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Live blog of Dolphins versus Raiders set for 4 p.m.

It is nearly three hours before kickoff today and I still cannot tell you 100 percent that Chad Henne will start for the Dolphins against the Oakland Raiders. The assumption is he will start.

[Update: Chad Henne starts, the Dolphins have confirmed.]

The Miami Herald's Jeff Darlington reported today that Henne took three times as many first-team snaps as Tyler Thigpen this week in practice. That is a strong and significant indication what is about to happen today. Expect Henne.

I told you earlier this week that Joe Berger would start at center today after missing last week's game with a knee injury and a "personal issue." He is indeed set to start today. He was on the field working with the first-team offensive line already.

There is a live blog today. It begins in the comments section below. I'll be there with you. And I will come back here for the lineup update and update on inactives prior to the game.

[Update: The Miami inactives are Brandon Marshall, Reshad Jones, Ike Alama-Francis, Matt Kopa, Eric Ghiaciuc, Mickey Shuler, Ryan Baker and Patrick Ramsey is the third QB.

The inactive status for Jones is strange because he started last week and has been playing well. He had a shin injury last week but practiced full on Friday. He is here on the trip.]


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Sit Long and tell him to get that Shoulder worked on ASAP! Need him for years to come....

This year is over.



Peyton Hillis just TRUCKED THE H E L L out of somebody!!!

Home Is Ready For Some Football!

Do not get on live blog much
Am usually at the game

Have some crazed Miami Dolphin Fans & NFL Fans here today!

Lets See What U Got!

Big game today for the coaching staff and their future employment.

Good work with the Berger insight. Only one with it. Thanks Mando.

season's over

fire everyone and start again

ireland drafts too many bums, signs to many bums

morono can't coach if his life depended on it

the OC just sucks.

Someone dust off the ol stat sheet, and tell me that we AREN'T the only team in the NFL who hasn't broken the thirty point mark on the year.......

Hey Po, glad you showed up. And yeah, it's over. Wished Sparano would sit hurt players he might need next year.

There are so many things that the Dolphin offense is not able to do. For example, I’m watching the Atlanta Green Bay game. Atlanta is able to run a hurry up offense that immediately puts the defense on their heals. The secondary backs off the line of scrimmage and they are not able to substitute.
Another thing is being able to react to a blitz. Rodgers sees a blitz, his WR breaks off his route and Rodgers is able to quick get the quick hit pass.
The fact that the Dolphin offense is able to do none of these things is simply unacceptable. And that goes right up the ladder to Head Coach Sparano. 3 Years in and no pace to the offense, hardly ever a shot gun formation and little ability to attack a blitz.

Why is Reshad Jones inactive??

What up Joe!
Gotta go to the sports bar to watch the game.

I’ll be back on here after the game.

Joe, you were right to be skeptical about the regime.

I'm not going to call any names (darrin) but somebody from the last blog doesn't seem to have a very high opinon of the bloggers here.

Just because most are calling for Henning head, doesn't mean they don't know he's just one of our problems. But he is the most obvious one. You just can't hide something like that.

Like someone else said, a lot of the people on here have actually played the game and have been fans for 20, 30 and 40 years. But if you disagree with so many, why don't you go to the SS. They have a greater cheerleader to fan ratio over there.

I heard Brady talk about facing tough defenses. He is unfluxed by a good D. He says they go to a 4 or 5 WR set, spread the D out and pick them apart. The Pats dictate to the opposing team.
So in a rebuild year without their best O lineman most of the year the Pats dominate. Is it scheme? Is it coaching? Both? In any evaluation Sparano/ the trifecta has come up totally short.
They can win several more games this year even and IMO this team is going nowhere. The Sparano way is totally inadequate.

While many teams and fans are seeing their teams look like playoff contenders there are many that aren't. Us Miami fans are already in wait until next year mode. Only gotta wait 10 months to back to 0-0 and have hope. This year all is lost. The coaching isn't there except on D. Sparano has failed the offense just as much as Dan Henning has. Sparano is supposed to be an offensive line specialists and this unit has been average because of average players and because he hasn't coached them up to play above thier skill set. You see it across the division with the Jets finding ways to win despite some flaws and the Pats and the genius Bill Bellichick win despite a young no name D.

I actually wish Miami would lose some of these games and get into the top 10 of the draft. Forget recouping that 2nd rounder for Marshall and go get a stud. I don't care what position Miami needs studs across the board on offense. They need a QB, RB, WR (with 4.3 speed).

Miami has a favorable schedule to end the season and will probably find a way to win 3 or 4 of these games to finish 8-8 or 9-7. That would get Miami a mid first rounder.

Is there anyone who wishes Miami to lose like me?

Playing on the west coast Dan Henning feels the effects of time travel thus a young and youthful Dan Henning calls the game of his life.

Dolphins 27 Raiders 13

Today's prediction. Henne starts, doesn't make it through the game, Thiggy comes in and gets the victory. Tomorrow...QB controversy.

The Reshad Jones inactive status is very, very strange. He's supposed to be healthy enough to play.

Really, fellas, help Ol' Seer out:

Why is Reshad inactive?

Okay...I saw Mando's tweets re Reshad.

Is this yet another stunner of a move by our "brain" trust?

Yeah Po but I don't derive any joy from it.

The Sparano way requires perfection across the board for success. Zero margin for error for this team. Never enough points scored to overcome a defense mistake. Hardly ever turning a turnover into a TD and when the team loses the staff just blames the players for failing to execute.

Don't know Seerer. I'll look around but more than likely it's a top secret decision.


Has the CDC in Atlanta solved the mystery of John Jerry's "illness" yet?

Seriously, these guys could have taught the KGB a few lessons in secrecy & paranoia.

I really hope the team is able to dominate the line of scrimmage, execute perfectly all day and win. Expect a run heavy approach today gentlemen.
And yes I can have serious concern about the direction/philosophy/approach of this staff and yet retain hope about a positive outcome.

Does Ross have the balls to pull the plug on this staff?

Phinsider said Reshad is playing but backup.

What was the tweet?

Buffallo haging with pitt,,13-7 pitt

LOL Seer. I have thought the same thing a few times. And for what?

No doubt Parcells football 101

Bet Art Blank is still kicking himself about "losing" Tuna to Huizenga.

And what's with Coach Mike Smioth going for it on 4th & goal? Doen't he know he has to walk away from there w/ aure 3pts. Doesn't Smith want to do The Pump?

I've seen one true spark in the secondary this entire season.

Lets nip that in the bud and put him on the inactives.

Only in Miami(sigh).

Tennesee is LOSING 17-0.....anybody want to comment on what a game changer Moss is.....Seems its those same people that want to blow this thing up....

Let's make sure Long and Henne suffer career ending injuries. The party is over and the FO is still trying to party.

Kris...yeah but if Vince Young was healthy they would be rollin with Moss bro...theu have a worst more inexperienced QB than we do...just my 50 cents

Andy ur a fraud. Go root for the lions if you like high draft picks so much.

The season ain't over!

I know what you're thinking, it is NOT!

The playoffs have just come early, that's all.

We could win out.

I know what you're thinking...................


Did they do it to have more Oline players available? And could you comment overall on the oline play this year and (our) analysis that their "setbacks" can be laid squarely at the feet of Sparano?

Not that it matters for this game particularly, but I and many posters here are concerned.

Exactly cowkilla (regarding Kris). Notice how well Brandon Marshall did last week with his 3rd string QB in the game. Note to Kris: 3rd string QBs are 3rd string QBs FOR A REASON BRO!


also my immediate reaction re Reshad............ah well, who knows.

Art Blank is laughing his home depot rear end off.

Andy..at this point with everything taken into consideration..I too as a true miami fan for over 25 years say that id like to loose more than win at this point because getting into the top 10 of the draft would be great for our team next year. especially with no round 2 pick and the Pattys having 50 picks...

oregon you are so right we are way to conservativ on o like we have a shutdown d that you can rely on. Our d is Ok but i wouldn't bank them stopping anyone to win the thing. sad but true.

Mando, can you see any mobility problems with Henne (I mean, anymore than his usual immobile self)?

LOL, that's for Greg z., Seer, etc.


You posted some links two weeks ago. One worked out real well. It wasn't justin, it was one I had to download.

How can a hungover Viking forget something like this?

Any help?

I hate losing, but Andrew Luck.................mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I have a feeling that if the offense doesnt come through this game that Sparano might get fired. I just hope Ross doesnt truely think that Gruden can do a better job. He is extremely overrated. I say give everyone one more year (except Henning) and lets see what happens. If not lets look at a younger coach that can hold players accountable (you know being a coach and leader instead of their friends). My suggestion is Jim Harbaugh. A good NFL QB that clearly know how to help develop QBS (SEE A. Luck for further). I would keep Nolan on D though he has done a good job with what he has.

I believe you'll see plenty of Wildcat today, gents. Dolphins need the downhill running scheme against the 8 man-front of the Raiders.

Its sad that I am looking forward to the draft already. We really need a good winning season. Maybe Rex Ryan's brother could come to Miami and give him competition.

Odin the Viking's Reasons to Drink:
- my team is playing
- my team is ABOUT to play
- my team JUST played
- my team is winning
- my team is losing
- my team is tied

THAT'S why you're my hero dude!

Well ahead of you Mando, started 23 in my fantasy. Plus wearing his jersey for just the 2nd week this year.


II was hoping i could slip that one in...good catch...(:

We could stiil go to the playoffs.

All that has to happen is, for us to win the rest of the games and everybody else to lose the rest of theirs.

It could happen.


Links not up yet...sometimes theres a good HD feed

we'd be a Playoff team if we were in the NFC. It's disgusting how much tougher the AFC is.

Henne looks no less mobile than usual. Of course, that means he looks like a building back there.

FWIW--those of you still clinging to hope -- and part of my lizard brain gets delusional, too, regrdless of my comments here:

We need the Jints to rally & beat the Jags

lets go phins!!!

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