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Veterans Day 2010: More important than football

If you're looking for more words about Chad Pennington and Chad Henne or Dan Henning and Jason Allen, I don't have those for you here this morning. You can read my column in The Herald on the topic if you like.

Today this blog pauses to remember, to celebrate, to honor those that defended my right to write and speak those words without fear of reprisal from any despot or tyrant -- no, not Nick Saban. This morning this blog honors the fighting men and women of the United States armed forces and all the veterans who served therein.

This blog honors these people on Veteran's Day 2010 because they are more important than most of the fanciful, frilly things you come to this blog to enjoy. You come here to debate. You come here to exchange ideas. You come here to speak your minds. That is a freedom you should not take lightly.

That is a freedom I do not take lightly. You see, I come from a country where people don't have the basic fundamental freedoms of free speech, or liberty or the pursuit of happiness.

So perhaps I value those who preserve those freedoms here more than the next person. Forgive me if that somehow causes you any inconvenience. You have a right to your opinion so you can think me too sappy if you wish. Isn't that wonderful?

You have a right to your opinion.

People fought and died for that right. And for that reason, this morning, this blog is dedicated to our veterans. I will update with football information this afternoon. But for now, please acknowledge the service of people worthy of much respect. 


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Thanks Mando..Pete... USMC.... 8511


If someone was breaking into your house, and came at your girlfriend, or wife, or kids, would you protect them at all costs? If so, would you call yourself a "sociopath" for doing that?

I think any soldier that killed Nazis did a service to the world by eradicating a disgusting group of people. Ditto al-Qaeda. I see these soldiers as heroes, getting blood on their hands so it's not spilling in our streets. Plus, it's not easy to kill, they have to live with those psychological scars forever. It's not like, "whoopie, let's go kill some people." I think you're watching too many movies dude, because again, all I'm going off of is the military people I KNOW. They aren't like that. They aren't looking forward to killing anyone. Actually, even the Marines I know are scared sh*tless. They know they might have to kill to save themselves or their fellow soldiers.

So I think you're making generalizations where you shouldn't be. There's a difference between Jeffrey Dahmer and a Marine, trust me.

Veritas, I agree with everything you said (about the pointless wars in Vietnam and Iraq). With that said, do you blame the "poor kids" that were just following orders? The point is this holiday isn't about the appropriateness of this or that war. It's about honoring those that serve. They have nothing to do with where they go and who they kill. They follow ORDERS!

You may not know about following orders because it may be meaningless in your life. But it's a serious matter to the military. Following orders is why we don't have coups (like other countries). It's why one day they salute Bush and the next Obama. It's why the military doesn't decide who we go to war with (the civilian side does). Following orders is the difference between life and death to these people.

If YOU don't understand THAT, then you should go back to school and learn civics.

Marc, you are a failure. Carry on.........

DC Dolfan,
I never blamed (and don't now blame) the soldiers for following orders. My post was in response to Salguero's article in which he claimed that our soldiers were always defending our freedom.

Marc/scott are one and the same....Trolls.


Your right they are not always defending just our freedom.

Sometimes they are defending the freedom of others as well.

Scott=marc=tortured.. losers all

The Question,
Yes, but not always, right? We didn't go to Iraq to defend their freedom did we? If we did we would logically fight for the freedoms of many other oppressed people in the world, which we don't, do we?

American soldiers don't protect us; they protect America's elite. All the wars they're involved with are not about protecting the American people, it's about making money for the corporations who run our country. It would be nice if more people realized this and helped talk kids out of going abroad to kill civilians for rich folks.


It is not possible to militarily "fight for freedom" all over the world, we simply lack the manpower and resources for such an endeavor. Nor should we ask our men and women to do so.

However, just because we have not "freed the world" does not take away from the sacrifice when we have.

Soldier of Truth

Spoken like a true fanatic....


have u been to iraq or afghanistan? iraq is better then it was. the afghanies are close. i understand marcs bitterness. there is alot of stupid people in authority. there is however the few the ones that jioned because they felt obligated to serve this country. to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. you can all argue that we the ones that have served and my fellow fallen marines arent defending our freedoms thats fine u have that right. it will never be the same we are a different country a different time. the marines that gave their lives did it honourable and sacrifically. so out of respect to the fallen whether u served and are bitter or if u never did please put your personal views aside and realize what country you were born in and thank your God or what u would thank. tpday is VETERANS DAY not give your opinion day.

0331 proudly served in OIF AND OEF. COMBAT INFANTRY.

Thank you Armando! Wonderful post Dersk4!
Very nice posts from all! Thank you each and every one.

I was one (to quote Derek4 @ 10:46 p.m.) "... who had to fight both in Vietnam and then against Cowards and Radicals when they came home...". Not one thank you back then - only spit and bricks. Thank you for being here for us now. You bring tears to my eyes.

Grandfather of two wonderful Boys ages 6 & 7. Dolphins Fan since 1968 when Warfield traded from Browns.

Vietnam 7/15th heavy artillery forward observer
Pleiku, Kontum, Dac To, Schullar, Black Hawk, Anh Khe, Oasis, & Ben Het.
Central Highlands, Vietnam 1971

Thank you each and every one!
For you and the others Johnny,
"Live in Peace and peace will live in you". Goodnight my friend.

No soldier has died or killed someone for my freedom (I was born in 1971). You could make a case for the veterans of WWII, but their deaths clearly aided the freedom of Europeans and Asians more than Americans. Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Lebanon, Panama, Somalia, Iraq (twice), Afghanistan, Kosovo, Dominican Republic, Cuba (Bay of Pigs as well as various CIA operations) Pakistan, Libya all represent countries that we have invaded and/or bombed since 1960...explain to me how any of these military actions did anything for my freedom? They were each irrelevant to actual U.S. national security or any of my political freedoms...its right-wing rhetoric spewed by Armando and some of the people on this blog that makes it so easy for us to spend $700 billion a year on the military every year (more than the rest of the world combined)...and you reactionaries whine about debt! What complete hypocrites.


I will always be thankful to those people who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of other people and our nation. Veteran’s Day is a celebration of the bravery and strength that these men and women displayed in times of battle to preserve our freedom.

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