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Le'Ron McClain admits to spitting ... sort of

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell this evening said on ESPN that the league's "football people" are already looking at the alleged spitting incident that happened between Baltimore's Le'Ron McClain and Miami's Channing Crowder.

The NFL will indeed look at whatever video evidence there is of the incident.

Well, McClain for his part today kinda sorta admitted he spit on Crowder, but it wasn't quite like Crowder described it -- as an intentional act meant to disrespect the Dolphins' linebacker.

"You all can see the video. Me and the dude just jawing back and forth," McClain told the Carroll County Times today. "Said a few things we probably don't want to say to each other but did that. He said don't spin the ball. Spit came out of my mouth when I said something to the dude and that was it. It wasn't on purpose. I'm not that kind of player. That was it. It was a football game.

"I don't know why he got mad. I'm a football player and I'm getting ready for Atlanta right now. I'm not worried about anybody on Miami right now. My focus is on Atlanta."

McClain, a former Pro Bowl player, was pressed  on the issue. So spit did accidently come from you, he was asked ...

"It had to," he said. "You can see it on the film. Somebody just sent me the tape. Nothing against the guy. I did not spit on the guy. We were talking. He said stuff to me I didn't want to hear, I said stuff he didn't want to hear. It's football. The heat of the game. Nothing against him. I'm on to Atlanta right now."

But, but ... Le'Ron, you reared back as if to load up a huge lugy (urban dictionary use).

"That's just me talking," he said. "You can't see spit coming out of my mouth or anything. We'll see what happens."


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For the defense, tomorrow's practice will be centered on how to refine an arm tackle.

Hmmm - first and second.

My point is that the tackling yesterday was not NFL caliber.
Gotta wrap 'em up and bring 'em to the carpet.
And what's up with no one spying on Rice outta the backfield?



OK first of all the D needs to get it together, quickly, Wake, Starks, Langford and Soliai, as well as Dansby are playing at a very high level, Vontae Davis and Chris Clemons aren't that far back. But Y.Bell who is one of my all time favourite Dolphins is having a terrible season he isn't what we are used to seeing, not as passionate or driven and having a hard time tackling which is very unusual for him. Sean Smith needs to remember to catch the ball and stop getting deep beat. Koa Misi seems to have run into the rookie wall and Crowded needs to start backing up his talk... The O just needs a new coordiantor cos (Despite me defending him passionately in the past) Henning needs to be gone after this season, Henne is still young but shouldn't be putting up three picks even if two of them weren't totally his fault. On the spitting 'accident' I have always thought that the Ravens (besides, flacco, lewis and Oher) are the dirtiest team in the league and McClain clearly confirmed that, that was an intentional spit no question about it and im sorry the rest of the D didn't see it cos that would have been one interesting brawl right there.

I don't care about this spitting incident.
We have some serious problems as an NFL organization.
These problems are ten orders of magnitude greater than the spitting incident.

It's Just sad that when I Spit on my men, all they want is more spit.The Empress has spoken.

Also I almost forgot:
Good evening to you Armando!

Empress, have you been promoted from Princess of Wombats?

I would like to spit on this whole f@#%$#$ up team. Fifth graders can tackle. This team sucks.

The Princess is not amused Mr R&R, you will learn obedience now., So bow down to me and I might spare your miserable life. The Princess has spoken.

Henne sucks too. I nave more accuracy when I am dead ass drunk shooting darts.


Modern day Monarchies are fragile ruling systems.
If you spare my life, I will remember your kindness when I lead the Revolution against you.

Mr. R&R, The Empress promises your demise will be swift and sudden,Others will not be as fortunate.The Empress has spoken.

Now that I posted two worthless jackass comments I will be leaving thanks

Pitt blocks a punt...1st play throw to the endzone....incompletion..but i like it....you watching Sporano

who cares.

we suck......that's what I care about.

If Sparano/Ireland don't jettison Henning pronto, they are providing Ross the rope to hang them

Pitt just kicked a FG....somewher Sporano is fist pumping his a s s off.

PLEASE, forgive my long ass post... I just had some stuff to say and needed to say it NOW. I apologize if you don't like what I say... But here it is....

I feel Miami has hit a proverbial "Fork in the road" concerning this season.

There are a couple of "Choices" that I believe stand in front of Miami and where this season goes from here... I feel Miami needs to consider/choose one or a part of the following paths, because the one they are currently on... "Ain't makin' it"!

Path ~~A~~
Run up the White Flag. Make a decision as a coaching staff and ownership to make weekly game day decisions that would more or less relegate this season into a Season of "Developmental Projects" Decisions such as...

1. Continuing to allow Chad Henne to learn and grow(Develop)...
2. Continue to allow the "Platoon System" to dictate what happens on the football field. Instead of allowing players PERFORMANCE to determine what players are used on the field.
3. Continue to play from a "Don't screw up" just do what you need to do to manage the game mentality and Philosophy. This being the "CORNERSTONE" of developmental style of play. That style including never taking chances. Never allowing a bad play or a bad drive to negatively effect or disrupt the supposed "Development of the team"
Wanna know what sucks?
What is written above is what I hear lately when I hear the post game remarks from Sparano. What I am hearing from the coaching staff right now is "Its all going just fine"... "Henne is getting better each week"... We need to clean some stuff up"... "We need to bla, bla, bla..."

I am seeing a "White Flag" on our teams season.


Path ~~B~~

1. Right away start more communication with the "DeathEaters"...(The Media)... I say this because our fan base is "PISSED OFF", "CONFUSED", and have "Lost" a great deal of confidence in Sparano & Co. They are beginning to pull away the support for this coaching staff that we gladly gave them. We understood Parcells was not looking for fans opinions about building this team. Had he started taking fans opinions I would have lost ALL CONFIDENCE in him right away.
Now... However... I would like to see this team begin the long honored relationship with their fans and Media. Letting us in on what the hell is going on. Keeping sensitive information quiet... and informing us about normal team business and activities in practice.

2. Sparano informing the team and the fans that starting immediately, he would start the QB who gives this team the best chance at winning "NOW!!!" with no regard to developmental setbacks to other QB's or other such intangibles. And, that for at LEAST the next game (it is very important Miami wins Sunday) That he would Start Pennington to see if it gives this team a much needed boost of confidence and vertical passing + TD making ability.
2. That REGARDLESS of the Platoon AGENDA... if a RB is playing well... leave him in the game until that is no longer the case. If a Guard is playing well... leave him alone.... Etc, Etc....
3. I would like to see Sparano recognize and rebuke Henning when he recognizes that Henning is bogging the team down. If Henning continues to struggle getting this team a scheme that suits its personnel, make a change at OC. Nolan can do his job much better if he can trust the offense to score. If every game is a nail biter, Nolan's group are going to wear down and eventually fall short.

It would be a shame to give up now for the sake of "Developing players" who may or may not "Develop" into the players we want them to be.
We are 4 & 4. Its only Mid-Season... It ain't over yet... we can still make a run. That does not mean nor am I saying "Superbowl" or whatever... But.. Dammit all to hell and back man... We can win and we can play till we lose and they say we can't play any more...

Its that... or the F**KING WHITE FLAG????

Your choice Miami Dolphins.

By the way... That man spit in Crowders face man... No matter how you feel about the game or whatever... Think about what YOU would do if someone spit in your face.... It would be ugly if it were me... He should be fined and suspended.

Question to those who think Henne should be canned and we put in Pennington or Thigpen because they believe Henne is a bust.

Is Carson Palmer a bust in your opinion, and why?

Scooter @ 8:50. Not the real one. Hey jackoff go f&ck yourself with the dildo you use on your 200 lb wife or yourself. Mando get these azzholes of this blog. Internet puzzies are a drain on society.

whatever. we lost. lets move on.

they should all feel like they have spit on their face. especially the coaches. Carpentet may be a great filedgoal kicker, but whats going on with those kickoffs?

Miami is definitely a contender in the Division race. What will happen, nobobdy knows.

empress, I do not need you to spit on on me! unless, that is, your patch does not get sufficient precipitation!

coaches gotta go

oscar, you are partaking of hallucinogetic drugs! dolphins/playoffs,PLAYOFFS....!!!!!!

An imposter!

I am the only TRUE Empress of Pineapples. When I find this heathen who mocks my good name I shall sentence them to a month of watching Paulie Shore movies!

The ONE and TRUE Empress has spoken! Heed my warnings!

Never said playoffs, redsky, contenderscontenders. I did but no more.

Derek---excellent point regarding the spitting incident.

It's completely irrelevant how any of us feel about the game or Crowder as a player. This is simply a grotesque act that cannot be tolerated from any player, and he should be fined and/or suspended accordingly.

Derek, nice rant. I feel where you're coming from. Now to the nitty gritty.

Sparano is in the Parcells-mold of coach. He doesn't really care what the fans think, know or want to know. The owner needs your support, the coach needs the owner for a job, so his relationship to you the fan is actually tangential at best. With that said, this coach won't ever open up to you. I guess you can decide if that's worthy of firing.

Second, I HATE HENNING!!! As much as you I'd assume. Ok, Cowboys dumped Phillips, put in Garrett. Who will call plays for us the rest of the year(you CAN'T want Sparano, plus has he ever called plays in his career)? QB Coach Lee, maybe, I guess, trust me, I'd be for them trying. But, if David Lee has never called plays in the NFL, would he be better than Henning? I mean, our hatred for Henning says yes, but in reality, would it be better?

That brings me to the last issue, Henne. Same question on Pennington (as above). You think Penny fared better against Balt? Can Penny stretch the field? 0-3 last time he started, would he really win games Henne wouldn't have? This is where you start to lose me.

At that time we Cuban refugees had no money so we stole airplane glue and sniffed it. Hell of a trip but I don't recommend it.

dc dolfan, fire henning, let penny call the OC plays. he could be a player/manager....been done before!


Carson Palmer was not drafted by Miami. Last good QB was Marino and he fell to them. Greise was the last QB that they KNEW was great in 1968. Nuff said.


lol redsky, never thought of that. That would probably be the best choice though.

DC Dolfan,

The position I am taking on Henne right now is NOT one that includes "Canning Him" off the team. I do not think Henne is a bust, by no stretch of the imagination. However, I would point to Phillip Rivers as an example of Henne's situation. I am NOT comparing them talent wise, I am comparing them in their situations.
When Rivers was drafted by San Diego, they had Breese and Flutie. A Veteran with a favorable but not fantastic past. And a young guy in Breese who had yet to prove himself. I see those two as Pennington and Thigpen, one again not talent wise... situational Only.

Rivers had to sit out season until he finally was asked to start. And it likely was one of the best things that ever happened to him. I believe if he had gone in 1 or 2 years earlier, he would not have had the success he has.

IMAAO... DC Dolfan. Pennington gives Miami the best chances of winning "RIGHT NOW"... the idea of "Grooming or Developing" should have been scrapped the day Miami spent $50 Million on a receiver and $40 Million on a ILB. Miami is in it to win... would you agree? If they are only in it to "Grow up" Henne is the man... If they are in it to win (I believe they are) Pennington has more experience, can move the ball better (has proven that), is a LEADER on this team... In other words... FOR NOW... he is Miami's best shot at beating other teams.

Henne, may turn out to be a great QB... but he IS NOT one right now and its killing us.

Place Breese, Rivers, Flaaco or Ryan on Miami and this team would be better overnight. REASON?.... They are playing better then Henne FOR NOW!!! who knows about the future? and no matter how good your team is... if your QB is sputtering... you are hurting.

They drafted Theisman in 73 or 74 but he went to the CFL.

Henning has got to go.

I would like to see what Henne can do with the right play calls. When ever I get down on him I think about the 1st game agaist New York last year and what he did, and I always say he deserves another shot!

Hes got what it takes. They have to make make they use him correctly before we can judge him.

Its not his fault he has a Cannon Arm and is never allowed to throw the ball down field.

(And Yes I know he has made mistakes, just saying we need to give him a fair shot)

I can't tell you if Sparano is or isn't the right guy long-term. Some of you think you already know the answer to that question but in reality you really don't. NFL history is littered with coaches who got off to FAR worse starts to their coaching careers and wound up just fine.

Let's be honest here. When Bill Belichick was the surly guy going 4-12 with the Browns and getting into fights with the media seemingly every day, did ANY of you foresee him becoming the force he is today? C'mon, you know you didn't.

For that matter, how many of would say Barry Switzer is (or was) a better coach than Andy Reid or Jeff Fisher? Yet it's Switzer who has that Super Bowl ring while those two have a combined zero after many, many years of being the head guy.

There's just SO much that goes into all this that's it's impossible to make such a final judgement. What I CAN say is that Miami clearly still has some remaining talent issues, which to me isn't all that mysterious or surprising considering this was the worst team in football three years ago.

That dies NOT mean I think Sparano is absolutely the right guy to get this done---only that I'm honest enough to say I'm not sure and been watching the game long enough to know a coach can't do it all.

Maybe our problem is deeper than Henning....As i'm watching this game, and when the show the view behind the QB its EVIDENT that both Rapeistburger and Carson Palmer understand how to read defenses....As they are dropping back they are identifying the coverage and immediatly going to the soft spot in the zone or the one on one coverage at the top of their drops...this all happens quickly...I don't think Henne is reading defenses yet and that could be a HUGE part of the poblem....1 second is a long time in football

How many of these Cry babies that are crying about Henne, were crying for Henne last year when we were 0-3 with Pennington????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

JaJa!, what about the Tennessee Titans. Win, lose, does it matter?

Hey, how bout I steal my dad's dildo and show you how deep my throat is?


I have the same feeling, kris.

1-2-3...ball is gone

1-2-3-4-5...ball is gone

top of the drop...in rythm...

every time....you don't have to stare down a reciever if you know where your going with it before the snap.

fooled plamer on that one...but you guys see my point

Quarterbacks get far too much credit and/or blame aside from the very few at the uppermost echelon (the Mannings and Marinos) who can clearly elevate a team or absolute washout stiffs like a Ryan Leaf or an Akili Smith who play longer than warranted just because they were high picks.

The vast majority win or lose because of their surrounding talent or lack of same.

Anyone remember Archie Manning playing back in the 70s? The man had incredible skills---as good as ANYBODY at the position back then---but he played on absolutely atrocious teams year after year that buried his talent.

Guys like Ken Anderson (and even Griese for that matter) were in the playoffs back than but even they would assuredly admit they didn't have the same talent as Archie. But their TEAMS were so much better.

How about even tonight's game? Carson Palmer has a career 44-44 record but does anyone think his skill-set is really THAT far removed from the guy playing his opposite number on the Steelers? It isn't. Reverse their situations and I'd bet it would be Palmer collecting the wins and laurels while Roethlisberger was just thought of as the "ok" QB.

Again, you cannot teach anybody anything if they have an IQ below 80.

DC... YES!... Henning is a toothache on a cold, wet, windy day and your on a boat. And I certainly understand the peril of dropping a coach mid-season... Therefore I would not. I speak to Sparano being more "Engaged" in what Henning is doing on the field. I may be an idiot, maybe Sparano is 100% on board with Henning with EVERYTHING. I thought that I saw a few flinching faces with calls against Cincy...(back to back Wildcraps) As a head coach, I would like to see Sparano take a little more command of this team on the side line offensively..not all day... just keeping things honest.
As far as the Pennington/Henne thing goes... I know we will not see a change unless Henne totally collapses. And if that is allowed to happen unchecked... I fear it may cast more jobs then he ever expected.

First who the hell cares........ Second Crowder is a bum. Third, clemons is a poser who needs glasses. Fourth , Henning needs to be shown the wade phillips. Fifth see ya next year boys we are done.

Same thing with ben....We may love our line's ability to pass protect, but looking at two top (debatable) QBs play (and having no stake in this game) has given me some objectivity.

Look at that pass to wallace..ben saw it and chucked it.

I'm 1 foot of the Fire Henning Wagon...Maybe Henne needs more time and is making the old man look bad

Derek4 - I agree with you that Pennington gives us the best chance to win NOW. He just knows when and where to put the ball, and he reads defenses as good as any QB in the league. The 'weak' arm argument is way overdone. He is clearly way more in control of the offense as a whole, it was obvious in preseason. Now regarding the fans....I think your off in never never land there. No coach gives a hoot what the fans think, no fan can possibly have the same perspective and insight than the coaching staff who are living it and breathing it 24/7.

No doubt about it, dr. roberts.

Henne The Man. Putting in fragile armed Penny make no sense. We do nothing but stop Henne's development for another year which would make no sense for what? A couple more wins and get knocked out of Playoff's Rd 1. Let Henne fling the ball and make his mistakes, best thing possible.

Really, woa?

Henne has been "developing" since college. You do not need to "develop" to throw the pass he missed in the end zone. He just isn't very good, like all but a handful of the rest of the team. And I do mean a handful. The rest would be beaten by a good college team.

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