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Live blog: The recovery from 4-4 possible

Welcome to the second half of the 2010 NFL season.

As you know, despite their 4-4 record, the Dolphins have been guaranteed a playoff spot courtesy wide receiver Brandon Marshall. But as I write in my Sunday column, a lot of things have to change beyond the starting quarterback for that guarantee to be fulfilled.

Check the list I outline in the column and tell me if you agree with it and can think of any more areas Miami needs immediate improvement in to make that playoff reach.

(One need I missed is that Miami must learn to overcome the home field advantage of their opponents at Sun Lifeless Stadium.)

Miami's assignment of recovering from a 4-4 record to make the playoffs will be difficult. But not impossible. According to the NFL, since the 2000 season, 27 teams have finished the first half of the season with a .500 or worse record and still made the playoffs -- with at least one such team making it happen in every season.

In each of the past four seasons, at least three teams started 4-4 or worse and rebounded to make the playoffs. Last year, three teams worked that trick -- Baltimore, Green Bay, and the New York Jets.

I remind you one, you will see one of the previously mentioned 27 teams play today. I remind you in 2008, the Dolphins were 4-4 and then, voila, they went 7-1 in the season's final eight weeks and not only made the playoffs, but won the division.

Have I mentioned there is a live blog today?

There is a live blog today.

It starts in the comments section below and then moves to the new posts I file at the start of every quarter. So be there. And come back here 90 minutes before the game to get the inactives and starters (want to see who starts at QB for Tennessee) for the teams.

[UPDATE: The inactives for Miami are Roberto Wallace, Nate Ness, Matt Kopa, Clifton Geathers, Lydon Murtha, Mikey Shuler and Tyler Thigpen is the thrid QB. For the Titans, Kerry Collins will start at QB, not Vince Young.]


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This is my first and last to this live blog. Way too many immature people that wrap their own self esteem in their team. Really ruins the experience.

Who runs a fake punt from their own 29 in the 1st quarter? Just gave them a gift 3 points...love the platoon system too with Ronnie and Ricky again....Sporano sucks, plain and simple...fake punt, geeez

maybe we will get marshall involved. or just pass short all day. i dont even want to watch this anymore

I like the Rob Ryan and/or Harbaugh ideas...

bring 'em in cause they're good, AND to neutralize their brothers.

Next years starting team will have no mora than 7 players from this years starting team. The fins are frauds.

Pathetic fish clowns. Circus in Miami. Get your tickets to the big top. Starring Tony Morono and his special needs qb. You guys are such a joke.

http://atdhe.net/index.html seocond link in English!

thigpen i might watch

something is missing with the coaching coordination!


Tony thinks he's Sean Payton

run right!! nice job henning!

Harbaugh as HC and Rob Ryan as DC/Asst Head Coach.

shula helppppppppoo!!!!!!!!!


Maybe you guys should go take Cam Wake and play up in the CFL for a few years. Ohhhhh the Trifecta is sooooo awesome. Bwaaahahahahahahahahahahah.

RUNNING GAME= epic fail

Blame henne!!!!!

Ballerina Brown this week!

i guess you guys can blame henne for the no run lanes from the over pirced o line

duheeeee. hellllllppp

Why are people blaming Henne here, he didn't call a fake punt or allow the Titan offense down teh field

Mr. Sparano this is Mr. Ross. Please turn in your play sheet at the Endzone Tunnel and leave the stadium...

Anthony Fasano living up to his reputation.

Fasano going off on Henne

dude are they really serious with these play calls?!?!? is this staff just joking with us is this a dream?

WTH is Henne doing? What a clown! get #16 in the game...

Wow, Fasano yelling at Henne....

And the running game sucks balls

how good was marino in jimmys run run dave us on 3 and 10 offense

chad henne got his momma and sister on here sticking up for him?

just while posting it another pick was almost had.

where the hell was he throwing??? henne just cant read defenses and Fasano had his head up his butt on that one. shuda been lookin.

Armando-Why is Henne still looking at his wrist band in the 9th week of the season?
Miami goes quietly on this drive and the tight end + QB are yelling at each other

Henne blows big ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan Henning... 4 more years

Because I said so

Aren't you guys glad you got rid of those crappy olineman named Smiley and Grove?

Gotta the same familiar feeling this is getting ready too get really ugly. As a present day fan its so familiar.

LOL, Fasano is pissed, Henne almost gott'em killed.

wow 3 and out again, do we fake it yet again to seal our fate!!! Nope but special ed shows, We average one TD a game, were staying true!!!!

Good thing Henne had all week to practice with the second teamers! That should really help his game!

what a joke

fasano is a joke when the ball actually is catchable he doesnt catch it

i quit

Im glad someone is yelling on the field. they need to get fired up and ignite something on the field.


I'm already numb to this pathetic play calling and the no throwing of the ball down the field.


what is fasanos reputation

the team stinks not just the qb

Fire Henning now

moss bomb soon

A total and complete beat down is in progress folks.

Only Kerry Collins ineptitude is saving us for the present.

we are ready to implode did you see fasano on Garbage Henne , Even Armando Is Gonna Get Fire This Time For Not Getting After Our Coaching Staff On Interviews , Fire Everybody Now

Does Henne and the Dolphin Special Teams all ride the short bus together to the stadium?

the play calling is absolutely the worst

medication is kicking in...
Well still see the smelly phins cant score a touchdown with CRAP...
Another quarter and no TD's

i have to say as much as i want henne to work through his groing pains i was thinking penne would give us a spark today. too bad hes out.

This is wonderful.

If Dolphins are going to lose, lose often, lose big... this head coach and his staff are bad. No need for hyperbole - they can be easily upgraded, and if they are not, then I hope this owner suffers financial losses and much distress.

status on Penny??

I'm a huge dolphins fan.... Was all excited for Penny, but I had to laugh when he could only survive 2 plays

parcells ur not the savior!

Chin up men....they arn't doing anything special....we can win!!!

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