions they don't like, such as Henne.

I think you're reasoning for why the Packers cut Al Harris is a little off the mark. Tha Packers have Shields and Wililams two very solid CB so they had the luxury of being able to cut a very good, aging veteran.

Jettisoning Allen can be interpreted however you want, but for this season it's an upgrade assuming the Dolphins brass isn't completely off-base in what they saw in Harris' workout.

Time will tell.

10 losses and counting with Fraud, Poser Boy CB sean smith starting.

Once again Trifecta trips over it`s own penis!



So they'll bring in a 35-year old cb coming off major knee surgery, yet they weren't willing to wait it out with Will Allen.

I just don't get it.

6-10 Dolphins start over again

Sean drops game changing play, Again and Dolphins Lose

Trade Jason Allen

They Must Be Crazy?
They Must Be Nuts!

Do you think he is coming in here to give guidance to the young corners? He has played for several years as a corner, we had no depth or veterns with good experience at this position. Thts the way i looked at it, its not like our special teams will be entirely different with jason allen gone!

Henning wanted Harris so he'd have someone to get the Senior Discount with him at AMC Theaters on off-day.

I~m m e l ti n g




All this team drafted was defense! Still can't get it right?

We need a Tight End, Running Back, Nose Tackle, Safety, Maybe a QB, and a Speed Receiver upcoming. The offensive line for all the money Spent and shuffling is only ok. The World Beater Linebackers aren't killing it either!

No wonder that Safety from Pittsburgh turned the plane around and didn't want to play here!

Hey Guys! Look on the bright side? They got someone that wasn't a COWBOY REJECT!

How is Allen a worse player than Benny Sapp or Harris. Sapp is awful in the nickle and is always beat. Shouldn't Allen be a better blitzer in the nickel than Sapp due to his faster size and speed. If Sapp was better why wasn't he starting ahead of Sapp what about the other DB's the team has, Allen was worse then them too.

Allen is a special teams giant is Sapp or Allen. I don't question most of the moves made with the Dolphins but this one is a head scratcher.

Was Allen the one who messed up not covering the Ravens gunner?

Bringing him in to mentor?

That's what we have coaches for!

Funny, cutting Jason Allen. The guy was actually doing something. He wasn't the best but he could at least catch a ball thrown near him.

I think they could have cut Sparano. No need for a fist pump. Although his fist pump is the best fist pump in the NFL. Especially after the rare field goals we play for. You suck Sparano, quit your job.

Tennessee 38 Miami 13.

it makes no sense why are we gambling on an injured player now, when we were clearly no willing to givr Will Allen a shot at returning from his injury.

Sparano and Ireland must be in desperation MODE.

Its only a matter of time before Pennington steps in

Today we salute you, Mr. I-Know-It-All-Offensive Coordinator.

It's 4th and 1.
The game is on the line.
You call in a 5 yard loss.
CHORUS: Now that was just poor players execution.

It's smash-mouth football you want.
But you didn't bring a knife to a gun fight...no sir,
You brought a spoon. A plastic spoon.
CHORUS: Let me eat my oatmeal.

You're in the red zone,
Why run it in when you can kick it in?
CHORUS: Call in Dan Carpenter!

Textbook definition of insanity?
Uh-uh, you are the epitome of frustration:
Doing many different things with the same losing result.
CHORUS: But I still know more than you do.

So crack open a cold one, Ultimate Armchair Quarterback because your seat is getting hotter.

With your play calling, your coordination is offensive...to watch.

CHORUS: Mr. I-Know-It-All-Offensive Coordinator

Girls and Teabag Tim,
November 10, 2010 at 12:55 pm

You cut perhaps your best special teams player , a good looking man who leds the team in INT’s and Passes defensed and guy who started almost all year for a 36 year old player , coming off major knee surgery ( 3 torn knee ligaments) and a hamstring tear ? Briliant !! Are you reaking kidding me , this move is a head scratcher to say the least. You might as well put in a 34 year old cute blonde haired QB who has one arm/shoulder left !!! LOL !

Al harris signing will prove to be successful if for no other reason experience. He should be able to lead and teach the young secondary and will be a solid nickle player.

Please bring in Pennington and sit Henne if for nothing else to send him a message.

If Henne is the bust he appears to be Our Offence limited to what Henne brings to the table. So Henning... WAKE UP and smell the coffee!!!! Game plan around the run and dump philosophy with Pennington.

Are the coaches wishing they handled Will Allen a little better? It'd be nice to be getting him back around this time.

Wow I think the season is sinking fast. Bye Bye sparano and Irland.

leads the team
freaking kidding me

Damn typos! LMAO!

Yep, its pretty easy to talk trash in hind site. But it is NOT like Miami has not worked very diligently at correcting the issues. Now it is mid season and what do you expect?... Someone to wave a magic wand and make a CB who is pro bowl caliber appear out of no where?

We have what we have... we can do something about it in the off season... Everyone...Including myself.... have had plenty of time to piss and moan and whine about the Quarterback who sucks and coaches who can't run an offense for S**t... we have made our "Bring in Cowher or Gruden" statements... 2 coaches who WILL NOT be coming to Miami (Write that down as a Derek said so).
Now it boils down to this... Either you go watch the supposed "Unbeatable" Heat team (Yeah Right!) OR Keep on wasting your own time (and those who read your whining) by continuously bashing this team... Or.. get behind the team the best you can and hope for the best.

Its funny when your work allows for checking into this blog several times a day (I edit Film and Audio for 2 News stations for a Living leaving lots of Render time)... You get to see the same names posting the same gripes and making the same insults over and over and over as if someone in the Miami organization is reading them and running up to Tony's office with the news...

I can see it now... PR Guy running down the hall... spilling some chicks coffee as he blasts by here in a hallway... Runs into Tony's office with a print out of the Herald Blog... tears rolling down his face... and wipers quietly... "Tony, they don't like us no more"...."What should we do?".... Tony pushes back his seat from his desk, raises the lighting ever so slightly from watching film... straightens his sunglasses (Yeah, he wears them in the dark too!), looks into the guys eyes and say's... Go post "Go F**K YOURSELF" to everyone who keeps whining about the same crap over and over.... Then lowers the lights, props his feet onto his desk and continues watching Tennessee Film.

I'm CERTAIN this blog has THAT MUCH effect on tony!!!

Al Harris can help the Dolphins and Randy Moss

Chad P to start

Is this the real NJ? I have not seen you post for a while. If it is it is good to see ya back.
I was getting bored with this blog and have not posted for months.

Another non impact move in a non impact year.

We're already focusing on next year and hoping good decisions happen regarding several key areas.

Tony just announced

This is more about geting the attention of the players than it is about the particular names involved. Armando, you are missing the point.

Moss is not the type of player I would want to wear a dolphins uniform. Yes he has talent, but, a cancer we do not need.

Yeah got digits from GIGI and Home answered the phone.

jason allen sucks this is a good move. i also think sean smith, although maybe still a little bit immature, is a good young player that gets bashed around here for no good reason. i really don't think the problem is in the secondary, guys. tight ends and running backs have killed us in the passing game for the last couple years. To me, that is a problem with linebackers in coverage and maybe the scheme of the defense.

I care not one whit whether our criticisms affect Fist Pump or Sherlock Holmes, Jr. or The Ancient Mariner.

Their indifference to our concerns provides yet another nail for their own coffins.

They have utterly failed to produce an adequate, well-rounded roster after 3yrs.


NJ you packing?
fudge packing?

I agree with Mclovin..... So what if J Allen is our best special teams player. At this point that's like being the smartest mentally challenged person (wow I'm politically correct)..... I was just thinkin.... Imagine if we had grabbed Vick last yr and cut Pat White.... Then grabbed TO during the off season (#3 all time TDs) and then drafted Dez bryant at #12..... And then picked up Randy Moss when we had the chance (#2 all time TDs) add BM and that's a he'll of a 4 wr set and MV to run our reg offense that could up wild cat at any moment...... Those 4 additions would have cost alil less than marshal for this season..... Yeah I know.... Egos blah blah...... Easily attainable madden-like offensive team for peanuts....... I'm gonna apply for the GM position.... Look out Pioli hahaha

Allen kept getting burned he shouldve been benched, but cut? i dont know... who is gonna step up in special teams.

What sucks is that this team can actually come out and Win on sunday, then they will become complacent and stay their course. which is obviously a course to mediocrity.

penny will start sunday. There goes the season and sparano and Irland stint at miami


The season is not gone. We are 4-4 and inconsistent... yes. We are not a Championship team yet. It will be several more years of molding before we could be come that perennial contender. Sit back and enjoy the game. Football is the best game in the world!!!!

some one needs to let sparano know that the problem is henning not henne. We'll see if penny can score in the redzone with those play calls

Didn't Allen contribute a lot on Special Teams??? Our team just keeps making moves that make no sense. I think it's time for Ireland to go....maybe King Carl wouldn't be so bad?

benny sapp is too small to start outside at cornerback, that is why he plays inside as a nickelback. They are different positions. This is the same reason davone bess plays inside in the slot, and hartline is listed as the starter outside. also, all four of our safeties are a little banged up right now, so i'm thinking maybe al harris will help back there if need be, maybe in place of ty culver? we all know jason allen can't play safery.

well we din't have a deep threat anyway so penny might work out better.

We need to be concerned more with our defensive line and ability to rush the passer. The lack of a NT to hamper the run and not much rush other than wake makes the secondary look much worse than it probably is.


interesting thought. didn'e culver get injured last week?

i just read pennington is starting vs titans??

wow. michael vick, to, randy moss and dez bryant on the same team? you are an idiot.

new blog post Henne benched!

This team is going nowhere once again. What a dumb move yet again with all the special teams problem you dump a quality special teamer for a 36 year old always slow cornerback who was discarted by a team with a defensiveback field with one healthy corner. Great move ireland or sparano actually this is all Henne's fault. i am really starting to hate this team!

Everybody knew at the beguining of the season that their bench was paper thin, Armando.

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