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Live blog: The recovery from 4-4 possible

Welcome to the second half of the 2010 NFL season.

As you know, despite their 4-4 record, the Dolphins have been guaranteed a playoff spot courtesy wide receiver Brandon Marshall. But as I write in my Sunday column, a lot of things have to change beyond the starting quarterback for that guarantee to be fulfilled.

Check the list I outline in the column and tell me if you agree with it and can think of any more areas Miami needs immediate improvement in to make that playoff reach.

(One need I missed is that Miami must learn to overcome the home field advantage of their opponents at Sun Lifeless Stadium.)

Miami's assignment of recovering from a 4-4 record to make the playoffs will be difficult. But not impossible. According to the NFL, since the 2000 season, 27 teams have finished the first half of the season with a .500 or worse record and still made the playoffs -- with at least one such team making it happen in every season.

In each of the past four seasons, at least three teams started 4-4 or worse and rebounded to make the playoffs. Last year, three teams worked that trick -- Baltimore, Green Bay, and the New York Jets.

I remind you one, you will see one of the previously mentioned 27 teams play today. I remind you in 2008, the Dolphins were 4-4 and then, voila, they went 7-1 in the season's final eight weeks and not only made the playoffs, but won the division.

Have I mentioned there is a live blog today?

There is a live blog today.

It starts in the comments section below and then moves to the new posts I file at the start of every quarter. So be there. And come back here 90 minutes before the game to get the inactives and starters (want to see who starts at QB for Tennessee) for the teams.

[UPDATE: The inactives for Miami are Roberto Wallace, Nate Ness, Matt Kopa, Clifton Geathers, Lydon Murtha, Mikey Shuler and Tyler Thigpen is the thrid QB. For the Titans, Kerry Collins will start at QB, not Vince Young.]


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Fashionably late, not first.

Hopefully we can get our first home win today.Need a good day from Wake and Starkes and hopefully a steady running atack.


I appreciate you supporting Jeff Ireland. I think he has done a great job getting talent on this roster. He is absolutely part of the solution, not the problem. Unfortunately, the roster he took over was a big joke courtesy of Wanstache, Spielman, Saban, and Cammoron. So he basicly took over an expansion team, but he has done a great job in my opinion.

I must admit, I am shocked Henne didnt become a star this year. Huge dissapointment so far, but I think his career is still salvageable. The troubling thing is that I thought he played better last year and he was working with less talent.

He had better play calling and a better running game

Dear Mr. Salguero

Good morning :)

With Roger Goodells recent ruling in regards to spitting on Channing Crowder I expect the Titans to be salivating at the mouth.

I would look for all Titan offensive players to have chewing tobacco at ready in anticipation of Channing Crowder running his mouth.

I would also think the field conditions to worsen as the game goes on.

I expect a very sloppy and sometimes slippery game today.

Soiled :)

Henne played way more gutsy and confident last year. This year he just seems tentative, I expected a big improvement and it seems he has taken a step back. I don't blame Henning like everyone here, Henne himself just doesn't seem like the type that can put the game on his shoulders and take over a game like the better QB's can. Maybe he will get there.

Think we'll need 7-1 in the second half of the season. Even though 4-4 doesn't seem that bad given the schedule, we've picked all the wrong teams to lose to. Somehow we must make up 3 games (well 2.5 to Baltimore) again either Pitt, Balt, NE or the Jets. Not an easy task.

I predict we air it out today with Pennington. That's right, we make the switch to an old guy with a rebuilt arm and go downfield more. Tennessee ranks in the bottom half of the NFL against the pass. Pennington will find a bit more time in the pocket and will stay on his primary read a little longer than Henne allowing him (Marshall) time to come open.

But then again trying to predict a Henning game plan is like beating your head against a wall. All you get is a headache.

Pennington Helps Remind the World that Marshall Is Still The BEAST!
The Titans Ship Sinks in the FishTank!
Today We Rise above and Push FOREWARD!!!!!... Or we just Fall below in a backwards motion....(tear) God Help us.

I remember how Henne played against Jacksonville, Tennessee, and the Jets and Patriots at home last year. There were glimpses of stardom. I simply did not see that this year, and his WR core is much better than it was last year... I am a homer, but I really thought Henne was going to start tearing up the league this year, and I didnt see that.

We all hoped for more but i still think they did not play call to his talents.He still needs to progress more but with very little talent at tight end it makes this style of offense very hard to run not to mention horrible running game.You become very predictible

FAke GM--

A Hearty "Thank You" from all of the Fans.

I think I speak for all of us when I say without you and your staff, this season might have been frustrating and disappointing.

We, like you, know we are "close."

Keep up the stellar work!!!

watch the dolphins start to score touchdowns and win games again. everyone will see the truth and the truth hurts. thank you sparano and ross for giving the team a chance to be good agin.

A quick comparison of a few NFL QB's in their 1st couple of seasons as a starter:

Player 1: 28 games 29:31 TD:INT ratio, 59% completions, 200 ypg

player 2: 32 g, 54:43 ratio, 59%, 246 ypg

player 3: 22g, 20:24 ratio, 62%, 217 ypg

player 4 25 g, 30:26 ratio, 51%, 192 ypg

Three of them won Super Bowls, the other is Chad Henne. Player 1 is Brees, #2 is P. Manning, #3 is Henne, #4 is Eli Manning

Anyone who thinks Henne should be benched is an idiot. Let him keep developing. Not only his QB skills, but also leadership skills. This QB move is unbelievably shortsighted and is inhibiting the progress of this team.

Agreed to this extent: Sparano, Ireland & Henning, and The Consultant, too, are Idiots.

Why has Henne changed though, to me its the coaches trying to change the way he plays, he is not Chad P, he is more of a gunslinger, he did it at Michigan, he wasn't a game manager at Michigan, he needs a new OC who will implement a system that suits him.
When Dan Marino came out did Shula say sorry Dan, yeah u can throw it but we want u to play safe, dont throw interceptions. no he didnt.
Now I'm not saying Henne is anything like Marino but Marino seems to think he has something, for gods sake get rid of Henning, this kid is salvageable with better coaching, the change in him from last year can only be brought on by coaches constantly preaching to him not to turn the ball over, what it should be is, if u turn it over, next drive throw a TD, make it up, the playcalling has been terrible and that shower called Henning is hiding behind Henne and using him as his scapegoat.
If he doesn't improve with a new OC then I'll hold my hands up and say fair one, I'm expecting to see Henne again before this season is done, maybe today even.

I would just like to say today that I hope for the best but am still prepared for the worst. GO FISH GO!!!

I think this team has a good amount of talent on both sides of the ball. But if your QB play in this league is average, your record will probably be average. That is where we stand today.


I agree, but Henne still needs lots of work on "ball location." Should Henne improve ball location at least 50-65% greatness awaits him. Ball location and learning to "slide" in the pocket more to avoid the rush are the only 2 things he needs to improve most in my eyes. Everything else is workable.

Hope Henne uses the time off too work on ball location. Thats one of the primary things that made Marino such a passing great. He hit recievers in perfect stride and nearly always put the ball in place where his recievers had the best chance to catch the ball early in his career.


You're right, his ball location does need to improve, I hope to god he works out because I cant stand the thought of watching dink and dunk for years to come.


Some people confuse ball location with accuracy. Accuracy his getting the ball in the vincinty to where the reciever has a chance to catch it. Ball location is hitting him in stride equalling better yac opportunities and puttin the ball in spots easier to handle preventing tipped picks, and putting the ball in spots only your wr has a chance to catch the ball even if the coverage is tight.

Off topic for Dolphin football but for anyone who loves smart football. With a minute to go in the game (Stanford at Arizona State) and Stanford up 4 and ASU with no timeouts the Stanford RB who they said is a freshman had a breakaway TD run but purposely fell down at the four yard line where Stanford ran out the clock. Now I'm not from Stanford and had no dog in the fight so to speak but tell me how many college kids (or NFL guys for that matter) would have done that?

For what it's worth -

Bob Holtzman of ESPN reports that Collins will start, and that Young will be the No. 2 quarterback.


Yeah I know that buddy, sometimes he does it, others he's way off, he needs to be more consistant, I do believe Pennington will show him how to get BM the ball even when covered, back shoulder fades and jump balls etc.
Regarding coaching chnages, I like Tony Sparano but you talk about Chad Henne learning, what about Sparano, he still makes the same game management mistakes 3 years on, his refusing to overule Henning on platooning the RB's is mindblowing, Ronnie has always produced when he carries more than 20 times a game.

Sparano had 0 head coachingexperience, maybe he should have a bit of Henne's experience and take a step back and watch an experienced coach do the job, Cowher, Gruden maybe, not gonna happen I know but just a thought!!

Alright Fellow FinFans,
Today i believe Pennington To Marshall Will be a Great Discovery! Today our O will Help Spark the D into something incredible!
The Titans Dont Know It Yet but they will have to explain to Moss that theyre Really a Good team, And to just give them another week before trying to leave.
V Davis Will Have a Awsome Day While Moss is busy on his knees screeming for Brady!
FinsWin! 38-28.

Ps. If anybody ask,
For Breakfast I had 2 TD Passes to Marshall,
On the side i had The RnR Train FullSpead Ahead sprinkled with plenty of help from the wildcat(sorry guys).
To Drink, I had a Hot Carpenter splitting uprights with a Freshly squeezed FistPump.
For desart i had a 5-4record topped off with a organic titans Loss.

Fake GM, I disagree. I think you can win with an average QB, provided the other parts of your team are stellar (defense especially). I think Flacco is an average QB (sometimes play above average, sometimes below), but his team finds ways to win. The QB can't do it by himself. He needs help to win or lose.


Henne need to get on the same page with his recievers and say things like:

Sideline passes during tight coverage Im going to throw it to you low and outside or high and outside preventing interceptions.

Over the middle pay attention to the safeties during your routes because depending which side of you he's on Im going to lead you a little away from left or right shoulder.

Count down in your head X amount of seconds if you havent gotten open run comeback routes to me because Im running out of time and need a target before I get sacked.

These are the kind of thins that will improve his passing game.


I believe B Marsh can be one of the greatest endzone fade weapons in the league. Im still puzzled that are we not doing it because Henne cant throw it or Dan Henne doesnt call it. Maybe we find out today.

Everyone is thinking titans. Lets go phins. We can win this game. Play with focus and bring a cheer to the home crowd. Very excited about the game

finatic, NICE MEAL!

I really can't see how Moss can be effective today. It's his 3rd system this year, and they didn't tell him to show up until WED. So, protect the fly route with Moss, and that's pretty much all Vontae needs to do.

As for the rest of the team, our defense has it's hands full. They need to disrupt Collins and TACKLE. Receivers ain't great, so NO BIG PLAYS!

I sense a low-scoring, tough-nosed game. Probably lots of hand-offs. Hope Ricky and Ronnie are ready to go. And it doesn't go to OT again.

My guess is that Henne can't throw it. The evidence seems to be building in that corner as witnessed by that loaf of bread to Fasano last week. But as you say today may provide the answer.

Dying Breed, great point about sliding in the pocket. One of the things Henne does poorly. Marino was a master at that. Bottom line with Henne, he has all the tools and was on track until this terrible decision.

we really needed the qb change. i dont think the fans or the players believed we were on the right track. it was getting painful to watch the games. hope penne has success;he deserves our support.

Chris Johnson = Ray Rice, except faster. Wonder who's going to be spying him today?

My greatest concern today is the Titans lead the league scoring 28ppg. Field goals just will not get it done today. We need shorter scoring drives and more scoring opportunities.

If we can open the game and begin the 2nd half with like 80yd 15 play td drives that would be great. But in between we need some shorter quicker drives to stick the daggers into the Titans. Will these things happen? We'll just have to wait and see.


I do expect improvement today with CP playing, his leadership is different to CH, what I don't get is all I heard when we got Henne was what a natural great leader he was at Michigan, what the hell has happened because I don't see it out there, its like he's been broken somehow and he needs to get that back.
That Jets game last year on Mon night he was as good as anyone has been here since No 13, he needs to watch that game over and over.

Dear Mr. Salguero

With Dan Henning continuing to feed me caster oil and Wilford Brimley telling me the benefits of oatmeal I've come to realize old people know whats best for me.

Dolphins 17 Titans 14

There should be more fist pumping coming from your QB than your head coach. Just saying.

Go Dolphins - Great day in Miami. May not agree with all of the crazy moves but I believe in the players.

To all the people who say that a player is stupid, not intelligent, doesn't care, doesn't have the heart, etc - you have no idea what you are talking about and you can't gain that knowledge starring at a box - even if it is 3D, Plasma, HD 110 inch screen.

Go Phins - kick A!

I think this game will rest mostly on Nolan and the defense (i.e. how they limit CJ2K and pressure Collins). CJ will light it up if we have another game of poor tackling. If we overcompensate for the running game, then Collins will be looking at Moss. Yeah, Moss may be new to the team, but you can't discount his vertical threat. So I'm hoping all 4 LBs and V. Davis have an outstanding game against CJ, Collins and Moss.

The other question is how ready or rusty is Pennington? We'll find out.

Fight On, Dolphins!


I saw lots of Henne games at Michigan and was never impressed. Gave BP benefit of the doubt when drafting him.

However, after having even more time to evaluate Henne since he's been here Im coming to the conclussion he has all the neccessary physical tools to be a great nfl qb. Im beginning to think what he missed most at Michigan was a really good qb coach. Some of the small things that should have been taught to him at Michigan he's just learning at the pro level.

Actually the only great qb thats ever come from Michigan was Tom Brady and he was never a starter for them. Just goes to show they had been pretty clueless about the qb position at Michigan.

It may take Henne at least another full season to hit the side of greatness. Brady benefitted from playing with a championship D his first few years at New England so he didnt have too put up a whole lot of points back then. About the 4th year Brady began to really hit his stride.

Hey Guys. Not trying to get into it today (it's cheerleader time), but read Darlington's article. Henne was 9th in the NFL in pass percentage. That's not mediocre, that's Top 10. I agree, something was amiss with the ENTIRE offense, and if this Chad P move ignites them, then it was worth it.

But we all know why the Fasano miss was so irritating to the coaches. Because their strategy is win close, and that allows for a tiny degree of error. It's not realistic. If they changed their strategy, Henne would have had many more chances to make up for that miss. But that's neither here nor there.

Henne's out/Penne's in. And Henning is still in control. If it's his scheme/formation/philosophy we have to live with this year, then whomever is in (Penne) needs to be extremely efficient, make the right reads and not miss the few chances he is given. That's exactly what Penne is known for, so he's the person to win with this strategy if it can be done.

Also it didnt hurt that Brady went to a team only a year or two removed from making the SB, while Henne went to a team just shortly removed from 1-15.

Can you mix in the other team's inactives too?

"Sunlife(less)stadium".............LOVE IT.

How rusty is Penny...

He's so rusty...the last time he ran a play, Dan Henning was the OC :(

He's so old and rusty...when he farts, a Dan Henning play comes out :(

I'll stop

I'm conflicted this game. As a Fin fan I cant help but root for the team week after week. The problem is although I know Pennington may be the "better" qb right now...for the pop warner offense we run....I know/think Henne is capable of being the qb that we all want for the attacking offense we all want.

So...if we start to win and put together a couple nice weeks, there is the possibility that the team will chalk up our first half problems to Henne. This could not only save Hennings job but it could confirm that on top of needing a play making TE, a Safety and RB we will also need to look for a QB of the future.

I dont know

I'd say for the quality Pro Penne is, he's not all that rusty. This guy is in the best health since before he got hurt the last time, so that's not really something I'm worried about. If the rest of the offense plays, then I doubt Penne would hinder their success (I'd say the same if Henne were in by the way).

Defense, defense, defense. That's the key to the game today!

Henne is 9th in the league in accuracy and 12th in yards.
Our passing game is ranked higher(14th) than our rushing offense, rushing defense and passing defense.

We need a Miami win, a NE/NYJ loss, THAT'S a start to entertaining Playoff hopes!


Do yourself a favor, do us an even bigger favor. Please! Never again fix your lips to ever say "save job" and "Dan Henne" in the same sentence as long as that incompetent bum is in Miami. I almost chucked it up!


Do yourself a favor, do us an even bigger favor. Please! Never again fix your lips to ever say "save job" and "Dan Henne" in the same sentence as long as that incompetent bum is in Miami. I almost chucked it up!

Posted by: DyingBreed | November 14, 2010 at

you lost me here....you like the job Henning is doing?? SMH

any streams???

ac, I think he was saying he almost threw up thinking about Henning staying here next year.

We need Dan Henning to see the AARP benefits page of the Retiree Day Cruise and to leave right now....

not happy with the QB switch, but I have to admit, curious to see how the offense performs.

I remember reading back in training camp that clearly Penny with the best of the group, but no surprise because he has tons of experience.



Try these two streams they worked well for me a couple weeks ago:




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