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Jake Long to require shoulder surgery

While much of the injury news coming from the Dolphins on Monday was positive -- Chad Pennington out for the season notwithstanding -- very little was actually said about offensive tackle Jake Long's dislocated shoulder.

Several reports say he will play against the Bears Thursday night, and that is indeed quite possible. Everyone knows Long is a tough guy. But coach Tony Sparano was coy about giving specific information on the topic and didn't actually say Long would be in the lineup against the Chicago Bears.

“You got no shot. I know what you’re trying to do," Sparano said when asked whether Long could play, basically, with one arm. "I mean Jake’s a pretty tough guy; we’ll see where we go."

Where it is going is that Long's injury is serious. Make no mistake.

He will require surgery -- sooner or later -- because his shoulder will not heal 100 percent without it, according to a source. After the surgery, which is an arthroscopic procedure, Long will require 3-6 weeks of healing and another 3-6 weeks of rehabilitation to regain full strength.

My source declined to say exactly what the surgery would address. But I believe I can provide a clue. ESPN reported last night that Long "suffered damage to his labrum" when he dislocated his shoulder against Tennessee Sunday.

Long is hoping to hold off the surgery for later, with later being defined as after the season. But there is also a possibility Long might try to play with his injury and need to shut things down based on the fact, once again, he cannot be completely healthy without surgical correction.

Long is expected to try to make it through Miami's final seven games. He wants to give it a try even though it will put him at a disadvantage even if he wears a harness. But none of that guarantees he will be absolutely available for all those games.


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If Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano keep their jobs at the end of the season you can rest assured that we are almost "there" as a team. A few draft picks and/or FA acquisitions and we are great.

After all, we already have our offensive coordinator, WR's, TE, QB, Tackles, Guards, DL, LB's, DB's, Defensive Coordinator and K/P. All we really will need for next year from a bifective view will be a RB and C and some depth...

I don't know, nobody posts under my name. I wonder why?

I have three tiny squirrels that I am going to take to Shanghai. We will then ride on a modern and efficient subway train singing a medley of Menudo hits.

By the way, Barbara Bush just walked by my house wearing nothing but soiled diapers and stiletto heels.

Pain, you can forget about it.

She has hyperthyroidsm.


I tell my wife the same thing every Sunday about Ricky.

I love the way he runs. Down hill and delivers punishment. No Corner wants to get up on him! Or undersized safety for that matrter. I think he establishes a tough presence on his runs. I think the line feeds off of it. He can still break you off a 30 yarder and get caught from behind, thats ok with me.

As far as the fumble. I know its coming but I gotta cut him a little slack because it's in the course of really really tough running, not juking and jiving. Just my take?

Go Phins!

Tim Graham of ESPN stated:

14. Miami Dolphins

Previous Rank: 17

My take: The Dolphins finally scored a home victory, beating the Tennessee Titans to remain above .500. But I disagree with the concept of the Dolphins rising three spots. They're down to third-string quarterback Tyler Thigpen. They're a worse team now than they were at this point last week and their outlook is dimmer.

So does her husband.

what do we do if Thigpen has a killer game on Thursday and Henne's injury winds up being not serious and ready to return next week? Does our team decide to role with Thigpen coming off a great game or turn back to Henne? Thoughts???

what if thigg has a bad game and henne's injury winds up being not serious and ready to return next week ?

chris, posted it yesterday. Only way Thigpen keeps the job over ahealthy Henne is if he goes All Pro on the Bears. Otherwise, he's keeping the seat warm.

Yes(youknow), as, what is it yes ah,(honestly) cart before the horse?

To all the Henne bashers. You all have no clue about football. Henne's fine and will be a stud in this league. All these other big name QB's get praised and they throw plenty of picks. He's only in his 2nd REAL year. The main needs on this team are:

Besides a new OC
1. Center
2. Guard
3. KR/ PR
4. TE
5. RB (if RB or RW is gone next year)
6. Solid backup OT

The Fins are doing great considering 1-15 a few years ago!

Zach, I would rather draft a young tackle and move Carey inside but otherwise, I agree 100%

Don't expect to see the same Thigpen next games. Teams will be ready for him.

Errr, how about some REAL special teamers?

Agreed Mark! Carey is a very AVERAGE OT.

Henne never complains. does what he is told and only makes $600,000.

Ive seen him back in his high school days. He played for Wilson HS in West Lawn, PA. I only live 10 minutes from there. Trust me... He will be great. just hope the Fins give him enough time and patience to prove it!

Martin, my 19 year old neice was watching the game with me Sunday.

She said "Why does that guy keep slipping every time he runs. I think he's leaning forward too far" In regards to Ricky, or as I call him "The Rumblin' Fumbler

We will give him time but if he don't perform he will be out of there faster than a flying fish out of water.

I remember in tne Polyturf(?) Orange Bowl, when wet, all Teams were slipping and sliding. But Shula had "special shoes" for the Phins.

MarK. If you notice I don't typically go from liking to player to bashing them or vice versa. I've ALWAYS liked BROWN, and can't figure out why coaches don't give him 20+ carries a game. It baffles me.

With that said, if I TRULY felt he was done, I'd be the first to say so. I don't.

I watched the locked room pep talk after the win and Brown was front and center. While Sparano was talking. This man, who has had a perma-grin on his face since he came here, was NOT SMILING. He hasn't looked happy at all this year. It's a shame.

This staff plays favorites. Just like the JT thing, the JP thing, the Roth thing, and I have a feeling BROWN isn't in their graces this season.


Why you People talk so much about the Future? Ah!, you are afraid to face the present.

Marc, I disagree on brown - thought he is/was a good back - but never lived up to the billing of being a #2 pick. It was a weak draft though - would have been nice to have someone in the Jake Long echelon of talents to go with that draft billing. Then again, we didn't draft jamarcus russel (who saban might have drafted that year) - so it could have been worse.

Ronnie Brown looks like Florida. The Mom on the 1970s hit show "Good Times". The show featured stunning performances by John Amos as the Father and Jimmy Walker as the scuddle but son JJ.

Booker was a crack up, Michael was the first annoying TV Liberal, but the sister and Wilona! Oooweee!


hahhaa, Ronnie does look like Florida!!! man, that's so funny!!!

“Hey, J.J. Stokes! J.J. Stokes! Are you a cousin to J.J. Walker?”

- John Randle

Well, disagree all you want. I stand firm by my assesment. If they ever give him 20+ carries, or another team does I have no doubt he'll silence all critics...

That's your opinion and you are entitled to it but he's been here for years and just when he's about to show something - he gets injured.

Personally, I don't even think he can hold up under 20 carries per game. And the NFL really isn't a 20 carry per back type of league anymore.

Not sure how you would prepare for Thigpen. What film would you watch? One quarter Sunday, 11 games in 2008 for a totally different offense. If our coaching staff had the ability and the sense to adjust and call plays to take advantage of Thigpen's mobility and arm (as opposed to the Pennington offense they made Henne run for reasons noone understands) we could have a really interesting offense. Keep Urlacher in coverage all day on Fasano or better yet, Bess. Another Dolphin victory.

Martin is one funny guy

"the NFL really isn't a 20 carry per back type of league anymore."

Says who? Our team certainly isn't

The top 10 rushers in the league avg 20 YDs a game; coincidence?

Pardon: carries 20 Carries/game

Something to keep in mind in regards to Ronnie...he will be 29 at the start of next season. We need to be finding his replacement soon. I like Ronnie and I agree to an extent with Marc...but at the same time, he's never really lived up to his draft position.

Gold is down 31 oil 2.70....dow is down 211 and going

Marc, every team in the NFL has played 9 games. 20 carries a game would equate to 180 carries right now. As per espn.com, there are only 5 backs that have 20+ carries per game - this number is down significantly from a few years ago. Seeing as only 5 backs are used 20 times, you can say that the NFL is not a 20 carries per back type of league anymore. FYI, the backs are:

Adrian Peterson
Chris Johnson
Steven jackson
Frank Gore
Maurice Jones-Drew

The vast majority of teams split their carries a lot more as you can see it.

Ronnie brown ranks 20th in carries, Ricky 30th. No, it is not a huge load but also is it not an underwhelming load either. I think Ronnie would also have more carries if he was more productive. Henning loves to run and if Ronnie could rate higher than his current ranking of 35th in yards per carry - he would get more of a shot. He is as much to blame as the coaches for not getting more work. Granted the interior o line also stinks compared to last year.

Yes ALoco, the market is in correction mode. Let it just continue to sell for now for all I'm concerned. Cashed out of a lot of positions over the last few days. Going to prepare myself to buy low....

vernon carey might be the next big contract casualty like a jake grove. his play has gone south as he whiffs on blocks. might need to pickup a RT in the draft or FA.

In regards to Thigpen....I don't quite understand the hard on so many have for this guy. What exactly has he done that has so many people annointing him the man? 4 for 6 with a TD? Big woop, it was one quarter of play....6 passes total. With KC, he started 14 games one season and ended up with a 54.8% completion %, 76.0 QB rating, avg 6.2 yards per pass, with 18 TDs vs 12 INTs. Sure, the TDs look nice...but combined with the INTs he helped lead the KC Chiefs to an awesome 2-14 record.

Yeah, sounds like the future alright.

does any one believe to get a wild card spot you need 10-11 wins .

WTF.. 2 feet of snow since yesterday. This is going to make the trip to Missoula slow. 110 meeting between Grizzlies & the junior varsity bobcats... oldest rivalry west of the Mississip.

I'm excited to see how the offense is going to perform with Thigpen behind center. I understand that with the good comes the potential for bad with him. But he does bring a dynamic that is very difficult for a team to prepare for, especially on a short week. I hope that we spread things out, with multiple reciever sets that make Thigpens reads fast, and a little easier then our base 2 reciver sets.

greg z - I think you're right about Carey. If I'm not mistaken, I believe he is the highest...or at least one of the highest paid RTs in the league.

if we beat the bears and can get healthy we could end up 10-6 which may be good enough.

Don't believe me, belive this:


Top 11 backs are at 19-20 carries a game

ALoco, 10 wins may not even be enough. Right now, the WC spots will be taken up by 2 of Pitt, Bal, NYJ, NE. We've lost to all of them. We have to hope that other teams beat these guys week in and week out and we have to win one of the NYJ or NE road games at the minimum. Personally, I don't think making the playoffs is as important as finding out if we have our qb on this roster right now.

ALoco - I would say 10 wins...at least in the AFC. A 9-7 team might squeak in, but would need a lot of help.

wolfman, yup,he's paid alot for a RT. we didnt want to lose him so we overpaid. doubt he's on the team next year. too many missed blocks when they look at film and evaluate.

Since most of the "playoff" caliber teams in the AFC still play each other - yes 10 wins is probably what it will take to make the playoffs...

We will not draft a TE (at least high in the draft) after signing Fasano to a 2 year $7.6 million extension. That extension says he is "da man!" - like it or not!!!

1 Arian Foster, RB HOU 172 920 5.3 19
2 Adrian Peterson, RB MIN 197 908 4.6 22
3 Ahmad Bradshaw, RB NYG 173 838 4.8 19
Chris Johnson, RB TEN 195 838 4.3 22
5 Frank Gore, RB SF 186 778 4.2 21
6 Jamaal Charles, RB KC 127 760 6 14
7 Steven Jackson, RB STL 192 757 3.9 21
Darren McFadden, RB OAK 139 757 5.4 15
9 Rashard Mendenhall, RB PIT 179 752 4.2 20
10 Maurice Jones-Drew, RB JAC 186 745 4 21
Jamaal Charles and Darren mcFadden are in teh top 10 and avg 14 and 15 carries per game.

There are only 5 backs with 20+ carries per game, how could they make up the top 10???

Marc, stop bending what you were contending before.

And we all know that if Ronnie has 20 carries a game, he would break. And he doesn't deserve 20 carries a game ranking 35th in yards per carry. Our offense is bogged down enough as it is. HE has to be more productive if he wants more carries. Only in the Blatimore game can you say that he ran well and didn't work enough. otherwise, he's been too hesitant and dancing too much in the backfield.

Watched the game again & if Jake Long has a serious shoulder injury you couldn't tell watching him in the 3rd & 4th qtrs. The only time he came out was the last kneel down series. He'll be in there the rest of the year, probably with a TE to his side to help. It looked like Wake sustained or aggrivated his injury when he collided with Bell on his sack/ff of Young. Even he played hurt well into the 4th. I'd seriously consider playing McQuistan ahead of Incognito. He was overmatched many times Sunday.

I've looked at this draft and the TE prospects are few and far between. last year was the year - we missed, time to move on.

sure hope ireland lets mike nolan have a say in who he likes and needs in the 2011 draft. i dont have any faith in irelands picks. still cant believe we passed on dez in2010 and clay matthews in 2009. we cant afford any misses if we plan on catching jets/pats. bellichek nailed it this year with 2 TE(we needed) and brandon tate(returner and wr).

Mark in Toronto - agreed on the TE prospects. Kyle Rudolph from ND is really the only one and will probably go early 2nd round. From there, pretty big drop off. Personally, I like the Fasano signing. He had a rough season last year, but was pretty darn good in 2008 and I think he's been pretty good this year. No, he's not Antonio Gates or Anthony Gonzales....but c'mon.

19.1, 19.9

Close enough MarK

One carry or less, there's 10 of them

Don't split hairs

we win vs the bears....6-4 where do we get the other 4 wins ?

miami vs bears
miami @OAK
miami vsbrowns
miami @JETS
miami vs buffalo
miami vs lions
miami @ NE

I'm not sure who has said they have a hardon for Thigpen. I do, but I'm not hearing it from anyone else. I loved the way he played one game last and year and one game this year. That's all I got, but his movement, his not seeming robotic, his accuracy, his willingness to sling it, all seem like a huge breath of fresh air to me. Dump off? No, roll out, gain time, throw to an open Fasano at the last second. Refreshing. I've always been a big Henne defender, and i guess I still am. I was kind of bothered, actually, by how good Thigpen looked. But then Henne was playing well, too. What happened? Did the OC finally open up the play book like we've all been wanting? Or did the two of them just play well?

I also don't know why so many people are saying our season is over. Because Jake Long is injured our season is over? He's great, I know but, the whole season? Because Penn is out our season is over? No one was really counting on him, were they? I think it's probably true that Thiggy is the best third stringer in the NFL. A lot of teams would start him, and he'd certainly be second on many. I don't hate either quarterback, but I LOVED seeing Thiggy so fired up and seeing the team respond to that. That calm, cool thing that Flacco and Henne do can be great when the heat is on, but I like to see the guys pumped up, too.

I'd love to see Henne come back in and play great, have Henning stop OCing like it's Green Bay 1965, and start OCing like he did the last two quarters of the last game, and have HENNE be THE MAN for the next decade.

On the other hand, if you have to have a third stringer in the game, I think Thiggy looks about as good as third stringers come.

nope, even if i grant you the 19 vs the 20 - that's only 8 backs. still proves my point that the vast majority of teams do not hand a rb 20 carries a game. and run dmc and charles are still in the top 10 with only 2 and 3 more carries per game than brown respectively.

wolfman, earlier i compared fasano to heath miller of pitt. fasano has not prroves to be as good as heath yet but i think that should be the goal for fasano - very similar skill sets and heath is very effective for pitt.

Also did anyone else take note of that beautiful touch pass Thiggy threw? I know, I know, it was only one, but it seemed like Thiggy did everything that Henne doesn't: moved well, threw the touch pass, had fire, had guts to air it out. Overall, Henne probably still is the guy I stick with for the rest of the year, unless things get really bad, but Thiggy made you think.

TNFINFAN - I've been seeing tons of comments for Thigpen....many of them saying they think he's it. I'm just saying, I'm not seeing that in his body of work thus far. As far as accuracy goes...he's 54.3% carreer. I would say 60% + is what most people would consider an accurate passer. He's 50% in 2 games played this season for Miami. He also almost threw a pick on his first pass on Sunday....sailing way high for Devonne Bess and the tip. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. As far as a 3rd stringer goes...yeah, I like him. I just don't get where many of these comments are coming from in regards to him being "the man" and "the future". I've been seeing these comments for weeks.

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