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Harris for Allen doesn't mean things got better

The Dolphins signed cornerback Al Harris and waived cornerback Jason Allen today. And in the coming hour you'll hear how coach Tony Sparano feels that Harris is a good player that can help the team the same way you heard him say Allen was playing really well earlier this year.

Throughout talk radio and on this blog's comment board you see people extol the virtues of this exchange -- cutting a first-round bust for a player whose playing his final NFL days -- as improvement.

I don't care about any of that. That is just people's opinion.

This is a fact: The Dolphins today have cut a player they thought was good enough to start seven games for them. They cut a player who still leads the team with three interceptions. The Dolphins, in thinking this guy was good enough to start one week and cut two weeks later, just told you how terrible their cornerback situation has really been.

If you are cutting a player that you said was pretty good and you were starting most of the season, you are admitting that player really wasn't all you said. You are admitting he wasn't good enough to keep around, particularly if the reason you're cutting him is all about his performance rather than some strange chemistry or police blotter reason.

Then there's the other side of this coin -- the adding of Harris.

Harris was cut by the Green Bay Packers this week. They cut him not because he's a problem child or because he's in a contract dispute. The man has been an outstanding NFL cornerback for 12 years. But that changed in year 13.

So the Packers cut Harris because he's going to be 36 years old next month. They cut him because he hasn't played sinced Week 11 of last season. They cut him because his knee problems hadn't allowed him to be 100 percent healthy so he could get on the field this year.

The Packers cut Al Harris because they realized he cannot help them anymore.

And so this is the player that can help the Dolphins?

What does that say about the desperation of Miami's cornerback situation?

Well, combined with the cutting of a player who was starting, this tells me the Dolphins are in some desperate times. And their response to desperate times is this desperate measure.

If that shakes your confidence in this team's defensive backfield, then you're on point. Remember that according to coaches, Allen was the best answer at one cornerback spot up until last week's game at Baltimore. But, by the same token, he was only good enough to kick out the door.

(By the way, this blog has known Jason Allen wasn't the answer to any question that had anything to do with defensive back play about two two years ago.)

So what does Allen's ability to hold off Sean Smith for a starting job in seven of the past eight weeks say about Smith? Remember, the coaches believed Allen was better than Smith up until last week. Now we're supposed to believe all is well?

And we're supposed to believe that Harris could be a viable, solid, good answer if he gets his chance?

The Dolphins are basically trying to patch leaks now. Allen wasn't the long-term answer. Harris isn't the long-term answer. It can be argued whether Smith is a long-term answer.

Point is nothing about this move suggests things are improving. I'm not hating the move, but rather giving you what the move means. It means the Dolphins are trying not to drown. They're just hoping to tread water.

And that doesn't instill a lot of confidence.



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Well folks, if Harris can stay vertical, he's an improvement over J. Allen. I got a little sick of watching J. Allen slip and fall in slow motion as the receiver makes the catch. The move with W. Allen, though, looks even worse in retrospect. He was due to be back now. I wish we could see the Sean Smith on sundays the coaches see in practice.

Many times and for many different reasons Coaches find their hands are tied(or misguided) in selecting their desired personnel.(Ask Shula, if he wants to tell you).

Have to admit that while J Allen was the starter Vontae saw almost no passes come his way. With Smith in he seems to get alot more work. That is telling to me.

November 10, 2010 at 12:55 pm

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Make corner and RB top offseason priorities. Maybe qb... well see.

boulder. i'll betcha a 3 pack that pennington lights up henning "the genius'" o. watch!

Armando... not that you really will care...but this was the first blog in awhile that I really liked. You basically called them out on their talk, which is perfectly fair, since it was their own talk that they are backtracking on. They will follow up with the usual 'gives us a better chance to win now, but your article basically looks at the real situation from the inside out, and calls it for what it is. This is perhaps the most negative impulse I've seen from the fins this year, this rings more of an admission that we don't have the team we need, rather than ringing of an upgrade in any shape or form.

Average team...baaaaaad coaching. Equals no real shot at winning in the near future. Just being honest. Make a move and sign someone who you know is going to be great, instead of wiffing on all these hit or miss type players. Our whole front office is a joke. Sparano needs to be fired if we dont fix it this season. I like the guy, but not too sure if he "gets it". Another mediocre season down the drain. Only players im giving props to this year is Jake Long and Cameron Wake. Two baaaaaad dudes.

Neither one of these moves makes sense to me right now. They do stink of desperation however. It's beginning to look as if someone is trying to hold on to their job. How will we ever know if Henne is 'the guy' or has the 'braintrust' already come to that determination? I can just see us cutting Henne loose and him kickin ass for a more complete team w a real OC. As for Allen, how can he start for the first half of the season and then not be good enough to keep around? Just more head scratchers by management.

The bonus of Pennington -- he can audible out of some of the BS plays the ancient one sends down from on high. UGH, this is the bright spot?! Another season up in flames!

Starting Pennington is giving up on Henne. To do so would be punitive and shortsighted. After seeing this dumping of J Allen for an old CB move it would not be surprising.

Oregon, with this group, nothing would surprise me. Nothing. Their time maybe getting short. Further, I hope Tuna doesn't expect many more vying for his mercenary services. No success story here.

I can't believe they just cut Allen. they are going to wish they still had Culpepper...

...or Teddy Ginn...

...or Randy McMichael...

...or David Bowens...

Al Harris is an upgrade. I disagree with Mando.

Here is the reality: the regime from Dallas came in and signed all these mediocre former cowboys and what do we have? a mediocre team, just like the cowboys. we need a new staff that can evaluate talent and run an offense that is not from 1967. What about this Nolan guy having such an attacking defensive mind set? i must have missed that so far...


You're right were patching leaks!! but i will still take the chance because both smith and allen suck big balls..

so im willing to take a chance for harris for the minimum price

as we sshouldve with darren sharper

allen was costing us to much for his production the value wasnt there and its not like we didnt see this coming

and ireland doesnt want to look like the dumbass he might be and let go of our second rounder smith

but the truthfully who is worst smith or allen... i think theyre both equally unworthy of being starters

Harris is 36,and the phins passed on Moss? Why not play Allen on special teams more, it seems like everyweek the Phins give up big chunk of yardage on kickoffs and punts return....
I agreed that Sparano hit the panic button not once but twice today.

BAD MOVE. Should have cut sapp before jason Allen he was a huge ST contributor but he was in his last year in his contract and i really don't see him being resigned, Al Harris is a great pickup he should start over Smith Davis and smith can learn fromhim he is a real pro DB maybe at the last ogf his days but still a threat

all you do is wring your hands, Armando. Not even you get everything right and yet you still qualify as a credible writer. Easy on Tony and Nolan. They can't get it all right all the time.

Game planning and the bit about sitting R Brown after the 1st series v the Ravens is more revealing about coach issues than this Al Harris/J Allen issue.

no sh_t mando! whats te coach supposed to say???? we are still sucking at db and we tried all our options and different combos and we suck as nfl operators???? you state the obvious and still are stating the obvious.

This just in!

Dolphins announce Pat White is coming back and starting against the Bears!

So where is Will Allen? Dolphins are a knee jerk org. Henne will be waived next? WOW WOW WOW how far this poor, once great franchise, has fallen!

Mando your loyals hang on every word you say. If you say the sky is yellow they would be on here agreeing with you. They swapped out a bust who was lucky to have Bret Farve give him a couple of gifts for a guy who couldn't be worse, but at least has experience and can help the other D backs. Who in the secondary has leadership skills! For me this is a pretty good swap out and lets see if he teaches the other guys something.

Hey HeHateJets, please stick to your day job. Woulda coulda shoulda is for losers! The fact you mention Madden football tells me you live in a fantasy world and think you have all the right moves as a GM. I hate to tell you, but after the fact doesn't work. We can all do after the fact!

Jeez, why do any of you even bother saying you're Dolphins fans?! There's more negativity here than if I was reading a jets blog about the Dolphins. Always seems to be like that, even when they win. Pretty pathetic.

so is Harris gonna come in and play special teams??

The moves today make me wonder WTH is going on. It appears the coaching staff is in panic mode...sigh

Harris might be able to play the slot better than Allen, if they need him to do that. Cutting Allen won't help their already questionable coverage teams.

great observations mondo, rome might be crumbling here, would have liked to have seen them fire henning instead.....agreed that benching henne is only a cover up to our offensive play calling and its play callers ineptitude

spot on.....Agree totally

No wonder Parcells is sneaking out the back door...He saw this stinker coming from a mile away!!!

Smith & Allen both have talent, the question why would Allen play over Smith for 7 games if Smith is better. For those of us that have played the game the ans is easy. Talent doesn't translate to performance, it also takes understanding of the scheme,execution and discipline on the field to play your position. Allen was always biting and out of position. WHen he wasn't , he looked good, but after a while the other teams scouted his bad tendencies and exploited him because he doesn't adjust on the field. Harris is old but his knowledge and experience will allow him to perform at a higer level than the young inexperienced guys because he won't blow coverages.

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