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Henne's success is good news for Sparano, Ireland

Is there any assignment more important for an NFL general manager than picking his team's franchise quarterback? Is there any assignment more important for a head coach than developing his team's franchise quarterback?

The answer to both these questions is a resounding, not-up-for-debate, "No!"

And that's the reason Chad Henne's success is very important to Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano.

It's simple, really. If Henne succeeds going forward, if he continues to improve and continues to make strides and continues on the path toward becoming Miami's franchise quarterback, he will be also virtually providing a guarantee for Sparano and Ireland that they will be thought of successes in their respective jobs.

Simple as that, folks.

If Henne becomes a star, there is not a ton else either Sparano or Ireland could do to endanger their Miami careers. Henne goes to the Pro Bowl, Henne becomes the franchise QB, Henne joins the ranks of the NFL's elite QBs and the two men atop the Dolphins organization are virtually locked into their spots.

Thats because, typically, finding an elite QB leads a team to the kind of success that keeps hanging Ws on the standings and that keeps fans happy, which fills stadiums, which makes owners happy, which means everyone is safe.

Can you think of one GM who picked an elite QB and got canned? Can you think of one coach who developed an elite QB and got canned? I can't.

So yes, the fact Chad Henne played well Sunday against the Raiders was good news for the Dolphins, good for Henne, and definitely good for Ireland and Sparano.

Yes, it was only one game. But better a good one game than a bad one game, I say.

The other side of that two-sided coin isn't so good for anyone.

If what we saw from Henne against the Raiders (17 of 30 for 307 yards with two TDs and one INT) is more mirage than mastery, then that is bad news for everyone, and we do mean everyone.

If Henne continues to merely tread water and follow a good game with a bad game, we have an issue. Typically and up-and-down quarterback makes his team an inconsistent team. That kind of quarterback on the edge of getting benched one week and playing well the next is only good enough to get most teams to .500

And .500 isn't good enough for job security in today's NFL.

That kind of quarterback play would cause folks to question not just the QB but the people responsible for putting the QB on the team and in the lineup.

Let's face it, the most important player on any NFL team is the quarterback so finding the right guy is the general manager's most important decision. And once he's on the team, developing that quarterback into a player who has reached his potential and reached a level of excellence is the coach's No. 1 priority.

There is no defense for failing at this.

The general manager cannot say, "I screwed up in finding us a franchise quarterback but what about the cornerback and the defensive end I found?" That kind of argument gets met with a shrug.

And no coach can say with a straight face, "I couldn't do anything with the quarterback, but what about the job I did with center and the left tackle and the strongside linebacker."

"Yeah but you screwed up the franchise quarterback," is the worst line either the GM or the coach could ever have to argue against. It's a losing proposition.

So Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland have to be feeling pretty good about themselves right now. Chad Henne is playing well now. The guy they have tapped as their franchise quarterback is apparently pointed in the right direction toward that goal.

They both must hope and work toward the situation staying that way. Because both are undoubtedly tied to Henne.



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New World Order is for real. The empire is expanding before our eyes. Chad Henne is not a pro bowl QB and will never be.

All true statements.

For most of us DOL-FANS, We could go 11-5 and still not make the Playoffs, Now that is depressing. seems as though that happened to us before. WHATS UP TO THE OTHER DOLPHINS FAN from CONNECTICUT!!!!!

jrljr2 - totally disagree...."field awareness" is often the most difficult adjustment for any NFL QB to make and it is learned over time.

If Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson can win superbowls with the proper pieces and play calling around them so can Henne! Go Fins!!!


Agreed on the Tennessee game. I need to see it this week too against Cleveland, a team we should be beating at home. I don't the argument that Henne doesn't have emotion or fire. That's just nonsense. The guy shows great composure and poise. I don't want my QB being a cheerleader. Show me through your actions on the field!

PARCELLS picked Henne. He used his QB rules and set the pick. Don't blame Sparano and Ireland. Going forward, they're making the picks. Example of this is Marshall...Parcells would have never gone for that choice. So, lets see what they do in the spring before deciding how brilliant they are or aren't.

Henne needs surgery

How come the MRI of Henne`s knee is top secret?

Andy - Totally depressing and really almost un imaginable. An 11-5 record is pretty damn good...amazing that an 11-5 team could be watching the playoffs while a 9-7 team can be playing just by virtue of winning their division.

Craig, exaclty, Thigpen was jumping around like a jackass during the Tennessee game then looked like he wanted to cry during the Bear game.

Steeady as she goes. Poise and ice water in teh veins is a great trait for a QB

Raiders scored KR TD in .....
...... wait for it ... 13 seconds

13, Hmm ...

Wanting your team to lose out for a higher pick is gay.


Like it or not, it is the way Armando says it is.

If have to dance with the one who brought you...then Sporano and Ireland's dance card is full. The owner appears to like Henne (best miami QB ever) and doubt that Ross wants to spend the money it takes to sign a 1st rd QB. Especially when Henne seems to be more than servicable.

A few weeks ago I DRANK THE THIGPEN KOOL-AID. I did. I called for him...I congratulated Greg Z...and told all who would listen that THIGGY HAD THE "IT" WE WERE MISSING.

Against the Bears I didn't see the "IT"....I probably saw the guy who is 1-11 in NFL starts.

I still believe Henne has his weakness, but what NFL QB doesn't.

What I KNOW he has is HEART...and that can't be taught, and i KNOW all NF QB's don't have that...See Vince Young among others!

I will not make the same mistake and again doubt our leader...He has risen from the depths of the bench with what appears to be a new life...Henne now know that what was once given can easily be taken away.

I love the new fire in our coach...and i love the re-newed play of our QB....Lets hope their a combo that is here in Miami for 8-10 yeras...cause it means were winning!

Thought they were helping citizens of Haiti with relief from earthquake about 1 year ago

How come the UN militia is riding around in tank convoys and shooting civilians while soon 400,000 of the citizens will be infected with Asain strain of deadly cholera

Does not sound like help to me?


Henne could be very good. The surrounding players need to be better. Ronnie Brown could go, and maybe pick up a more explosive tight end. Adding a very good center would be huge. On the defensive side...Channing Crowder I believe we could get rid of. Another pass rusher opposite of "killa" Cam Wake would be much needed. I like the secondary a lot. Young and FULL of potential. Also, a game breaking kick returner would be HUUUUUGE. I really wanted the fins to go after Josh Cribbs this past offseason. Have to get somebody soon. But I have faith in my squad. We're gonna get there soon.

the coaches name is Sparano

McDaniel is pretty much gone after this season. The new HC may not want Tebow. And if he's available, should we go after him? We need to rebuild the QB roster now that Pennington is done. And Tebow could certainly give life to the wildcats again.

I wouldn't be surprise to see more of Thigpen in a wildcat formation on Sunday.

There's too much sinning going on in Miami for Tebow.




We have been rebuilding since Jimmy Johnson, since we pushed Danny boy out the door. We have been rebuilding for 11+ years. YET the Patsies are rebuilding this year and are 9 & 2! Why?

Patsies have a stud QB and coach. We need a stud QB, we might have the coach.

People constantly complain how hard it is to get a franchise QB. Well, 1/3 of the teams in the NFL have a pro-bowl type QB that give them a chance to win tight games and shootouts. Our QB's in the last 10 years have never been in the top 1/3;

Top 10 QBs, we can do A LOT BETTER!

E. Manning

Still leaves Flacco, Cutler, Freeman and Schaub who I would rather have then Henne, Penne or Thigy.

Home...get used to it...then get over it


if the phins play the raiders every week then maybe they'll have a chance at 9-7.lol

Also Home...I may not spell his nae correctly, but I also have never waviered in my support for the coaches name I can't spell...No Sir....you HAVEN'T seen any KRIS 4 GRUDEN postings.....

Dear Mr. Salguero

I'm not into conspiracies or anything but.....The Miami Dolphins are starting to resemble the movie the Manchurian candidate.

Realizing his part and looking to make things right look for Bill Parcells (Denzel Washington) to kill Tony Sparano (Liev Schreiber) and Jeff Ireland (Meryl Streep) and end there attempt of control of the Dolphins

Destroye this post after reading

Soiled :)

Wicky, beware wanting to jettison Channing Crowder. Whenever he's injured the run defense goes downhill even if he never show up on the stat sheet. I think he uses voodoo. I can't explain it but I want Channing to stay.

9/11 - I would say the Patsies are more re-tooling/re-loading than actually re-building.

Wolfman, what have we been doing the last decade?


I said it on here the other night and I probably got roasted for it but there is no reason that Henne can't become like Ben Rothlisberger in this league. They have the same size and the same mobility (or lack thereof) and yes, I realize that Ben has won two Super Bowls but he hasn't done it by himself. He has a great surrounding cast, has always had a great defence and a good run game. Give Henne a little more experience and he is well on his way. Laugh if you want guys but hese eyes don't lie. We don't need Henne to be like Brees or Manning or Brady. We need him to show no fear and to keep us competitive and keep us in ballgames. The rest will come with a better supporting cast and a better infrastructure.

um mark. cc did not play last week and the raiders gained 16 yards huh.?..lol

Armando I have been your biggest defender on this blog. I have refuted such scurrilous claims as your supposed paternity of Ryan Leaf, and the insidious and uncorroborated allegations of fraud, embezzlement and laxative abuse.

Alas, it pains me to say this but this article was nothing but a pedantic meandering through not just the merely obvious but the completely obvious.

I trust, given your talent and drive, your next article will be much improved.

Your buddy,

N. Dodsworth

Craig, they have similar size and arm stregnth but Ben is a lot more mobile - that big focker can run and he takes a lot of sacks.

Henne does show the same fearlessness in the pocket though. Henne will hang in there.

But I understand what you are saying - I mad a similar analogy earlier although I compared Henne's potential to Eli Manning. Eli puts up big numbers when he has the right supporting cast.

Mando, goes back to selecting Long instead of Matt Ryan. long is a GREAT assett, but u cannot build a superbowl team around a franchise "lineman". they have had enough drafts to have traded up for QBs and what did we get? Pat White ! A guy that cant een be COACHED into being a player in this league, little lone a STARTER. and we get Henne. a guy with talent, no doubt. but someone who must PROVE he can become a franchise player, rather than come into the league with that kinda support in place. bottom line, parcels came in and got his money, built a ferrarri with a rebuikt engine (pennington) and a prototype. he sucks. ireland sucks for letting him do it. i like coach. he plays with what hes given.

2 watt, I am told by the reporters that Crowder did play but did not recor a tackle. Dobbins was seen playing for Karlos Dansby although like yourself, I kept looking for Channing but didn't see him.

...you HAVEN'T seen any KRIS 4 GRUDEN postings.....

Posted by: kris | November 30, 2010 at 12:59 PM

on the contrary Kris
believe read your above post


and yes in fact
u posted it, Kris

Kris never come to a battle of wits, UNARMED

Have a good one, Kris
Hope none of your friends or family melts in the upcoming Nuclear War

Folks let's not get too ahead of ourselves. That was a good win for us against Oakland and Henne looked sharp but the Raiders played right into ours hands. They stacked the line with 8 or 9 players and played man defense. Our receivers won out on that coverage but I want more consistency against zones. The interception Henne threw showed Oakland zoning Bess and Henne threw right into it. Also, our receivers seem to never break off routes when the opponents blitz us. That causes Henne to hold the ball way too long. Cleveland is a team we can beat if the defense shows up. After last game its obvious that the play calling is what has held us back on offense. Did anyone else notice all the wrinkles on offense?

So Home....are you still...4 Gruden?

9/11 - I would say that starting with the trifecta, this is the first true "re-build" the Dolphins have gone through. The Stache was always just tooling around...always just a player away, etc, but he had a core of franchise players...at least on defense. Nick Saban realized in his 2nd season that he wasn't dealing with a re-tool or re-load...he realized it was going to be a long ground up re-build of the team and he wussed out.

I would say the difference between re-tooling and re-building is that when a team is re-tooling they are doing so around a core bunch of players. A re-build is from the ground up...there are no core players....these players are being developed. We are starting to see that now with Dansby, Vontae Davis, Devonne Bess, Wake....verdict still out on Henne and some others.

Clearly, the front office is incompetent. We've repeatedly instructed them to produce another Tom Brady from the 6th round and they have not. Sure they've brought in a lot of good players, and turned the team around from 1-15 to a very relevant contender which would likely be leading the division in any other division, but that isn't what counts. We counts is we want Tom Brady. He's dreamy.

If that were so then the first draft pick,in 2008 should have been Matt Ryan.If all the marbles are on one throw of the dice.Then the GM has to not worry about his job, and make that PICK.If the QB will insure his immortality,then go for the ring
We'll know soon enough if Sparano and Ierland rolled snake eyes!!!

9/11 was done by tall skinny beareded man hiding in a cave, writing battle plans on cave wall with mineral rocks and juices extracted from wild berries

That is why the USA attacked IRAQ and spent trillions starting the Great Recession

Now U Understand?

Dont u watch FOX news?

Home....if you had a bit of sense you would edit that JUST A BIT MORE...then your last post might make sense.....

You take being an idiot to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL....that is without a doubt the funniest thing I have seen all day.......I will laugh at that on my way home...

Home...always good for a laugh.....

Everyone take a look at kris' post @ 12:50. THAT was a classy post. MUCH RESPECT!

We'll all see next year what Henne can do in someone else's offense. I'm expecting him to shoot to the stars.

Ooops, forgot Jake Long and Starks.

Red team go. RED TEAM GO!


I get your point regarding Eli Manning. Of course the big difference is the Giants are stacked at the WR spot. They draft a guy like Nicks in the first round (a guy I wanted us to take), he goes down and they still have guys like Manningham, Smith, Barden and now Derek Hagen on the roster. I know I am missing someone else but it just seems the Giants have made receiver a priority on their team and made it a priority to give Manning weapons. we don't seem to do that on our team.

Think the Weapons of Mass Destruction may be in North Korea?

... just saying

oh and by the way
Do not count all the USA`s Weapons of Mass Destruction (those dont count)

Ok, who wants a corn dog!

DC....thanks....when your wrong you got to step up and admit it.

Somehow I let myself be baited into posting to the imbecile Home....guess I was really bored....now i'm gonna have to leave the blog for a while

I`m in it for the entertainment, Man

Gruden or the 3 stooges

Maybe Adam Sandler,Jerry Seinfeld and the fat guy that drives the IPS truck ... Kevin James

Also should have strippers with full nudity at Miami Home games, just to one up the Reptilian leader Jerry Jones

Drop candy from the Goodyear blimp

and have an Armando dunk tank

“We spent a lot of time this week just really talking about getting back to having some fun,” Sparano said Monday. “Sometimes you got to challenge them a little bit that way, and I did that towards the end of the week and just said, ‘Listen, I mean there’s no law that says that these college guys are the only people that can have fun, and that when you graduate from college to the National Football League the fun meter runs out.’ So, I think you can have a little bit of fun and play with a little bit of passion and I thought those guys — it was contagious yesterday I thought on the sideline.” - TS

Best piece of coaching that I've seen out of him (what I've seen is pretty limited as I'm just another Joe Shittheragman). Best game I've seen out of Henne (not jumping on that bandwagon - I still think he has too many fundamental negatives to be more than an average Joe in this league - hopefully I'm wrong because, if I'm not, we've got another two or three years getting yet another QB ready - but, as pointed out above, if Trent Dilfer can do it then Henne doesn't have to be elite). Moore and Wallace give hope. Once Brandon gets his attitude channeled more appropriately and Henne can actually throw it accurately to him, it looks like the top four can be BM, Moore, Bess and Wallace/Hartline.

O-line continues to be a problem. Injuries not withstanding, this unit should have far more depth after three years of building/deconstructing/tweaking. Too much meddling, too little gelling.

I like how the D is coming together. Definitely some issues still but another draft and FA off season and it'll be there.

IMO: Henning has to go. Sparano, I think, doesn't quite have what it takes - he's, apparently, darned good with his guys and that is huge. Trouble is he doesn't call games well, his clock management still has glaring issues and he's not willing to overrule Henning (does he need another year to mature or is he at his ceiling?). Nolan should stay, obviously. Ireland needs to go - there are far better GMs out there.

Mark In Toronto: Gotta sy it: Joe Montana couldn't have won that game against Chicago. We had NO offensive line. Thigpen was awful but Henne would've been sacked twice as much. I am no Henne fan, as established by my twit with Denny on Sunday, but I will say he has done a nice job against Tenn and Oak. If he continues I will be happy for the reason stated above. He is no messiah, though and a good game and a half (one of which was against the Raiders) doesn't suddenly make the guy elite.

Brass Monkey that funky monkey is right - Henne has never been the problem, it's been the play calls and lack of confidence from the coaching staff. Great QB's start with Great Line play. Living in Mass I see too much of the Pats - Brady gets credit for getting rid of the ball quickly but the fact is he has all day back there and when he doesn't he is a below average QB due to lack of mobility and lack of physical strength. We should be drafting high quality linemen on both sides and we should run the ball and spread it out all the time, even when Marshall is in there. I know Henne isn't Rivers at this point but most of his INT's aren't bonehead decisions, they are mistakes on routes and fall downs. Next year when Henning and Parcells are gone we should improve greatly, hopefully there is a great offensvie Coordinator out there and Pennington joins the staff as QB coach. And Hopefully Ireland shows us he can draft pro bowlers.

I`m in it for the entertainment, Man

Gruden or the 3 stooges

Maybe Adam Sandler,Jerry Seinfeld and the fat guy that drives the IPS truck ... Kevin James

Also should have strippers with full nudity at Miami Home games, just to one up the Reptilian leader Jerry Jones

Drop candy from the Goodyear blimp

and have an Armando dunk tank

the 11 13 again, above

Craig, agreed re: NYG. They don't only have big time players at receiver, they have them EVERYWHERE! One of the most complete rosters in the NFL. Top 5, IMO are the Chargers, NYG, Philly, NYJ, and NO. They are all examples of players up and down the roster.

The thing that impresses me most about Henne is the dude never fumbles. He's been like this for 3 years - when he gets hit - unlike guys like Kurt Warner - the ball doesn't even move. This isn't in the QB rating but should be.

QB is necessary, but not sufficient. Look as Colts. They've got the better QB, but we would beat them.

mark. nfl stats says he did not play.. also. the phins were 10-6 under wanny and missed the po's. not 11-5 re: an earlier poster..

but if cc did play and recorded zip!!!!!!!!!!!. that's alot worse..lol

Get real. Sinatra was better in the original Manchurian Candidate.

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