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Henne benched; Pennington starts vs. Titans

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano has announced today that Chad Pennington will start for the Dolphins at quarterback on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.

Chad Henne has been benched.

"After making long evaluations of all the details involved, what I've decided to do here as we move forward is Chad Pennington is going to be the quarterback," Sparano said. "Took a lot of things into consideration, weighed an awful lot of options out. This is not an indictment at all on Chad Henne. This is not an indictment on his future.

"This player has gotten an awful lot better right now. He's come two-fold from where he was. But this is something I need to do. At this particular time as I look ahead, my decision is Chad Pennington's strengths are a little bit better suited for where we need to be right now."

Sparano said Henne is disappointed. No doubt. Henne found out Tuesday (his day off) when he came into work to study for the Titans game.

And with that the Dolphins go back to 2008 when Pennington was Miami's starter and took the team to the playoffs. Henne goes to the bench, having failed at his opportunity to show he is a consistent quarterback, much less a franchise quarterback.

If you look at this move along with the adding of soon-to-be-36-year-old cornerback Al Harris, it says the Dolphins coaching staff, front office, everyone, seems to be in win-now mode.

Interesting because this move also makes the team's decision not to add Randy Moss last week seem curious. One could understand the idea of not claiming Moss because he might somehow negatively impact Henne's growth.

But Pennington is another story altogether. Pennington is a veteran and a former teammate of Moss at Marshall University. The two are friends and so one excuse reason for not claiming Moss goes out the window.

Of course, that would assume the Dolphins had a plan to make today's quarterback move. They did not.

And that isn't great news, either. They're flying by the seat of their pants now. They're in win-now mode now. Suddenly that building toward something, that going forward always with an eye on the future is just noise.

As for Henne, don't fret on his behalf. Sparano was careful to say Pennington is the quarterback for the Titans' game. He didn't name him the starter for the rest of the season.

Pennington has been known to be injury-prone in recent years. And while he did great work in leading the Dolphins to the 2008 AFC East title, he was also the starter the first three games of 2009 when Miami was 0-3.

So is Henne cooked in Miami? I don't believe so, yet. He will likely get another shot down the road but that is unclear.

But was his first crack out of the gates a success? The answer to that is quite clear.


How else to describe it when he's benched?


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This is another a 'soon to be' shot in the foot for this organization.

Moving backwards once again. Miami Dolphins #1.

Pennington's first throw will be a jump ball down the sidelines to Marshall - complete.

They should let him call the plays too. I'd trust him way over Henning.

Henne has tools, you guys need to look at the overall performance in many of his games. He's played some good ball but this is a good move for now. Heck, Henne barely has one season of playing experience. Give him a reliable TE and a speed option (not named Ginn) and he'll blossom.

D this team is not good enough to win consistantly with Henne at QB. No presence, not enough awareness. Maybe if we had a lights out D. Penne will see things sooner than Henne could. Suspect arm will be a prob but i think the offence will improve greatly.

This is more of a move to protect Dan Henning than it is to help the team, sounds like BS to me. Pennington fits Hennings play calling style better. I say fire the OC and let Henne loose, or draft Mike Hartline and trade Henne to the 9ers

Armando MORONO....

this just goes to show you HOW OUT OF TOUCH YOU ARE WITH YOUR JOB..... you just finish writing your latest blog entry (that only had 4 misspelled words..great job!!!) telling all your readers to shut up about starting Pennington.

You should be benched as well!! Anyone else in favor?

Darryl...good point on yards after the catch. One thing I've noticed is Henne doesn't lead the receiver to an open area of the field, so as soon as they catch it they are already in the grasp of someone. Penne leads them in the right direction for YAC.

Chad Pennington showed in Preseason he can throw the long ball and let Marshall make a play.
Chad Pennington can sell the play action better.

Chad Penne is good in the redzone.

Expect more Wildcat time

You people should understand that Sparano and Ireland are fighting for their lives here. Rossy would clear house with a losing season.

Put Dwayne Wade at QB.

i will predict that Pennington will be more sucessful with Marshal than Henne!

No wonder Parcell's could not get out of this organization fast enough........

dumbest move yet!

ARMANDO, you post about reasons not to bench henne was not good to say the least .


Back to post-Cameron, Square One, QB/Coach/GM search.

brace yourselves for another three-year plan, fellas.

Luck, Locker, Newton, Mallett, Boise, Unknown Sleeper?

The move I dont understand is you keep Reshad Jones, Amaya and Benny Sapp and cut special teams ace Jason Allen?

Can Henne play ST?

Put Chris Bosh at QB.

Penne will no doubt do better. But for how long? The Ron Wolfe model is to draft a QB every year even if you don't need one. I think that's a little overkill but you should keep drafting (not necssarily early rounds....Brady was 6th round?) until you know, not think but know you have a franchise QB.

Armando, this does not make any sense to me. Acutally, a lot of things this front office and coaching staff has done lately don't make any sense to me.

This team is not a super bowl caliber team...you need to know what you got in Henne for the whole season...this is just goint to stunt his growth. Don't get me wrong I like Pennington but this is only a short term fix. If anything why not play Thigpen? Pennington is not the future...I like him but he is not the long term answer.

The coaching staff looks so dumb. They say how great Jason Allen was and than after 8 games they waive him and pick up Al Harris who is old and coming off a serious knee injury??? Why didn't they just wait for Will Allen to get healty instead of putting him on IR???

How about Sparano saying that Henne has made progress and this has nothing to do with him. C'mon man that sounds so stupid on his part. Why is this offense a better fit for Pennington??? Probably because he can't throw the deep ball and Miami's offense does not throw the ball deep so Pennington fits better.

I lost a lot of respect for this front office and coaching staff. The bottom line is the coaching staff would be out at the end of the year because Bill is gone so they want to get some wins now...they are looking out for their bottom line...their pockets!!!

you do know the offense will see a dramatic turn around with penny. penny is one of those smart guys, and basically runs the offense, the team will win, penny will look great and so will the offense, i just hope that tenessee did not watch tape of the pennington play-off loss against baltimore, where ed reed put on a clinic on "how to jump a route on a pass that lacks velocity". and i hope penny's rest juiced his arm up and that throwing it doesn't weaken it. good-luck guys. at least sparano used logic, the arm that seperates henne from penny is a non-factor(no deep-balls to marshall)so who THEN is the better play at QB? correct move TONY! maybe this temporary demotion of henne we give him time to work on what ever is ailing his deep-ball, it might even ignite a competitve fire that henne is lacking. good move sparano. it had to be done. you made the right decision.

Henne got benched because he's lazy. He doesn't want to stay late and work on everything he needs to. I hate to say it but neither does Marshall. They need a coach that inspires them to be the best. That gets them to understand to get to where they (we) want to go. They need to work. And work more than a normal work week. They get paid alot for what they do. They should be held to a high standard and accountable for what they don't do. I'm glad to watch Penny play again. Now thats a guy who gets it. He is definitely worthy of leading the team.

Completely dissagree with this. Henne is in his FIRST year as a starter and the team is 4-4 and STILL alive for a playoff shot. I like Penny as much as everyone else but the team was 0-3, get that 0-3 under him last year. Bad move that is nothing but desperation on Sparanos part. Our season is now officially over top 5 draft pick next year for sure.

This is typical corporate think. Maximize this quarter's profits at the future's expense. I wonder if Sparano was given an ultimatum about getting into the playoffs this year.

You know, one of the factors that handcuffs Coaches is the Press. Ask Shula if he wants to tell you.


A good QB wins regardless of the stupid OC or surrounding cast.

Who was Rivers and Manning throwing to this past weekend?

Love Penn but this team is a debacle.

Be Right Back

Running Naked through the streets of South Florida with 5 ft autographed Dolphin flag and Chad Pennington Cap

We R Still Alive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Team needs 2011

A1) QB
1) CB x 2
2) TE x 2
3) RB x 1
4) Nate Garner healthy
5) Merling or Odrick healthy
6) SS
7) FS
8) OLB
9) Speed WR
10) Cleat Guy
11) ILB

Time to the Jets strategy and get all these guys in FA or trades. Forget the draft. Pats have all the picks.

Pennington will be the toast of the town this year!!!

Sign Michael Vick!!!

Cocoa for Cocoa Puffs!!


Yes, Waterboy, and Chad Pennington can call his own plays. What about that!

u could fry an egg on Henne`s head and he would have no emotion!



u could slap a live squid in Henne`s face and he would have no emotion

I have to officially resign as a Dolphins fan...30+ years. This bunch is foul beyond repair from owner(s) down to our "short bus" performing special teams. Instability and poor onfield performance in games are the only constants...it's f'ng embarrassing. The guys in the basement of my fantasy league couldnt do a better job running this franchise into the turf.

u could put a live chicken in Henne`s underwear & he would have no emotion!

couldve been pennington to moss all over again, but a week ago we had all the pieces we needed to win the superbowl


i dont see how this move helps at all. at least henne has the ability to throw the ball deep, penny just cant. sprano needs to wake up and look at henning as being the problem. can anybody explain how ronnie brown has 3 carries for over 40 yards on the first drive of sundays game and then only gets a handful more the rest of the game. thats not hennes fault.

all hail the football Gods. they shuda benched him 2 weeks ago. he cant read defenses, telegraphs every pass, underthrows long routes, and just cant run the offense on his own. glad the coaches finally figured out what the reat of the world already knew.

Reasons for Henne benching:

1) Check out of Run plays and converting them to INT
2) Wounded Duck to Fasano in Endzone
3) Laughing it up on the sidelines after the blunder
4) Arguing with Henning about the play calling




but u can`t

u can`t

miss a wide open 5 yd pass to Fasano for the lead and a chance for playoffs and ...

LAUGH like Henne did





Dumb. Just broke hennes confidence for dolphins ling term success. Pennington will get us a couple wins but we need to get more experience. We have nothing for next year then oc is the problem. Pennington will check out of dumb plays but Henne had better qb stats than sanchez elway and almost evey other qb their first two years. If Henne played for another team he'd be an elite qb right now. Coaches are scared for their jobs and should be

like i said before the season started, BENCH HENNE and START PENNINGTON!!!!!

Go Fins baby

Time for another 8-0 run like 2008

Go Fins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sparano doesn't know what he's doing. He is not a head coach. Doesn't know how to make a decision and stick with it.

so in three years...the front office and stupid coaching staff has filled few holes and created many more we need to fill

the trifecta - 100% disaster.

I'm no Henning fan at all but you guys that want him fired midseason are completely insane.

You actually think you can install a new offensive playbook during the season?? Christ, you think the offense has issues now---that would be Keystone Kops stuff. This isn't like changing gears with Special Teams (even though it's made little difference). Any change with the OC will have to come after the season...and I'm reasonably sure it will barring some unlikely turnaround where they become a point machine.


What a sorry state of affairs when Jason Allen is leading in INTs and then gets cut for a 36 yr guy that hasn't taken a snap in 12 months.

What is going on here?

I gained a lot of respect for Sparano making this decision....gutsy move and one that needed to be made.

Go Phins!!!

I'm deeply upset about Henne's benching. Maybe Pennington makes consistently good decisions, but he doesn't have the arm like Henne, who's displayed some excellent throws with the velocity needed that Pennington cannot make. I sincerely hope Henne regains the spot at some point, and I've been hoping that he is our long term answer. Despite our 4-4 record, this move comes off very rushed and panicked, and i don't like it. However, I still have confidence in the Sparano/Ireland duo, and hope ownership doesn't overreact.

Well I was expecting Henning to be gone, I have been screaming since the GB game if you are going to run the Penny offense must as well have him in the game. the only way to develop Henne is to open it up on passes of 30 to 40 yard range and run the ball not try to go all day with 5 to 15 yards passes … and yes by good we were becoming very predictable the last couple games I was calling the plays before they happened on the field, that’s the coordinator not the QB…. Having said that, you could not fire Henning because he is Bill BFF, so this is a way to win until he retires next year.. and also lite a fire under Henne’s feet, we know he will be back by game 13 or so..

Don't you people see that this move will solve the is it the QB/OC question? Forever.

Pennington really?... Do you guys remember he went 0-3 last year, and you guys were begging for Henne to start. And do you the playoff game against the ravens. 5 interceptions!!

He hasn't started all season. This is not good at all.

I live in Boise trust me Kellen Moore IS NOT the answer

broke his confidence? his inability to win should have broken his confidence by now.

Furthermore, two of the INTs Henne threw were not his fault. If Sean Smith had intercepted Flacco's pass, we're sitting here today talking about how we got the better QB in the 08' draft.

Not only is Henne's future with the Dolphins over, so is Ireland and Sparano's. They spent 3 years chasing their tail and flushing money down the drain.

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