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Henne's success is good news for Sparano, Ireland

Is there any assignment more important for an NFL general manager than picking his team's franchise quarterback? Is there any assignment more important for a head coach than developing his team's franchise quarterback?

The answer to both these questions is a resounding, not-up-for-debate, "No!"

And that's the reason Chad Henne's success is very important to Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano.

It's simple, really. If Henne succeeds going forward, if he continues to improve and continues to make strides and continues on the path toward becoming Miami's franchise quarterback, he will be also virtually providing a guarantee for Sparano and Ireland that they will be thought of successes in their respective jobs.

Simple as that, folks.

If Henne becomes a star, there is not a ton else either Sparano or Ireland could do to endanger their Miami careers. Henne goes to the Pro Bowl, Henne becomes the franchise QB, Henne joins the ranks of the NFL's elite QBs and the two men atop the Dolphins organization are virtually locked into their spots.

Thats because, typically, finding an elite QB leads a team to the kind of success that keeps hanging Ws on the standings and that keeps fans happy, which fills stadiums, which makes owners happy, which means everyone is safe.

Can you think of one GM who picked an elite QB and got canned? Can you think of one coach who developed an elite QB and got canned? I can't.

So yes, the fact Chad Henne played well Sunday against the Raiders was good news for the Dolphins, good for Henne, and definitely good for Ireland and Sparano.

Yes, it was only one game. But better a good one game than a bad one game, I say.

The other side of that two-sided coin isn't so good for anyone.

If what we saw from Henne against the Raiders (17 of 30 for 307 yards with two TDs and one INT) is more mirage than mastery, then that is bad news for everyone, and we do mean everyone.

If Henne continues to merely tread water and follow a good game with a bad game, we have an issue. Typically and up-and-down quarterback makes his team an inconsistent team. That kind of quarterback on the edge of getting benched one week and playing well the next is only good enough to get most teams to .500

And .500 isn't good enough for job security in today's NFL.

That kind of quarterback play would cause folks to question not just the QB but the people responsible for putting the QB on the team and in the lineup.

Let's face it, the most important player on any NFL team is the quarterback so finding the right guy is the general manager's most important decision. And once he's on the team, developing that quarterback into a player who has reached his potential and reached a level of excellence is the coach's No. 1 priority.

There is no defense for failing at this.

The general manager cannot say, "I screwed up in finding us a franchise quarterback but what about the cornerback and the defensive end I found?" That kind of argument gets met with a shrug.

And no coach can say with a straight face, "I couldn't do anything with the quarterback, but what about the job I did with center and the left tackle and the strongside linebacker."

"Yeah but you screwed up the franchise quarterback," is the worst line either the GM or the coach could ever have to argue against. It's a losing proposition.

So Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland have to be feeling pretty good about themselves right now. Chad Henne is playing well now. The guy they have tapped as their franchise quarterback is apparently pointed in the right direction toward that goal.

They both must hope and work toward the situation staying that way. Because both are undoubtedly tied to Henne.



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Learn something new everyday. I had hoped this year we would find out if Henne was the 'future' or not. I have seen a lot of ups and downs but nothing convincing.

Now I read Henne is better than Marino. I think it's only fair that Henne has a statue too.

Dolphan#1 - I really like Ryan Broyles out of OK and I think he could be that guy.....4.4 speed and excels at getting YAC. He also can work as a return guy. Unfortunately, he looks to project as an early to mid 2nd rounder...since we don't have a 2nd round pick, looks like we'll lose out on him.

I believe (if Miami is drafting between 15-20) that either Michael Floyd or Jonathan Baldwin will be there for the taking in the 1st...while both very talented and I believe they will excel at the next level, both are big bodied posession type receivers...not great speed.

cocoajoe - who said Henne is better than Marino? At any rate, what we are witnessing with Henne is a young developmental QB....well, developing. Thus far, he is pretty much where I would expect him to be.

QB rating 75.2
QB current QB rating 81.3

Comp % 60.8
Comp % 63.3

yrd/atpt 6.4
yrd/atpt 7.3

TDs 12
TDs 11 and on pace for 15 - 16

total yrds 2,878
total yrds 2,447 and on pace to break 3,500

Henne has a chance to be a consistently good quarterback in the NFL if Dan Henning wouldn't put the fear of God in him week in and week out. Henne needs to learn to trust his instincts more and take more chances down the field. He has the arm strength to do it. Go Dolphins!

that's funny someone posted henne did not stare down his receivers, thats all he does is stare down his receivers. what you see is what you get with henne. he will always be up and down and with that is maybe a .500 team. so we will see what he does for the rest of the season. he beats the wets and patsies, i will give him respect.

Drew Brees vs. Chad Henne (1st 2 years of starts)

Yr 1 Comp %..60.8%
Yr 2 Comp %..57.6%
Yr 1 Comp %..60.8%
Yr 2 Comp %..63.3%

Total Yds (2 yrs)..5,392
Total Yds (2 yrs)..5,325 with 5 games to play..on pace for 6,378

Avg Yds/Attempt (2 yrs)...6.05
Avg Yds/Attempt (2 yrs)...6.85

TDs (2 yrs)..28
TDs (2 yrs)..23 with 5 games to play

INTs (2 yrs)..31
INTs (2 yrs)..23 with 5 games to play

Avg QB rating (2 yrs)..72.2
Avg QB rating (2 yrs)..78.25

My point being that statistically they are very comparable with Henne actually having the better stats...where is Brees now? I think we have a great prospect in Henne...certainly the best prospect in awhile...but it doesn't happen overnight people.

Mr. Salguero,

I am a big fan of yours and hope you don't take this as disrespect, but it frustrates me how the media seems to "stir up" the fan base unjustifiably. All season the local media has been overly critical of Chad Henne, a guy who has around 20 NFL starts under his belt. Then he gets benched, comes back, has a decent game (not unlike several other games he's had this season) and suddenly you all are trying to hype him up as some kind of super quarterback who's guaranteed to win superbowls and throw for 4000 yards every year.

In reality, this game seemed to be a typical Chad Henne performance, barely better than a 50% completion rate and one horrible interception. I am betting that if the corner hadn't blown his coverage on the Marlon Moore TD, the media might be calling for his benching again. I don't believe it is right to criticize this guy, who looks brilliant at times and lost at others, but I also do not think it is a good idea to try to suggest that his performance was spectacular or really any different than the games he played week 3 vs the stupid Jets or week 7 against Pittsburgh.

In the last decade Dolphins fans have gone from stubbornly loyal to notoriously wishy-washy, but it sure seems like this up-and-down attitude is fueled by the media. My take? Chad Henne is a developing quarterback who could really use support of his team and his fanbase, the loss of either will only hurt his development and sabotage the long term success of this franchise.

Phil M - actually a 56.7% completion rating which is much closer to that magic number of 60% than 50%. Over 300 yards passing and 2 TDs. Most would consider a QB rating of 100.3 a pretty good outing.

I've personally thought that Henne has been blasted unfairly this year by both the media and the fans. He's really only had two bad games...Cinci and Baltimore and was average against Buffalo in the opener. Other than that, he has consistently had a QB rating over 80.

He's a developing QB for sure and has a ways to go, but I think he's our best prospect in a long time. I can't help but compare him to where Brees was at this time in his career; the paralells are eerily similar. See my post at 5:42.

If the Dolphins fall short of a playoff spot this year,It is our fault,(the Fans) Because we have not sent Mr. Ross, & Coach Sparano the right message, we as fans have not Motivated this ownership into Listening enough to us! By God my fellow Dol-Fans, have we not sufferd enough? We have been dealing in Mediocracy for over Ten years. And we as loyal fans deserve better!So send your letters, E-Mails, and other forms of communications to this organization. Demanding a commitment to a winning program!!!! Please..... Love those Dolphins...

Wade Phillips- Tony Romo- bad coach just got lucky with the The Tuna's pick and sort of developed him.
Marty Shottenheimer- Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers. Got canned bc the playoffs isnt good enough

armando s. henne is NOT an elite QB. because he beats the Raiders.....an elite QB beats 95 % of teams....

armando s. henne is NOT an elite QB. because he beats the Raiders

henne continues to tread water!

@ wolfman - thanks for posting the similarities between Henne and Brees. I have been saying it all year when people bash Henne. If we had Brees in the start of his career we would have ran him out too. And then complained how some stupid coach let him go because of a shoulder injury. Instead we cry because we didn't take him. If we let Henne go some team will pick him up and he will come back to bite us. Just watch.

Everyone has an opinion including myself about Henne and it's starting to look more and more like the coaches have been mishandling his growth as a QB and the play calling was not suitable for his strengths. Also he still does have that panicky trait that makes him throw interceptions, mostly at crucial times but I think it will be fair to really judge him after the upcoming Browns, Patriots and Jets. We'll know exactly what we have with him at the end those games.

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