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Henne benched; Pennington starts vs. Titans

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano has announced today that Chad Pennington will start for the Dolphins at quarterback on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.

Chad Henne has been benched.

"After making long evaluations of all the details involved, what I've decided to do here as we move forward is Chad Pennington is going to be the quarterback," Sparano said. "Took a lot of things into consideration, weighed an awful lot of options out. This is not an indictment at all on Chad Henne. This is not an indictment on his future.

"This player has gotten an awful lot better right now. He's come two-fold from where he was. But this is something I need to do. At this particular time as I look ahead, my decision is Chad Pennington's strengths are a little bit better suited for where we need to be right now."

Sparano said Henne is disappointed. No doubt. Henne found out Tuesday (his day off) when he came into work to study for the Titans game.

And with that the Dolphins go back to 2008 when Pennington was Miami's starter and took the team to the playoffs. Henne goes to the bench, having failed at his opportunity to show he is a consistent quarterback, much less a franchise quarterback.

If you look at this move along with the adding of soon-to-be-36-year-old cornerback Al Harris, it says the Dolphins coaching staff, front office, everyone, seems to be in win-now mode.

Interesting because this move also makes the team's decision not to add Randy Moss last week seem curious. One could understand the idea of not claiming Moss because he might somehow negatively impact Henne's growth.

But Pennington is another story altogether. Pennington is a veteran and a former teammate of Moss at Marshall University. The two are friends and so one excuse reason for not claiming Moss goes out the window.

Of course, that would assume the Dolphins had a plan to make today's quarterback move. They did not.

And that isn't great news, either. They're flying by the seat of their pants now. They're in win-now mode now. Suddenly that building toward something, that going forward always with an eye on the future is just noise.

As for Henne, don't fret on his behalf. Sparano was careful to say Pennington is the quarterback for the Titans' game. He didn't name him the starter for the rest of the season.

Pennington has been known to be injury-prone in recent years. And while he did great work in leading the Dolphins to the 2008 AFC East title, he was also the starter the first three games of 2009 when Miami was 0-3.

So is Henne cooked in Miami? I don't believe so, yet. He will likely get another shot down the road but that is unclear.

But was his first crack out of the gates a success? The answer to that is quite clear.


How else to describe it when he's benched?


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Well...now I know I won't have to go waste $50 at the local bar to watch this mess.

with Pennington under center we will be running a hell of alot more.

Henne was dropping back to pass almost evey play. Handcuffed? c'mon

and the crowd goes WILD

Henne has no leadership skills and was Not voted captain as Home stated yesterday


Aloco, where are you getting your info from? Is this legit? Is Harris really starting, or is that your guess?

You guys did predict Henne being benched, I just couldn't see it happening. Sparano saying it doesn't affect his long-term prospects is nonsense. We're talking about fishing again, and multiple years of hoping to be relevant again. Wannstadt wasn't real bright, but he won games. I'm losing confidence in Sparano.



I don't think the talent is there on this offense.... some of Henne's issues are that CBs are sitting on the routes as the WRs don't scare anybody, so now you have a guy back there with more experience but a much weaker arm, meaning that the CBs have an even better shot at intercepting the ball!!! The Fins brass and coaching is a joke!!!!!! The season is over, and after these moves today I think Sparano and Ireland need to go ASAP!!!!

Great move. This is about who gives our team a better chance to win THIS week. What do you want to bet that Pennington gets our team in the endzone more then 2 times, and that Marshall has a huge day? People are going to yell and scream that this is a desperate move. Just the opposite, if this move had not have been made, it would have been a sign of surrender. Henne wasn't getting it done, and it was obvious. Let me remind you quarterbacks get benched even some of the good ones. Could it be that Henne just wasn't ready to be the quarterback on this team?

So Mr. Ross whatdaya think of your boy now?

I am going to enjoy the stench comming off the fish after they are 0-4 at home.

Love it!

0 TDs
3 Ints

Mnay behind or wrong shoulder passes as HOME pointed out ALL WEEK

ThanX Miami Dolphins

There is No one like HOME
There is No one like HOME
There is No one like HOME

What a joke!!!! This organization is a train wreck!!! Bozo Ireleand must go!!!

Stick to plan, guys. What the F**K! Oh man, this sucks the big one. I'm sick to my stomach. Now means this year was a waste.

Henne was good enough to go agains the very best teams in the NFL but he doesn't get a shot at gaining some confidence agains tthe soft teams on our schedule? F**K me - 2010 was a total waste.

Wake me up next year.

I think that the the staff is trying to pull a rabbit out of the hat like they did with the wild cat. I applaude the move. Henne can not think quick enough and the style of offense we run plays right into Penny's hands. This could be the difference maker for the rest of the season. As for the future... another QB will need to be groomed. Henne is a backup at best. Use him as trade Bait. Penny would be the strock in the woodstrock era until we can find the QB we need.

Total panic mode. The smarter move would have been to let Pennington call the plays and keep Henne in there. Play calling has been atrocious this year (let's do play action on 3rd and long!) and the bottom line is that Pennington isn't going to get them over the hump. The Dolphins 4 losses have come to 4 of the top 6 teams in the league.

Another year down the drain.

I am speechless, I never thought they would admit Henne was not cutting it. I agree that with this team, Pennington gives the Phins the best chance. Go Chad P. light it up!!

who cares? This team is completely irrelevant in the nfl....sparano and henning need to go, hire gruden and move forward, im done with this season, bring on the draft and gruden, then we can talk about the future.....

Now I finally realise that Sparano sucks, I can't wait for these two moves to backfire, J.Allen waived, why not waive Almaya, Allen was a core special teams player, Harris will be lucky to see the season out, so will Pennington, we'll soon find out where the problems lie on this team, Sparano, Henning, time is running out for you, tick tick tick!!!

fist pump. good move spazano. td's to follow.watch !

With Penny at QB, would we have beaten the Patriots, Jets or Ravens? (I consider the Steelers game a win for Henne). No. It makes no sense to give up on Henne now. Henne can hand off to Ronnie Brown for a 2 yd gain on 3rd and 9 just as well as Penny.





bad move!

Second that leadership comment. I thinl Penne raises the play of our players on that alone not to mention decision making.

Almando is the worst sports writer in the country hands down. Hey Almando did Chad Henne take you to the prom and is that why you cannot see his horrible play if it hit you in the crotch?

I feel horribly for Henne as I truly believe this is more Henning's fault than anything else. With that said, it might do him some good to watch from the sideline for a few weeks, we saw that with Vince Young.

What do yall think? Am I being too optimistic? lol

As Parcells says, if pups don't bite early, they won't bite. Another words, 9 out of 10 times, if a player isn't great by his second or third year, he'll never be great. Franchise QB's shine early, then get even better. Big Ben, Flacco, Matt Ryan. All were started safely, with a run oriented offense (sound familiar?) but all QUICKLY showed they could win games throwing and get their team in the end zone at a good rate.
Yes Henne needs playing time to develop, but what if he'll never be more than average? Bottom line is we have a playoff caliber roster NOW, and a better QB in Penny. Let's win now, worry about next year later.

Henne the Marlins are looking for relievers

I don't want another rookie QB for next year and start all over. If Henne isn't the answer, can we make a move for Tavaris Jackson? Next season it's going to be McNabb or Vick in Minnesota. So lets get Jackson. Bundel Henne and a 3rd round pick for him (the one they gave up for Moss)

Well, no doubt all the self proclaimed expert bloggers will not take back all the laughing they did at folks like myself who repeatedly sugggested Penne is the best guy for right now. Some how they just didn't see how one of the most accurate passers in history, who walked onto a 1-15 team and took them to the playoffs, could still be viable. Us 'idiots' as you like to refer to us, did see it. Watch the offense come alive now.

Wow. Love CP10. Classy guy - hope he does well but not against the Jets.

This can't be a good sign though for the long term health of the team. Once again you guys appear to be without a qb or anyone capable of making a decent decision on draft day.

Would someone care to compare Saban's draft(s) to Parcells. I somehow doubt they were any worse.


At least Sparrano will act if things aren't right. Might not be correct every time and might not work everytime but he does something!

I think sparano is feeling the heat. Its a move that had to be made. Prediction Sparano, Irland, and the rest of them are out end of this year.

This is just plain stupid, makese zero sense. Give the kid the year so we can see what we got.
This team is not going to the playoffs, that much is clear.

I have been calling for this move for six weeks.......but really, The Whole Stinking Tuna Regime Must go!!

They mailed it and then bailed it..........

now WE quit on THEM!

We are screwed, the players have been playing bad but our O.C is horrible and now Tony is scrambling if u make this move why not sign Moss, with the win now attitude we should have signed Moss. Benching Henne will not help us in the long run and will not help this QB. Time to raise the white flag I think our coaches are dropping the ball and I can see Ireland creating some distance now he has full control

Henne White Smith Turner ALL BUSTS


Go Gruden 2011 LMAO!

Sign Vick!!!

CHAD HENNE can't play with a Dan Henning offense..Chad Pennighton fits his mold to a T!This was done to have jobs saved but we all know they all are gonna get AXE!

It does not matter if Henne has a stronger arm them Pennington because Henne would not throw the ball deep.

This is a great move, now we see once and for all if it is Henne or Henning that is the problem.

Personally I believe the Pennington was hurt last year before he was offically hurt. The play he went out on was pretty lame so I think there was already stuff going on.

I expect this to be a really good thing.

It might give Henne time to regroup and refocus too. Right now he plays so tight he is scared to make any mistakes. This should teach him to go out winging the ball and do his thing cause he might be benched again anyway.




bad move, why? payten manning had 100 int in his first 5 years. give henne a chance


Here we go with the "Let's get Vick Campaign"....

Too chickenscratch to fire Tuna's Race tracck buddy Henning, so they can Henne.

Like the move, but hanging onto Henning is gutless.

Well, kind of a drastic decision but I understand. We are playing a tough Team coming off a bye and we are in the home stretch. Tony put himself on the line. Good and brave, TS.

How about Trent Green? He looks bored and is only 48 or so?

WE NEED A NEW GM!!!! That is a fact!

Pennington looked pretty ugly before the injury???

This is wonderful, the future is not with Henne because he will always descent but will never be great. I guess we will be looking to the draft to find our star....and we passed up Flacco

How bout Kevin Kolb???... Oh boy, things are gonna get ugly all over again. No wonder Parcells jumped ship!

I hate Henne. I applaud this move, long overdue.

Henne becomes the latest second-round pick that the Dolphins have wasted in an attempt to find the next Dan Marino. From A.J. Feeley to Daunte Culpepper to John Beck to Chad Henne to Pat White, the Dolphins have swung and missed on five second-round selection, via trading or using the picks.

This team is in absolute shambles. Issues: QB, DB, SS, FS, TE, RB...win now mode? This team is going NOWHERE.

I don't see things getting better with Penny. I love him for what he did 2 years ago but, come on. Al Harris? Who are our DB's next year under contract? Smith, Carrol & Davis? And Smith is a bum for the most part.

This team is in SERIOUS trouble. We have SO many holes to fill. We don't have enough draft picks with losing the 2 to Marshall to fill all these holes. My beloved phins are in DEEP SH*T

You guys are idiots. The reason they are not scoring is because of offensive play calling. The wildcat on 3rd and long in the red zone??? C'mon, Henne is young and needs the time to progress. Henne had nothing to do with out 3.9 yard rushing average. His accuracy was good and he was on pace for almost 4000 yards. Can't wait to hear what B-Marsh says after a couple of games of running ins' and outs' patterns 10 yards deep. The end is near and this is a joke. The kid has only started just over a seasons worth of games. This win now crap has gotta go. We never win now, but we try, and "f" up the future. Build a team, then win, don't play mix and match and hope for the best. this is professional football for god sakes, not fantasy football.

Great decision. Henne is a BUST. For those Henne supporters out there, OPEN YOUR EYES. It's like all those fans that supported Jay Fiedler for years, in total denial.

The real pity is Randy Moss not being claimed off waivers.

I Guess the "NEXT" Dan Marino needs a break.....................

This is a desperation move by Sparano to try and keep his and Dan Henning's job, funny how they drilled it into Henne not to throw the interceptions over and over, the playcalling sucked, everybody could see it, so Henne is your scapegoat coach, funny how you blame bad execution yet your timeclock game management has sucked for 3 years, when do you get the blame, what happened to Henne being the future and having the season to show it!!!
U are full of s*** and now everyone can see it!!!



The notion that Pennington can't throw the deep ball is laughable. Considering Mr. Guy On The Bench now with the laser rocket arm never threw it deep anyway. Lets see how the offense runs this week before drawing any judgements. Watch the yards after the catch this week, this is where the big play will come from, and where Marshall is at his best.

its not the playcalling when you miss a wide open fasano in the endzone, or when bess is left wide open and you fail to throw to him.
or when you make easy catches much harder by throwing them to high or low or behind the receiver.

Henne has yet to develope touch or accuracy

I sure hope Penn can play special teams, hold on to interceptions, keep his feet when in coverage, and wrap up on defense too!

There is a problem here folks only our eyes are too Aqua and Orange to believe it!


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