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Jake Long to require shoulder surgery

While much of the injury news coming from the Dolphins on Monday was positive -- Chad Pennington out for the season notwithstanding -- very little was actually said about offensive tackle Jake Long's dislocated shoulder.

Several reports say he will play against the Bears Thursday night, and that is indeed quite possible. Everyone knows Long is a tough guy. But coach Tony Sparano was coy about giving specific information on the topic and didn't actually say Long would be in the lineup against the Chicago Bears.

“You got no shot. I know what you’re trying to do," Sparano said when asked whether Long could play, basically, with one arm. "I mean Jake’s a pretty tough guy; we’ll see where we go."

Where it is going is that Long's injury is serious. Make no mistake.

He will require surgery -- sooner or later -- because his shoulder will not heal 100 percent without it, according to a source. After the surgery, which is an arthroscopic procedure, Long will require 3-6 weeks of healing and another 3-6 weeks of rehabilitation to regain full strength.

My source declined to say exactly what the surgery would address. But I believe I can provide a clue. ESPN reported last night that Long "suffered damage to his labrum" when he dislocated his shoulder against Tennessee Sunday.

Long is hoping to hold off the surgery for later, with later being defined as after the season. But there is also a possibility Long might try to play with his injury and need to shut things down based on the fact, once again, he cannot be completely healthy without surgical correction.

Long is expected to try to make it through Miami's final seven games. He wants to give it a try even though it will put him at a disadvantage even if he wears a harness. But none of that guarantees he will be absolutely available for all those games.


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The ONE thing I'd like to see Thurs. (hate to say this) is a Wildcat play with Thigpen as point man. Not sure why the Trifecta were so high on Pat White running this and not Thigpen, but Thigpen would introduce the option to throw (effectively).

On second-thought, as the only legitimate QB option on the team right now, I doubt they risk him getting hurt. But it would have been nice to try it out, seems like he'd be the perfect guy to do it.

But if Long doesn't play (hell, even if he does), Wildcat will be difficult for him pulling and what not. Best if Long sits (I agree with you guys).

ALoco, tks for ur continued interest in my life.

please no more poems bobby .

I have now read the injury report and Home was right.
Last good day for the Dolphins was in fact 11 13.
13 hours later the team is a M*A*S*H* unit.
Long should not play again this season.Pennington`s career is over forever. Henne probably will not play again this season and will be a stoic robot waiting to get annihilated in the pocket. Henne could not hold a candle to the l;ike of Mike Vick`s @ss anyway. Our starting center also is not practicing.The others injured and faking their way thru practice are Wake, Dansby, Crowder,Clemons-out,Dobbins,Bell and others.
Home, What the Hell happened?
How can you predict theses things, man?
You are truly unreal in your dead on predictions!

Only joking as i am such a bufoon homer at times.
UM recruiting sucks and the whole football program is going down the toilet.

Even #13 Dan Marino said the Dolphins suck and have no chance at the playoffs.

13 hours after 11 13
Posted from up to four months in advance.
Pretty scary accurate prediction, HOME.
You cannot get any closer than that.
DEVASTATION after 11 13

Good Call!

Anyway i`m going to parade around as resident tough guy with dumb @ss government job, but i do respect your prediction.

Thanks for stopping by HOME
No You are only a messenger from GOD


Some observations:

1) You couldn't pay me enough to go through what Jake Long is going through right now. The pain; the realization you have to play with that pain; the realization that in playing with that injury you are risking more extensive injury. These guys deserve to be paid ALOT.

2) Nature (or God) (or evolution) (or whatever your preference) is nothing if not full of irony. On the one hand, women are, on average, more stable than men. You seldom see female serial killers or female versions of Bill Gates. Women tend toward the mean average on tests of intelligence or anti-social behavior, whereas there is a greater standard deviation for men. Women's stability is needed because women are the caregivers and the nurturers. Civilization depends upon their stability to keep the family unit strong.

Having said that, how is it then that the more "stable" sex is the less rational sex? Have you ever tried to argue with a woman? They don't think in a linear fashion. A typical man will see a problem, and move from point A to point B to solve it. But a woman's route is much more circuitous. Frankly, they're kind of nutty.

3) Speaking of being unstable, sometimes I daydream that I am omnipotent and fabulously wealthy. I have every attractive woman at my beck and call. What if, somehow, I paid them for their services, almost like an NFL owner would pay his players? I think the contracts would look something like this:

a) Lindsay Lohan (2-yr. contract, $16.5 million per year). You'll notice that I'm keeping Linday to a short contract given her "unpredictable" behavior. There obviously will be no guaranteed money.

b) Beyonce (5-yr. contract, 12.5 million per year). Beyonce's full-figured body merits a lucrative salary, and, because I'm a generous guy, I'm going to guarantee the first 3 years of her contract.

c) Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (3-yr. contract, $300,000 per year). For a Senator, she's a babe.

Okay, lunch is over. Bye.




Go Dolphins !!!

Home dude,

Thanks for the news on Anthony Fasano.Always loved Fasano.Again Home, you bring us the news first,many times weeks or months before it happens.I think we will win Thursday because Sean Smith is playing Pro Bowl football again. lol



Couldn't Thigpen as point man in the Wildcat "almost" be considered the shotgun formation?


Home, everyone knows i think your the biggest fu@kin P U S S Y. whackjob ti walk this earth. Your so dumb u think your gonna post under my name and anyone here will believe you? Ur dumber then a box of rocks. Nothing happened on 11 13 u stupid moron, why dont u get a life or go have ur son blow ya or something useful. SEAN SHUTDOWN SMITH 11 plus 13 Equals 24!!!!

Chicago's strength is its run defense.
Gonna have to throw the ball a lot to win.
That's cool - TT16 will rise to the challenge.
Gonna need a large dose of R & R to make it work.

Chicago's offense really doesn't strike fear in anybody.
If we have all out peeps on defense and we play to our ability, we win.

11/18/2010 - Dolphins improve to 6-4.

Yes ALoco
It is true Anthony Fasano will be a Miami Dolphin 3 more years!

and 13 hours after 11 13 was indeed a Miami Dolphin Injury Nightmare worst ever in one day in history

Imagine That!

11 13 equals 24 Sean ShutDown Smith!!!
Go Canes!! Go Dolphins!!! Go F U C K Urself Home-O!!

Cant even defendur idiotic bulldhyt using ur own name. What a joke puusyass Home-O


bench warmer bietch sean the pine arse smith POSER BOY, Chump


Suck arse team of wanna bees

Leave it to home to turn the bolg to crap...BobbyD...you asked for this 2 days ago.....Becarful what you ask for

Hester is a strength for Chicago.

Special teams for Miami...

Not exactly a strength.

Go Gators, shouldhave known why ur so stupid!!

11 13 equals 24 Sean ShutDown Smith's Number!!! Our Best CB

Go Gators

Tebow 1st round!

Spikes rated one of the best rookie LB in the NFL

Hernandez rated one of the best TEs

and of course Percy Harvin

Go Gators!

Dont waste your money on the failed UM project
No one shows but low IQ class dumb dumb booby12 government service boy

gold is down 38 home.

ok, time to go to dog park, more important then dealing with a Home-O Gator Fan who gets NOTHING Right here

Home Always Right
only kidding
take care HOME!

Home hass singlehandedly destroyed this blog today. What a gomer.

Fasano getting $7.5 million means one thing -- The Miami Dolphins won't be drafting a stud TE in either of the next 2 drafts. Great!!!

Where is Jon Beck or Jeff Beck for that matter when we need them, Give a 1st and 2nd for Brady Quinn, then trade Brady and a 3rd rounder to the KC royals for Pat white's rights. Ohh Wanny aint the coach anymore?

I guess I'm fine with Fassano signing a two year contract but even after Sunday's game I don't believe he is starter material. I'd like to see them improve the TE position in the off-season, which is what they should have done this past off-season when there was so many good ones available in the draft. You're telling me we wouldn't be a better team with Gronkowski or Hernandez teamed with Fassano? This is part of the reason that the Patriots eat our lunch EVERY single year. Time to wisen up regime and cut out ahead of the curve instead of following other teams leads.

Incidentally, I expect to see a fair bit of the Wildcat on Thursday. It was very effective against the Titans on Sunday and I think the Bears are the perfect team to run this against, also thinking that they won't be properly prepared for it with it being a shortened week. Really good opportunity to win this game, even with the injuries, and I'll be VERY disappointed if we somehow come up short.

I find the "We shoulda got Mike Vick" comment amusing. When I read those sort of Hindsight brain trash remarks it makes me wonder if the people who make them REALLY think it impresses anyone that you have 20-20 hindsight or that it somehow shows how you have always been aware how Miami was wrong for not taking Vick. MY AZZZZ You knew anything.....

NO ONE knew how Mike "I'm the guy who killed Fido" Vick was going to pan out. It could have gone just as bad as it has good. Vick will always be getting hurt. He has already this year and that will never stop...."QB's who go around the End regularly... End up in traction Eventually"... Philly was about the only City in the US willing/able to find out one way or another. With McNabb already on the pay-roll and able to take Vick under his wing and get him re-acclimated to the world of Football, it was a great fit... That did not exist in Miami... you can't take a chance like that without the right circumstances being in place. Had Miami taken Vick Last year after Chad Pennington brought us to a AFC Champ Title the year before and we already had Henne and White... everyone (except those who felt what he went to prison for was a Non-Issue) would have gone ballistic... some Cities had Vick protests and the guy was never even considered to be brought into that town! The only reason that people are willing to tolerate Mike Vick in the same stadium they bring their children into is because his numbers are good and he has won a few games.
I hold no ill feelings towards Vick (however, I do not condone killing Dog's for gambling money) Yet, I have been apart of and done things I regret. But lets not pretend taking Vick was some simple and easy decision for ANY TEAM to make... and going back 21/2 years with Hindsight and claiming Miami to be fools... is at the very best embarrassing to the claimant.

VICK... Talk is all just bloviational Nonsense about NOTHING...

tyler is nothing.HENNE is the future

The minute the phish r out of playoffs, he should have his surgery and not risk permanent injury. w/out him they become less than mediocre.

That's not home. It is NJPhinQueer from the SS. He has been banished by the so called fegala mob over there. He bashed the phins and Pennington to shame.He is a real Jet Fan acting as a Phins fan. They all found out.

vick kills DOGS no thank you i dont want him on my team

These days in the NFL you need a mobile quarterback that can extend plays. Pass rushers & blitzes are too agressive for that traditional "stand in the pocket" quarterback. I think Thigpen is really going to suprise people! So much is made of having a "quarterback of the future"... sometimes you have the right guy for the job on your team!! All he needs is an opportunity!!!

Hey Fellas!

Sylvia Brown, you know...The Fat Lady with all the jewelry and long finger nails? The Psychic from the Montel Williams show. Member? You Member!...

She sees dead people and can see into the future??? Member? You Member!...

Not like this HOME dude!

She can see dead people. Well anyways during one of her readings she said she spoke with the Dan Henning's Spirit of the "Spirit World". She also knows every play the Phins will run!

So take that Mr. "I'm Black but have an Irish Pub owners name Finnegan"!

Finnegan! After your football career you should get a Shillelagh and become a Black Irish Rap Artist! Call yourself Irish Bling? Hey deedle dee dee!

Sparano! Quit feeding the IR!

Between Martin and Mr. Bottom...I have something to laugh at all day at work

I for one think that more dogs need to die. Particularly the ones in my apartment complex.

And I would take Mike Vick on my football team over all three of our scrubs COMBINED. So in a formula:

1 Vick > 2 Chad's and a Tyler

I've been saying this for 2 years--I like Thigpen. Good to hear the players are amped about him too. We might see a pick or 2, but I will still like him. he will sling the ball around, take chances and play exciting football. Predict this, Finnegan! The Bears are nowhere near as good as their record. We will win with Thiggy. My prediction.

and in the words of Carlin... SOFT NAMES MAKE FOR SOFT PEOPLE.

Chad and Tyler.

Enough said.

vick; no way even if it means wins. what he did is unforgivable;he'll always be scum!

redshirt you are a dumb ass and you need to die

Thigpen isn't soft. Channing is a fruity name, too, and I'll bet you wouldn't tell him that to his face. He needs a tougher sounding name like Redshirt Commie.

henne is the future

Agree with folks above about Vick. Phenomenal athlete, unforgivable offense. Animals and children are off limits.

Henne may be the future, but not in Miami. Henne doesn't have the mental speed. Maybe he will develop that down the road, and come back to kick our butts. Either way, he is gone.

mikeoliver1313 you call me dumb and then say henne is the future.

Really who is dumb here? Go snuggle with your precious mutt. Loser.

dolphins aren't changing anything. they never do until it's obviously too late. and then their decision is usually a bad one because they panicked. henning is a fossil, it's clear. but nothing will change. sparano is a cheerleader more than a coach. he's cheering more than coaching during the games and afraid of change, it's why he holds on to a QB who can't throw the ball more than 7 yards down field. the worst kind of coach is one who has let the game past them by without adjusting. dolphins have a whole staff full of them. and you have an owner who is about his wallet and not concerned with winning.

there's a study out about the best animal suited to play football ;

1- dolphins

I really don't get the criticism of Sparano. The fist pumps are ridiculous, and his interviews are painful ( how can anyone sound that bad saying nothing?) but we're a better team than the one that went 1-15 couple of years ago. The Dolphin D in the redzone had been really good. I think we're one of the toughest teams in football. Credit Sparano with that.

That would be "HC."

Not sure what a "HV" would be..."Heroic Viking" maybe.

I like mustard and saurcraut on my dogs...

and I like Mike Vick

The problem with our running game isn't the backs in my opinion. Our bacsks are wear you down types. They are big and tough and wear a defense down. The running game requires commitment. It requires enough commitment for the line and backs to get a feel for the scheme, contact, and the lines ability to assert themselves. I think back to the times Ricky has been the most effective in the past. Last years Carolina game he busted one off if I remember correctly. In the TB game that Ronnie got hurt he was running pretty good. These are not find a creese and take it to the house backs. I guarentee you though if they commited to it and for once played with an early lead, Ricky and Ronnie would impress. Your thoughts?

Go Phins!

Don't dogs fight each other naturally? Like if your dog gets out, and a neigbor dog gets out, aren't they more likey to attack each other than to frolic?

In other words, isn't it in their NATURE to fight?

Don't we, as people, go to great lengths to suppress these actions by TRAINING the dogs not to bite other dogs and/or people?

Just thinking out loud here

Martin, it's well documented here, and with history that Brown, specifically gets better with more carries.

Cam Cameron figured it out, even if it took him 3-4 weeks.

Don't kid yourself, Ricky will always "Flash", and then slip and fall and/or fumble

Brown is the better back

They Call Me... Tim says:
November 16, 2010 at 12:18 pm
WTF are you talking about? I didn’t say anything about fear of injury, asshat. I was pointing out that my boyfriend NJ always wants me to use my wrist as a rectal thermometer when he feels feverish,but he always fakes being under the weather and I know first wrist.LOL

marc, the answer is no;its not their nature to fight. most all dogs are friendly;its people who train dogs to fight.

Marc, I will never understand your fascination with Ronnie Brown but yet you are so critical of other players who have outperformed RB on this team.

And Darrin, Josh McDaniels is not a heroic viking. There is only one heroic viking on this blog .... Odinseye!!!

But I hear you about dogs. I am allergic to both cats and dogs so the less of them around me- the better.

I will tell you my take on Sparano.

This guy is not afraid to use every available man on the squad.

This team shows No Quit.

The team could have easily quit on him through all the major injuries, Penn and Ronnie last year. Henne's and the young defense growing pains etc.

I think he needs a couple of years away from under the Tuna's skirt. If you look at his face on some of the play calling, I think he realizes it needs inprovement. Every team has injuries and only a few are totally set at QB.

This team has played with the NFL's best this year week after week. Where was the gimme game yet? A turn over here, a special teams blunder there, a slip, drop or overthrow? Our Phins are getting there boys.

Go Phins!

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