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Jake Long to require shoulder surgery

While much of the injury news coming from the Dolphins on Monday was positive -- Chad Pennington out for the season notwithstanding -- very little was actually said about offensive tackle Jake Long's dislocated shoulder.

Several reports say he will play against the Bears Thursday night, and that is indeed quite possible. Everyone knows Long is a tough guy. But coach Tony Sparano was coy about giving specific information on the topic and didn't actually say Long would be in the lineup against the Chicago Bears.

“You got no shot. I know what you’re trying to do," Sparano said when asked whether Long could play, basically, with one arm. "I mean Jake’s a pretty tough guy; we’ll see where we go."

Where it is going is that Long's injury is serious. Make no mistake.

He will require surgery -- sooner or later -- because his shoulder will not heal 100 percent without it, according to a source. After the surgery, which is an arthroscopic procedure, Long will require 3-6 weeks of healing and another 3-6 weeks of rehabilitation to regain full strength.

My source declined to say exactly what the surgery would address. But I believe I can provide a clue. ESPN reported last night that Long "suffered damage to his labrum" when he dislocated his shoulder against Tennessee Sunday.

Long is hoping to hold off the surgery for later, with later being defined as after the season. But there is also a possibility Long might try to play with his injury and need to shut things down based on the fact, once again, he cannot be completely healthy without surgical correction.

Long is expected to try to make it through Miami's final seven games. He wants to give it a try even though it will put him at a disadvantage even if he wears a harness. But none of that guarantees he will be absolutely available for all those games.


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Dan Marino sure has alot of nothing to say in regards to the Dolphins.....I wonder why....maybe its because Every year were down his legend grows...Fist time we win a SB his legend wilp begin to shrink

Last Healthy Day 11 13

13 hours later Dolphin player Devastation

Pennington Out
Henne Out
Long Out or will play for nothing and end his career

and 11 other players listed on injury report

# 13 Marino says, "Dolphins have no chance of playoffs"

Earthquake next, stay tuned

I can't spell worth a darn today....guess that means take a break....

Some results after 11 13 Debcale Dejour

Starting QB Out
2nd string QB OUT
Pro Bowl left tackle Jake Long Out
Starting center out with knee injury
Staring DE Wake slowed down with hip injury
Starting safety Clemons knee injury
and many others


I looked back through the Blog archives and saw NO SUCH PREDICTIONS about 11/13.



The playoffs are a longshot, and even if they squeeked in does anyone believe they can beat the Steelers, Patriots, Colts or Jets on the road?

Jake Long should get his surgery and preserve what we hope is going to be a long career. And at this point every game the Fins win just hurts their draft order.

dwight stephenson hurt his left shoulder against the bears in '85. he was hiking the ball with 1 arm and with the other arm shoulder taped up he still buried the fridge on every play. if long is anywhere near the same area code as dwight was, he will play the rest of the season including thurs.nite.

aloco,did henne get his french fries?

All bloggers here know of 11 13 prediction of disaster

Truth Be Told!

kris, nice post earlier.

Mark said something else yesterday that got me thinking. He said that he wished we never would have won the division (or gone to the Playoffs, something to that effect, in '08). And, on the face that seems like a silly statement (who wouldn't want their team to go to the Playoffs), but step back a second and see what he was saying.

We were a 43 team year before. Parcells comes in and changes it to a 34 defense. If you watched the game last night, you would see what happens when a coach puts in a 34 defense without 34 linebackers and lineman. It's a disaster. And we never really went through those growing pains because we had immediate success. That led coaches to believe they were ahead of the curve, and could start playing to win, and not to progress. Now, 2 years later, we're finding out that '08 year was more of a mirage than anything else. It didn't mean we were well ahead of progressing, it meant we had other factors that led to success, but that wasn't going to mask the growing pains we MUST take as a team to become elite.

We can all see on defense over the last 2 years what those growing pains were/are. We needed a LB like Dansby. We needed Wake to be able to be an all-around OLB. We needed (some say still need) strong CBs that can play one-on-one. We needed (still need) a TRUE NT. The 34 defense cannot succeed without those elements.

Same for offense. Everyone sees our glaring need right now (and it's not the QB). We need a more up-to-date offensive scheme. New looks, different formations, more surprise and creating good matchups for our receivers. And of course better running. If we had that, I doubt we'd all be worrying about who was QB, since that would give the QB a framework in which to succeed.

So, Mark, you were absolutely right, we fans took it for granted 3 years ago that we were (as a team) going to make drastic changes, and would have to have the growing pains to make it work. We're going through those growing pains now.

I'm interested to see how the rest of the season pans out, but more interested in seeing what happens next year POST-HENNING!

I am not a doctor, but i do know about shoulders because i dislocated mine as a 21 year old and it got progressively worse and eventually required surgery. once the Labrum or capsule are torn, it doesnt heal and stability gets worse. At the end before surgery, i couldnt lift my arm without it popping out. I cant agine playing left Tackle with a shoulder like that. Kris is correct, he should have surgery now and take his time to rehab it. He could destroy it and potentially his career if he doesnt. If his shoulder is that bad, I cant see him playing another snap. Imagine Long ruining his career? That would set the team back 10 years. I hope Sparano uses his head.

I had a great Sunday, Fins win then I get to see Roger Waters do "The Wall" at bank Atlantic,Also Had a great time With Hot(The Pineapple Princess)Ashley(Though she denies being Princess) Couldn't have Had a better weekend...(Though it would have been Perfect if Dan(Dead since "64")Henning was canned) But what the heck, It was a good weekend....

Hey Cuban, need to let me know when u come down here. At least i can get a look at Ashley.

when the going gets tough...the tough get going!
Folks we are in the middle of a war in the AFC and cannot back down...there is too much invested in this team to just give up because of some 11 13 voodoo!

Someone goes down...you wrap em up and get him back out on the field...if he is injured beyond playing ability...put him on IR and fill his slot with another quality player.

It takes 53 men reading from the same playbook to reach the pinnacle of sports and give their adoring fans some glimmer of hope in an otherwise dismal world.

Now get out there and play some smashmouth football for the next 7 weeks!

Lets see what REALLY happened on 11/13. Ok, it was Saturday so it was college football. 1. The Canes won and kept their ACC hopes alive, NO DISASTER there 2. The Dolphins were off waiting for Sunday, but that was 11 14 so no disaster there. So in reality, 11 13 was a really good day. Whooo Hooo

Bobby, We've been down here since friday, going back tommarrow, Have you been to any "Martini bars this weekend???, My sister and Ashley hit like 15 of them since we've been here.., She even said they made a new Martini made for her, It's called the "Jager-tini" From what I can ascertain its equal parts Jagermeister and Patron(Her two favorite alco-bev), She's suffering today though, seems she consumed about 10 of them last nite....

Ok, there was a disaster for Home personally though so actually he sorta right. 11 plus 13 equals 24. Number 24 is worn by Sean Smith who has played shutdown corner since his return. Home hates Sean Smith and hoped for his failure. Now Home looks like a total fool who knows nothing. So in reality 11/13 is a disaster for Home. LMAO at the idiot Home bwahahahahaha!!!!!!

If Jake plays Thursday night it will confirm what a Tough SOB he is......

Cuban, Ashley said that was a ONE time thing right on this blog. I guess she told a little white lie? I woulda given you my Fins tix if i knew you were here since i didnt go Sunday. Glad you had a good time but let me know next time. I moved down to Weston to be closer to work so i closer to Miami now.

bobbyd...nice one!

Fasano gets 2 year extension: Jeff_Darlington Anthony Fasano, during appearance on @JoeRoseShow, about his 2-year extension thru 2012: "I’m happy to be here...excited to move forward."
13 minutes ago

Well do Bobby......

NHFINSFAN, The guy claimed since June something bad would happen on 11 13. now when nothing happens he says it was really the DAY after 11 13. What a joke

Jiji....competiton between dade and BowARD. gOOD, GOOD.Thatbrings the Fans.

Ryan. Vick. Dez Bryant.

All were there, for the taking.

I'd be for having Long to get surgery now, He is the best player on the team. Don't abuse is body. Get someone some needed reps...like Mertha. Carey is approaching his declining years. Time to think about grooming another starting tackle.

Ashley is a mirage.

This is tough call about Long. I realize the guy is tough but he is our franchise pick.I would lean towards shutting him down right now to be honest

Dear Mr. Salguero

Jake Long is tough, I say he plays the rest of the season.

I myself am a master at doing things with one hand, for example...Whenever I visit my favorite adult entertainment sites I am able to type with one hand.

When ever Mr. Aloco mentions food I almost guarantee he's typing with one hand.

Whenever Mr. Odinseye mentions his 2 favorite hotties, he's typing with one hand.

The list of things a man can do with one hand is endless.

I myself can't wait to see Jake long pancake a defender with one hand...but I will be looking at what he's doing with his other hand.

Just keep it clean Jake...football is for the whole family.

Soiled :)

If there is any chance - even 5% that jake can damage his shoulder further - the Dolphins ABSOLUTELY need to shut him down. My concern here seeing how Sparano looks to be crapping his pants with te Pennington move and the fake punt that they will take jake's word and let him continue playing even if there is a chance to further damage the shoulder. We don;t need a Tony Boselli situation here. Do it for the good fo teh fans and the franchise.

Carey can play an emergency LT for now and you absolutely need to draft a high end tackle for the line. I thought they would've been looking for them already to play RT and move Carey inside. I've been calling for that move for years. Personally, I think that would make the Dolphins line elite again. 3 #1s on the OL???

By the wya, never saw a qb play better than what Michael Vick did yesterday. Never been a huge Vivk fan but that was one of those HOT DMAN moments in NFL history. probably the first in my mind since Favre torched the Raiders a few days after his father passed away.

DC, thanks for the props. I still think the 2008 season set the team back a bit in the long run but it sure was exciting when it happened. It's like eating fried food at 3:30 am after leaving the bar. It feels awesome then but not so good the next morning.

Mr. bottoms....this time you have topped yourself.

Long & Odrick can rehab together as they watch Dez Bryant of Thanksgiving Day &, in a month or so, Ryan & Vick in the playoffs

Miami signed Fasano to a 2 year extension. Now that we have our #2 TE, we can look for a #1.

Anthony Fasano signs 2 year extension
(boy those ex Cowboys are quick to be rewarded)

Jason Allen signs with the Texans (good luck)

Dolphins sign Tim Brandstater along with patrick Ramsey (already reported)

Henning seriously has to go and wouldn't now be the perfect time? Chad Pennington is done as a player. Wouldn't Penny be the perfect QB coach with Lee (the real innovator of the wildcat) stepping up into the coordinator position? I mean seriously.

I'm with you Joe, Fasano is ok, but it would be nice to get a TE that's a little more athletic (as is the mold these days).

We discussed this before (on this site), but the team needs to get away from the "prototypical" player (in the Parcells model). Look at Philly, small yet blazing speed. WRs, RBs, QB, all of them built the same. We need to get on that mojo. Look at the RBs lighting it up: Chris Johnson, Jamaal Charles, CJ Spiller, these are all small guys that are lightning quick.

I like our age (younger) of the team right now, but we need to infuse some speed in there. That would help the offense and ST. The lines being big is fine, but the rest of the team should be quick.

I agree DC, we need someone more in that David martin mould to rip up the seam in the offense. Fasano does a good heath Miller impersonation to keep drives going and is a good player but he doesn't do certain things to give you th chunk yards - although that's not his fault and I like him on the team still. You do need a TE like him on the roster.

Ashley is a mirage.

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 16, 2010 at 10:36 AM

I guess the 1500 dollar shopping spree on our credit card is a mirage too.... Thank god..

$1,500? I know where you can get a hot chick for an hour for $180.

Well DC, Ireland/Parcells wanted to build the lines. Well it's been three years. It's time to infuse some speed and big play ability. This applies to TE & Rb specifically. With a more creative OC/HC, & a fast TE & RB, this offense can be dynamic.

Marshall will see less doubles & we can get bigger run plays without using the Wildcat. Guys won't be blanketed on every throw & will hopefully not be as contested as they are now. We really need skill players. Sadly, we need alot of them. TE, RB, CB, SS, OLB(Misi's pass rush in non-existant). Without Wake, there is NO pass rush. Maybe ILB too but we don't know if Edds will be the guy.

M.VICK is doing very well even the dogs are cheering for him .

chad.p ..any news ?

Dear Mr. Menace

Is hot Ashley the left hand or right hand ?

1500 dollar shopping spree ? did you buy your self a nice watch and or a ring for your Hot Ashley.

Soiled :)


One player i wanted drafted, one guy who was there, one guy who would look real good in a Fins uniform right now: Rob Gronkowski

Dear Mr. Aloco

Thank you for not asking about food

Soiled :)

I think its comical that as an organization we are so tight lipped and all...but yet a DB can watch 8 weeks of game film and pickup our offencive plays..sounds like hennings joe shyt-for-brains theory is out the window..
what a joke henning is..retire now please because u suck henning!

LOL @ Uncle soiled, My left"Hand" was a lot cheaper then my right hand(The one i use for.. well you know I'am sure) Ashley is now, Maybe I should reconsider my Options.......

bobby, you were right, Gronk is the real deal. He would've been nice and I know you were a fan of his all along.

Dolphins could have even got Aaron Hernandez at a much cheaper pick and passed him over.

And no, I did'nt get any watches, She bought a boat load of "Sun dresses"I mean who buys all this summer stuff when you live in NYC????, Maybe she plans on going back to her island...

bobby d
never feels and never
to love is
to be alive and

Mark, and they BOTH end up in NE. hows that happen?

I don't care who's running the offense. As long as it's as vanilla as it has been, there will be no success. Thankfully Henning appears to be headed for retirement. As for playoffs this year....please....big time pipe dream.

as long as we don't have a star QB every body salsa .
short pery


bobby, that's why they contend year after year, after year, after year.

seems like other gms think too hard at times. the pats just always seem to grab the consensus best player on the board. never reach.

ALoco, Fasano should give some of his signing bonus to Henne. After all, someone was throwing him all these passes that has him on track for a career year.




Hahaa, that Pennington signing was all parcells. Hopefully we don't throw money away like that in the future. Don't we already have a QB coach to be a mentor? No need to have a qb that is a mentor too - at such a ridiculous salary.

Henne continues to get screwed by this organization.

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