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Jake Long has a dislocated shoulder (not good)

And the hits just keep on coming.

An NFL source confirmed to the Herald's Jeff Darlington that offensive lineman Jake Long suffered a dislocated shoulder during today's victory over Tennessee.

Miami's franchise left tackle is scheduled for an MRI on Monday morning.

This is not a season-ending situation. Long may be able to play with the injury. The MRI is supposed to make sure that there is no structural damage that would make playing a hazard to Long's career in the long term.

If that is not the case, it is possible Long can secure the shoulder and play -- although it will be painful and he will be somewhat limited in his movement.

The Dolphins, however, may elect to keep Long out.

It is poor timing for Miami that they are suffering this rash of injuries -- Long, Henne, Chris Clemons, who left the game benged up -- as they have only four days to recover and play Chicago.


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I think its been years since we've had a 12pt or more victory.

Sorry, typo. Meant to type Two Men not woman

Its just nice to be here have fun and not b!tch about why we lost again. How long has it been since we had a game totally wrapped with 5 minutes left in the 4th qtr? Guys it feels absolutely great!!!

Felt great to have the freedom of going to take a dump with 5 minutes left to play!!!

OH YEA BEFORE I FORGET!! MANDO I VALUE YOUR OPINION MORE THAN SOME SMUCK NAMED SEAN SALISBURY!! thats one of the main reason i dont like espn, they have more career backups trying to critique players and tell them where their shortcomings are or may be but couldn't apply that same knowledge to their own career!!!


I don't have to re read anything.

They were originally bred for protection. That naturally made them a prime breed for fighting.

Don't have to read about things revolving around money either. I know HUMAN nature first hand. If there's a buck to be made, don't let values, morals or scruples get in the way.

Still I can't ever remember seeing a pit bull build a boxing ring or calling one a squared circle, Hmmmmmmmmmmm........................

wat went on with wake didnt see him out there much


dying breed i lol at you b/c i was talking to my uncle after the game and he said he had to sh*t and i made the commit that the dolphins are the perfect thing to make you sh*t and he you go saying it too!


odin, you know how many dogs are considered protecting dogs! from little ones to big one!! what seperates pits from all others is their willingness to keep going, and in the dog fighting world they call that game!! doberman protect but you dont hear bout no doberman fight!! hands down if i had to choose a dog to get it would be a pit or a boston terrier(love these dogs)


Who cares about dogfights. Can we talk football here.

I hope that Henne is well and can play. I hope Thigpen gets more of a chance. Here's why he has fans excited: 1) when he decided to run he actually got some yards, not just scrambling back to the line of scrimmage like Henne does. He's simply faster. 2) He didn't look like a robot. 3) He threw a beatiful touch pass on target. 4) he threw a dart for the touchdown that split the defenders. 5) When he did, he was FIRED up, and he clearly fired up others. When's the last time Henne did that? I can't think of a time. He looked like a kid having fun, which is what Favre is like at his best. It was just so dang refreshing to see a quarterback move AND be fired up. The team felt that, too.

man every week i watch teams we lost to this year and wonder why arent we undefeated!! the jets have struggle and got lucky the last month, pats keep winning in spite of no defense and with TE's,the ravens dont look as strong as the media thinks and how in the hell is Pitt losing to the Pats!! every week i think the jets and pats will lose only for some bs to happen!! 3 weeks in a row

Noooooooooooo!! not Long too!!! Next you'll tell me Wake

what was refreshing was scoring TD not FG!! teams want you to think they dont hear the fans but the wildcat disappeared and now so has the fist pump!! i hope they keep listening and get rid of henning during the off season for sure!!! thiggy did bring some sizzle to the team if not the team at least marshall seemed happy!!!!


I know you can teach dogs to be protective, but too me it seems like the pits have it ingrained in them.

I've had a lot of differnt breeds, but once I got a pit, that was IT!

What you call game, oh man, don't even mention it. Being a responsible pit bull owner, I have to work the guy out. I mean I have to. You don't want to see him when he's feeling couped up.

The problem is, when I start working him, he don't want to stop. Every workout is a challenge. He tries to wear me down before I can wear him down.

He does have "some other shyt" in him though, cause he's not even 2 yet and he's closing in 95 lbs.

well with everybody so doom and gloom b/c of the injuries, it leaves me no choice but to BLAZE ONE FOR THE NATION!! IMA MIX SOME ZONA WITH SOME CRIP AND ROLL MY FINEST BLUNT FOR THE MASSES!! IM TAKING 1 FOR THE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like mustard and saurkraut on my dogs...

And for the record, I love my dog and consider myself a dog person. But I would give Vick a shotgun, a pool, a rope, a set of jumper cables and the Dade county humane society if that's what it took to get him to be the QB here. And like it or not, the majority of football fans would too. Its all about winning

Daddy and Jr are cool and nice soooo.....

enjoy the win people..It's all good

i like snakes .

I`d burn all my dolphins memorabillia if that horror of a human bein came to be our QB

you know you the best, we always have friendly disagreements and i respect that about you!! the most loyal dog i ever had was a pit, i mean would run through a brick wall for me, but my kids and wife he would run thru hell with gasoline drawers on!! REAL TALK!! MY favorite was the boston terrier=extremely smart and very alert! oh yea if he beat any stranger inside the car, they couldnt get in the car! i would have to take him out and let the friend get in first! it was to funny

I'm hoping Wake is healthy this week. Getting after Cutler is all it takes to down that over-achieving group of pretenders

Its so ironic that miami pulls out all the stops and tries pretty much everything they can to win and stay in the division race and in the end, its the injuries after the fact that might be their downfall for the year!!!!!Im starting to think the dolphins really are cursed with bad luck!!!!

the day we start using dogs for body parts, thats the day they get the props people deserve!! you stand a better chance of using a blowfish teeth before you can use any part of a dog!! why nobody get mad at drug sniffing dogs, i guess they were born with that trait too.

I can't see why anyone is so disappointed that Thigpen will be quarterback. In the time we've seen him play he hasn't been any worse than Henne and in general he's been a hell of a lot more exciting. I'm kind of pumped to see him play Thursday. Especially if Henne is back in the line-up soon. Thigpen and Henne and some other guy off the street for third string. I'd be very comfortable with that. What do you guys think.


Its been so long and so great to finally get a double-digit win I dont want to talk about football, right now can careless about the injuries, and even Dan Henning can spoil the high Im on now after today's victory. Right now I just wanna enjoy this moment and maybe tomorrow will be back in "football talk" mode again.

Im out guys, great win, and I'll talk to all of my fellows dolphin buddies tomorrow. Im so happy Im going to get laid!!!

As always total class from the blogs sorry lot. A football blog. Where the same 15 or 20 post because they feel they are real stand up comics.You know what is really funny-the fact that some of you really are pathetic human beings.Get a life or at least some satisfaction out of it.Your lives must be real sh17 to not have anything better to do.In the game of life the Dolphins are at the bottom of the list.It makes me ill to think that posters on this blog may actually represent our society.Some of you need real professional help.


Are you tortureddolphin using another alias?


I think its good for the rest of 2010 since we dont have anything on the market worth scattering for to bring in, as far as the future and beyond, I WOULD SAY no, IF HENNE TRULY ISNT THE ANSWER THEN the draft is the next stop from here. But Tyler thiggy will get his shot to shine, if henne was healthy i would stick with him, if not then go with thigpen, Your season can only get worse from here on or better***Maybe***. Either way With Long possibly gone now, Thigpen better get used to scrambling alot in and out of the pocket!!!

i second what scooter said

Scooter WOW, i think you should write Armandos next column for Monday.....World full of Jacka##es by the worlds most perfect society Human Being!!!!

Aloco-at least you have a football thought every once in a while.

I I I don't know what to say SCOOTER you must be the smartest person on the planet please enlighten me.

This is what we should have done to Pitt...now i know NE has Brady amd thays why they can win games without moss and whomever else.

superPhin is just the idiot I was talking about. Ahoy Roy.

TN, I look at it a game at a time. For the next game, Thigpen is more than apt so long as he protects the football. My concern is getting after the qb this week, a qb that starts throwing erratically the more he gets hit. Also, the secomdary will have multiple chances for interceptions. Take that to the bank. I see the running game improving ever so slightly.

Paywing you are too stupid to understand what I would say.

? was henne this robotic at michigan? i only saw him play a handful of times in college! my buddy said hene would never progress b/c he was always looking over his shoulder, wondering if he would lose his job to pennington!! i still have hope for him b/c he on my team but it don't look good so far!! just wondering!! anybody know the answer to this question

I think scooter has a lot of insecurities..are you trying to take that out on us....sorry that doesnt work here bub. So whats your beef? You are talking like you are above people...yet you r posting on here. So what is your issue...are you fat and mad at the world because u think is everyone else's problem that you are...or are you just plain stoopid

scooter, are you a midget ?

Hey Scooter,

you know what i find even more comical then your statement is that someone like you would have so much to do but yet here you are trying to make a point of being above all and yet having the need to RUN your posts to a bunch of people on a blog that you say has no meaning in life....Can you say HYPOICRITE!!!!

Ryan; Dez Bryant

tough watching f/ball since Thursday & thinking what might have been

Cowkilla- I am a fat zit faced blob. Kind of what you see when you look at the ole lady. Must run in the family . I think they call it DNA.

it dont make sense to have a QB like RYAN b/c we wouldnt have the line to protect him!! it dont make sense to have a guy like DEZ when you dont have an OC who could use him to the strength of the team! we have fools running this team!! 3 years in, no middle of the o-line with a head coach known for o-line work


I am not above anyone. Just do not like stupid people.That means I do not like you. Can you say go f yourself. It will be the only f you will ever get.

Which one of you pervs wants to see me dance naked?

You cowkilla?
You SuperPhin?
You Aloco?
You DyingBreed?

Favre to Miami for the save.

Go Thigpen. Go Porpoise People Eaters!!!!

Marc, if you or anyone else ever hurt my dog in any way, you would be wishing for prison over what I would do to you!

LOL you must be one of those REDNECK jokes with a name like SCOOTER.LOL

Okay Scooter, go play some World Of Warcraft or something, Real Men only talk sports here, and its obvious to me your probably some nerd looking for attention...take out an AD already!!!!!

Pittsburgh aint lookin so hot.

We should of beat them.

I can't get a handle on who they are.All over the map

And the mults and false posters arrive.Classy. Just what I was talking about.Thanks for making my point for me losers.


You cannot be a man cause you dont smoke the same cigarettes as me? But I can get some satisfaction knowing the brain dead are alive and posting on this blog.

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