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Live blog: The recovery from 4-4 possible

Welcome to the second half of the 2010 NFL season.

As you know, despite their 4-4 record, the Dolphins have been guaranteed a playoff spot courtesy wide receiver Brandon Marshall. But as I write in my Sunday column, a lot of things have to change beyond the starting quarterback for that guarantee to be fulfilled.

Check the list I outline in the column and tell me if you agree with it and can think of any more areas Miami needs immediate improvement in to make that playoff reach.

(One need I missed is that Miami must learn to overcome the home field advantage of their opponents at Sun Lifeless Stadium.)

Miami's assignment of recovering from a 4-4 record to make the playoffs will be difficult. But not impossible. According to the NFL, since the 2000 season, 27 teams have finished the first half of the season with a .500 or worse record and still made the playoffs -- with at least one such team making it happen in every season.

In each of the past four seasons, at least three teams started 4-4 or worse and rebounded to make the playoffs. Last year, three teams worked that trick -- Baltimore, Green Bay, and the New York Jets.

I remind you one, you will see one of the previously mentioned 27 teams play today. I remind you in 2008, the Dolphins were 4-4 and then, voila, they went 7-1 in the season's final eight weeks and not only made the playoffs, but won the division.

Have I mentioned there is a live blog today?

There is a live blog today.

It starts in the comments section below and then moves to the new posts I file at the start of every quarter. So be there. And come back here 90 minutes before the game to get the inactives and starters (want to see who starts at QB for Tennessee) for the teams.

[UPDATE: The inactives for Miami are Roberto Wallace, Nate Ness, Matt Kopa, Clifton Geathers, Lydon Murtha, Mikey Shuler and Tyler Thigpen is the thrid QB. For the Titans, Kerry Collins will start at QB, not Vince Young.]


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No respectable Miami fan (or just joe shmo football fan) would like the job Henning is doing this year in Miami. That's like finding a terrorist who likes to be waterboarded.

www.firehenning. com will be up and working soon...please stop by when it is and sign the petition...thank you. Lets get this guy out of Miami once and for all!

thanks man.. ill give em' try..


Just tell me when brotha, I'll give you more traffic than Times Square at New Year's!

If we lose today it HAS to be Nolan and the defenses fault.

Then again, Henning could start blaming the RB's and WR's before he turns on the defense.

Yeah Baby, building for the future with an 80 year old OC and a 40 year old QB.

AwwwwwwwRight MIAMI!!!!


This one is already there...

Repost In Case acwalsh missed it:


Do yourself a favor, do us an even bigger favor. Please! Never again fix your lips to ever say "save job" and "Dan Henne" in the same sentence as long as that incompetent bum is in Miami. I almost chucked it up!

Posted by: DyingBreed | November 14, 2010 at

acwalsh, please apologize too us.

if the offense doesnt go today hopefully queen of england ( henning ) will get fired

www.firehenning. com will be up and working soon...please stop by when it is and sign the petition...thank you. Lets get this guy out of Miami once and for all!

Posted by: cowkilla | November 14, 2010 at 12:20 PM

www.firehenning. com will be up and working soon...please stop by when it is and sign the petition...thank you. Lets get this guy out of Miami once and for all!

Posted by: cowkilla | November 14, 2010 at 12:20 PM


You can use that link.....its from the Pats game. FIRE HENNING. Im on board.

There is even a fire dan henning facebook page - lol


I know that channelsurfing makes you download thier codec to be able to watch the games ok?

apologize? for?

I must have missed something....

Dan Henning..4 more years

You may not like it
But its whats best for you

I tend to believe this move was in the cards from the day Sparano didn't really want to name Henne the starter. I think they used Henne to help Pennington heal his shoulder better, so they always intended to let Henne play the tough games and then when Penny was ready make the move. I hope Henne does get traded so he can have a chance of being himself instead of being groomed to be like Penny and his limitations! Really why else would you pay an older back-up that kind of money!

Dan Henning..4 more years

You may not like it
But its whats best for you

Posted by: SoiledBottom | November 14, 2010 at 12:27 PM

that HAS TO BE a worse statement than me wanting him fired! Otherwise I must be on crack.

The line has gone from Tennessee -1.5 to pick this morning. That's per Bodog. Must be because Collins is starting.

Pennington looks relaxed

Bess will have over ten catches today,give me props after the fellas.


Here's your statement Im sure you may wanna take back:

This could not only save Hennings job but it could confirm that on top of needing a play making TE, a Safety and RB we will also need to look for a QB of the future.

I dont know

Posted by: acwalsh8 | November 14, 2010 at 12:11 PM

Save Henning's job! Thats a tar and feathering offense here. LOL!

nick, when your arm muscles are wrapped in a "casing" like sausage you'd look relaxed too. O-line MUST protect today of all days. They've done a good job, need to keep it going.

Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe just said Henne's problems are poor coaching...

I'm looking for a link to the game guys. Can't seem to find it on TV.....

$200,000 for the first snap... I be relaxed too!

What a helluvah position we could possibly be in today. What if Penne bombs out in the first half, do we put Henne back in or try Thigpen?

Just running worst case scenarios thru my head Dolphans!

anybody else see Pennington dacing and singing along to Eminem in the warmups? i definitely had a good laugh.


Try these two they worked fine for me a few weeks back:




Channelsurfing.net will ask you to download thier codec to watch the game.


I also said right above that....

I'm conflicted this game. As a Fin fan I cant help but root for the team week after week. The problem is although I know Pennington may be the "better" qb right now...for the pop warner offense we run....I know/think Henne is capable of being the qb that we all want for the attacking offense we all want.

I may be reading something in my head thats not here in text but in short the statement is this:

I find myself not 100% rooting for the fins this week bc if we win the staff may say Henne was the problem. If this happens....then we not only lose what I feel is a good QB (Henne) but we may also keep Henning....who is a horrible OC.

I guess that wasnt so short.

Are we still at odds? If so...let me know where to send my current beer and chips to be tested bc they have definitely been laced with something that is making me go insane. Next thing you know Ill be posting on Pelosi for President 2012 blog sites!

Dying, that's a horrible scenario. Henne gets his world turned upside down, demoted. Penne starts, gets hurt or bombs, and Henne gets re-inserted. Where's his head? He's all bummed and embarrassed and hurt and angry. Now he has to come BACK in and play. Damn, that would be a tough thing to put on somebody. I'm tempted to say put Thigpen in, but Sparano won't do that, he'll put in Henne.


I was fine with everything you said except the part about "might being able to save Dan Henning's job."

Im sure there isnt a Dolphan in america that wants to see Dan Henning's job saved. LOL.

Yes i know the other site is there..but..there cant be too many in my opinion, he must go!

OMG! ac dude, stop huffing nitrous oxide dude. Put the BALLOON down. Dying's statement was meant tongue-in-cheek. He understood what you said, but he was so freaked that it could come true that he was like, "don't jinx us, don't say save the guy's job in the same sentence this year." It was a joke. On the 2nd response, he even added the "lol" to emphasize his light-hearted comment.

You can't not understand all this, can u ac?

DC Dolphin,

Hopefully Henne would be "sparked" too really assert himself and take charge! It would be the perfect time for him to become Henne "the hero."

Here's the problem ... from my quick account, of Miami's 42 draft picks over the last five years only nine are actually playing and contributing on the field. And that includes the punter!

Can't fix a leaking ship with bubble gum.

Dear Mr. Salguero

You can only spit once....Channing Crowder or Dan Henning ?

Henning needs to go and his prehistoric offensive plans with him! I have also been a fin fan for years, but sadly have mixed feelings about this game too. I am concerned about the direction we are going now

Who knows what my problem is today. Im ret arded apparently.

Only two 2nd round picks since 2000 are playing and how many have been cut or traded? Miami needs to find solid starters in this round, and I believe it's been weakest area for more than 15 years.

lmao@acwalsh8 at 12:47PM.

looking forward to a good game today!

Let's hope Miami sticks with the hot hand at running back ... no more flip-flopping.

Dan Henning, I'm waiting for you

Ditka just picked the dolphins and so did Boomer. Thats just downright scary!

ac, it's cool. No worries brotha. It's GAME TIME!!! I only hate Titans right now. Let's go DOLPHINS!

could not agree more with this post by JRFinROCA....

quick comparison of a few NFL QB's in their 1st couple of seasons as a starter:

Player 1: 28 games 29:31 TD:INT ratio, 59% completions, 200 ypg

player 2: 32 g, 54:43 ratio, 59%, 246 ypg

player 3: 22g, 20:24 ratio, 62%, 217 ypg

player 4 25 g, 30:26 ratio, 51%, 192 ypg

Three of them won Super Bowls, the other is Chad Henne. Player 1 is Brees, #2 is P. Manning, #3 is Henne, #4 is Eli Manning

Anyone who thinks Henne should be benched is an idiot. Let him keep developing. Not only his QB skills, but also leadership skills. This QB move is unbelievably shortsighted and is inhibiting the progress of this team.

Posted by: JRFinROC | November 14, 2010 at 11:12 AM

Alright folks, let's get this going today!

ok phins lets go!!!

where's Mando with the info and insight???

Fasano will have a HUGE day with Pennington back in there. The defense will actually hold on to a couple of INTs. Dolphins 27-20.


Whats your call today? Fins or Titans?

My God ... Sun Life Stadium looks embarassingly empty on TV

The QB move is made for one reason and one reason only - to save jobs. It has nothing to do with the future or the best interests of the team -- it is straight up self-preservation.

I hope Pennington and the Dolphins do great but I hope there isn't a thing in this world that could save Hennings job.

Here's the link


Dan Henning...4 more years

Take the pain - sergeant Barnes

Count me in.............Go Finz...............no negativity until the first mistake (:>)

VA, I said earlier that Collins playing instead of Vince Young is a big deal.

Collins has a QB rating of about 45 against Miami. He's 0-4 lifetime.

So I think the Dolphins will overcome Tennessee's home field advantage and beat the Titans.

I'm so proud. Almost 20 Thousand plus relatives showed up today

Titans have won the toss and will receive.

lets go


Overcome the Titans home field advantage

LOL Mando. Home field advantage.

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