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Henne's success is good news for Sparano, Ireland

Is there any assignment more important for an NFL general manager than picking his team's franchise quarterback? Is there any assignment more important for a head coach than developing his team's franchise quarterback?

The answer to both these questions is a resounding, not-up-for-debate, "No!"

And that's the reason Chad Henne's success is very important to Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano.

It's simple, really. If Henne succeeds going forward, if he continues to improve and continues to make strides and continues on the path toward becoming Miami's franchise quarterback, he will be also virtually providing a guarantee for Sparano and Ireland that they will be thought of successes in their respective jobs.

Simple as that, folks.

If Henne becomes a star, there is not a ton else either Sparano or Ireland could do to endanger their Miami careers. Henne goes to the Pro Bowl, Henne becomes the franchise QB, Henne joins the ranks of the NFL's elite QBs and the two men atop the Dolphins organization are virtually locked into their spots.

Thats because, typically, finding an elite QB leads a team to the kind of success that keeps hanging Ws on the standings and that keeps fans happy, which fills stadiums, which makes owners happy, which means everyone is safe.

Can you think of one GM who picked an elite QB and got canned? Can you think of one coach who developed an elite QB and got canned? I can't.

So yes, the fact Chad Henne played well Sunday against the Raiders was good news for the Dolphins, good for Henne, and definitely good for Ireland and Sparano.

Yes, it was only one game. But better a good one game than a bad one game, I say.

The other side of that two-sided coin isn't so good for anyone.

If what we saw from Henne against the Raiders (17 of 30 for 307 yards with two TDs and one INT) is more mirage than mastery, then that is bad news for everyone, and we do mean everyone.

If Henne continues to merely tread water and follow a good game with a bad game, we have an issue. Typically and up-and-down quarterback makes his team an inconsistent team. That kind of quarterback on the edge of getting benched one week and playing well the next is only good enough to get most teams to .500

And .500 isn't good enough for job security in today's NFL.

That kind of quarterback play would cause folks to question not just the QB but the people responsible for putting the QB on the team and in the lineup.

Let's face it, the most important player on any NFL team is the quarterback so finding the right guy is the general manager's most important decision. And once he's on the team, developing that quarterback into a player who has reached his potential and reached a level of excellence is the coach's No. 1 priority.

There is no defense for failing at this.

The general manager cannot say, "I screwed up in finding us a franchise quarterback but what about the cornerback and the defensive end I found?" That kind of argument gets met with a shrug.

And no coach can say with a straight face, "I couldn't do anything with the quarterback, but what about the job I did with center and the left tackle and the strongside linebacker."

"Yeah but you screwed up the franchise quarterback," is the worst line either the GM or the coach could ever have to argue against. It's a losing proposition.

So Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland have to be feeling pretty good about themselves right now. Chad Henne is playing well now. The guy they have tapped as their franchise quarterback is apparently pointed in the right direction toward that goal.

They both must hope and work toward the situation staying that way. Because both are undoubtedly tied to Henne.



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Agreed Mando, glad to see you got back from San Fran.

But with Henne, it's actually 2 EXCELLENT games in a row. And with him in there, they would've beat Chicago too - I have no doubt he could've scored 17 points.

Henne could be great if they dont tie his hands

Open it up down field, that is one of his strong points

Agreed Brad, the long throws to Cobbs and bess were a thing of beauty.

y didnt jones play?

BAM tyler sucks let hold the clip board not the football

Against Oakland, Henne got rid of the ball on time, did not stare down receivers and was late on passes only a few times. generally made good decisions while remaining somewhat aggressive. Hard to say how much of that was a defense that really appeared to be flat for Oakland. Regardless Miami's offense appeared to be considerably more explosive on Sunday. Next week against Cleveland it will be interesting to see how the game is called, the trust level going down the field and how well Henne finds and hits his receivers on time.

Didn`t Don Shula get canned
He picked an elite QB?

What bout that coach on Minnesota
He picked an Elite QB
Didn`t he just get canned?

Hmmm ... long weekend, Huh?

... just saying

Michael, Oakland has the 5th best defense vs the pass this year. I know that wasn't the 2001 Ravens but they have been competent for most of the year. No need to discount the performance - it was real.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Happening right now on a political blog in North Korea some nut job is posting doom and gloom about the Miami Dolphins.

Go figure

Soiled :)


Henne looked Great most of the game, I am encouraged by what I saw that game. He took some shots after getting the ball out. He got up and kept shredding! Love it.

Thought 2nd round Pat White was the Trifectas new great QB pick?

Oh yeah thats right ... he got canned

Oh yeah, what the Hell was the blog about again?

Getting canned for picking Favre or getting canned for sticking with Marino?

Or running away & hiding after stating our franchise QB Henne was not getting any better and Pat White our #2 QB is better off playing another sport on the farm team

Hmmm ...

So How bout that Simply The Bess story,
Now doing better than Wes Welker

Now That`s a blog of interest!

Soiled, he's also making commentary about Mando enjoying a long weekend in San Fran/Oakland. What does he mean by this?

Dan Reeves got canned and he had Elway.
Jim Mora Sr. had Manning and got canned. That took about three seconds to come up with two. I'm sure there are more but I wouldn't expect you to look for them because it wouldn't fit your column.

Henne isn't (and never has been) the problem. Our offensive preparation and play calling generally stink and we have had serious injury problems, which killed us because the front office sacrificed our O-Line depth signing scrubs like McQuistan instead of keeping guys like Donald Thomas.

Henne lost a few games against very good teams (with top-5 defenses). He kept us in almost every game, despite the coaching handicap. What more can you ask of a second-year QB?

EVERY QB has a bad game here and there. Look at how Brees started the season or look at Peyton's last game!

I would rather have an immobile Henne on one leg than ... well i guess we got nothing else

yeah Henne can win the next 5 games in row on one leg

NFL Defenses dont know how to plan for a one legged QB! .....well, maybe they do

yeah, but the Pats & Jets will prob lose their next 5 games in a row! .....well, maybe not

Yeah, but
i got nothing

Dolphins Suck!
Going Fishing

He will not be franchise but steady, yes.

And Home, please don't speak ill of ex-Gov. Palin's North Korean allies!

Dear Mr. Mark in Toronto

If Mr. Salguero choose's to take in a bath at one of San Francisco's famous bath house's thats his own personal business/lifestyle choice.

I also believe a certain poster is slowly trying to assume Mr. Salgueros Identidy/Blog space

Am I wrong ?

Soiled :)

Dan Reeves got canned and he had Elway.
Jim Mora Sr. had Manning and got canned. That took about three seconds to come up with two. I'm sure there are more but I wouldn't expect you to look for them because it wouldn't fit your column.

Posted by: CO Phin Fan | November 30, 2010 at 11:34 AM


Armando, R U Still Drunk!? LOL

Face It, Sarah is much easier on the eyes than looking at Obama on the news everyday for 4 years

Sarah is still Doable

Voting for Sarah only cuz she`s cute & sexy
Who cares bout the issues

Go America!

Henne can be good. I think sparano play calling is the problem. Let him lose. All QB's throw interceptions but what they do after that is important. Last game sparano yelling at henne after the INT put him in a funk for 2 series.

Let the kid play.

I really hope the phins don't take the browns lightly. This browns team is very dangerous. The play good defense and run the ball very well. Hillis is going to be tough match up for line backers. We need our best game to win.
Do your job Sparano. Make sure the team doesn't come out flat yet again at home.

Darn right, Armando. We haven't had a franchise QB since...well, Fins fans know. And we haven't had a consistent team since then.

I HOPE that Henne is that guy. He says all the right things when he messes up. And he handled himself well after the benching. But if he doesn't keep getting better, it don't matter.

And I HOPE Henne is that guy because I like Sparano as a coach. The post-game locker room videos seem to show a team that has respect for the coach.

Any way, just my 2 cents from blustery CT.

Henne is not a franchise qb. He is good enough to win half the games and keep us hovering a mediocrity. After 11 years without a stud QB, it needs to be the priority in the draft and free agency...

9/11 was an inside job

WTC 1, 2 & 7 were brought down by controlled demolition.

Checkout Wtc7.net and watch the collapse videos.

ps...da most important thang dat guttless coward jeff ireland can do is pull his thumb out of his anus n stick it n his mouth..."EXCELLENT ADVICE" now suck on dat coward...

Remember...Sporano's job is directly tied to how his QB performs....he can't wait until Henne takes him under to make those corrections...if he does, somebody else will make them, and he will be on the blog with us

Posted by: Kris | November 29, 2010 at 11:54 AM

Armando....I posted this yesterday in a conversation with Poizen...and I coud't agree more...

One good game? Really? That is completely inaccurate. The first two games of the season Henning didn't allow Henne to do ANYTHING. Henne played great against the JETS. Remember special teams? His one interception (which was his first in 3 games) came on the last play of the game in desperation. The Defense and special teams were horrible. And what about Pittsburgh? He moved the ball and actually could have had his second TD pass (and game winning points) if Marshall had dragged his back foot in the back of the endzone. His only INT in that game was on the last play of the game-- that even the replay showed it really ht the ground. That was the game we got screwed out of the W because of refs. I also think you have to recall the Titans game when Henne came into the game and lit it up until he got hurt. The funny thing about Henne is that he's played better than he has played bad. He has just had the entire blame put on his shoulders when we as a team need to take the blame --coaches included. Which is sort of shocking that with so many deficiencies why we would place it all on our young QB. Bad coaching. Period.

Soiled, you are correct on both counts.

By the way, if North Korea handle nuclear weapons like they play soccer, there is nothing to worry about.

No double rainbow in Toronto today. Raining a lot though.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Do you think Chad Henne is finally taking the handcuffs off Dan Henning and finally opening up the offense ?

Yes I meant it the way I wrote it.

Soiled :)

Who is this guy Sporano folks keep mentioning?

Isn`t Sporano some kind of mold culture?

The HC for the Miami Dolphin`s name is Sparano

Think after 3 years as starting HC some of the brainstem bloggers could spell his name correctly?


Moneyjacket, agreed. I've been saying the same thing for months and really lost my cool when the coaches threw Henne under the bus after the Baltimore game.

We have a $50 million receiver with one touchdown and $10 million in running backs per year and rank 19th in the league in rushing - yet all the venom from fans AND coaches were directed at Henne. I was never more ashamed of the organization.

O.K.,I'll admit this comment is a bit of revisionist thinking,but considering what the Fins did to Oakland and what the Bears did to red-hot Philly--that loss to the Bears doesn't look as bad as it once did.The Fins held Chicago to 16 points, not bad considering the defense was on the field all night long.And Thigpen(a third stinger)had only three days to prepare as the starter and facing a stingy defense,all the while with a make-shift O line.

you asked if we could think of a coach that developed an elite quarterback and got canned, off the top of my head, the first that comes to mind is Marty Schottenheimer in SD....

What we have to keep in mind with Henne is that by seasons end he will have started the equivalent of a season and a half worth of games. Considering that, I think he's in a pretty good place right now. I don't think we can know or evaluate whether he is franchise material or not until at least the equivalent of three seasons worth of starts. A great example of a team that gave up on a QB way to early....Sand Diego and Drew Brees.

Great interview on the Dan Patrick show with Brees this morning. He talked a lot about those first 3-4 years with SD and the benchings and the lack of faith the franchise had in him, etc....and look at hime now. More often then not, it takes time to develope an NFL QB and patience is required. I know we're all a little short on it given that this franchise has been mired in mediocrity for a decade plus, but we need to allow Henne time to continue to develop before any rash decisions are made.

Hope the Dolphins keep the games entertaining but lose every one the rest of the season

Nothing personal
Just Business

Mark in Toronto,

I have to disagree with you. That was a beat up Oakland team. Seymour is hurt, as is Zach Miller, as is their star corner, as is McFadden and although he's not great Gradkowski is hurt too. I'm not getting too excited about this win. They have to show me the same time of effort and execute against Cleveland on Sunday. I'm worried they will let down after Sunday. I'm also worried that Hillis will be too much for the defence to handle.

BRASSMONKEY is totally right, I really think this system (and skill players) would make brees and Brady look bad. Slow receivers/rbs/te's and unimaginative routes make for tough sledding. The calls, I blame henning, the personnel, I blame Ireland..... I think henne can be a fine qb, just needs a sensible, Sean Peyton like system. Go Fins!

We think it's time that Home takes a trip to North Korea. We hear it's nice there this time of year. We think Home would work well in North Korea.

This is one of those articles which makes you think WTF?!

Chad has a good game in Oakland and now people say Chad has turned a corner and there is this optimism and folks suddenly jump on the bandwagon. His stats: 17/30/307 2TD/1INT.

For those of us with some sense, we recognized Chad played this same way - actually better - earlier in the year before he was benched and the media (and ignorant fans) questioned him.

Game 3: 26/44/363 2TD/1INT
Game 4: 28/38/305 2TD/3INT (2 ints NOT his fault)
Game 6: 23/39/231 2TD/1INT

Bottom line: Chad is completing 63% of his passes, has thrown for 2500 yards, his TD/INT ratio is not good, BUT, his receivers are to blame for many ints, and the play-calling has been suspect. If we actually look at the ints which were a result of poor decisions or errant throws, the number drops.

Further, his YPA is equal to Marino, his passing yards yearly project higher than Marino's average, and his completion percentage eclipses Marino. Oh yeah, how many games did Marino throw 2 or more interceptions? Probably not fair to compare Henne to a HOF QB who retired years ago even if he compares favorably.

In comparison, PRO BOWL QB's around the league have had far worst performances, back-to-back, and NO ONE has called for their benching. That Peyton guy REALLY sucks - 3 ints last week and another 4 this week... that Brees guy, what he threw 3 ints one week and 4 ints another week... Matt Ryan had the same interception percentage last year...

I could go on and on. Even a cursory review of stats demonstrates many of Miami's fans and media pundits wouldn't know a great QB if he bit them in the butt. Our coach doesn't either since he benched him in the first place. Henne can be great - just take the handcuffs off and give him some real weapons.

Finsfan Ralph,

Sorry man, those are just excuses. The Eagles at least gave the Bears a game on Sunday. We laid a complete and total egg, on National TV, at home, in a must win game. Make all the excuses you want but the Bears had three days to prepare, just like us AND had to travel the country to play us in our comfy confines. And we played without any effort. They cruised to an easy victory. That's not playoff football and the 'Phins don't deserve to make it.

All the Dolphins have to do is LOSE the next 5 games and our draft pick could be right there with Carolina & Buffalo

Go Phins!

*Oakland* was beat up? We had a one-legged QB, and one-armed tackle and our most talented receiver -- allegedly most talented -- didn't even make the trip. Give our guys props, Craig.

Home, How much does a six pack cost in the "Matrix"??????????

6 pack is 46 units of new global currency

Craig, so Henne's performance with a dislocated kneecap against the Raiders should be discounted because Seymour was banged up too? And because their tight end was hurt??? Come on mna, I read your stuff a lot - and enjoy it - but that argument is weak.

Everyone is quick to jump on Henne when he plays badly - well - give him props when he plays excellent ball too!

So if I read Armando's article correctly THE MOST important criteria for a coach and GM is to draft and develop a franchise quarterback. If that's the case then we messed up because the guy that looks like the best franchise quarterback to come along in a long time is Matt Ryan. The regime deemed it best to draft a franchise left tackle. I can't really fault that thinking and I love Jake Long but maybe Matt Ryan was THE guy. Anyways, I don't agree with Armando's position on this. The only thing that matters as far as a quarterback is concerned is wins and the Dolphins for the most part have been getting that from Henne. He certainly hasn't been losing games. I would put that on S/T teams this year and at time blown coverages by the defence (Jason Allen anyone?) and the lack of a running game/play calling. I don't think Henne will ever be elite. I think he can be a top ten QB but not elite. I don't think Joe Flacco will ever be elite. But I think you can win with both of these guys and I think in time you can win chapionships with these guys. Whether or not they will ever be considered 'franchise quarterbacks' is another thing but I think they can be good, productive, winning quarterbacks.

Now Craig, I enjoyed that one. Peyton Manning is elite, won 1 super bowl, Brees is elite, won 1 super bowl. It helps to be elite but not necessary.


I'm with you....I'm a Henne fan. But let's not get carried away on Henne's performance on Sunday. He's got to show it over at least 3-4 games before we can get too excited. He hasn't played badly this season but the same way it's not very to criticize him and throw him under the bus after one bad game, it's also a bit much to be throwing a parade for him after one good game against a mediocre, depleted lineup.

I`m gonna get under Matt Roth`s skin at the next Home game

Want him to punch me in the face, U know see what he,s got

Besides need to do some financial retirement planning for the last 2 or 3 years of civilization

Its the end of the world as we know it
Its the end of the world as we know it

i feel fine

Robert well said. Henne does make a bone headed through sometimes that you just think WTF. But so did breez and manning when they were in the same stage in their careers. I think henne will be fine. This year our problem has not been the QB its been our running.
If we can have the same running game as we did last year henne will become elite.

Going next Home game completely covered in aluminum foil with gas mask and "Don`t Chemtrail Me, Bro! t-shirt

Look at that big phony in Pitt, i dont think he is elite but he has great D and running game to complement him. That said, Henne will never even be top ten. He doesnt process qhat he sees fast enough like thw good ones. He wont develop that with experience either. thats an instinct. Either a QB has it or they dont. Henne doesnt.

If the team wins out and they make the playoffs they ABSOLUTELY deserve to be in the playoffs.

U Still Drunk?

I like Henne, He will be a good QB.

All I want for Christmas is to beat those stupid JETS on 12/12.


What are you talking about? That is exactly what quarterbacks learn over time in the NFL - the ability to read defences better and where/when they should throw.

Going next Home game completely covered in aluminum foil with gas mask and "Don`t Chemtrail Me, Bro! t-shirt

Posted by: Home | November 30, 2010 at 12:33 PM

This was too funny!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Recently I've been reading about a great culling of the human herd by one of your biggest fans.

How will this reduction of the human population affect the Miami Dolphins...will they loose anyone in the Culling...hope its Channing Crowder or maybe Dan Henning would do.

Anywhoo was just wondering if you were gonna have a culling of the heard party.

Soiled :)

Do U think the communist lead nuclear war starting in December will affect the NFL playoffs or Super Bowl in the Reptilian leader Jerry Jones owned stadium in Dallas, Texas


Will hang up & wait for your answer

Craig, fair point. And I hear you but you should also consider the Tennessee game in your analysis post-benching. Both games he's played since then have been excellent. That shows fire and guts and a lot of emotion some of these idiots think he doesn't have for some reason.

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