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Henne benched; Pennington starts vs. Titans

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano has announced today that Chad Pennington will start for the Dolphins at quarterback on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.

Chad Henne has been benched.

"After making long evaluations of all the details involved, what I've decided to do here as we move forward is Chad Pennington is going to be the quarterback," Sparano said. "Took a lot of things into consideration, weighed an awful lot of options out. This is not an indictment at all on Chad Henne. This is not an indictment on his future.

"This player has gotten an awful lot better right now. He's come two-fold from where he was. But this is something I need to do. At this particular time as I look ahead, my decision is Chad Pennington's strengths are a little bit better suited for where we need to be right now."

Sparano said Henne is disappointed. No doubt. Henne found out Tuesday (his day off) when he came into work to study for the Titans game.

And with that the Dolphins go back to 2008 when Pennington was Miami's starter and took the team to the playoffs. Henne goes to the bench, having failed at his opportunity to show he is a consistent quarterback, much less a franchise quarterback.

If you look at this move along with the adding of soon-to-be-36-year-old cornerback Al Harris, it says the Dolphins coaching staff, front office, everyone, seems to be in win-now mode.

Interesting because this move also makes the team's decision not to add Randy Moss last week seem curious. One could understand the idea of not claiming Moss because he might somehow negatively impact Henne's growth.

But Pennington is another story altogether. Pennington is a veteran and a former teammate of Moss at Marshall University. The two are friends and so one excuse reason for not claiming Moss goes out the window.

Of course, that would assume the Dolphins had a plan to make today's quarterback move. They did not.

And that isn't great news, either. They're flying by the seat of their pants now. They're in win-now mode now. Suddenly that building toward something, that going forward always with an eye on the future is just noise.

As for Henne, don't fret on his behalf. Sparano was careful to say Pennington is the quarterback for the Titans' game. He didn't name him the starter for the rest of the season.

Pennington has been known to be injury-prone in recent years. And while he did great work in leading the Dolphins to the 2008 AFC East title, he was also the starter the first three games of 2009 when Miami was 0-3.

So is Henne cooked in Miami? I don't believe so, yet. He will likely get another shot down the road but that is unclear.

But was his first crack out of the gates a success? The answer to that is quite clear.


How else to describe it when he's benched?


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HEY CRAIG M and JOE SCHMOE! "Trifecta know's what they're doing. They'll neeeeeeeever bench Henne. It doesn't make sense. Henne is GREEEEEAAAAT! They won't play PenNy. They're not stupid!"
BWAAAAAA HA HA HAAAAA! Idiots bein' idiots again.
Hey Craig M and Joe Schmoe... YOU JUST BEEN JOE MOMMA'D, HO'S!


i urge you and your press boys to put some pressure on henne and gets some answers from that zombie

seriously how embarassing is this as an organization

get some answers this is BS henning knows hes out the door and sparano( contract expiring) is feeling the heat

as it shows in their signs of desperation

there has to be more to this

Follow the Las Vegas line and you will surely see Miami's chances of winning have improved.

Let's not forget that Tennessee has one of the WORST pass defenses in the league right now. If Penny does great and throws for 2+ TD's. let try and not over react please. Just had to say it, that is all.

Posted by: enrique1085 | November 10, 2010 at 02:32 PM


My god this is SO typical for Miami fans... Now listen up guys... If Miami does anything good... Pay no attention... its just a fluke... its the man behind the green curtain...

If Pennington throws 2 TD's on Sunday... it will be 2 more then Henne has thrown in the past 5 games!!!

And I'll do friggin Back Flips enjoying every one of them...
Put the gun to YOUR OWN Head... I'll enjoy what and any way we can win.

Obviously in practice Penne has been better. i have no doubt Penne can still throw, now it doesnt address our long term needs but we couldnt keep sinking with Henne...good move for now in my opinion


Hiding in the shadows, beeeeeeeeyotches!!!!!!!!!!

John Beck is available if we need to bring someone on a flyer.

i'll take mallet locker or luck but newton is not going to make it in a pro style offense...

unless the nfl evolves


How come Ryan and Flacco hit the ground running?
Now even Hot Dog Sanchito is playing good

Henne has not improved.

We passed on Randy Moss because Henning's been begging for Pennington.

Why do you need Moss while planning to start Pennington? He'll never be able to throw it deep enough.

Hell yea made no sense to play him after a horrible start to a season
Terrible one TD to marshall I bet Pennington gets him two in his first game

Cam Newton is too slow to play in the NFL.

Pick Mcnabby on F.A for next year.

Pennington leads the dolphins to the playoffs with a 11-5 record...And loose in the first round..lol Not a good move should keep Henne at QB..It doesnt help him progess.

For a True QB, the running game is as important as the passing game.

Pennington did look real good in the preseason he is not afraid to ari it out he has great ACCURACY key word No more JV runs into the red zone we should have done this after the Pats game.

When are the Fins going to start placing blame on Dan Henning? So the Wildcat created had a one time shining moment... 9 times out of 10 he calls a bad play.

it was Jennifer Lopez who initiated the qb change....

Too many deficient areas of this team make it no better than one and done if they make the playoffs. Playing to improve with Henne at the helm is better in the long run than sacrificing it for a brief post season appearance this year.
With Henne now done, we have to go through more years of growing pains. I will be collecting Social Security by the time this gets turned around.

Does everyone forget that Pennington was almost run out of town during that 0-3 start last year. Everyone was screaming for Henne to start. I bet many of you that are wanting Pennington installed as the starter, were writing that Henne should be the starter last year. This is the same Pennington that didn't move the team last year, and was averaging 137 yards per game over those 3 games.

Benny there is no chance any intelligent person would say that Henne is better than Flacco. That is straight up retarded. Flacco was the steal of that draft and is playing better than anyone including Ryan and Long from that draft


OK sports fans...

Ther likely scenario is this: Henne is benched because he "just ain't got it...", he will remain healthy and can be traded (possibly before season's end).

Pennington will even the keel and calm a potentially cancerous team spirit that seems it's building momentum.

Look for lees pressure on Henning due to the move, job protection, and a search in the draft next year.

Also, my suspicions are that Marshall voiced discontent with Henne and perhaps made a gesture of trade wishes?..

Call me a genius, fellas I'm that good!

Pineapple Face brought in "Bloated Ego" AKA Parcells

Parcells brought in his Lackeys- Ireland "Dez Bryant's Friend", "Dead Man Walking" and "Fist Pump"

Ross inherited this circus and is going to clean house! These guys were yes men to Parcells and now he's out, like usual.

This team is not in better shape. The funny thing is I thought him and Saban above all else would have aced the draft. I'm not impressed. I thought they would be superb in this phase of the game a "strong point".

I'm really starting to envy the Steeler organization?

Nice pass from Pat White to Ginn the other night on MMF! Oh sorry, this oraganization's version. There's is Rendall El to Wallace>
(Shaking my head staring at the floor.)

Love how all these guys who have been complaining about not winning now all of sudden are worried about the future! Make up your mind folks!!

This is just a wake up call for Henne, like it was supposed to be for Shawn Smith. He'll be back, like the flu is every year, don't worry.

We have now let go a st's coach, J Allen, and benched Henne without getting to the root of the REAL problem.


Dear Mr. Salguero

Oh Henne Oh Henne
Stuck behind a Penny

With Henning pulling your strings
Sparano is clipping your wings

Oh Penny Oh Penny
Stuck behind a Henning

Saving our season
Saving our Jobs

Oh Penny Oh Penny
Stuck behind a Henning

Fun with words

Soiled :)

we should consider bringing Cam Cameron back if we want to make the playoffs this year

So we benched a guy who WOULDN'T throw the ball 30 yards downfield for a guy who CAN'T throw the ball 30 yards downfield. I can't dismiss the wasted draft picks & poor personnel & coaching decisions any longer. Just because they saved the team after a 1-15 season it doesn't justify the past 2 years.

Why do you need Moss while planning to start Pennington? He'll never be able to throw it deep enough.

Posted by: DyingBreed | November 10, 2010 at 02:45 PM

Yeah, All I have heard is how Henne has this "Cannon" for an arm... then you say "He'll never be able to throw it deep enough"...

Question..... How many passes for more then 30 yards has Henne thrown this season?

How many has he completed...?

How many were for TD's...?

How many has he Overthrown for Ints...?

I hope that Henne can get it together... but the long ball I hear so much about NEVER HAPPENS WITH HIM... Oh... I remember it did one night A YEAR AGO IN GAME 5 AGAINST THE JESTS ON MNF.... but how many have happened since...

I'll tell something you may not know... Henne's longest pass this season was 46 yards. A WHOLE 46 yards... I'm fairly certain Pennington can get a 46 yarder out there with the guys he has...



I love Penn's understanding of the game and ability to make adjustments at the line etc. He will immediately "look" a lot more like a QB.

The problem is that any pass he throws over 15 yards floats like a punt.

Henning and Sparano are delusional to think the Dolphins can beat good teams without a vertical passing offense.
Installing Pennington does not instill confidence about the teams ability to be a modern vertical passing offense. Look around the league, your not going to win consistently without one.



Wow! The Miami Desperadoes should be our new names!

Two steps back, one step forward!

we'll be flagged for "illegal formation" cause Al Harris will require an additional player to hold him upright when on the field

With the way all the players and coaches talk, it's amazing we believe ANYTHING they say...

Marshall was just defending Henne YESTERDAY

Why do we even interview anyone if we can't get a genuine answer?

All you folks saying it was play calling and not Henne, did it ever occur to you that Henne's (lack of) ability is what was dictating the plays that were being called? Wildcat on 3rd and long in the red zone? Yeah, if you don't have a QB with the ability and accuracy to be trusted in that situation then you have to call something that gives you your best chance of success but does not rely on your weak link. Wait and see how you like play calling for Pennington before you decide...

Literally LOL'd at footballpusch

Im all for the Move.
Go Pennington!!!!
Penny knows how to lead and Abort the called play and create Plan B on his own.
Henne isnt Ready. Big arm but small brain.
Finally somethings changing.

It is becoming obvious that this Blog is more AGAINST the Dolphins than for. ARMANDO!, take care of that.


I'm going to lunch at Round Table Pizza for the all you can eat salad bar and specialty pizza. Only $7.99 and it includes the drink.

Go Phins!



dang mando - all you EVER do is try to expose the cracks in the dolphins operations. like you have discovered something that nobody else knows or is aware of. im quite sure the staff of this nfl franchise always wants to win NOW!!! thats why they tried henne. and after careful evaluation after 8 games they determined that the team would be better with pennington not henne. its called an adjustment. not some big covert undercover watergate plot that you exposed to the world. im getting tired of reading my favorite newspaper.

There have been some damn good QB's who have been benched for a game or two in the past. For some it was just what they needed... for others the team found out very quickly just where their problems originated.... Henne should drop 20lbs and work on his Mental game. Other teams have already called him out as "Predictable"... This is not the end or the beginning or the world... Its a QB change that is about 3 games late.

But... as fans... Bitching about not winning and then bitching about your team making moves IN ORDER TO WIN.... is just plain stupid. God I wish we could trade fans bases with.....?

Any way.... Sparano is trying... He is not "Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results" like a damn lunatic or Progressive/Liberal would.


0-4 against major competition( two blowouts two close games), 4-0 against mediocre competition. We lost the Jets game coz Jason Allen fell, we won Minny coz JA intercepted Favre.

This is an idiotic move. Give the kid an entire season. Give him a chance, let him grow. Sorry, I like CP but not at the expense of developing a young QB. While he might not have lost his job for the year, this will only put more doubts in his head about confidence in him. And our OC didn't do this kid any favors by taking away the run when the run was working!

As I have and others have posted 1000000X the offensive line has been in disarray since the beginning of the year. I have been one of the few Sparano defenders around here (not Ireland). But to pick up a 36 y.o. from the NFL scrap heap is not instilling confidence. If you had any inkling that CP was gonna play this yr. Moss should have been picked up.

Moss will go deep and will tear our secondary apart.

This is making me SICK.

I hate to say it but the Jets did the right thing last yr, they put a Defense out there and gave the kid a color coded wrist band and RAN RAN RAN. If this is a WIN NOW move, then they should have done what the JETS did!!! Grab ALL the FA's you could get put them out and play and give all the D-list celebs something to sing about. WTFDIT!!!! This move makes me nostalgic for the good old day of Wannstadt or Nick Satan.

dont like the move and j allen loss will hurt on ST

Oscar, Really?

If the blog is so anti Dolphin then why do the Phins eventually make a lot of the moves this Blog speaks of?

We are not "Haters", some of us have been fans for over 30 years and demand a good product and aren't getting it. We have some skin in the game emotionally, and financially.

Go Phins!

i just had a nightmare about what Randy Moss will do to Al Harris.....good job Front Office!!

Chad Pennington's so easy to defense it isnt funny.



nyfinfan.... Moss had ZERO catches with Tom Brady and the Patriots when they Killed Miami in Sun Life... Now he is all of the sudden going to "Shred" our secondary playing with a QB who can't sniff Brady's Jock with paying Full admission?... He'll get his touches... But that "Shredding" Crap is "loser talk".....

Get ready for the return of the Wildcat. You'll see it a few times this week. And good timing Tuna. Now you can say things fell apart AFTER you left. You suck like a Sean Smith dropped int, or a Pat White incompletion, or Merling's practice effort, or Turner's route running, or Clemmons dropped int., or our fragile 1st rounder this year.


wish WE had Rex.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"its called an adjustment. not some big covert undercover watergate plot that you exposed to the world."

Look out for the government type thugs like this guy to try and discredit your covert undercover plot, Mr. Salguero

Soiled :)

Promote Nolan to head coach. And bring in Mariucci. demote Henne he's lazy. draft a real QB. And yes Ronnie can still run in a west coast offense that is designed for him. trade ricky to San Diego. get some speed at MLB and TE. and lets go win a SB. GO PHINS !!!

What you guys are missing with Pennington is the run blocking isnt as great as last season. Playaction is less effective when you arent gobbling up yards on the ground.

This better pass protect version of the oline is catered around a big-armed qb. Chad Pennington's shoulder cant hold up throwing 30-35 times a game. That's a fact folks.

CP's pop-gun arm is now built to throw 15-20 times max per game. Have to have a dominating run game with a qb like that.

I'll support any decision/action that can give us the best chance to win. So we'll see on Sunday. Although I was a Henne supporter, I will gladly accept Pennington at the helm (talk about covering my arse!).

I just hope this is the spark needed to propel the team to the next level. The benching of Henne and cutting of Allen is a strong message to the team. Wonder if Ross had any influence in this. If so, then it's a warning to Sparano too.

this is a stupid move. henning is the reason the offense sputters and instead of firing a coach they punish the player and put a roadblock on in his development.

some teams get it, and some don't.

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