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Jake Long has a dislocated shoulder (not good)

And the hits just keep on coming.

An NFL source confirmed to the Herald's Jeff Darlington that offensive lineman Jake Long suffered a dislocated shoulder during today's victory over Tennessee.

Miami's franchise left tackle is scheduled for an MRI on Monday morning.

This is not a season-ending situation. Long may be able to play with the injury. The MRI is supposed to make sure that there is no structural damage that would make playing a hazard to Long's career in the long term.

If that is not the case, it is possible Long can secure the shoulder and play -- although it will be painful and he will be somewhat limited in his movement.

The Dolphins, however, may elect to keep Long out.

It is poor timing for Miami that they are suffering this rash of injuries -- Long, Henne, Chris Clemons, who left the game benged up -- as they have only four days to recover and play Chicago.


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My name is scooter, my mom works at hooter, now im a straight shooter for i can talk all the $h*t i want to becuase im behind a computer.

Now thats an offense i would like to see in miami who turns the lights out on opponents and kicks them when their down.

Henning called a miracle game today. This game should be singled out as one of the best examples of how an offensive coordinator can save and win a game by himself. Absolutely brilliant. Admit it, you donkeys; he outfoxed the dirtiest team in football.

too little too late for the steelers im afraid, so on top of matters that make it worse for miami besides injuries and bad luck breaks, they get no help from anybody outside the division!!! Sigh

dolphins looking at chris sims, patrick ramsey, jamarcus russell.....henne and penny probably out for season.....jake long still pending further evaluation....im out....

I heard that cb that was covering marshal new 80 % of his routes before the play based on formation.

I heard that cb that was covering marshal new 80 % of his routes before the play based on formation.

Reshad Jones looked real good to me today i don't think clemons is going to be resting easy with him filling in

Well, another game in the books, A win is a win, but this one may be the defination of costly, WE SHALL SEE****Phin Out!!!!

Some Thoughts:
-Thigpen is a better option than Henne. He is more mobile and looks great performing playaction.

-This team needs elite, electric, and dynamic speed. Just one. Either at WR or RB. We are smart, physical, and disciplined. We need Burners and Playmakers.

-Compare the other RBs of the league to Brown. He is simply not able to hit the corner or make a great counter move to pick up big yards.

-An elite speedster would help, but how does Marshall get more involved. It is obvious he is disgruntled. Please explain a fade route to Hartline instead of Marshall. THROW HIM THE BALL!! No matter what.

-If Thigpen starts(I hope), lets roll him out, bootleg, and roll him out often. Let him playaction, find a target and get him the ball. Take away the pressure in his face.

-Open things up. Now is the time to let it fly and take chances. Ricky will not be rushing for 1,800 yards. Use Bess like the Pats use Welker. Use Hartline and Fasano more and throw to Marshall 20-30 yards downfield. Covered ot not.




Hey all, long time no post... still read when I can though.

Agree mostly with your take Dave!

Fade route to Hartline is dumb de dumb dumb dumb. Why spend 40 bajillion on Marshall without taking certain shots every game at him...especially red zone jump balls. When getting paid 40 bajillion Marshall can't get mad...PERIOD!...PERIOD!! 10 catches he should be smiling and 2 catches and he should be fuming and smiling (both internally).

Safety R. Jones (filling in) and Fasano had nice days today.

Where has our run blocking gone? We were gashing Baltimore on that first drive and its been shelved ever since...

I am here to say I have been telling friends and co-workers I want to see Thigpen get meaningful practice and live game experience... hopefully that happens this Thur. Henne is already robotic enough. If he is gimpy at all he is dead in the pocket as a drug store Indian.

I am sure Sparano is trying NOT to have a QB controversy but I do believe that Thigpen and his mobility give us best chance to win now.

Of all the QBs they look at, I would go with Garcia. Probably still has ok movement ability and by far the most savvy, big game experience. I would start Thigpen and sign Garcia as insurance. Let Henne work his way back if he can.

If Sparano wants a reason for justifying the Fins not making the playoffs (I still am keeping the faith until the final mathmatical dagger) then he could plead "down to our 3rd QB option late in the year.

I think if they start Thigpen they will be pleaxsantly suprised. He has nice touch and can scramble... two traits Henne is lacking.

If the post looks like an indictment on Henne it's not. He has ability and can still develop as many QBs have over time. I just want to see if we can win without him and what the OFF looks like from a QB assessment standpoint.



Brandon Marshall was running from the Press.

Some random thoughts...

Marc from your earlier post... "Dez'z mom maybe "used" to do that for a living. Now she is on easy street. Good for her and I agree...Dez can really play and has killer WR skillz.

The JETS get so freaking lucky! Sheez. Their luck will run out in thye playoffs... write it down.

The rumblings out of Oaktown are that ILB R.McClain isn't doing well... Gholston 2 anyone? NJ PHIN, Bobby and others that dug him before the draft... hate to say it...so I won't.
Derrick Morgan non factor, injured. DT Odrick... out for the season. My two pre-draft favs DE Brandon Graham and shrimpy lil RB Jahvid Best, chugging along, contributing weekly.

On the other side... Nice call on the Gronkowski call Bobbyd. I remember you were one that was all over him in the second. Would you take him or LB Koa Misi?

I still can't believe we had Patroits STARTING OLB Ninkovich in our camp and let him walk to the Pats. I thought he looked good when in our lineup in preseason. 2X Damn!

I always thought that RB L. Blount got way too much negative press for throwing the sucker punch in college. I think it shows a certain fire even while I do not agree with the behavior. Seems he at least merrited getting drafted.

WR Jacoby Ford (RAIDER) would have been a nifty late round selection. With speedy n gutless WR Ginn leaving we needed some speed to at least scare secondaries.

After this many weeks, especially this year... we know there are a lot of teams that can emerge. I hope the Fins decide to be one of them.


Defense stepped up big time!

I think one thing no one talks about is how it seemed like Ricky and Ronnie put this thing on their shoulders. They looked like they grit their teeth and took ownership when sh*t hit the fan. Some other Phins teams of the past might have thrown in the towel. There were some leaders out there today. Long and Wake playing hurt and Fasano stepping up as well. I have been bashing Sapp pretty badly but he looked focused and made plays. Rashad Jones??? NICE!
Biggest disappointment was Marshall!

Last but not least, I will take Thigpen's FIST PUMP over Sparano's any day.


Thanks for the 1 really great season to dig us out of the 1-15 much Chad Pennington!

I beleive this will be his swan song.


The fist pump comment nailed it. Even got a 9 from the Russian judge. Haha

I actually don't mind the Sparano fist pumps or the emphatic "First Down!", the thing that gets me is after we change side between OFF and DEF. Sparano always motions to the team to hurry off the field as if they were too young and inexperienced to know it??

I like Sparano from a caoching standpoint for the most part but that always strikes me as odd.

Brandon is no fool. He knew the "Press" would be all over him for his tantrum, trying to make him explode.

Reshad Jones looked awesome today in about 1 qtr of action. He had 1 pick and another INT where he didn't get two feet down and a sack at the end. This kid looks like a playmaker at safety. Just what we've been needing. Clemons might not get his job back.

Henne doesn't throw to Marshall enough. He prefers to throw to Hartline because he is faster and gets more separation. Henne doesn't trust Marshall is going to make the play for him and he's scared of the interception. He better get over that s$#t! 9 times out of 10, Marshall is going to make the catch in traffic and run for yards after the catch. We're going to have to start throwing some bubble screens and flag patterns to Marshall in order to force Henne to throw him the ball.

rob i think he does it cuz of people like incognito that if def guy gets in his face he could erupt and get a penalty he just wants them to not screw around ... thats my guess


Ya know? I'm not so sure about Marshall in traffic? He hasn't fought or gotten body separation on the a lot of the passes to him. Has more drops than you like to see out of a top tier guy? He has serious numbers and talent, no doubt. I am starting to see him as a "me" guy. What happens is his angst causes him to loose focus and concentration. I just don't think him and Henne ever gelled. Something tells me he will greatly benefit from a QB that extends plays, scrambles and buys extra time. I also know that a more mobile QB dictates a lot more attention from the defense. They have to contain and stay home more. This I believe will help Marshall to break some big plays, is my feeling.

I think Henne has some tools but my guess is that this coaching staff intimidated the youngster into playing to fine. Checking down, aiming passes, etc.

Go Phins!


Might have something to do with the substitution problems we were having? The 10 men on the punt coverage? Also some too many men on the field penalties?

Go Phins!

One thing going unmentioned here is how this team didn't give up. That is a big change to me. In the past the team would kinda fold a bit and get down.

I bash the coaching staff a lot and give them some credit for the team not losing its poise like in the NE game. But for the first time since Zach and JT would try to rally the team. I actually saw Ricky and Ronnie really step up and calm things down. They also seemed to grit their teeth and show some real determinaton to carry the team as Vets. It was a huge message to see Wake, Long and Carey play hurt and play well. I love me some Phins today.

Go Phins!

This game reminds me of a Charger game I attended in 94 or 95, I can't remember?

What I do remember is how talk Radio had been debating all pre-season about this young kid named John Friez had been anointed the starter with all the tools and pedigree. He stood tall in the pocket, had a cannon but something was missing. Drives kept stalling and I think he got hurt in the game. Either way they brought in a real tweener by the name of Stan Humphries. You could immediately see the difference. He took them to the Superbowl and I think he even beat Marino in the playoffs? I saw the same thing today?????

Go Phins!

I am grateful for Pennington and his commitment to my Dolphins and the nice run. The way it went down today tells me that shoulder was way way way more fragile and screwed up than someone was saying?

Go Phins!

one thing henne really improved on today was stayin in the pocket longer and not settling with the dump off ex: the deep throw to marshall even tho it was int in past he wouldve not made the sacker miss and would of thrown to rb

on bm he will start seeing single coverage if fasano amd hartline continue to play like this

Our secondary was great today. Smith has allowed one catch on 3 games. Sapp and Harris made plays. Bell was good against the run. Jones looks like a ball hawk. Vontae gave up a td for the 2nd game in a row and had a bad PI but made a great stop and got better in coverage. Smith has been awesome since he has been starting

If Wake is out we may be ok with our secondary. Once a weakness is now our deepest youngest and best area

That jump to 5.75 million for Pennington is retirement money. This is his last season in the NFL unless he turns to coaching.

jamarcus russel?? oh boy, sparano knows better then this.

time to get BRADY QUINN!!!!!!

B R A D Y Q U I N N !!!!!!

does anyone here think the benching of CH was a ploy to get him motivated? i mean in 2 snaps CP was out????? btw Tyler Thigpen looks better running our offense than Chenne...

I warned you guys last week that the Titans were more physical (and at times dirty) than either the Steelers or Ravens.
Fisher, being on the rules committee gets away with murder from the officials. His screw-loose DC was fined for shooting the bird to an official...twice.

Denny shut the LL up vick killed a few dogs so freaking what there are hunters out there right now poaching tigers and lions more important or likeable creatures and are they in prison or even in trouble no! Vick was only railroaded becuz he was BLACK and the NFL wanted to make a statement with him PERIOD... Same thing with all other black athletes who doesnt do things in the norm its just the way it is! I know a white guy right now with a pitbull breeding farm and fights them all the time and everyone in the neighborhood including the cops know about but will he go to prison I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT! Not jus becuz hes white but in my experience he can do the same thing as vick but its not looked at in the same DEVILISH LIGHT!!! lol

Dying breed,

GOOD POINT with the roethlisberger issue its so obvious if vick wasnt black this evil black guy stigma would have been gone along time ago! This is why the nfl did this in the first place to make a statement that killing dogs is wrong and by scapegoating this thugged out stupid black guy we support the activists holy!! BULL CRAP im not buying it never did and i dont like vick anyhow but im not STUPID!! lol

Thanks for the insight, Mando! I wouldn't have known an injury to one of our key O-linemen was "not good" had you not wisely put it in the headline. IN PARENTHESES NO LESS. Now that's some hard-hitting journalism!

What's next? "Chad Pennington on injured reserve (that means out for the year)"? Keep it coming, sir!

-- Bebo

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