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Veterans Day 2010: More important than football

If you're looking for more words about Chad Pennington and Chad Henne or Dan Henning and Jason Allen, I don't have those for you here this morning. You can read my column in The Herald on the topic if you like.

Today this blog pauses to remember, to celebrate, to honor those that defended my right to write and speak those words without fear of reprisal from any despot or tyrant -- no, not Nick Saban. This morning this blog honors the fighting men and women of the United States armed forces and all the veterans who served therein.

This blog honors these people on Veteran's Day 2010 because they are more important than most of the fanciful, frilly things you come to this blog to enjoy. You come here to debate. You come here to exchange ideas. You come here to speak your minds. That is a freedom you should not take lightly.

That is a freedom I do not take lightly. You see, I come from a country where people don't have the basic fundamental freedoms of free speech, or liberty or the pursuit of happiness.

So perhaps I value those who preserve those freedoms here more than the next person. Forgive me if that somehow causes you any inconvenience. You have a right to your opinion so you can think me too sappy if you wish. Isn't that wonderful?

You have a right to your opinion.

People fought and died for that right. And for that reason, this morning, this blog is dedicated to our veterans. I will update with football information this afternoon. But for now, please acknowledge the service of people worthy of much respect.