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Jake Long has a dislocated shoulder (not good)

And the hits just keep on coming.

An NFL source confirmed to the Herald's Jeff Darlington that offensive lineman Jake Long suffered a dislocated shoulder during today's victory over Tennessee.

Miami's franchise left tackle is scheduled for an MRI on Monday morning.

This is not a season-ending situation. Long may be able to play with the injury. The MRI is supposed to make sure that there is no structural damage that would make playing a hazard to Long's career in the long term.

If that is not the case, it is possible Long can secure the shoulder and play -- although it will be painful and he will be somewhat limited in his movement.

The Dolphins, however, may elect to keep Long out.

It is poor timing for Miami that they are suffering this rash of injuries -- Long, Henne, Chris Clemons, who left the game benged up -- as they have only four days to recover and play Chicago.