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Jake Long to require shoulder surgery

While much of the injury news coming from the Dolphins on Monday was positive -- Chad Pennington out for the season notwithstanding -- very little was actually said about offensive tackle Jake Long's dislocated shoulder.

Several reports say he will play against the Bears Thursday night, and that is indeed quite possible. Everyone knows Long is a tough guy. But coach Tony Sparano was coy about giving specific information on the topic and didn't actually say Long would be in the lineup against the Chicago Bears.

“You got no shot. I know what you’re trying to do," Sparano said when asked whether Long could play, basically, with one arm. "I mean Jake’s a pretty tough guy; we’ll see where we go."

Where it is going is that Long's injury is serious. Make no mistake.

He will require surgery -- sooner or later -- because his shoulder will not heal 100 percent without it, according to a source. After the surgery, which is an arthroscopic procedure, Long will require 3-6 weeks of healing and another 3-6 weeks of rehabilitation to regain full strength.

My source declined to say exactly what the surgery would address. But I believe I can provide a clue. ESPN reported last night that Long "suffered damage to his labrum" when he dislocated his shoulder against Tennessee Sunday.

Long is hoping to hold off the surgery for later, with later being defined as after the season. But there is also a possibility Long might try to play with his injury and need to shut things down based on the fact, once again, he cannot be completely healthy without surgical correction.

Long is expected to try to make it through Miami's final seven games. He wants to give it a try even though it will put him at a disadvantage even if he wears a harness. But none of that guarantees he will be absolutely available for all those games.


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Probably a good time to have a mobile QB taking snaps then. Thigpen's mindset reminds me of Phillip Rivers. I hope his skillset does too.

man.. the guy is putting himself though hell. he should get the surgery asap before he further damages his shoulder.

The Dolphins are up against the wall now.Holy crap,there's a lot of negative news after the Dolphins finally win a home game.

It's Dan Henning fault!

OK, as crazy as I am, even I can't make that argument.

On a serious note, If I were Jake Long I would get the surgery Friday if Dan Henning is still a part of this team Thursday!

No joke!

Bummer, but we all need to keep in mind, This D could not stop many of the good o's we have faced. Baltimore, sub par O shredded us. So, truth is, even if we got to the playoffs, how would this D stop the good O's in the league. Just sit back, hope for the best, because ANYTHING can happen. But I would not put a lot of stock in THIS team the way it is now going deep in the playoffs, no less geting there.

The season went down last Sunday. Get this guy to surgery now. Start thinking of changing this team philosophy on offense. Get Ireland and Sparano to change too or out the door. A very good GM is waiting in Carl Peterson. You got coaches like Cowher, Gruden, waiting for the right offer and many more. Parcell quit on us, so why should we be loyal to his people. Dolphins's owner take the reins and start acting like you care.

sure wish we kept andrew gardner OT instead of murtha who whiffs alot even in punt formation. we released a young gardner in sept and the ravens grabbed him. he plays the tackle position too.

That Long is as tough as they come....Not 1 peep from him during KNEEGATE on the last game of pre-season, He had his coaches back even though most fans didn't.

You guys can keep your Matt Ryan...When I heard he had seperated his shoulder and still played the whole game. Jake Long became my Favorite Dolphin....

cortland finnegan is yet another opponent who says he knows what routes the fins will run by the way they line up. judging by his stats he's telling the truth. ed reed just said henne was an "easy read" and the fins are predictable on offense. jets say thee same. this has to fall on the coaches;we arent putting the players in a position to be successful. got to change it up against the bears.

Can someone...anyone with some common sense name a coach other than Cowher and Gruden....you would think they have 10 SB's betewwn them in 12 years...instead they have 2 in about 20 years....HELLO!!!!!

okay. seriously people. gruden got fired and cowher did not want to coach at the end. who knows if he will give it his all. sparano has the energy and enthusiasm and insight to bring this team deep into the playoffs. we are injured guys. and, octavio- carl peterson is horrible. he stubk up the joint. get real man. we were 1-15 just a few seasons ago.

next man up, No we are definetly going to miss him if he is not there, we just can't seem to any breaks these last few years except 08

OCTAVIO=BILL_CONNR...only he would mention all 3 in 2 sentence....can't be to many people out there that are that unified in thinking

The cure for all illness is...rest.

Arent most teams obvious as to what they are going to do when you watch them enough?

I mean teams no the Polite play, yet they can't stop it.

This is crazy. Some of you so called fans she just go jump on the Rex Ryan bandwagon. We dont need a new head coach. We do need a new OC and we'll have that next year. Sparano has the loyalty of his players and they play lights out for him. And I know, not all the players are great or even good and that will change. Jake Long is an animal! If he plays and makes a good showing with this injury there will be no question who is the best LT in the game today. Remember when he was drafted and there were those who said he would'nt make it as a LT! As I have posted earlier, Long's injury is the only one we need to worry about right now.

Fans opinions are based on nothing other than wins and losses. They cant evaluate talent effectively enough to have reasonable expectations. If you dont win a Super Bowl people need to be fired

Posted by: adam | November 16, 2010 at 07:54 AM

Adam, I always love it when some idiot comes on here calls everybody stupid and then proves he duMMerin everyone else.

Read what you just typed you dumba s s douche bag. Carolina didn't win the Superbowl and the TEAM fired Dan Henning, NOT US FANS you retard.

You bringing up the hook and ladder and Doug Williams proves your ignorance even more so. That was 30 freaking years ago you MORON.

Lombardi was a great coach, but he wouldn't do us much good right now would he. Hennings hey day came and went way back before I was doing your mother. Now take your condescending A s s on and get yo shine box!!!!

They don't pay millions to players to become HOF'ers. They pay them to play this season.

have him get surgery, a one-handed left tackle is not good.

Mark in Toronto....You said something yesterday that has stuck with me and I didn't really know how to address it in a mature fshion yesterday so I didn't...after some thought...today I can.

You saed that you don't usually attend the live blog during games because you usually watch the game with family or friends....you went on to say thier are a lot of idioctic comments.

I agree whole heartedly with the latter part of your statement...hoever, I take some issue with the first.

I'll be to the point-it gelt like you attempted to take a swipe at those of us that attend as if we have no friends.

Like yourself (Mark in Toronto) many of us on this blog are out of state FIN fans....we don't follow the home team of our state and since most or many of our friends follow the Homers and we as Loyal Fin fans have paid our money for the Direct TV package we are not going to a sports bar to watch the game....and friends if any really don't care about the Dolphins any more than I care about the Baltimore Ravens....They have their game and I have mine....Even when we have people over who are casual Football fans who do not follow one team or another they can't apperciate the passion that I have for my FINS....I EAT, SLEEP, AND BREATH Dolphin football all year except maybe 2 month.

My wife (maried in june) God bless her has tried to learn everything she can about football and the Dolphins in particular just so she can see me on Game days. She actually is doing well...its annoying explaing stuff sometimes but she is trying.

MY POINT: When your an out of state fan its the people on the blog who have the same emotion for the game that I do....stuiped opinions and all...You have to sift through the bad to get to the good stuff, just like in life. and when I get to somebody like yourself, DC, Greg Z, Odin, Alooc, SuperPhin, Martin, and Soiled; when you guys and OTHERS say something during the game that makes me look at my own view from a differnt perspective, or even when we all see a play the same way (PITT) and we voice our opinion in unison, well it let us out of stater's know somebody else out there know we got jobbed.

Just had to get it offmy chest....

I can't take it.

I apologize to everyone, except the dumba s s ADAM for my outbursts this morning.

Seriously, I'm sorry for going so far overboard everyone, my bad.

I'm outta here!

Kris, i don't think MARK meant that , he was making the point the live blog is just fans are saying mostly crap which i agree with .

After 11 13

Nother one bites the dust

Dolphins r Doomed

Don't understand, kris. Put it in one sentence.

Henne next to finally admit needs surgery

Nother one bites the dust

13 hours after 11 13

Dolphins doomed

i know oscar...i'm long winded...i should be putting that energy into my work

tell thig to study vicks films and try to emulate him. he's not as fast but it could be very effective

I think Mark's point (and definitely mine) was about the idiots that were on the blogs hating certain players, wishing them ill-will, cheering when they got injured and spewing hate toward those that didn't agree or were defending their team. Those idiots are the reason many of us won't participate any more...

NostraHomeUs wants to suck our dick, eh!

Exactly 13 hours after 11 13
Chad Pennington`s NFL career is officially ended


Conspiracy Theorist "HOME" warned U of disaster 11 13

This is worse than you think.

A doctor examines the rim and the biceps tendon. If the injury is confined to the rim itself, without involving the tendon, the shoulder is still stable. The surgeon will remove the torn flap and correct any other associated problems. If the tear extends into the biceps tendon or...IF THE TENDON IS DETACHED, THE SHOULDER IS UNSTABLE. The surgeon will need to repair and reattach the tendon using absorbable tacks, wires, or sutures.

Tears below the middle of the socket are also associated with shoulder instability. The surgeon will reattach the ligament and tighten the shoulder socket by folding over and "pleating" the tissues.

"Athletes can usually begin doing sport-specific exercises 6 weeks after surgery, although IT WILL BE 3 TO 4 MONTHS BEFORE THE SHOULDER IS FULLY HEALED.'

He will probably to try to play with this for the rest of the season....but he will not be fully healthy until next year.

Our team has been decimated.
This is just some more adversity to overcome.

#13 Dan Marino has stated Miami Dolphins have no chance of making the playoffs

13 hours after 11 13

Pennington Out
Henne Out
Long Out

and 11 other players listed on injury report

I agree 100% with that assesment FAJ

No, no, kris, EVERYTHING is important(chaos theory). Very true you said as in life you choose to take your pickings.

Home you said 11 and 13 was GOOD LUCK...you can't play both sides

Lost in the strange and compelling game after The MASH report following 11 13

The team is doomed

No Playoffs

Should have signed Mike Vick when we had the chance and Home was pounding the table

Vick has even exceeded expectations

4 passing TDs & 2 rushing TDs on MNF for Mike Vick
when is the last time a Dolphin QB did that, if ever?

Mike Vick Rules!

Congrats to the Best, Mike Vick!

Yes, get the surgery done now. 1) Risk further injury 2) Sometimes an injury requires a 2nd surgery 3) Take a miracle to make the playoffs anyway 4) How much more effective (injured) will Long be vs. a backup? 5) Remember that knee? Get that fixed too 6) Mobile QB won't require a ProBowl LT.

Dont shoot the messenger
U were warned of 11 13

NostraHomeUs only reported here starting four months ago of disaster of 11 13
which was last healthy day for the Miami Dolphins

13 hours later they are devastated

More bad reports on injuries will come leaking out
Sorry to say no playoffs this year

11 13 struck and the Dolphins r Done!

Enjoy the entertainment of the rest of the 16 games

Marino's Wonderlick was 12.


I just caught that before I signed off.

I have no idea what comment of Marks you're refering too, but you're response did sound like a "mature fashion".

I'm a little too discombobulated to put my feelings into words so just let me say: That was a beautiful thing.

I know you know I joke around alot, but I'm not. Great Post!

PS: Now I'm outta here!!!!

Vick would be 18 of 39 for 227 yards, 1 TD and 3 picks in Dan Hennings offense...

Lets not forget Grove was let go and now starting center Berger is also not practicing out injured with knee injury 13 hours after 11 13

bench him. no sense risking the franchise long term on a season that is seriously in doubt.

Clemons who also has been making some damn good plays injured

13 hours after 11 13

just give him a shot in the shoulder before the game and wrap it up good. Long would be better with one arm than his replacement with both arms.

What's wrong with you people? When you have to play you do it period

As much as I am a win now kinda guy...Jake should getb the surgery...with this FO guys with nagging injuries = cut or tarde for very little compensation....You gotta do whats best for Jake...not the Phins in this case.

Waiting for the real report on Henne
When will he be on Injured Reserve?
When is the knee surgery for torn ligaments scheduled?
When will the MRI results be released after devastation of the Dolphins 13 hours post 11 13?

Home has 'Assburgers Syndrome'!

trade...not tarde

Conspiracy Theorists said from 11 13 would be disaster on this Miami Dolphin`s blog

Looks like a disaster
Smells like a disaster

Must be a disaster

11 13 last healthy day for the Miami Dolphins!

Go Thigpen, Go Ramsey lol

Miami Dolphins Done

Last Healthy Day 11 13

Miami Dolphins Devastated MASH unit hours after 11 13
Starting Miami Dolphins QB Chad Penningtons NFL career is officially ended with another shoulder injury.
In addition to Long with labrom damage and strained knee ligament and quarterback Chad Henne may have torn ligaments(knee), 11 other Dolphins were on Monday's injury report.

Also missing practice were starting center Joe Berger (knee) and starting safety Chris Clemons (hamstring). Cory Procter and Reshad Jones are the top backups at those respective spots.

Limited were right tackle Vernon Carey (knee), safeties Yeremiah Bell (toe) and Tyrone Culver (ankle) and wide receiver Roberto Wallace (knee).

Defensive end Kendall Langford (ankle) and linebackers Karlos Dansby (elbow), Cameron Wake (hip), Channing Crowder (ribs) and Tim Dobbins (ankle) all practiced fully.

Seems Conspiracy Theorists have come up with the number of November 13th as the target date to be disastrous for the Miami Dolphins.

As we all know the Dolphins injuries of season ending proportion started only 13 hours after the 13th of the 11th month.

Devastation was predicted at this time.

Seems outside of a modified and covered up injury report for the Miami Dolphins, the conspiracy theorist were right on this prediction of 11 13 as sports broadcasters and writers everywhere feel the Miami Dolphins have no chance of entering the 2010 playoffs.

For all you first timers here.
Blogger known as "Home" has posted many times, for months in advance, that 11 13 would be a significant date and we should all take note.
Eerily, 11 13 seems to be the last healthy day for the Miami Dolphins and all talk of a Pennington come back are over. As the NFL sports media has written the Miami Dolphins are now a MASH unit with no playoff hopes.

I'm with the guy who begged people to stop talking about Gruden. He inherited his only Super Bowl. I'm happy to stay with Sparano, as long as he ditches Henning. At least we have a real DC now.

Since when is Carl Petersen a "very good gm"? KC sucked when he was there didn't they?

Home has always been a moron - on every blog he visits. I guess some things never change...

The problem with that injury is there is no stabilty in the shoulder and even with a harness that shoulder will seperate again.

Only one problem with your theory Home....THE DOLPHINS PLAYED ON THE 14TH!!!!DUNDAY THE 14TH

Home you said 11 and 13 was GOOD LUCK...you can't play both sides

Posted by: kris | November 16, 2010 at 09:02 AM

Always Warned U of Disaster 11 13
Read the archives right here on Miami Herald
U were warned of this date and only this date at least 30 times!

13 hours after 11 13 Devastation has struck the Miami Dolphins!

#13 Dan Marino said on NFL today, Miami No Chance of Playoffs!

Yazzi is a doctor ? show us the x-ray

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