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Live blog: The recovery from 4-4 possible

Welcome to the second half of the 2010 NFL season.

As you know, despite their 4-4 record, the Dolphins have been guaranteed a playoff spot courtesy wide receiver Brandon Marshall. But as I write in my Sunday column, a lot of things have to change beyond the starting quarterback for that guarantee to be fulfilled.

Check the list I outline in the column and tell me if you agree with it and can think of any more areas Miami needs immediate improvement in to make that playoff reach.

(One need I missed is that Miami must learn to overcome the home field advantage of their opponents at Sun Lifeless Stadium.)

Miami's assignment of recovering from a 4-4 record to make the playoffs will be difficult. But not impossible. According to the NFL, since the 2000 season, 27 teams have finished the first half of the season with a .500 or worse record and still made the playoffs -- with at least one such team making it happen in every season.

In each of the past four seasons, at least three teams started 4-4 or worse and rebounded to make the playoffs. Last year, three teams worked that trick -- Baltimore, Green Bay, and the New York Jets.

I remind you one, you will see one of the previously mentioned 27 teams play today. I remind you in 2008, the Dolphins were 4-4 and then, voila, they went 7-1 in the season's final eight weeks and not only made the playoffs, but won the division.

Have I mentioned there is a live blog today?

There is a live blog today.

It starts in the comments section below and then moves to the new posts I file at the start of every quarter. So be there. And come back here 90 minutes before the game to get the inactives and starters (want to see who starts at QB for Tennessee) for the teams.

[UPDATE: The inactives for Miami are Roberto Wallace, Nate Ness, Matt Kopa, Clifton Geathers, Lydon Murtha, Mikey Shuler and Tyler Thigpen is the thrid QB. For the Titans, Kerry Collins will start at QB, not Vince Young.]


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Wow, that didn't last long.

DC Dolfan,

Rember I said this could be a possible scenario?

field goal unit get ready.. we wont throw to the end zone

lets go henne, this is tge moment for you to show us what you got.

that did not last long

LMAO...Thanks for the spark Penny

Dan Carpenter GO!

so he cant return then?

Well that was a nice $200,000 pass to Hartline. Shock that Pennington lasted 2 plays.

Are there no working links today?

no james he can return

glad to see Henne paid attention in the film room.

That TO was his big FU top Fins....his way of saying give me a perfect play.


it's a plot by henning!!!!

2 pass attempts and the shoulder's gone I said this early this week. WOW!!!


Now say "Fire Henning" 1o times!

Henne Needs to play mad cushe was benched and Needs to play in his confort zone. not hennings zone.

no hand off.. im surprized

ok henne its your time now

Dying.....are you NostraHOMEus?

Bahahaha jk

there goes penny. wow . noodle arm meet glass shoulder.

COme on Now Henne...THROW TO MARSHALL NOW. DO NOT adjfkljaklfdjl

I guess we kicked a FG...Did Sparano fist pump?


It's almost unbelievable

Penne just made $3.5 million for 4 plays. WOW!!!

Pennington has a shoulder injury. His status is questionable.

well that worked out well. pennington must be brittle bones


A rushing TD, wow A TD period!!!!

damn right!


penny's injury is a plot by henning....

this org has blown it. this was a tuna retirement gift to loyal but valuless friends. why cant we have an owner who can actually put together an organization that knoes footbal

Henne gonna Screw this shi t up. Bench him again!!!

Good start, c'mon DEFENSE!!!

For those needing a link...try


redzone touchdown?!? what is this???

Calm down, Mandich:

"Huge weight lifted from Henne's shoulders; he's come into game and led his team to td"

see henne can lead us .. was henning in the batgroom when they decided to score?

Ronnie Brown would like to thank Penne for providing the spark! 8 games we get 3 rushing TD's. One drive of Penne starting and we get 1. It's all Penne!


TD-Ronnie Brow and his band of renown!
If they keep leaving our WRs alone-we might be ok

Penne just made $3.5 million for 4 plays. WOW!!!

Posted by: DyingBreed | November 14, 2010 at 01:18 PM



sorry penne. that stinks for him. now henne gets a second chance to make a first impression. and i have to say nice progressions and then check down. and we got 7 so good luck guys.

That link is about 3 minutes behind.

Penny & Odrick better not have any kids.

See, they should have never annouced Penny starting. They should have let me prepare during the week and then told Henne if he strugled in the first qtr they'd put Penny in...

That would keep Henne's loyalty...

Now they look like even bigger fools and Henne has to play anyway...

have faith guys. cmon

I'll wait until after the game, but I'd love to hear from you Penne supporters now. The Savior huh?

any live links out there

i'll take it.... Pennington is eathier done for the day or getting a SHOT.... we will see next series!!!

You cant make up this crap.

since Ronnie scored I guess that means we need to stop using him now.

marc they were right to bench henne. who cares this is the nfl

i cant F-ing believe that...2 throws???
my stream froze...did he get hit??

http://atdhe.net/index.html second link works and is in English!

he was hit on his first pass. I believe.


I think this was all smoke and mirrors. Why start Penny if he wasn't ready. I think it was all smoke and mirrors to get the titans focused on penny instead of henne

his arm hit long on the follow thrpugh. nothing big


It's about 3 minutes behind live

If Penne has a shoulder injury his status isn't "questionable" it is "done!"

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