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Live blog: The recovery from 4-4 possible

Welcome to the second half of the 2010 NFL season.

As you know, despite their 4-4 record, the Dolphins have been guaranteed a playoff spot courtesy wide receiver Brandon Marshall. But as I write in my Sunday column, a lot of things have to change beyond the starting quarterback for that guarantee to be fulfilled.

Check the list I outline in the column and tell me if you agree with it and can think of any more areas Miami needs immediate improvement in to make that playoff reach.

(One need I missed is that Miami must learn to overcome the home field advantage of their opponents at Sun Lifeless Stadium.)

Miami's assignment of recovering from a 4-4 record to make the playoffs will be difficult. But not impossible. According to the NFL, since the 2000 season, 27 teams have finished the first half of the season with a .500 or worse record and still made the playoffs -- with at least one such team making it happen in every season.

In each of the past four seasons, at least three teams started 4-4 or worse and rebounded to make the playoffs. Last year, three teams worked that trick -- Baltimore, Green Bay, and the New York Jets.

I remind you one, you will see one of the previously mentioned 27 teams play today. I remind you in 2008, the Dolphins were 4-4 and then, voila, they went 7-1 in the season's final eight weeks and not only made the playoffs, but won the division.

Have I mentioned there is a live blog today?

There is a live blog today.

It starts in the comments section below and then moves to the new posts I file at the start of every quarter. So be there. And come back here 90 minutes before the game to get the inactives and starters (want to see who starts at QB for Tennessee) for the teams.

[UPDATE: The inactives for Miami are Roberto Wallace, Nate Ness, Matt Kopa, Clifton Geathers, Lydon Murtha, Mikey Shuler and Tyler Thigpen is the thrid QB. For the Titans, Kerry Collins will start at QB, not Vince Young.]


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Where oh where are the blogger Henne fans now?
Where oh where are the blogger Henne fans now?
Where oh where are the blogger Henne fans now?
Where oh where are the blogger Henne fans now?
Where oh where are the blogger Henne fans now?

Henne will be good with the Bills. Or anyone else.
Why NOT Thigpen? More mobile against the pass rush.
We're just lucky VY isn';t playing.


Tyler in the 2nd half.....please.....

yea like the ones last week where brandon marshall just tipped the ball into the air or the one where bess didnt cut back on his route? your right those were probably all henne's fault

I don't like seeing Henne just sitting on the sideline He should be reviewing the Titans' D formations from the pictures taken and firing up his offense. Both of his long passes were slightly underthrown.

Play Thigpen!

Thigpen is one of the inactives today. WOW!

they've gone deep what 6 to 8 times all season and he's supposed to have perfect chemistry with 4 different receivers to know what they're gonna do or how they react to the deep ball? probably henne's fault hartline dropped the pass earlier when the db ripped him arm back as the ball hit his hand? or maybe its henne's fault they take out the hot RB when they have established a little bit of a run game all season

My bad. Thigpen is listed as the number 3 qb.

My grandmother just received a call from Ireland to see if she wanted to try out for the QB position.

That was a lousy pass.... one he made routinely at Michigan.... not a tough throw! The play calling is definitely much more aggressive. Gotta make that throw! Collins has been throwing some crap as well. Lucky to not have been picked. Penny is likely out for the year so they need to play the young QBs and see what we got. Let's see what Henne does in the second half!!

Wow some of you like to bellyache about anything.

Yes, we are losing by 14 at the half and Henne has only thrown for 35 yards but we still have a half a game to go...

Watch the route that Marshall ran. He was running a post which was supposed to be about 20 yards up and then toward the post. But he flattened out the route a bit before turning it up the field. If he ran the route right he would have had the body position on the defender and been in position to catch it. That pass is on Marshall.

Hey fan why don`t you go blow Henne at halftime , maybe he won`t telegragh his robotic throws then


Marshall acting up...cant blame him. Henne needs to go...

way to go Henne , another FG

Why should Marshall act up at that point???? He gets no separation and may have just cost us a TD. Have not seen anything special from this fool this year!!! The main reason we can't score is we run the ball like crap. We can't punch it in when we get close, and play action is useless!!!

Our D can't be happy about Marshall's blowup...a Moss for marshall deal anyone?
One issue for another LOL

Vince Young fumbled..... he needs to get cut!! LOL!

And it took us only 9 games to get Cobbs in there?
Sort of what we did with Cam Wake last year.
Cobbs has made positive plays the entire game...what have we been waiting for...was he injured previously? If so, my bad.

Two great drives by our QB. SHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Henne has improved in the second half. Way to go!

The truth is we have no running game and a young QB with loads of talent. Not a finished product but he makes throws that Penny cannot make. We're on pace for 400 yards of offense today with an aggressive game plan for Henne. If you can't run the ball, the best thing for a young QB is to spread the field and give him good throwing lanes.

Brett what was that SHHHHHHH Henne blowing his load in ur mouth?


This is a blog about football not the fantasies you have about another man each night.

Or maybe it was CanesRUs, 2 meathunters

Does xtremewayz7 stand for the 7 different ways you and your boyfriend do it? Please keep that stuff to yourself. We prefer to talk about football.

Here's comes Thiggy!

yall got your wish. happy now.

Yeah Baby , hope that legs broke

Brett learn the game first twinkie

i swear Dan Henning is a compulsive gambler who bets against the fins every week. his play calling is laughable.

"learn the game first" ... you haven't even said anything to me about the game. Obviously you are a moron. Make some sense and then talk to me. Are you like 10 years old?

The wildcat is alive and well in Miami! Go Phins!

U put your last QB in to BLOCK??? Idiocy!!

What a pass by Thigpen!!!!

Then again, marshall throws a better pass than any of our guys!

sitting on the edge of my seat.

No, but you seem to be happy with mediocrity,how many weekends have to be ruined watching Henne throw away games, tired of you morons rooting for that loser , have been a fan for years, had season tics, this is unacceptable , even the Ahole writing this blog is in love with Henne , stop rooting for a loser and I`ll talk football


This is a blog about football not the fantasies you have about another man each night.
^ This.

It is definetly coming down to the wire in this one. At least Young is not mobile with his injury so that takes one element out of it.

I am done talking with you. You have a right to your opinion and I have a right to mine. I am rooting for him because he is on our team and I want to see our team win. I don't root against our team just to see our QB fail. I agree he needs much improvement but he is still young and I think he deserves the chance. Some of the things he does bad, such as locking in, are fixable. Maybe he won't fix it but it is nonetheless fixable.

Henne is not fixable , he is a back up , this season is as good as over , might as well see what Thigpen can do, cause we need a starting quarterback

wgere is Cam Wake?

Thigpen is looking sharp! Nice drive.

Nice stuff by Thiggy.... like to see that the aggresive play calling continues!!!!

Yeah, agree with WOA. Where're the Henne's lovers now?

You can see the different with the offense when there's a new quarterback in.

3rd and 7. Thigpen will pass again.

Wow!!!! Maybe Thiggy is better than both Henne and Penny!!!!

Thigpen looks pretty damn good for someone who got little r no snaps , imagine if he got them all

mad props to Thiggy. damn i like this guy. sai it in preseason and still believe this guy has more spark than henne any day.

Thiggy is the one,,,,,,

Defense really needs to step up and hold them now!
Go Phins!

Is Thigpen our new starter? :)

Now we all can be happy.... a young QB to develop that's looking pretty sharp!!!! The play calling is definitely quite aggressive!!! Love it!!!

Thigpen should be number 1......

You talking to me now?

RJONES just tossed Young around like it was nothing. Awesome!

Okay guys , sorry I acted like an idiot, just very frustrated with with the decisions coaching staff has made all year , we are a very good team with the right QB in there, shouldn`t have taken it out on you guys , just know Henne isn`t the answer, if you don`t accept apology , its cool , but am sorry

gooooo thigpen!

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