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Le'Ron McClain admits to spitting ... sort of

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell this evening said on ESPN that the league's "football people" are already looking at the alleged spitting incident that happened between Baltimore's Le'Ron McClain and Miami's Channing Crowder.

The NFL will indeed look at whatever video evidence there is of the incident.

Well, McClain for his part today kinda sorta admitted he spit on Crowder, but it wasn't quite like Crowder described it -- as an intentional act meant to disrespect the Dolphins' linebacker.

"You all can see the video. Me and the dude just jawing back and forth," McClain told the Carroll County Times today. "Said a few things we probably don't want to say to each other but did that. He said don't spin the ball. Spit came out of my mouth when I said something to the dude and that was it. It wasn't on purpose. I'm not that kind of player. That was it. It was a football game.

"I don't know why he got mad. I'm a football player and I'm getting ready for Atlanta right now. I'm not worried about anybody on Miami right now. My focus is on Atlanta."

McClain, a former Pro Bowl player, was pressed  on the issue. So spit did accidently come from you, he was asked ...

"It had to," he said. "You can see it on the film. Somebody just sent me the tape. Nothing against the guy. I did not spit on the guy. We were talking. He said stuff to me I didn't want to hear, I said stuff he didn't want to hear. It's football. The heat of the game. Nothing against him. I'm on to Atlanta right now."

But, but ... Le'Ron, you reared back as if to load up a huge lugy (urban dictionary use).

"That's just me talking," he said. "You can't see spit coming out of my mouth or anything. We'll see what happens."